Norwex Scam: Pyramid Scheme or MLM? [Review]

Are you curious about Norwex and wondering if it’s a pyramid scheme or a legitimate way to earn money online? Well, you’re not alone. With the rise of the gig economy, many people are looking for additional income streams and Norwex may have piqued your interest.

Chances are you heard about Norwex from someone you know, maybe a friend or family member. And now you’re here, looking for an honest review to help you decide whether it’s worth your time and effort.

As an online entrepreneur, I’ve reviewed hundreds of similar programs to Norwex over the years. And today, I’m excited to share my insights with you.

First things first, let me make it clear that I’m not affiliated with Norwex in any way. That means I’m not being paid to write this review. So you can trust that you’re getting an unbiased opinion from me.

I’ve thoroughly researched Norwex to give you a comprehensive overview of what it’s all about, its pros and cons, and whether it’s a scam or not. And at the end of this review, I’ll also reveal the best alternative to Norwex that has helped me generate a full-time passive income online.

So sit tight, and let’s dive into Norwex!

What is Norwex?

Norwex is a company that offers cleaning products for your home, but with a unique twist. They are committed to their mission of “Cleaning without Chemicals,” and they use eco-friendly methods to achieve it. The company was founded in 1994 by Bjrn Nicolaisen, a former lawyer who wanted to make a positive impact on the environment.

Norwex Review

Bjrn’s brilliant idea came to him while cleaning a very dirty and bug-splattered windshield with just water. He realized that he could use microfiber cloths to clean homes in an eco-friendly manner, and that’s how Norwex was born. The Eidsvoll Miljproducter was launched as a new cleaning method, which quickly gained popularity.

Norwex Enviro Products was launched in Canada in 1999 by Debbie Bolton, who now serves as the company’s global sales manager. Despite Bjorn’s lack of experience in the MLM sector, Norwex has been successful year after year.

The company has over 90,000 independent consultants and operates in 14 markets worldwide. Norwex’s main goal is to reduce the use of chemicals in the home, and they offer a wide range of products to achieve this, including microfiber cloths, mops, and other cleaning tools.

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Is Norwex an MLM?

Yes, Norwex is an MLM. But what exactly is an MLM, and how does it differ from traditional business models?

Well, MLM stands for “multilevel marketing,” and it’s also known as direct sales or network marketing. Unlike traditional jobs where you get paid a salary, MLM companies pay you based on the sales and recruits you bring in.

Here’s how it works: Let’s say you join Norwex and recruit ten people to join your business. Each of these ten recruits then recruits another ten people, and so on. You’ll earn a commission on the sales and recruits of everyone in your “downline,” which refers to the people beneath you in the recruiting hierarchy.

The more people you recruit, the more money you can potentially earn. And while Norwex offers a wide range of products, most MLM participants prefer to recruit others because it can result in a lifetime of passive income.

However, it’s worth noting that the people at the top of the recruitment pyramid make the most money, while those at the bottom make the least. So the ultimate goal of a Norwex employee is to build a large downline and earn as much passive income as possible.

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Is Norwex A Pyramid Scheme?

No, Norwex is not a pyramid scheme. While pyramid schemes rely on recruiting members to enroll others in exchange for money or services, Norwex is different.

Pyramid schemes are unsustainable and often scams because they require members to pay a fee to an organization that rewards them a portion of the funds raised from each additional member they recruit. Those at the top of the pyramid profit the most, while those at the bottom usually lose money.

Unlike pyramid schemes, Norwex sells valuable goods and services. Members can make money by selling Norwex products, rather than solely relying on recruitment. Norwex is not interested in profiting from recruiting new members, but rather from selling high-quality products that customers love.

It’s important to note that Norwex members can still benefit from recruitment. They can earn commissions from their recruits’ sales, but this is not the only way to make money in the company. Members can focus on selling products without worrying about recruiting, and still make a good income.

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Watch the short video below to learn more:

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Red Flags For Norwex

Unresponsive Consultants

One of the most common complaints about Norwex is unresponsive consultants who fail to close parties or deliver host rewards. This can leave customers feeling used and ignored, with no way to resolve their issues. If you join Norwex as a consultant, you may encounter similar complaints from your own customers, which can damage your reputation and affect your sales.

