Is New U Life a Pyramid Scheme or MLM? [Review]

Are you curious about New U Life and their products but hesitant to try them out due to possible scams? I understand your concern and I’m here to help. In this review, we’ll discuss the authenticity of New U Life and its offerings.

As an online entrepreneur, I have reviewed many similar online opportunities over the years. So I can tell you what you need to know.

Let’s clear things up first: I’m not affiliated with New U Life, so you can expect an unbiased and transparent review from me. I’m here to share my knowledge and give you the information you need to make an informed decision.

Whether you’re interested in purchasing their products or becoming a distributor, it’s important to know what you’re getting into. And don’t worry, I won’t hold back on any details – good or bad.

At the end of this review, I’ll even share an alternative to New U Life that’s helped me generate a full-time passive income online. So let’s get started and uncover the truth about New U Life and their products.

What Is New U Life?

New U Life is a company that sells health and wellness products through direct sales using multi-level marketing (MLM). The company’s nickname “New You Life” suggests that their products can improve your quality of life if you choose to do business with them.

After doing some research, I can confirm that New U Life is a legitimate business. The company’s founder, Alexy Goldstein, has a real Facebook profile with real friends. However, it’s important to note that just because a company has a real founder and employees, it doesn’t mean that their claims are always true.

In fact, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has shut down many multi-level marketing schemes and scams involving real individuals, such as Advocare, whose CEO and senior marketing staff were recently banned from the industry indefinitely. I’m not suggesting that New U Life will follow in Advocare’s footsteps, but it’s worth being cautious.

That said, it’s reassuring to know that New U Life has a recognizable brand, physical location, and employs real people. You can find their address on Pleasant Hill Rd and contact customer service through the phone number and email address on their website.

If you want to make money with New U Life, you’ll need to join as a distributor and sell their products for commissions and bonuses. The potential profitability is high as they cater to the health and wellness market, which is in high demand now more than ever. People are actively seeking ways to improve their health and wellness, especially with weight loss and anti-aging products like those sold by New U Life.

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Is New U Life a Pyramid Scheme?

No, New U Life is not a pyramid scheme. While their business model may have a pyramid structure, it’s not considered a pyramid scheme in the legal sense. Pyramid schemes are illegal scams that promise compensation or services for signing up new participants, without actually selling any products or services.

In contrast, New U Life focuses on selling their products rather than just recruiting people. So, they don’t fit the definition of a pyramid scheme. Their main goal is to sell products, not to recruit more people into the system.

That being said, it’s true that the structure of their business can look like a pyramid. In New U Life, each member recruits two others into their downline, which can create a pyramid-like structure overall. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a pyramid scheme.

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Is New U Life a Scam?

No, New U Life is not a scam. New U Life is a company that sells health and wellness products through a network marketing model. Some people have questioned the legitimacy of the company, but after some research, it seems that New U Life is not a scam.

The company is run by a real person, and their website includes a legitimate address and phone number, as well as a Facebook page. While there are negative comments out there, there are also some positive reviews. It’s hard to say whether the product is effective or not without trying it yourself.

As for the company’s business model, some critics have called it a Ponzi scheme or a scam, but New U Life is perfectly legitimate under the law. They are open about their compensation plans, and it’s clear that success in the network marketing industry requires hard work and dedication.

That being said, network marketing may not be for everyone. It can be difficult to recruit others and sell products to friends and family. If you’re unsure about MLM or want to try something else, taking paid surveys or starting an online shop might be better options.

In summary, while New U Life has received some criticism, there is no evidence to suggest that it is a scam. It’s up to each individual to decide whether or not network marketing is the right fit for them.

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Meet Alexy Goldstein: The Man Behind New U Life

If you’re looking for a leader who knows the ins and outs of both conventional and alternative medicine, Alexy Goldstein is your guy. Not only is he a trained herbalist, nutritionist, and homeopath, but he’s also the CEO and founder of New U Life.

Alexy’s success in business spans over two decades, and it all started when he took over his family’s health food and vitamin store at just 18 years old. He’s since turned that small shop into the powerhouse that is New U Life, a company with over 100,000 satisfied customers and distributors.

One of the things that sets Alexy apart is his invention of the SOMADERM gel, which has become a top seller for the company. He’s also the mastermind behind the groundbreaking New U Life HGH gel, which has been making waves in the industry.

Overall, Alexy’s expertise and innovative thinking are what make him such a valuable leader for New U Life. It’s clear that he’s making an impact in the industry and his customers and distributors couldn’t agree more.

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What Products Does New U Life Offer?

Product #1: HGH Gel

New U Life’s HGH Gel is a transdermal gel that you apply directly to your skin. It contains somatropin, a synthetic version of the human growth hormone that naturally decreases with age. The idea is that keeping HGH levels high can help prevent the effects of aging.

