PrimeStocks Review – Stock Media Assets Scam?

Are you looking for a PrimeStocks review? Is PrimeStocks a scam?

The following blog post contains all the information you need about PrimeStocks Ultra. What it is, its price, its features, and my bonuses. In order to avoid wasting your money, I want to help you make an informed decision.

Tom Yevsikov and Gaurab Borah are also the developers of PrimeStocks, Little Video Monsters, SendSnap, VidPerk, PointRank, RankSnap, and many other software products of high quality.

Is PrimeStocks Ultra really worth your time and money? You’ll know if it meets all the criteria, and if it does, I’ll give you some awesome complementary bonuses you won’t find anywhere else.

You may use PrimeStocks Ultra for any project without having to worry about copyright claims. It features a huge library of stock media assets, including images, videos, GIFs, vector files, illustrations, music and more.

Basically, PrimeStocks was first released in 2021 and now is its second release and it now comes with an updated version and a lot more stock media assets, they’ve almost doubled the number of stock media assets.

To help you make an informed decision, I have done thorough research about PrimeStocks in the past few weeks, so I can tell you everything you need to know.

PrimeStocks Review – Key Takeaways

  • Product Name: PrimeStocks
  • Website:
  • Special OfferGet A Special Offer Here
  • Overall Rank: 4.7/5
  • PrimeStocks Scam or Legit: It’s not a scam. It’s a legit product of stock media assets.
  • Who is it For: Any businesses that need affordable stock media assets for creating marketing materials.

In this PrimeStocks review, I’m going to cover the following topics.

What Is PrimeStocks?

PrimeStocks Ultra provides royalty-free 2 million+ HD stock videos, 5 million+ HD stock images, 10,000+ 4K HD stock videos, 100k+ GIFs, 20k+ vectors, 5000+ royalty-free audios as well as a lot of other stock media assets, with an easy-to-use drag and drop editor and tools.

You could save hundreds or even thousands of dollars, as well as hours of research and work, with PrimeStocks Ultra! It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about footage, images, or even gifs or vectors, PrimeStocks eliminates the need to ever pay another cent for stock resources.

You can eliminate the exorbitant costs of traditional stock resources with PrimeStocks Ultra. Most platforms charge you per element or require a monthly subscription and a download limit!

You’ll most likely need more than one stock element when creating or managing a project. Therefore, you’ll end up paying more than you should.

Using only a keyword, find the perfect video, image, ad, blog or website for your next project. PrimeStocks Ultra offers much more than other sock sites, even after paying a premium and monthly fee:

  • Unlimited access
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Unlimited license
  • Regularly updated 
  • Commercial rights included
  • Low 1-time payment

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Who Are The Creators Of PrimeStocks ULTRA?

Known for their work in online marketing, Tom Yevsikov and Gaurab Borah have developed many successful products such as LittleVideoMonsters, SendSnap and VIDPERK, as well as a number of other successful digital products.

Why Was PrimeStocks ULTRA Created?

Many people use copyrighted images in their content, but this can lead to penalties and fines. Using your own or copyright-free media is therefore always recommended.

The majority of copyright-free media can be found on websites that require a monthly subscription fee.

Unfortunately, you will find that the media files from one stock website are insufficient for your projects, which means you have to subscribe to multiple stock websites.

Until now, that is, until Primestocks ULTRA came along to change that.

Primestocks ULTRA allows you to gain access to unlimited resources for only one fee. How cool is that?

To learn more about Primestocks ULTRA, continue to read our Primestocks ULTRA review.

What are the Features of PrimeStocks?

Choose From 1.2 Million HD+ Videos

Search through millions of stock videos that are perfect for your product, niche or platform, without restrictions.

Choose from 3 million+ HD images

You can choose from millions of premium stock images that perfectly suit your needs, niche, or platform. There are no restrictions.

50000+ Premium Gif’s

PrimeStocks also provides you with access to a library of more than 50000 GIFs, allowing you to make your posts stand out. 

Engage with your audience on social media platforms by using them to increase likes and comments, or anywhere else without any restrictions.

Over 5000+ Premium Royalty Free Music Tracks Available

You can choose from over 5000 royalty-free tracks and add them to your projects without any restrictions or limitations.

Over 10000+ Vector Images And Icons

Over 10,000 High Quality Vectors at your fingertips! Use them in any way you want!

1200+ Animated Icons

Over 1200+ eye-catching animated icons across dozens of categories and niches will make your project stand out.

Easy To Use And Premium Image Editor

The easy way to edit and tweak your images! Beginners as well as advanced editors can utilize our premium image editing application. You will be able to finish your designs quickly! 

