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Quotes About Occupation 

Jews and Muslims ‘dialoguing’ has nothing to do with Palestine. The problem is settler colonialism, apartheid and occupation, not religion.

— Remi Kanazi


I get so used to working with writers that my prime occupation is development.

Ridley Scott


Doin’ nothing’s a dangerous occupation.

— Robert Bolt


When you achieve one dream, dream another. Getting what you want is only a problem if you have nowhere to go next. Dreaming is a lifetime occupation.

— Rudy Ruettiger


I do like to embed a fictional character firmly in an occupation.

— Penelope Lively


Writing, for me, is the best occupation I can think of, and there is nothing in the world I would rather do.

— Phyllis Reynolds Naylor


Sport, rightly conceived, is an occupation carried out by the whole man.

— Pope Pius XII



I love peace and quiet, I hate politics and turmoil. We women are not made for governing, and if we are good women, we must dislike these masculine occupations.

Queen Victoria


Art matters not merely because it is the most magnificent ornament and the most nearly unfailing occupation of our lives, but because it is life itself.

— Randall Jarrell


TV viewing is normally a passive, mindless occupation.

— Raymond Arroyo


Mbeki began to write a study of the workings of apartheid policy in the reserves – the areas set aside in law for African occupation – as early as 1959 and 1960.

— Ruth First


Advertising is a symbol-manipulating occupation

— S. I. Hayakawa


It was a lifetime occupation that kept us too busy to stop and ask if we were happy or not

— Ossie Davis


The man who falls in love chill find plenty of occupation.

— Ovid


The day will never come when any Palestinian would be arrested because of his political affiliation or because of resisting the occupation. The file of political detention must be closed.

— Said Seyam


We will not put our sons in prison for political membership or resisting occupation, because occupation is the reason for the problem.

— Said Seyam


Who created the sectarian attitude in Iraq? The occupation, … We never heard of this before in our history. But it’s good that Condoleezza Rice realizes sectarianism is not good for Iraq. All we want from them is fair and clean elections next month.

— Saleh al-Mutlaq


Orchid hunting is a mortal occupation.

— Susan Orlean


Nations sometimes flourish by denying the crimes that brought them into being. Only when the original invasion, occupation, extermination or usurpation has been safely thrust into the political unconscious can sovereignty feel secure.

— Terry Eagleton


My occupation is an open question. I was once an assistant professor of mathematics. Since then, I have spent time living in the woods of Montana.

— Theodore Kaczynski


No occupation is so delightful to me as the culture of the earth, and no culture comparable to that of the garden.

Thomas Jefferson



Leading a human life is a full-time occupation, to which everyone devotes decades of intense concern.

— Thomas Nagel


Most people perceive their occupation as being a detriment to their overall wellbeing.

— Tom Rath


Woman, no less than man, can qualify herself for the more onerous occupations of life.

— Victoria Woodhull


If Congress sees fit to impose a capitation, or other direct tax, it must be laid in proportion to the census; if Congress determines to impose duties, imposts, and excises, they must be uniform throughout the United States. These are not strictly limitations of power.

They are rules prescribing the mode in which it shall be exercised. This review shows that personal property, contracts, occupations, and the like have never been regarded by Congress as proper subjects of direct tax.

— Salmon P. Chase


Israeli occupation exposes us very young to the extremes of our emotions, until we cannot feel except in the extreme.

— Susan Abulhawa


I would have any one, who really and truly has leisure and ability, make verses. I think it a more refining and happy-making occupation than any other pastime accomplishment.

— Sara Coleridge


My chosen occupation isn’t necessarily movie star; I see my chosen occupation as actor.

— Sarah Gadon


History will eventually depict as legitimate the efforts of the Iraqi resistance to destabilise and defeat the American occupation forces and their imposed Iraqi collaborationist government.

— Scott Ritter


Winter is not a season, it’s an occupation.

Sinclair Lewis


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