While New U Life is transparent about the synthetic nature of their product, it’s worth noting that prolonged exposure to synthetic substances can have unknown consequences. Additionally, the HGH Gel is not FDA-approved. It’s also important to note that the gel contains non-vegan ingredients, like Glandula Suprarenalis Suis and Thyroidinum.

Product #2: KetoGenesis4

KetoGenesis4 is a ketone drink mix that’s designed to help with weight loss. It contains ketones, which can help stimulate fat burning, as well as vitamins and nutrients. However, like the HGH Gel, it’s not FDA-approved and not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Product #3: KG4

KG4 is similar to KetoGenesis4, but with natural sweeteners added. It’s pricier, but may be a good option for those who want a more natural product. Again, it’s important to note that it’s not FDA-approved and not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

So, there you have it – three products from New U Life to consider. Keep in mind that none of these products have been evaluated by the FDA and should not be used to replace medical treatment. 

How to Make Money with New U Life?

If you’re looking to make some extra cash as a merchant, selling New U Life items can be a great option. And the good news is, you don’t have to go out and find strangers to sell to! You can start by reaching out to people you already know and work with.

But here’s the thing: if you really want to make big bucks with New U Life, you need to build a downline of recruits. Yes, I know recruitment might sound like a dirty word, but it’s the key to success in MLM.

Building a downline means finding people who are interested in selling New U Life items themselves, and then helping them to succeed. As your downline grows, you’ll start earning passive commissions and bonuses. It’s a win-win situation!

So if you’re serious about making money with New U Life, start focusing on building your downline today. Reach out to friends and family members who might be interested in joining, and offer them your support and guidance. 

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New U Life’s Compensation Plan

Have you ever tried to understand the compensation plan of an MLM company, only to find it too complicated to comprehend? Well, you’re not alone. Most MLMs intentionally make it difficult to understand their salary structure. However, New U Life takes a different approach by not disclosing its compensation plan on its homepage. But don’t worry, there’s a video on YouTube that explains everything. Although it may not be easy to understand, the creators of the video did their best.

Let’s break down the key features of the New U Life Compensation Plan.

With New U Life, you can earn money in five different ways. It may seem like having five jobs, but that’s how it’s presented.

Retail Commissions

As a merchant, your goal is to sell goods and make a profit. Your success is directly proportional to how many items you can sell in a given time frame. It’s best to start by talking to people you already know, like neighbors and co-workers.

If you’re a dealer, you can earn a commission of $45 (100PV) per item. PV stands for your own unique sound pressure level, which has nothing to do with the cost of the item. Your standing in the MLM hierarchy is directly proportional to the number of “downlines” you have. If a customer signs up for automatic shipping, you’ll still receive 100 PV, and the gel will be sent to them monthly without any intervention. You’ll also get to keep a $25 commission. The compensation rate increases to $35 per order if you find a customer who needs 20 products per month.

You can sell these items to traditional businesses as well as online. You can earn between $250 and $500 on each bulk order from new business customers (1500PV). This is the first opportunity to make money with New U Life. As an active distributor, you need to earn 140PV within 5 weeks.

Team Acquisition Bonus (TAB)

The TAB is a percentage of the package that the customers you refer end up buying. Here’s how much you can earn:

  • New U Pack – $20 bonus
  • Pro Pack – $60 bonus
  • Executive Pack – $120 bonus
  1. Team Commissions

You have a binary tree – your left leg and your right leg – on which you can build your squad according to the rules of New U Life. You need to collect a total of 800 points, 400 from one leg and 400 from the other. Depending on how good you are, you can earn either $40 or $60 per hour (either as a coordinator or a coach).

Coaching Bonus

If your team increases, and you have several subordinates, you’ll be promoted to coach. To qualify for Coach, you need 10,500 on one side and 12,000 on the other. The value of your bonus can vary from $20 to $120, depending on which package you buy.

Matching Bonus

To receive the matching bonus, you need Coordinator status, and you must have 5,000 points on your lower leg. From the first level of your downline, you’ll receive a 10% matching bonus. You can become a Life Coach Ambassador (the highest rank) or Diamond Ambassador (the highest rank) if you have seven levels of subordinates.

Joining New U Life: Pricing and Packages

Joining New U Life is pretty easy. Just click on “Join Us” on their website and you’ll see a number to call. But wait, there’s a catch – you need to be referred by someone who has shared a product with you.

Currently, people from the United States and Hong Kong are taking part in this program. If you’re like me and reside outside of the United States, say, in the European Union (EU), you’ll have to provide some details to get on the merchant waiting list. These include your full name, email address, phone number, country, and level of interest in other health and wellness programs in your country.

Now, let’s talk about pricing. New U Life offers three different packages, each with its own price point:

  1. New U Pack for $199 – This includes 1 Gel, 1 year of New U Life membership, and a website.
  2. