Paving Your Way to Success By Manifestation

Our game plan for manifesting everything we want in life is now finally starting to take shape.

We’ve established that one of the main reasons you haven’t been able to attract what you want yet is because your ego has been blocking you at every turn, desperately fearing any change in the status quo that you’re currently surviving in.

But we’ve also established that we can get around this by feeding well-placed instructions to our subconscious mind instead …and letting it overpower any resistance that the ego puts up. So we now have a way to guarantee the results we’re looking for. We’re in great shape!

But there’s still the question of how fast this can all happen for you, and there’s also the question of how easy your journey to the life that you want will be.

The easier you can make it on yourself, and the more you actually enjoy the journey to it, the more likely you’ll be able to stick with it until you get what you want.

The Skateboard and The Pavement

Imagine yourself on a skateboard. You’re at one side of the street, and you want to get to the other end as fast as possible. There’s only ONE rule you have to follow: You’re not allowed to move forward UNLESS you’re actually on the skateboard.

Let’s assume that balancing and moving is very easy to do if the ground is smooth enough — but that in this case, the surface of the pavement is bumpy, uneven, and cracked. This is actually what you’re dealing with when it comes to using the Law of Attraction to access the resources of the Universe and create everything you want.

The other side of the street represents everything you want to attract in your life. The skateboard is your subconscious mind.

And the quality of the pavement’s surface is the level of your ego’s resistance.

If you went full speed on your way right now, you’d get to the other side. Nothing could stop you. But with how messy that pavement is, you’re still going to fall a lot on the way. You might scrape your knee. You might bang your elbow. You might even land on your head a few times. When people “fall down” like this, most of them don’t bother to get back on the “skateboard” and keep going. They’re just too discouraged to continue. So they never get to “the other side of the street.”

Now that you understand this, what you’d much rather do is smooth out the surface of the pavement FIRST …and THEN move forward on your board.

Smoothing Through Soothing

You smooth out the surface of the pavement …by soothing the ego. And you soothe the ego …by feeling good.

THE SECRET TO SOOTHING THE EGO IS SIMPLY FEELING GOOD. As much as you can, and as often as you can.

Feeling good is the KEY to making sure that whatever manifestation methods you use actually end up working well for you. The more you soothe your ego with good feelings, the safer your ego will naturally feel every day, and the less resistant it will be to any changes you’re trying to make in your life. You’ll experience less doubt, more confidence, more patience, more comfort, and clearer thinking.

And then the manifestation methods will be even easier to use, which will make them even more effective. And then suddenly everything will be going way more smoothly. Like a skateboard gliding across an even pavement surface. And the beauty of this is that THIS IS HOW IT WAS ALWAYS MEANT TO BE.

Life is supposed to feel good. Life is supposed to be fun. That ride on your skateboard is supposed to be fast, smooth, and easy. Everything that you want in life …really does want you just as much. Remember, like attracts like, so of course the energies of your desires have that same longing back for you.

This is universal law. And the best part is — it doesn’t matter what you feel good about!

You Can Feel Good About Anything

So if you’ve been dreaming of a new corvette for the past few years, and that’s the first thing you want to finally manifest, you certainly CAN focus on that when using the techniques in this masterclass. But you don’t have to only feel good about the corvette in order to get it.

You could just as easily focus on feeling good about the pancakes you had for breakfast last week — remembering how sweet they tasted, how warm the butter on top of them was, how satisfied you were with each bite — and the car would still be on its way to you.

Feeling good about ANYTHING puts you in the receiving mode for getting EVERYTHING you want …as long as you don’t then slow it down by thinking contradicting thoughts about the thing that you want. This is important because there are things you’ve wanted for so long …that you’re way more used to thinking about the LACK of them …than thinking about actually HAVING them.

So using the corvette for example, if you spend your morning thinking about those pancakes and feeling great, but then spend the rest of the day feeling frustrated because the corvette isn’t here yet, you’re cancelling out a lot of the momentum you’ve made on manifesting the car.

Luckily, positive thoughts are WAY more powerful than negative ones. This is really good news since you’re most likely not going to be happy ALL the time. All sorts of emotions (including the not-so-enjoyable ones) are perfectly natural, and things happen in life that you’re used to reacting to in a certain way.

It’s better to let all those emotions process through rather than repressing them. And rather than worrying about them messing up your attraction or vibration, once you notice yourself in a negative emotion, just calmly do whatever you can in that moment to focus back on something else more positive instead.

Fortunately, you can only feel one emotion at a time, so as long as you’re feeling good about something, you’re NOT feeling bad about anything else. It really is that simple, so use it to your advantage.

You Need To Make Sure You’re Feeling Good For The Right Reasons.

There’s only one thing you have to watch out for when you’re doing this (and this is actually where most people mess up and push their manifestations away before they ever have the chance to get to them):

If your motive for feeling good is anything other than the good feelings in that moment, you’re introducing doubt and resistance without realizing it.

In other words, there’s a difference between “feeling good for the sake of feeling good” and “feeling good because you want the good feeling to attract your corvette.”

If your motivation for trying to feel good is the corvette itself (or any other manifestation), that means that in that moment — by ‘feeling good’ in order to get something in return — you’re affirming to the Universe that you don’t have it yet.