Misleading Product Descriptions

Norwex products are marketed as environmentally friendly and high-quality, but some customers have found the product descriptions to be misleading. For example, the toothbrush and replacement heads have a short warranty period, which can be frustrating for customers who expect more durability. As a Norwex consultant, you may be expected to promote these products and defend the company’s claims, which could put you in an awkward position if customers are dissatisfied.

Expensive Products

Norwex products are known for being expensive, with some customers complaining that they are not worth the cost. This can make it difficult to sell products and build a customer base, especially when there are cheaper alternatives available. As a Norwex consultant, you may struggle to justify the prices and convince customers to make a purchase.

Ethical Concerns

Some customers have raised ethical concerns about Norwex’s business practices, such as their policy of not compensating customers for returning used cloths for recycling. This can make customers feel like the company is profiting from their efforts to be environmentally conscious, which can be a turn-off for some customers. As a Norwex consultant, you may be asked to defend the company’s policies, which could put you in an uncomfortable position.

Poor Quality Products

Finally, some customers have complained about the poor quality of Norwex products, including cheaply made cloths and misleading product descriptions. This can make it difficult to build a loyal customer base and may result in negative reviews and complaints. As a Norwex consultant, you may find it challenging to promote products that have a reputation for being low quality.

Here are some complaints from BBB.

Norwex complaint on BBB


Norwex complaint on BBB 1


Norwex complaint on BBB 2


Norwex complaint on BBB 3


Norwex complaint on BBB

Green Lights For Norwex

Norwex Products are in High Demand

Norwex products are increasingly popular, as indicated by the rising search volumes on Google. This means there’s a good chance you’ll be able to sell the products to a growing customer base.

Norwex Offers a Replicated Website to Boost Sales

As a Norwex consultant, you can purchase a replicated website to sell the products and earn a commission. Plus, when someone signs up as a consultant through your website, they become part of your downline.

Norwex is a Well-Established Company

Norwex has been in business for 25 years, making them a more stable and established MLM company. However, keep in mind that this also means the market may be more saturated with consultants.

Norwex Offers a Money-Back Guarantee

Norwex products come with a money-back guarantee and even a 2-year warranty on their microfiber products. This can make customers feel more confident in their purchases and make it easier for you to sell the products.

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Is Norwex a Scam?

Norwex is not a scam from a legal standpoint. According to the Oxford Living Dictionary, a scam is an “untruthful scheme or fraud.” However, can you make money by selling Norwex products? Well, the truth is that most Norwex representatives do not earn any money. Although a few people can make money, it requires a lot of hard work. In most cases, those who make a lot of money from Norwex do so by recruiting aggressively.

Furthermore, Norwex has been known to make misleading and irresponsible marketing claims to entice people to join. As a result, some people may consider Norwex to be a scam.

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What Products Does Norwex Offer?

If you’re looking for cleaning products that are both effective and environmentally friendly, Norwex has you covered. Norwex produces a range of cleaning products that help you clean your home without harsh chemicals that can be harmful to you, your family, and the environment.

Their flagship product, the EnviroCloth, is a microfiber cloth that eliminates up to 99% of bacteria from any surface, without the need for chemical cleaners. The Little Red Cloth is another unique microfiber cloth that contains BacLock, an antibacterial agent that is incorporated into the fibers.

Norwex also produces a range of household supplies, products for kids and pets, and personal care items. These products use enzymes rather than harsh chemicals to provide a powerful clean. The prices range from a few dollars to over $200, depending on the item.

Some of their best-selling items include the Window Cloth, which can be used to clean windows, mirrors, shower doors, and other glass surfaces with just water. Their Laundry Detergent is free of phosphates and fillers and is highly concentrated, making it an eco-friendly option for your washing machine.

Their Dusting Mitt allows you to dust without chemicals, and their Superior Mop Starter System provides a chemical-free floor cleaning system. They even offer a Bathroom Cleaner that is phosphate-free and made from biodegradable ingredients.

Norwex is committed to alleviating environmental and health concerns caused by traditional cleaning products.

Norwex Products

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How Does Norwex Work?