In addition, you won’t need to install anything, since it is cloud-based, so you won’t have to worry about compatibility issues either.

Take advantage of the resources for your own projects or for your clients

You can use the platform for your clients as well as yourself with the Commercial License!

How Does PrimeStocks Work?

3 Easy Steps To Creating Audio Tracks For Your Videos And Your Clients

STEP 1: 

Enter your keyword to find videos, images, gifs, and more

STEP 2: 

Choose your size after previewing your stock resource.


Get it now, edit it, or share it on social media

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Who Is PrimeStocks For?

PrimeStocks is a great option for:

Social media marketers & creators

The use of stock images & videos is proven to be a highly engaging form of content. Text-based content is no longer boring. 

Make sure your ads and posts are noticed more by creating high-quality content that looks professional.

Ecommerce marketers

You can easily find relevant images and videos that fit your products and attract more buyers while looking more professional and unique. Take your brand to the next level!

Video marketers & creators

If you are looking to create a video that inspires someone, such as donating to a cause, or if you’re creating a birthday video for a loved one, or if you’re just trying to impress your friends, using stock footage can make the difference. 

Create content that looks stunning, engages your audience more and adds a professional touch.

Affiliate Marketers

Promote your products through high quality videos, social media posts, and pages. The possibilities are endless.


It has been proven that people pay more attention to posts or content that is visually appealing, especially premium stock resources. PrimeStocks helps take them to the next level.

Local Marketers

You can use ready-made stock images and vectors to create banners, flyers, and business cards for your local business or your clients.

Website Creators & Freelancers

You need to have a wide variety of high-quality visual resources at your disposal to create a professional website that will stun your visitors and make them engage with your brand.

Projects or Presentations

Your presentations will be much more engaging if you add a visual representation, such as premium stock footage, since your viewers will be able to visualize what you’re explaining since they’re not only listening and reading, but they can also visualize everything you’re showing them. 

The end result is much better for everyone involved when all 3 modalities are used simultaneously.

There are also hundreds of other uses

PrimeStocks has far too many uses to list here. You are only limited by your imagination. You can turn your ideas into professional, impressive looking content using PrimeStocks’ resources and simplicity.

How To Make Money With PrimeStocks?

  • Sell PrimeStocks resources through your own stock agency: You can sell HD images, videos, vectors, sounds on Fiverr, Upwork, and other sites
  • Selling images as a bundle to marketers at a much cheaper price than Shutterstock/Envanto
  • Take advantage of PrimeStocks resources to create high-quality videos and posts for your business or other marketers
  • Sell PrimeStocks access at any price on an AGENCY/RESELLER license
  • PrimeStocks can be used to create:
  • Amazing Sales and Explainer Videos
  • Professional Ads
  • Compelling Stories
  • YouTube Videos
  • Product Review Videos and Posts
  • Cooler Social Media Post

PrimeStocks Pricing and Discount

PrimeStocks Ultra’s Front End Offer costs $37 for personal use and $47 for commercial use. 

During the launch period, the price you see now is only available for the front end offer. Prices may change. On the sales page and in upsells, you might find a different price.

Price will increase or go to monthly payments after the launch.

Also, the frontend access works just fine without any upgrades, but it is also limited. In other words, pick up OTO 1 if you want unlimited access to this software.

Get A Special Offer And Instant Access Here

What I Like and Don’t Like About PrimeStocks?

In my role as a social media marketer, I frequently use HD images and videos to post on social media. If you have high-quality photos and videos on your page, you can attract a lot more people.

Unfortunately, I can’t afford to buy each of them. It would cost me a fortune. It also takes a lot of time to find the right one.

PrimeStocks has helped to improve the situation. Everything is available on one platform, so all I have to do is search and edit.

Those with spare time should also consider this product. Utilizing these materials for your clients’ projects can provide you with a steady income.

Why Use Stock Assets on Social Media?

Stock media is more useful to brands than ever before — and we’re not just talking about posting a generic landscape shot to your feeds.

We’re talking unique stock visuals to expand your creative strategy on social media, dynamic footage and animations to level-up your videos, and on-brand audio that gives your post a little extra oomph!

All while helping you save energy, time, and money.

In the past, brands and businesses held back from using stock assets on social media for fear of it appearing inauthentic or cheesy.

But now, stock assets are a lot more creative and versatile than you think. There’s thousands of dedicated photographers, videographers, and sound engineers creating ready-to-use media that you can integrate into your strategy.

Combined with stock libraries like Unsplash, Stocksy United, and Offset, there’s millions of royalty-free media at your fingertips!

And, the best part? Stock on social media is almost impossible to spot to the naked eye.

What are the PrimeStocks Upsells?