Your state of being now includes the ‘lack’ of the corvette, and your vibrational setpoint in that moment is therefore one of “not having the corvette.” This is obviously the last thing that you want.

Now, this doesn’t mean you can’t focus on the corvette whenever you want. You’re still always free to think about it while feeling good. In fact, you really should, because that’s one of the best ways to attract it.

But there’s a subtle yet HUGE difference between feeling good about the car …and trying to MAKE yourself feel good in an ATTEMPT to get the car. One is a focus on the car, and the other is a focus on the lack of the car.

Another way to state it is that there’s a difference between thinking about the corvette in order to feel good (where feeling good is the goal, so you’re actually attracting what you want) …and trying to feel good in order to get the corvette (where the corvette is the goal, so you’re actually attracting the LACK of what you want).

If this seems confusing, frustrating, or complicated in any way, there’s great news for you (and get ready for me to sound like a broken record here…):

The manifestation methods in the masterclass, along with the thorough instructions on how to use them, are designed to make sure you’re always focused on what you want and NOT focused on the lack of it — even when you’re thinking about the specific thing you’re wanting to attract.

So as long as you use what you learn in this masterclass, you’ll never have to concern yourself with any of these little nuances, and everything will take care of itself for you.

But it’s still very important for you to be aware of this because you’ll still ALSO want to allow yourself to feel good whenever possible during those other times of the day when you’re not using any of the techniques. This is where you’re going to want to be very kind and patient with yourself. You’re used to seeing the world in a certain way and you’re used to feeling certain emotions on a daily basis.

On a certain level, you may be addicted to emotions that don’t serve you. So if 40% of your thoughts have been negative for the past few years, you’re not going to lower that percentage overnight. But THAT’S OKAY.

Again, even if you didn’t make ANY improvement on your overall feelings throughout the day, the manifestation methods in this masterclass will still do what they’re designed for. You’ll simply be on a bumpier pavement for a little bit while you’re riding your skateboard to everything you want.

The key here is that you don’t have to smooth the pavement all at once. You do it bit by bit. And the less you worry about doing it overnight, the faster it all ends up smoothing out for you.

There Are Very Easy Ways To Feel Good Whenever You Want

With all of that said, it’s obviously in your best interests to be strategic about this and intentionally insert opportunities throughout the day to feel good. Especially since it’s so easy to do. Here are just a few tips to get you started for feeling good in a way that won’t introduce doubt or resistance:

1 – Find a thought or memory that always seems to brighten your mood, and make that the default thing you can always go back to whenever you catch yourself feeling worry, concern, frustration, impatience, or any other negative emotion.

2 – Do random acts of kindness. These don’t have to be difficult. They don’t have to cost you any money. They don’t have to be something you don’t enjoy. Anything simple will be just fine.

Even telling a stranger that you think the dog that they’re walking is adorable counts. Or complimenting someone on something they’re wearing – whether you know them or not. Or writing an encouraging or inspiring little note and leaving it in a store for a stranger to stumble on.

Just knowing that whatever you say can brighten their day will bring you genuine feelings of warmth and happiness as well (there’s even a technique around this for manifesting money that you’ll learn later on).

If you’re not sure what to write, here’s an easy example of how it might go:

“YOU were meant to find this note to remind you that life is about to get so much better, so don’t give up. You’re awesome, and things are working out whether you notice them or not. Keep going.”

3 – Watch a funny or positive video. If you like cartoons, watch a cartoon. If you like cute cat videos, watch that. If you like standup comedy, that’s another easy option. Watch whatever you think will brighten your day.

4 – Take a walk (in nature, if possible). Just go out and walk around with no other agenda. Calm your breaths as you do it. Notice things around you to appreciate. A couple holding hands is the Universe’s reminder to you that this same kind of love is on the way to you. Seeing someone wearing a fancy watch is your reminder that you’ll soon be able to easily afford something ten times more expensive. Or if it’s more relaxing to not look around for signs, just give yourself this time to be at ease in the world around you, no matter what else is going on.

Either way, it should be time for you to just enjoy the moment.

5 – Expect good things to happen. But DON’T put a deadline on it. No matter how difficult life is, good things happen anyway, so expecting them to happen is not a ridiculous or unreasonable thing.

As long as you don’t feel any resistance while you’re doing it, feel free to expect something specific that you want.

But if that’s too difficult, just embrace the more general feeling of “something” good being on the way to you.

Because it really is!

6 – Smile. Your body links certain movements and expressions with corresponding emotions and chemicals released by the brain to maintain them. Smiling tells your body that it’s happy, which triggers it to release those natural organic chemicals and results in a deeper feeling of ease and contentment.

7 – Write down what you want and focus on WHY you want it. There’s a powerful magic in doing this, which will be explored further through the methods in this masterclass. But once you do it, you’ll see that it really feels great and even helps build more confidence for inviting the things that you want even faster. More importantly, doing this provides you with a blueprint to base the techniques in this masterclass off of. And that is why the very next module is devoted to this specifically.

So turn to the next page and get ready to finally design a life that you truly love.

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