Norwex is a company that offers high-quality cleaning products and other home essentials. But what makes Norwex unique is that they only sell their products through home parties. That’s right – you can host a Norwex party and earn discounts and free gifts based on how many products your guests purchase!

Here’s how it works: a Norwex consultant will come to your home and demonstrate the products for you and your friends. As the host, you’ll receive a discount on your purchases based on how many items your guests buy. And if your friends buy a certain amount of products, you may even qualify for free gifts!

But the fun doesn’t stop there – the Norwex representative who presented the products at your party will receive a commission. And the Norwex agent who recruited them, as well as the agent who recruited them, will also receive a commission. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Norwex’s Compensation Plan

If you’re considering becoming a Norwex consultant, you’re probably wondering how you’ll get paid. Fortunately, Norwex offers a comprehensive compensation plan that rewards consultants in several ways. Here are the main methods that Norwex uses to compensate their consultants:

4-Star Free Host Program

When you host a house party and people buy Norwex products, you can earn free products based on the number of sales. The more sales you make, the more free products you can receive.

Personal Retail Sales Discount

As a consultant, you’ll receive a discount of up to 35% on any product you purchase. Plus, you can earn a 35% commission on any products you sell online or in person.

FreshSTART Rewards Sales Plan

This rewards program has three steps that you can achieve in your first 60 days as a consultant. You’ll earn free Norwex products worth up to $235 depending on the amount of sales you make.

FreshSTART Rewards Team Building Plan

This program rewards you for building your team in your first 90 days as a consultant. You can earn Norwex Demo Bags, mop bags, and even a Carry-On Bag if you bring in three new members.

Qualified Recruit Bonus

When you recruit a new consultant who meets certain criteria, you can earn $300 in free products.

Uni-Level Commissions

Using a unilevel pay structure, you can earn commissions for sales made by consultants in your downline up to five levels deep.

Monthly Car Bonus

If you reach the level of Vice President Sales Leader or higher, you can apply for a $500 car bonus.

Remember that Norwex’s compensation plan is subject to change. The commission rates and rank requirements may be different by the time you read this review. However, these are the main ways that Norwex consultants get paid.

Norwex’s Compensation Plan

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How Much Does It Cost To Join Norwex?

Becoming a Norwex Consultant requires purchasing a Starter Kit, which starts at $200. If you make $2000 or more in sales within the first 90 days, you’ll receive the Starter Kit for free, paying only $9.99 for shipping and handling, plus applicable taxes. While it may be challenging to achieve that goal, the Starter Kit includes various products that you can use, sell, or give as samples, as well as training and business supplies.

If you’re interested, Norwex offers Builder Packages, which are optional, in addition to the Starter Kit. The Silver Kit Builder Package costs $150.63, the Gold Kit Builder Package is $260.71, and the Platinum Kit Builder Package is $428.84. The more expensive the Builder Package, the more products you’ll receive.

If you plan to run a website for your company and market it online, you’ll need to buy either the Office Suite at $9.99 per month or the Office Suite Plus at $11.99 per month. It’s crucial to create a website to have a chance of making a profit in an MLM venture.

To receive commissions on your downline’s retail sales, you must sell $250-$1000 worth of Norwex products per month, depending on your rank. Failing to purchase products to maintain your rank and earn commissions will result in losing all commissions earned through your downline’s sales. However, purchasing products could lead to losing all commissions or being demoted.

If you aim to maintain your Senior Executive Sales Leader rank, you must earn a minimum of $550 in retail sales per month. It’s essential to keep track of your expenses to avoid accumulating them unknowingly.

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Reasons Why I Don’t Recommend Joining Norwex MLM

Norwex is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company that claims to offer a legitimate business opportunity. However, upon closer examination, there are several issues that you should consider before joining Norwex’s MLM.

The Good Reviews are Written by Norwex’s Affiliates

Be wary of Norwex reviews that are overly positive. Many of them are written by Norwex’s affiliates who stand to gain a commission if you join via their link. It’s best to seek out unbiased reviews from non-affiliates before making a decision.

Very Few People Can Make Money With Norwex

The statistics show that the majority of MLM members, including those at Norwex, lose money. This is due to the sales quotas that require members to continue selling products to remain eligible for commissions. Many MLM members lose money before even recruiting one person into the company.

