Paul Walker Net Worth At Death – How Did He Get Rich? Exposed!

Paul Walker Net Worth At Death

Paul Walker had an estimated net worth of $25 Million at death. He was an American actor who came to fame in movies such as ‘Varsity Blues’ and became well-known for his starring role in ‘The Fast and the Furious’ franchise. He earned the majority of his income from movies and TV shows.

Paul Walker, who was born in California in 1973, made his feature film debut in the 1986 horror spoof Monster in Your Closet. Walker gained attention with a role in the 1999 film Varsity Blues, after appearing in several television shows in the 1990s, including Charles in Charge, Who’s the Boss?, and The Young and the Restless. After appearing in teen films such as She’s All That and The Skulls, Walker landed his breakout role in 2001 with The Fast and the Furious, which became his star vehicle and kept him busy for four sequels and a short prequel. Walker established himself as an action-film mainstay with the Fast and Furious franchise, and he went on to appear in several films in the genre, including Takers, Hours, and Vehicle 19. Walker, 40, was killed in a car accident on November 30, 2013.

To calculate the net worth of Paul Walker, subtract all his liabilities from his total assets. Investments, savings, cash deposits, and any equity he has in a house, car, or other similar asset are included in the total assets. All debts, such as loans and personal debt, are included in total liabilities.

Here’s the breakdown of his net worth:

Name: Paul Walker
Net Worth: $25 Million
Monthly Salary: $200 Thousand+
Annual Income: $2 Million+
Source of Wealth: Actor, Model, Film Producer


Walker, 40, was killed in a car accident on November 30, 2013. Walker was in Santa Clarita, California, for a Reach Out Worldwide charity event to benefit victims of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. He was reportedly in the passenger seat of a Porsche when the driver lost control and crashed into a tree. The car was engulfed in flames, and both people were pronounced dead at the scene.

Walker had recently completed Brick Mansions and was working on Fast & Furious 7. Fast & Furious 7 premiered on April 3, 2015, to massive box office returns, and Brick Mansions was released in 2014. Vin Diesel named his new baby daughter Pauline after his friend in March 2015.

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Walker and ex-girlfriend Rebecca McBrain have a daughter, Meadow Rain. Walker left Meadow his $25 million estate in his will and asked his mother to be her legal guardian.


Fast & Furious 7’s 2015 release was made possible by Walker’s two brothers, Caleb and Cody, who bore a striking physical resemblance to the actor. Walker was brought back to life by the brothers’ collaboration with visual effects artists in scenes that needed to be reshot of the late actor.

The film went on to gross $1.7 billion worldwide.

Early Career

Paul Walker was born on September 12, 1973, in Glendale, California, and began his career as a model and actor in television shows such as Charles in Charge, Highway to Heaven, and Who’s the Boss. He made his film debut in the horror spoof Monster in the Closet in 1986, and he also had a recurring role on TV’s Throb.

Walker attended various California community colleges after high school, but he began acting full-time in 1993, when he landed a role on the soap opera The Young and the Restless. After a few TV guest appearances and the lead in Tammy and the T-Rex, Walker starred in the family comedy Meet the Deedles and officially ended his TV career.


Walker’s next major role was in the critically acclaimed, high-concept Pleasantville, in which he co-starred with Reese Witherspoon. Walker went on to star in films like She’s All That, Varsity Blues, and The Skulls in the late 1990s, all aimed at a teen audience and helping to turn him into a heartthrob.

‘The Fast and the Furious’

Walker’s career took off in 2001 when he landed a leading role in The Fast and the Furious alongside up-and-comer Vin Diesel. The Fast and the Furious, a film that paid homage to 1970s road films, catapulted Walker to new heights of fame while grossing more than $200 million at the box office.

Two years later, the franchise returned with its first sequel, 2 Fast 2 Furious, and Walker was once again on board. The film’s box office was even higher than the first, and a legitimate hit series was in the works. Walker went on to appear in a few more action films, including Timeline (2003), Into the Blue (2005), and Running Scared (2006), as well as the ensemble drama Noel (2004) and the children’s adventure film Eight Below (2006).

‘Flags of Our Fathers,’ ‘The Death and Life of Bobby Z’

Walker also demonstrated his range as an actor in Clint Eastwood’s 2006 war drama Flags of Our Fathers. He went on to appear in more action films, including The Death and Life of Bobby Z (2007), Takers (2010), and Fast Five (2011), the third installment of the Fast and Furious franchise. Walker signed on to film Fast & Furious 6 (2013) in 2012, continuing the series’ momentum.

Walker was active in Reach Out Worldwide, a nonprofit organization he founded in 2010 to bring aid to areas devastated by natural disasters, when he wasn’t filming.

‘I Am Paul Walker’ Documentary

I Am Paul Walker, a feature-length documentary about the late Fast and Furious actor, will be released by Paramount Network in August 2018. The documentary will feature interviews with co-stars Tyrese Gibson, directors Rob Cohen and Wayne Kramer, and Walker’s family members.

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