OTO 1: PrimeStocks Ultra Pro $47 – $67

  • Drag-and-drop timeline editing in a powerful video editor
  • More than 1.5 million 4K UHD videos in multiple sizes and resolutions
  • Green screen backgrounds with more than 10.000 images
  • Over 1000 PowerPoint videos that are easy to customize
  • Icons that are animated
  • There are more than 250 vector characters
  • Updates every month

OTO 2: PrimeStocks Ultra Sounds $47 – $67

  • Using only a keyword, you can find the right background music and sound for your videos.
  • A library of over 750K HD premium sound tracks
  • 20 categories

OTO 3: PrimeStocks Ultra Reseller $197 – $297

  • Each of your clients will be able to access these features
  • 50-250 accounts
  • For best conversions with their sales material
  • Easily create client accounts using your reseller dashboard
  • Your clients’ support will be handled by them

OTO 4: Traffic 100K $47 – $67

  • Make your own viral social micro videos from any video (even the oldest and lamest) on the web
  • Video ads, viral videos, and hundreds of other video types are all supported
  • Video results 20x the existing ones 
  • All types of videos can be edited with advanced video editing technology
  • A simple visual interface that is stupid
  • Create multiple micro-videos from a single video (up to 20) in one click
  • One-click editing of all videos
  • 20 high-converting templates done for you
  • Video intros and outros, progress bars, subtitles, images, and text
  • Text, gifs, images, music
  • Video dimensions can be resized, as can canvas dimensions
  • User-friendly and cloud-based software for newbies
  • The right to commerce is included

OTO 5: PointRank 2.0 $47 – $67

  • Rank your videos fast and long-term with our push live technology
  • Campaigns can be set once and forgotten for months and even years
  • Get free traffic, leads, and sales 24/7
  • Identify and extract data from high ranking videos
  • Instantly create videos you can use legally
  • Submission of a single live event
  • Multiple live events can be submitted automatically
  • Your videos will be ranked higher with new push technology that uses social backlinks
  • System for collecting, nurturing, and following up on recurring income leads

PrimeStocks Ultra Review: Bundle Deal $297

Getting access to all the OTOs of PrimeStocks Ultra with this bundle will save you some money. It’s a one-time payment for the entire funnel, all upsells, and OTOs.

Bundle Deal: $297 one-time payment, includes all upsells.

You can get that by clicking the orange button below. Only the bundle deal has the orange button. You may want to get the FE and OTO’s by clicking on the YELLOW buttons.

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Why Should You Buy PrimeStocks?

We all know it’s expensive to create professional images, photos, or videos. People usually pay agencies or freelancers $1500 or more per project. This is only the production cost. 

You will also need to edit and post-produce the project. It’s also really hard to do it without prior experience, not to mention the cost of a camera, lightings, editing software, etc.

Whether you’re working on a personal or business project, you’ll need high-quality, attention-grabbing images, videos and resources, and PrimeStocks can help.

With this product, you will never have to pay another cent for stock resources, regardless of whether it is footage, images, or even gif’s or vectors. 

It is for this reason that the creators are continually adding resources covering most niches or fields, satisfying almost everyone’s needs!

It is impossible to list all the uses of PrimeStocks here. There are no real limits to what you can do with it. PrimeStocks’ creators provide you with the tools and simplicity to take your ideas and transform them into professional, impressive content.

What are the Pros and Cons of PrimeStocks ULTRA?


  • Support available 24 hours a day
  • Code, design, and technical skills are not required
  • Updates every month
  • Training and tutorials are provided in step-by-step video format
  • Cloud-based platform that is 100% newbie-friendly
  • License for commercial use included
  • No copyright infringement
  • 3 easy steps to get started
  • The perfect solution for any niche
  • There are a lot of positive reviews
  • Price that is affordable
  • Money back guarantee for 30 days
  • A great bonus pack is included


  • An excellent internet connection is required.
  • A price increase is imminent.
  • Not everyone can afford PrimeStocks
  • PrimeStocks  cannot help become rich quickly.

PrimeStocks Review: Final Verdict

When we need images or videos, we usually turn to Google. But you can actually get sued and pay a huge penalty for it. Every day, not only big companies and celebrities but also small marketers, bloggers, and YouTubers are sued.

To stay safe, use Royalty Free images/videos, music in your projects instead of spending thousands of dollars on stock elements. With PrimeStocks Ultra, you can find, download, and sell all the premium stocks in the world without breaking the bank.

I hope this PrimeStocks Ultra Review was helpful to you.

Take advantage of the risk-free PrimeStocks Ultra license. Get a 100% refund if you are not satisfied. I appreciate you taking the time to read my PrimeStocks review.

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PrimeStocks Review

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