PriceAction Forex Ltd Review (2023): Are They Legit? Exposed!

You have heard of PriceAction Forex Ltd’s services but wondering if they are accurate and transparent as they claim to be? Is it really possible to earn profit from the first month you use their signals service? Are they legit?

People wanting to earn money from forex trading have increased in popularity. And the mass popularity pushed many trade enthusiasts to come up with innovative ideas to serve the traders.

Within thousands of trade signal providers, PriceAction Forex Ltd is one of the renowned names in the forex market. They thrive to provide the most profitable signals with the claim of 90% accuracy.

But do you want an actual overview based on someone’s personal experience? Then here we are, arriving with a review of PriceAction Ltd’s signals services. We have been using their signals services for a month. So we’ll resolve every curiosity you have for them.

Key Takeaways: PriceAction Forex Ltd Review

  • Product Name: PriceAction Ltd
  • Website: 
  • Free Telegram Platform : me/priceactionforexltd
  • Overall Rank: 4.8/5
  • Is PriceAction Ltd Legit? : It is LEGIT
  • Who is it For: Newbie to Professional in Forex Trading

Overviewing Price Action Ltd’s legitimacy, we’ll be covering these topics:

PriceAction Forex Ltd Overview

PriceAction Forex Ltd is a forex signal provider, leading in the field of providing many trading services. They claim to provide profitable and accurate forex signals analysed by a team of professional traders.

priceaction forex ltd review

PriceAction Forex Ltd. is serving traders on their Telegram platforms. They have a few channels, each designated for each service. PriceAction Forex Ltd. provides 24/7 customer service.

Interestingly, for the premium signals channel of telegram, PriceAction Forex Ltd claims to gain 1500 pips/monthly. Do you feel this is unrealistic?

Hold on a second because this is not. They actually have been consistent for 9 months in gaining 1,600+ pips for their traders. PriceAction Forex Ltd delivers on average 90% trade signals with a risk and reward ratio of 1:2 according to their official website.

Along with services for commodities, indices, cryptocurrency, the PriceAction Ltd has launched the Automated Trader Bot, Copier, various trading-related calculators, and e-books.

What Does PriceActionLTD Offer?

Free Forex Signals

The PriceAction Forex Ltd. team provides their trade signals on the Telegram channel. They have a  community on their freeTelegram channel where they provide 5-6 free signals weekly. If you want to test their free signals, you can join their free channel.

After going through their free channel, we found out that they give details of every trade they take, including Entry Price, Stop Loss and Take Profit. Along with free signals and pips, PriceAction Forex Ltd is transparent about their results and analysis interpretations. There have been a few incidents when they faced major losses in February 2021. Even so, PriceAction Forex Ltd. was not shy about exposing their failure.

Free Projection:

The PriceAction Forex Ltd. team provides trade projections every day which proves their efficiency in trading. Here’s one example:

priceaction forex ltd review

VIP Forex Signals on Telegram

On the Telegram channel for the VIP members, they provide an unbelievable number of signals, pips, and services, which is quite astonishing. They provide 5-8 signals every day, intending to provide more than 200 profitable signals per month. However, they barely face difficulties in living up to their expectations. In 2021, priceactionltd  provided 16,732+ pips on forex for their premium service.

They have been giving extra attention to their VIP members by serving them with account management opportunities. They also provide exclusive offers weekly, especially on occasional seasons.

Signal Performance

PriceAction Ltd. has a high accuracy level of over 90%, acclaimed by the traders. On their VIP channel, the average pips gain (3 weeks of January, 2022) is exactly 1605.

Priceaction Ltd Cons And Complaints

1. Some Investors Find It Very Expensive

For a one month subscription, some people may think they are quite pricey. However, valuing their signals services and returns, their pricing should not be a concerning matter. Moreover, occasionally, PriceAction Forex Ltd. offers cash discounts on their subscription fees.

2. Missing Out Their Live Signals On Signals Services For Indices, Commodity And Cryptocurrency

People often complain about missing out their live signals on indices and commodities. But as we all know Indices in the NYSE moves pretty quickly (170 points/1700+ pips movement per minute on peak hours). Hence, users have to be as quick as they provide signals to grab the most beneficial trades.

Significant Features of PriceAction Ltd

  • PriceAction Ltd has an Automated trader that analyzes the market trend and creates the best position for the traders to trade, following their risk management.
  • PriceAction ltd. has provided more than 2,02,209 profitable signals in the year 2021 for indices, commodities and crypto-like bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, ripple, dogecoin.
  • Offering 43% growth to the scalpers, PriceAction Forex Ltd offers signals for scalp traders of the forex market.
  • Additionally, there is a copier application that copies the live signals within 5 seconds and executes them on the trader’s master account to reduce the risk of missing out on profitable trade signals.
  • PAFX Secret Indicator aids in more efficient trading by displaying the most profitable trade movements in the market.
  • Ebook- PriceAction Ltd. has come up with two ebooks: LEARN WITH PAFX, which costs $49.99, and THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO FOREX TRADING, which costs $70 and newly launched Forex Strategy Pays Bill.
  • Blog- PriceAction Ltd. has been posting blogs almost every week regarding financial markets, forex, market trends, and current world events.

Traders’ Feedback

priceaction forex ltd review

PriceAction Ltd has received a variety of feedback from its giant community. The good number of positives overrides the negatives any day. On review pages like Trustpilot, PriceAction has a 4.4 rating from its reviewers, who constructively share their views and experiences.

PriceAction Ltd Review: Final Verdict

Based on thorough research and experience with PriceAction Forex Ltd, we would like to recommend their signal services.

Being a premium member, we have managed to gain profit by maintaining their set of risk management. Thus far, priceactionltd. has been providing their trade analysis on their Telegram channel regularly, and this proves their value to be transparent.

Therefore, PriceAction Forex Ltd. is highly recommended for the range of beginners to pro traders of forex.

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