Positive Influences in Manifestation

One more step to fill out in your Personal Change Blueprint, and you will be ready to learn how to do self-hypnosis—the easiest part of this entire process. There is a slight catch, though. This step has five parts to it.

Not to worry. After working your way through the previous seven steps, you will find it easy to fill in these last details. In fact, you may find that the answers to the questions in this step have already been addressed in some of the previous steps. If that is the case, feel free to write those answers again or add entirely new ideas. 

Also, if nothing comes to mind in any part of this section, that is okay too. The idea here is to think about the kind of positive influences you will notice in each of the following categories: relationships, career/ finances, health, self-esteem, and spirituality because you have manifested financial abundance, a healthy relationship, or your dream career.

Category 1- Relationships

Example 1 – Positive influence on relationships because I have manifested financial abundance.

  • I feel more comfortable accepting invitations from friends who travel a lot because I can easily afford to join them.
  • My partner and I are getting along better because I have a lot less stress in my life.
  • I enjoy contributing to charitable causes, and I am just easier to get along with overall.

Example 2- Positive influence on relationships because I have manifested a healthy relationship.

  • My friends and extended family members are very happy for me. They can see that I feel happy, content and take better care of myself, and they feel relieved.
  • My partner and I are both incredibly happy to be in a mature, adult, functional relationship, and we are both kinder to everyone because we feel better about ourselves.

Example 3- Positive influence on relationships because I have manifested the ideal career for me.

  • Because I feel more confident about myself, I am more at ease around my friends, family, and people at work.
  • My stress levels are down because I enjoy the work I do, and with less stress, I experience more presence, compassion, and joy overall. This allows me to be more authentic in relationships.
  • The people in my environment can sense my happiness, and somehow it makes them feel better to be around me because of it.

Category 2- Career/Finances (if you are a student, replace career with education.)

Example 1- Positive influence on my career/ finances because I have manifested financial abundance.

  • I enjoy the work and enjoy knowing that I am well paid.
  • Because money is no object, I can focus on work tasks and feel good about working overtime when I need to.
  • I do a better job at work each day because I am free from the frustration of wishing I had a better job.
  • I look great because I can afford to wear nice, quality suits, and I feel more professional.
  • People respect me more, and I feel like I am giving quality work every day.

Example 2- Positive influence on my career/ finances because I have manifested a healthy relationship.

  • Having a healthy relationship has decreased my stress levels, and that shows up in the quality of work I do every day.
  • I am happy knowing that there are no empty spots in my life.
  • My partner and I enjoy socializing with some of my workmates on occasion.
  • My happiness has been a good influence on my overall attitude at work.

Example 3- Positive influence on career/ finances because I have manifested my dream career.

  • The search is over, I have found the career that feeds my soul, and it is easy to give 100% every single day.
  • Having manifested this career makes it fun to go to work every day. My contribution to various projects at work is going to land me a promotion very soon, and I am up to the task.

Category 3- Health:

Example 1- Positive influence on my health because I have manifested financial abundance.

  • My health is better because I can afford a gym membership and some exercise equipment at home as well.
  • I buy organic food only and have no desire to drown my frustrations in alcohol. Having financial well-being has relieved the stress that used to keep me up at night.
  • I sleep all through the night, uninterrupted. I look better, and I feel better.

Example 2- Positive influence on my health because I have manifested a healthy relationship.

  • Having a healthy relationship has made it so easy to eat right and take better care of myself.
  • My partner and I love to go running together and cook healthy meals together.
  • We have a great sex life and wake up happy every morning.
  • We both want to live a long and healthy life together, and we know we can make that happen.

Example 3- Positive influence on health because I have manifested the ideal career for me.

  • I love my job so much, and that is having a significant influence on my physical and emotional health.
  • My stress levels are so much less than they used to be, and I enjoy taking healthy lunches and snacks to work each day because it is the right thing to do.
  • My job energizes me, and I find myself compelled to work out regularly.
  • I sleep so well, waking up each morning well-rested, satisfied, and eager for the day because every day is another day that I get to go to work doing what I love and I am well paid for it!

Category 4- Self-esteem

Example 1- Positive influence on my self-esteem because I have manifested financial abundance.

  • I am proud of the fact that I can provide for myself and my family the way I do.
  • It is wonderful to buy new cars that are attractive, safe, and environmentally friendly without regard to cost.
  • I feel good about the fact that I did not let old programming defeat me, causing me to live the same life my parents lived.
  • I know it is just money, but it is a symbol to me, a symbol that I have what it takes to live up to my potential.

Example 2- Positive influence on my self-esteem because I have manifested a healthy relationship.

  • I feel better about the quality people I draw into my life.
  • I have proven to myself that I can attract a mature functional adult as a partner.
  • It makes me feel so good about myself, and I no longer feel trapped by old programs inherited from my past.
  • I have a partner that treats me with respect, which makes me feel so much better about myself!

Example 3- Positive influence on my self-esteem because I have manifested my dream career.

  • I did it! I earned this job with hard work and perseverance.
  • I feel validated to have this job!
  • No one handed this to me; I qualified for this job, I interviewed for this job, and I was chosen over some other very qualified individuals because I am all that!
  • I do not mean to sound arrogant, but this makes me feel so good. This is a validation that my intelligence is real and that I know what I am doing.

Category 5- Spirituality (if you do not have a spiritual practice that is an integral part of your life, feel free to leave this section blank.)

Example 1- Positive influence on my spiritual practice because I have manifested financial abundance.

  • I love going to retreats, but I have never been able to afford them until now. Not only can I go to the retreats, but I can also afford to take time off work to do so.
  • I could take a year off work and spend time doing missionary work if I wanted to.
  • I will contribute financially to some of the programs my church has to help those less fortunate.
  • My relationship with source has always been strong, and now there are no distractions.
  • I can continue to study and join any groups I want to further my understanding of spirituality.

Example 2- Positive influence on my spiritual practice because I have manifested a healthy relationship.

  • My partner and I enjoy discussing spiritual ideas and philosophies. We each have different perspectives, and as we share our ideas with each other, we are both growing and expanding beyond anything we have known before.
  • Our spiritual practice is important to each of us. I am grateful that we can allow each other to have their own beliefs and feel comfortable sharing those ideas.

Example 3- Positive influence on my spiritual practice because I have manifested my dream career.

  • My spiritual practice makes it easy for me to be present with people at work, making me a better employee.
  • Because of my spiritual practice and beliefs, I find it easy to accept people for who they are and how they see the world.
  • Working with other people each day allows me to practice presence and honor my belief systems.
  • This job has strengthened my spiritual practice by eliminating the old negative thought patterns of wishing I was somewhere else every day.

Congratulations, you did it! You finished your Personal Change Blueprint!

You may not know it, but you have already started to rewire your brain just by creating your Personal Change Blueprint. I have always thought that the hypnosis part of this process is just the icing on the cake. The process you have just completed, filling out the eight-step Personal Change Blueprint, has already begun to make changes in your brain and the frequency your subconscious mind is sending out. You may already be seeing some evidence of your manifestation.

The Story of Carol

Carol was a people pleaser. She thought if she was nice enough and if she loved him enough, her partner would start treating her with more kindness and respect. For eight years, Carol walked on eggshells and tried to keep the peace at home. She grew up in a codependent household with a narcissistic father, and every relationship she had ever been in was based on this model. It took a while, but Carol finally started to see the patterns in her failed relationships and realized that she was the common denominator.

Carol had wanted to leave the relationship she was in for a long time, but she and her partner’s finances were so intertwined that she could not imagine having enough money to support herself if she left. There was simply no way out, and so she stayed, year after year after year.

After eight years, things at home came to a head. Carol finally had enough of the screaming and yelling, enough of the criticism and name-calling, enough of ducking to avoid the flying objects thrown in her direction. Something snapped inside, and she made up her mind late one night that when the lease was up on the house she and her partner had just moved into, she would move. Carol had come to this conclusion before but had always backtracked because there was never the possibility of supporting herself financially. She had been stuck.

But it was different this time. Carol did not even give the concern of how she would support herself financially a second thought. There was absolutely no worry in her mind at all. All she knew was that she had to leave and that this time, she would.

Carol spent time daydreaming, fantasizing about the relief of being out of that house and away from the destructive environment she had lived in for eight years. She never gave a thought to where she would live or how she would afford it. She was content to immerse herself in the absolute joy of freedom from the emotional pain and fear of staying.

Carol’s daughter and her family were just five minutes away. Each day Carol would pick up her granddaughters from school and take them to the local community center for their swimming lessons. It was Carol’s favorite part of the day and something she always looked forward to.

Soon after Carol had decided to move away from her partner, her daughter informed her that they were going to sell their house and move thirty minutes away. Not knowing where she was going to live, Carol was not sure she would be able to maintain her routine of picking the girls up after school each day once they moved.

With the excitement of shopping for a new house, Carol’s daughter mentioned to her one day that some of the homes they were looking at had mother-in-law quarters and how fun it would be if only Carol could move in with them. Carol’s plans to move were unknown to her daughter at that point, and she was quick to inform her that she was planning on moving away from her partner at the end of that summer. You can guess how the rest of this story goes.

Carol was invited to live with her daughter and her family in exchange for helping out with the kids. Carol had manifested a beautiful home with a loving family by focusing on the absolute joy and relief of living in peace. She had her own room, her own bathroom, and a sewing/craft room nicer than anything she had ever had. If she had spent any time worrying about the how-to of manifesting what she wanted, she would have muddied the frequency that brought her exactly what she wanted.

All you need to focus on is what you want and how wonderful it feels to have it. Let the Universe figure out the how-to. It worked for Carol, and it can work for you too.

In the next module, I will teach you a bit more about how your brain works regarding hypnosis, and then I will teach you how to put yourself into a trance state to do self-hypnosis as you put your Personal Change Blueprint into action.

You are learning to master the Law of Attraction!

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