Ozuna Net Worth 2022 – Wife, Family, House, Car

With income from selling albums, hit singles, and collaborating with other musicians, Ozuna has amassed a net worth of $15 Million as of 2022.

Juan Carlos “Ozuna” Rosado is a Puerto Rican singer known for his hits such as ‘Si No Te Quiere’, ‘No Quiere Enamorarse’ and ‘Te Vas’. 

Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, he had a very unpleasant childhood. His father was murdered when he was a toddler and his mother could not take care of him properly. So he was raised by his grandmother. 

In his early teens, he started writing songs and debuted as a singer with the single ‘Imaginando’. Eventually, he signed a contract with Golden Family Records and also started posting his works on YouTube. He gained popularity for his songs like ‘Si No Te Quiere’, which was very successful on the radio. 

Ozuna’s fame grew with time and today he is quite famous throughout Latin America. So far in his career, Ozuna has released two studio albums. His first album ‘Odisea’ was released in 2017 and the second one ‘Aura’ was released in 2018.

Today we’re going to discuss how much money Ozuna has and how he builds his net worth.

At the end of this article, we will also tell you how to get rich like Ozuna. So be sure to read to the end.

Ozuna Net Worth 2022

Ozuna has an estimated net worth of $15 Million in 2022. He is one of the highest paid singers in the Puerto Rican music industry and has had a lot of hits throughout his career. He makes most of his money from music, which means selling albums, hit singles, and collaborating with other musicians.

The singer had already earned a lot of his money from live concerts and other shows. Time magazine named Ozuna one of the 100 most important people in the world for 2019. In 2018, Ozuna and Bad Bunny launched a charity campaign to save the life of a boy from the Dominican Republic.

He has also done well on YouTube, where he is one of the most watched Puerto Rican singers. The singer’s YouTube channel has more than 34 million subscribers, and most of his videos have been viewed a billion times.

He also makes a lot of money from brand advertising. For example, he was featured in a TV commercial for the Toyota Corolla, which earned him a lot of money. Ozuna’s annual salary is more than $2 million.

To calculate the net worth of Ozuna, subtract all his liabilities from his total assets. Investments, savings, cash deposits, and any equity he has in a house, car, or other similar asset are included in the total assets. All debts, such as student loans and credit card debt, are included in total liabilities.

Here’s the breakdown of his net worth:

Name: Ozuna
Net Worth: $15 Million
Monthly Salary: $200,000+
Annual Income: $2 Million+
Source of Wealth: Singer

Ozuna Net Worth Last 5 Years

Net Worth 2022: $15 Million
Net Worth 2021: $13 Million
Net Worth 2020: $12 Million
Net Worth 2019: $10 Million
Net Worth 2018: $7 Million

How Did Ozuna Build His Net Worth?

Ozuna is a Puerto Rican singer and rapper whose net worth is $15 million in 2022. His real name is Juan Carlos Ozuna Rosado, but he is better known as Ozuna or “The Black Kid with Clear Eyes.” He has so many fans in Puerto Rico, the USA and other countries.

Ozuna became famous when all five of his studio albums made it to the Billboard Top Latin Albums Chart. His second studio album, Aura, released in 2018 and made it to #7 on the Billboard 200, was one of those albums.

Ozuna became known in the music world after releasing hit singles such as “No Quiere Enamorarse,” “Si No Te Quiere,” “Dile Que Tu Me Quieres,” “Te Vas” and “Tu Foto.” Most of his music videos on YouTube have more than a billion views.

Now, let’s take a closer look at how Ozuna built his net worth of $15 Million.

How Much Money Does Ozuna Make From Albums, Songs and Concerts?

Ozuna makes millions of dollars from his albums, songs and concerts. He started writing songs at the age of 12. In 2012, he made his debut as a singer with the song ‘Imaginado’. After that, he started working with Musicologo & Menes and eventually gained popularity.

He signed a record deal with Golden Family Records and also started releasing his music on YouTube. His song ‘Si No Te Quire’, which featured rapper D Ozi, became a hit and made him known throughout Latin America. Since then, he has also started performing in shows throughout South America, which has further increased his popularity.

He participated in the single ‘La Occasion’, which was a collaboration with several other artists, including DJ Luian, Mambo Kings, De La Ghetto, Arcangel and Anuel AA. The single was a success, reaching the 22nd position on the Hot Latin Songs Chart.

