Noor Stars Net Worth 2022 – Family, Income, House, Car

With income from her YouTube channel and brand advertisements, Noor Stars has amassed a net worth of $5 Million as of 2022.

Noor Stars is an Iraqi YouTube sensation who has amassed a large fan base thanks to her blend of beauty videos, comedy skits, vlogs, and other content. She is the first Arab woman to reach 11 million followers on the social media network. People from all around the world have been drawn to her distinctive and amusing videos. 

On Instagram, she has millions of followers and lovers. Stars was born in Iraq and spent her childhood and adolescence in Damascus, Syria. She then spent three years in Turkey, where she studied at the British International School Istanbul. She later earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the United States. 

Noor Stars began her YouTube career in 2014 and has since reigned supreme on the social media platform! Her sister is one of the most well-known female social media figures in the Arab world.

Today we’re going to discuss how much money Noor Stars has and how she builds her net worth.

At the end of this article, we will also tell you how to get rich like Noor Stars. So be sure to read to the end.

Noor Stars Net Worth 2022

Noor Stars has an estimated net worth of $5 Million in 2022. She is one of the most popular Iraqi YouTubers and social media stars because she creates unique content. Noor Stars earns more than $30,000 per month. She makes most of her money from her YouTube channel, her songs and videos, which bring in a lot of money.

Noor Stars earns more than $380,000 per year. She is becoming more and more popular on social media and it looks like she will be one of the most popular YouTubers in Iraq in a few years. She also earns a lot of money from sponsored Instagram posts, commercials and various brand advertisements. Noor Star’s net worth and the number of her fans are growing every day because she is doing so well.

To calculate the net worth of Noor Stars, subtract all her liabilities from her total assets. Investments, savings, cash deposits, and any equity she has in a house, car, or other similar asset are included in the total assets. All debts, such as student loans and credit card debt, are included in total liabilities.

Here’s the breakdown of her net worth:

Name: Noor Stars
Net Worth: $5 Million
Monthly Salary: $30,000+
Annual Income: $380,000+
Source of Wealth: YouTuber, Blogger

Noor Stars Net Worth Last 5 Years

Net Worth 2022: $5 Million
Net Worth 2021: $4.7 Million
Net Worth 2020: $4.4 Million
Net Worth 2019: $4 Million
Net Worth 2018: $3.7 Million

How Did Noor Stars Build Her Net Worth?

In 2022, Noor Stars has a net worth of $5 million. She is well-known on YouTube, TikTok and other social media and is from Iraq. Noor has become famous for the funny, beauty and lifestyle videos she posts on her YouTube channel. Noor Stars is the first name that comes to mind when we think of the best bloggers and social media stars in Iraq.

She is among the top 10 Iraqi YouTubers who have become very famous all over the world. One million people like her. Noor Stars is the only Arab girl who is single and has almost 19 million people following her on YouTube.

She is also famous on other social media sites like TikTok, Instagram, etc. as well as on YouTube. Noor has more than 12 million people following her on Instagram.

Now, let’s take a closer look at how Noor Stars built her net worth of $5 Million in detail.

How Much Money Does Noor Stars Make From YouTube Channel?

First, Noor Stars makes money from her YouTube channel. On April 24, 2014, Noor Stars created her own YouTube account. ‘What’s on My iPhone’ was her first vlog, which was followed by a similar one named ‘What’s in My School Bag.’ In her next two films, she discussed her weight problems, as well as her diet and sports routine. Soon after, Stars released her makeup and beauty vlogs, which drew the attention of ladies all over the world.

On December 24, 2015, she shared ’20 Tips for Your Period,’ which drew a lot of interest from ladies. The video has already received over 7 million views (as of May 2019). The young diva also uploaded a challenge video titled “Chilli Mexican Pizza Challenge” in the same month, which her fans considered to be incredibly hilarious.

Stars began sharing comedic skits at the same time. ‘When a Girl Spoils Her Husband,’ ‘Types of Girls at School,’ ‘When Your Envious Neighbor Visits You,’ and ‘The Difference Between the Bride & Married Girl,’ to mention a few. These skit films have received millions of views and have been incredibly popular.

‘Do Not Play This Game After 12:00’ and ‘The Difference Between the Bride & Married Girl’ are the titles of two of Stars’ most popular videos. These videos have each received millions of views as of now. In terms of the channel, it now has over 11 million subscribers, making Stars the first Arab to reach this milestone on YouTube. As of May 2019, her YouTube channel had over 1 billion views.

How Much Money Does Noor Stars Make From Brand Endorsement?

Second, Noor Stars makes money from brand endorsement. If a company wants to put its name on a skin care product, Noor Stars is the first choice. Many companies want her to represent their brand. 

She has been a spokesperson for many brands including ‘HONOUR Arabia, NYX Professional Makeup, Ole Henriksen Middle East, PubGMobile, MAC Cosmetics, Sunsilk Benefit Cosmetics, Kitkat, Pantene and many more.

How Much Are Noor Stars’ Cars Worth?

Noor Stars likes a rich life and her garage is full of nice cars. So let us take a look at the cars Noor Stars owns. She just bought a new white 2017 Buick Enclave for about $30,900 US. It is a 2017 model year car.

What Houses Does Noor Stars Own?

Noor Stars has the most subscribers on YouTube in the Middle East, and she likes to live in style. She owns a beautiful house in one of the most peaceful places in the United States, which costs $1 Million. She lives with her family in this big, fancy house. Noor owns a few other expensive properties in the country, but they have nothing to do with this house.

Noor Stars’s Personal Life and Family

Noor Stars was born in Baghdad, Iraq, on June 21, 1997. She was born and raised in Syria, where she spent her childhood and adolescence before going to Turkey. She moved to the United States after completing her primary school at British International School Istanbul, where she received a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

Banen Naem, Noor Stars’ sister, is also a well-known YouTuber. Walid, her brother, and Vdanna, her sister, are her other siblings. Her parents are no longer together.

How Much Does Noor Stars Make a Year?

According to some reports, Noor Stars’s annual income is over $380,000.

FAQs About Noor Stars

How rich is Noor Stars?

As per the record of media, Noor Stars’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 Million in 2022.

How tall is Noor Stars?

Noor Stars is 5.4 feet (164 cm) tall.

How old is Noor Stars?

Noor Stars was born on 21 June 1997, in Baghdad, Iraq. She is 24 years old as of 2022.

What is the real name of Noor Stars?

Her real name is Noor Naim, she is better known by her stage name Noor Stars.

Why is Noor stars famous?

Noor Stars is a well-known Iraqi YouTuber known for her beauty, comedy and challenge videos. She is the first Arab woman to have more than 18 million followers on a social media platform.

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