Physical and Emotional Feelings to Manifest

When I work with clients one on one, this step consistently gets the most answers. You may have noticed in previous steps that when you asked yourself about imagery or sounds, you naturally answered with words describing what it felt like instead of, or in addition to, what it looked or sounded like.

In this step, like the previous steps, review your answers, starting with the outcome. Read them to yourself out loud as if you were telling a grand story. Feel free to add details as they come to you. As you repeat your story over and over, you are accomplishing three things: first, you are creating new neural pathways in your brain, which will result in new habits of thought, new physical habits, rituals, and routines; second, you are modifying the vibrational frequency being sent out by the subconscious part of your mind in regard to this subject; and third, you are telling the Universe what you want, what it looks like, what it sounds like, what it feels like, and more. 

This is how you master the Law of Attraction by aligning the frequency of the subconscious mind with the frequency of the conscious mind.

Here are some examples to help you understand more about how to describe what it feels like, physically and/or emotionally, to manifest financial abundance, a healthy relationship, or your dream career.

Example 1- The feelings, physical and/or emotional, associated with the manifestation of financial abundance might include:

  • The feeling of relief. I feel a huge relief like a giant weight has been taken off my shoulders.
  • I feel light and airy like I could fly to the moon, and excited to know that I can pay off my debt, all of it.
  • I feel proud to know that I can support my family in style and move us into a house with room for everyone.
  • I also feel very happy to know that I can donate to worthy charities and help others less fortunate.

Example 2 – The feelings, physical and/or emotional associated with the manifestation of a healthy relationship might include:

  • The feeling of being in love, but a more authentic mature feeling of love.
  • I feel content because I know my partner is on the same page as me.
  • I am happy to have a life partner with the same values as mine.
  • I feel giddy sometimes, like a schoolgirl, but this is real, not just a crush.
  • The reality of this relationship washes over me sometimes with such sweetness!
  • I am grateful beyond description, and my heart is bursting with love. I feel vibrant, alive, alert like I am going to burst wide open!

Example 3 – The feelings, physical and/or emotional associated with the manifestation of finding your dream career might include:

  • The feeling of being proud! I love my work, and it feels amazing to know that I am contributing to the world by doing meaningful work every day.
  • I look forward to getting up in the morning, every morning, even on Monday mornings!
  • I have fun interacting with my coworkers. They have accepted me as one of the gang, and it feels good to be respected and to have other professionals seek my opinion.
  • I feel like I am living up to my potential.
  • I feel like a grown-up, able to carry on and take care of my family like a truly responsible adult.

The information you put down on this step of your Personal Change Blueprint can be extensive. That is okay. Getting in touch with your feelings sends out a powerful vibrational frequency. When it comes to making the Law of Attraction work, I always say, “You can say all the pretty words you want, but if you are not feeling those words, they won’t do you any good. Your frequency is emitting what you feel more than what you say.”

The Story of Marlene

Marlene came to me to get help with weight loss. She was not obese but wanted to lose about forty pounds. She had a happy marriage, a job she loved, and a house full of teenagers, including a teenage foreign exchange student. She loved cooking for everyone. Her kitchen was filled with all the kinds of foods you would expect to see in a house full of teens: chips, sodas, doughnuts, pizza, ice cream, and more.

Marlene used to be a runner, and she felt that if she could change her eating habits and start running again, she would be able to kick start her “old” self into being once again.

We worked on her Personal Change Blueprint based on the outcome of weight loss. The interesting thing about the Personal Change Blueprint is that it takes you far beyond the simple one-line description of what you want. Marlene’s answers to each of the steps helped her identify a new way of living that went far beyond the manifestation of weight loss.

About one year after I had worked with Marlene, she sent me an email thanking me for the work we did together. Here is a copy of her email to me:

Dear Debbie,

I’ve been wanting to write you for a while now to let you know how much I appreciate all the help you gave me with hypnosis. If you remember, I came in for weight loss. Well, I lost the weight, but I got so much more out of our work together than just losing weight! Losing the weight turned out to be quite easy, but the best part is that I found myself again. I didn’t realize how much being “lost” was interfering with my health until you helped me figure out what it would feel like to be back in my own skin again. You helped me tap into my internal resources at a depth I didn’t know existed. I feel as though a fog has been lifted from my mind, and I can see clearly again.

I am grateful to you for your help. Thank you for guiding me through this process.

Respectfully, Marlene

As you continue this process, you will be awakening thoughts and feeling inside that have been dormant for a long time. Welcome those feelings, embrace the new way of seeing, hearing, and feeling how you want your life to be. Develop the habit of opening up to the reality that you can manifest the kind of life you want for yourself in the here and now.

In the next module, you are going to change gears just a bit. In step seven, you will go over all your answers and then take some time to contemplate what this change does for you. The work you are doing will have far-reaching consequences, not just for you but for your whole family and possibly your friends. This is the time to open up to the value of what you are doing.

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