His most popular single ‘Dile Que Tu Me Quirees’ was released in September 2016. It reached number 13 on the Billboard Latin chart. Two of his other successful songs, ‘Si Tu Marido No Te Quiere’ and ‘En La Intimad,’ also made the list.

His first studio album ‘Odisea’ was released in 2017. The single ‘Te Vas’ became his most popular song on social media after reaching 600 million views on YouTube. Many other successful singles were released in the same year. These included ‘Despues de las 12’ and ‘Tu Foto’. The latter reached tenth place in the Latin Billboard list and had more than 670 million views on YouTube.

He collaborated with Daddy Yankee on the song ‘La Rompe Corazones’ and with Wisin on the song ‘Escapate Conmigo’. Another of his successful singles is ‘Se Preparo’, which has reached more than 760 million views on YouTube.

He won an award at Premios Juventud in 2017 in the category of ‘Best Breakthrough Artist’. In 2018, he won an award at the iHeartRadio Music Awards in the ‘Best New Latin Artist’ category.

How Much Are Ozuna’s Cars Worth?

Ozuna likes expensive cars and has bought a lot of expensive and luxurious things. So let us take a look at his most expensive cars. Ozuna has a lot of cars, including a Lamborghini Aventador, a Ferrari 458 Spider, a Range Rover Velar, a Bentley Continental GT, a Rolls Royce Dawn and more.

How Much Are Ozuna’s Jewelry Collection Worth?

Ozuna is also known for his jewelry collection. In 2020, for example, he spent $800,000 on expensive watches. He also bought shoes and clothes for about $29,000.

What Houses Does Ozuna Own?

Given Ozuna’s wealth, you can assume that his house is more expensive than ordinary people’s. And since real estate is a common investment vehicle, we can safely assume that he owns several houses.

Ozuna and his family live in a beautiful mansion in one of Miami’s most expensive neighborhoods, the Coconut Grove Neighborhood in Florida. He paid about $5.5 million for the house, which has a large swimming pool, a basketball court, a gym, 5 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms and a home theater. This modern house is 7,000 square meters and looks like a small resort. The company Nibiru International LLC is the owner of Ozuna.

Ozuna’s Loans and Liabilities

Ozuna may have many assets, but he should also have some liabilities. These may include credit card liabilities, loans, mortgages, etc. Ozuna’s liabilities should fluctuate as he pays off his debts or borrows more money. We are not able to provide an accurate estimate of his liabilities.

Ozuna’s Personal Life, Family and Wife

Juan Carlos Ozuna Rosado was born on March 13, 1992, in San Juan. His father was Dominican and his mother is Puerto Rican. Since his father was killed when he was only three years old and his mother was financially unable to raise him, he was raised mainly by his grandparents.

As he grew up, he developed an interest in music and began writing songs at the age of 12.

He is married to Marie Melendez. They have a son named Jacob and a daughter named Sofia.

How Much Does Ozuna Make a Year?

According to some reports, Ozuna’s annual income is over $2 Million.

FAQs About Ozuna

How rich is Ozuna?

As per the record of media, Ozuna’s net worth is estimated to be around $15 Million in 2022.

How tall is Ozuna?

Ozuna is 1.65 m tall.

How old is Ozuna?

Ozuna was born March 13, 1992, in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He is 30 years old as of 2022.

What is the real name of Ozuna?

His real name is Juan Carlos Ozuna Rosado, he is better known by his stage name Ozuna.

Favorite Ozuna Quotes

‘Aura’ is what one reflects in the heart, what you bring into the world, and what people want to learn from you.



‘Aura’ is a song where you’re looking at yourself in the mirror, and I was personally impacted when I recorded it. I identified with it.



Things aren’t gifted to you. Things don’t just come from an idea, from nothing. You have to work for them. You have to pursue them. You have to take time. You have to sacrifice.



If God has given me this many large blessings in such little time, why not help the people that need it?



I sing what society lives in general.



I’m a proud Cuban-Mexican immigrant.



There’s a lot of people that are in need. We’re going little by little… I’m only one person, but we are contributing.



I listen to Migos. I listen to Drake a lot. Also 21 Savage, Kodak Black, XXXTentacion.


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