Losses From Norwex Are Reframed As Investments

Norwex uplines may try to reframe financial losses as investments in the business, but the reality is that these losses are unlikely to be recouped. It’s important to be realistic about the potential for financial gain.

Norwex is a Cult

MLMs like Norwex often foster a cult-like culture that discourages critical thinking and encourages isolation from anyone who questions involvement. Leaving the MLM can result in rejection from those who were once considered family.

You May Need to Purchase Norwex Products Yourself

If you don’t have a large network of friends and family to sell Norwex products to, you may end up purchasing products yourself each month, resulting in financial loss.

Exaggerated Claims Of Income

Norwex, like other MLMs, often makes exaggerated claims of income, but in reality, very few members make a good living promoting Norwex.

Recruiting is Required to Succeed

Norwex puts a lot of emphasis on recruiting, and it’s difficult to make a profit without doing so. If you don’t recruit, you’re likely to lose money.

Hidden Expenses

To remain active as a Norwex consultant, you need to sell $250 worth of products every three months. If you become inactive, you’ll be charged $20 to reactivate your account. Additionally, you’ll no longer qualify as a consultant after 12 months without sales. To reach this quota every month, you’re encouraged to purchase products from yourself. This could result in debt.

Outdated and Costly Sales Techniques

Norwex consultants are trained to host home parties to showcase the company’s products to potential customers and recruits. However, this method of marketing is outdated and ineffective. You’ll have a small audience, consisting mostly of friends, family, and a few acquaintances. You’ll also run out of people to invite after three or four parties. Hosting parties can also be expensive, with the cost of food and drinks adding up. And if none of your guests make a purchase, you may end up losing money.

Lack of Transparency

Norwex’s starter kits are deceptive, as you must sell $2,000 in products in the first 90 days to avoid being charged $200. This information is not upfront, leaving consultants surprised with additional charges. The company’s compensation plan is also tucked away in the website’s footer, making it difficult to find. This lack of transparency can be frustrating for those looking to understand what they’re getting into before investing their money.

Complicated Compensation Plan

Norwex’s compensation plan is complicated and difficult to understand, especially for those new to MLM. MLM companies often use complexity bias to “confuse” people into joining, and Norwex is no exception. The confusing compensation plan may deter potential consultants who don’t want to spend time deciphering the details.

Cost to Join

While Norwex is less expensive than many other MLM companies, it’s still quite costly to become a consultant. The mandatory starter kit alone costs $200, with additional fees for shipping and taxes. The optional builder packages range in price from $150 to $430, and consultants may feel pressured to purchase one. Additionally, the products in the builder packages are twice as expensive if purchased separately.

No Income Disclosure Statement

Norwex has not released an income disclosure statement in the last 25 years. This lack of transparency is concerning, as it makes it difficult to know how much money consultants can expect to earn. The majority of MLM reps never make a profit, and those who do often only make a small amount.

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Final Verdict

I’ve reached the end of my Norwex review and to be honest, I wouldn’t recommend joining Norwex as a way to make money.

Starting out with Norwex can be really tough, especially when you’re trying to find people to recruit and add to your commission. It’s even worse when you have to rely on asking your family and friends to join your Norwex business opportunity. Trust me, it’s not a fun experience.

And if that’s not enough, your upline will constantly be trying to get you to buy more Business Support Material, even when you’re struggling to get people to join your downline.

The harsh reality is that you’re more likely to lose money than make any. This is supported by statistics too – according to a case study on the FTC’s website, 99% of people who join an MLM break even or lose money. Yikes.

People who join MLM-type businesses often feel a lot of pressure to succeed, which is one of the main reasons why they end up leaving.

So, instead of joining Norwex or a similar MLM, why not consider starting your own online business? This way, you get to choose what you want to promote, rather than having someone tell you what you should be promoting.

In the next section, I’ll share with you how to build an online business in a legit way that can help you make passive income online. I’ve been doing this for a year now and it’s allowed me to make a full-time income. The best part? It’s 100% legit and sustainable, unlike MLM models. So, keep reading!

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