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By now, you may be convinced that PLR content is good for your business, but you may be wondering how to wade through all the junk we have been describing in order to get your hands on the best PLR.

In the last chapter, we discussed the criteria for evaluating PLR websites and their content and how to try before you buy. Here are the criteria again:

1 – Is the PLR professionally written?

2 – Is the PLR professionally edited?

3 – Is the PLR targeted content?

4 – Does the content provider have a good reputation?

5 – Does the ebook or other content come with sales letters and other promotional material?

In this chapter, we will give a few suggestions on how to find PLR websites and narrow them down to the ones that will be of the most use to you. Use the five points above to evaluate the material to make sure it meets your high professional standards and suits your niche.


As Google will bring up millions of listings when you search for PLR content, start with a search on PLR plus your niche (for instance PLR and service provider, Private Label Rights and niche), and start to systematically evaluate the top ten websites.

2-Ask for referrals.

Ask your fellow business owners where they go for their PLR content. (Note: You may want to ask those outside your niche, so you won’t end up using the same content as your biggest competitor.) Also check with popular online marketing forums such as the Warrior Forum. They can tell you what’s hot and what’s not, and point you to the websites they like best.

3-Check the large PLR “supermarkets”.

There are several very large PLR supermarkets that offer a wide variety of PLR on almost every single niche you can think of. Some of the content may not be high end and suitable for an expert audience, but most of the time it should be of sufficient quality to help you accomplish your main task when you are starting a website. These sites will offer a range of products that can help with quick content creation so that you can grow your website rapidly.

4-Check ClickBank.

Many of the top ClickBank vendors sell a variety of products, and also do what they can to support the affiliates selling their products. Check to see if the top products you are selling have a resource page for affiliates, and use whatever you can find– free articles, blog posts, emails and so on.

All of this niche-related content is free for you to use to sell their products, as well create content for your own website. If you are concerned about duplicate content or the Internet being saturated with this content because the vendor might have a lot of affiliates, use it for non-webpage content, such as free special reports, emails and so on.

5-Check JVZoo.

This is an affiliate marketplace for digital goods. You can find a number of PLR packages through this service.

Its real value will be twofold. First, you can start using JVZoo to begin processing payments for your own products quickly and easily. You can create a catalog of products and even a shopping cart in minutes.

The second main use will be if you want to recruit affiliates of your own. Just check the box in your catalog that allows the products to be sold in the affiliate marketplace, and people interested in your niche will be able to locate and sell your products.

The system will also allow you to create an affiliate support page for every product you sell. You can provide links to special sales letters, reports and more to help give them an incentive to sell your products and help them to do so. One of the best ways to create that kind of material quickly will be through using PLR content.

6-Check with your favorite Internet marketers.

Many of the top Internet marketers have great content in particular niches, and also branch out into other niches as well, to help newcomers to the world of Internet Marketing get started with their own websites. Some have a great team of writers working for them, and will often offer PLR content for sale. This can be written content, or it might be images, graphics, sales letters, videos and more. This content is usually high quality, but it can also be more expensive than the usual. However, it will also often be produced with Search Engine Optimization strategies in mind (see our guide on this subject for the best ways to create your site to attract the search engines).

7-PLR memberships.

There are some reliable PLR membership websites that focus on a particular area, such as finance, and produce high quality material every month in the form of articles, blog posts, and a special report to sell as a product. Some will even give workbooks, how-tos, a free report to set up a squeeze page to capture leads, graphics and more.

As we have said, be sure that you are able to see the quality of the content and know the niche (no random topics each month). Also make sure that any images or covers included in the package come with the editable PSD (Photoshop) version of the file. Expect to pay $25 to $97 per month for these packages, depending on how much content they include, the formats of the content, and how high end or value-packed the content is.

Wherever you find PLR content, as long as it fits your niche and quality requirements, you can use it as a shortcut to grow your online business rapidly, and/or fill in any gaps that you might have in your product offerings.

Now that you know what to look for in a good PLR pack and how to find good PLR sellers, it is time to look in more detail at the different rights you might be buying with respect to any PLR content you purchase, and what these rights mean for your business.

First, it’s time for your action steps. 


1-Continue to evaluate PLR websites and PLR packages based upon the five main criteria for choosing a good package:

+ Is the PLR professionally written?

+ Is the PLR professionally edited?

+ Is the PLR targeted content?

+ Does the content provider have a good reputation?

+ Does the ebook or other content come with sales letters and other promotional material?

2-Create a wish list of PLR-based content on where you are with your business and what gaps, if any, you perceive in your offerings. If you are just starting out publishing your first information product, what PLR seems to be a good candidate for your first product launch?

3-Create a list of priorities in your niche for your publishing program for the next three months. Include:

+ Articles

+ Free reports + Paid reports.

You might also consider more high-end items if your niche and business supports it, such as:

+ Coaching packs

+ Consulting materials

+ Audio scripts

+ Video scripts/PLR how to videos + Webinar presentations.

Recommendation: The Best Platform For Downloading PLR Content is the best platform for finding and downloading high-quality PLR content for your website. has provided PLR products in a variety of niches since 2008. This includes coaching tools and courses for health and wellness professionals. is different from most other PLR platforms in that it offers a comprehensive solution.

If you join a monthly or annual membership plan, you can save a lot of money compared to paying per download.

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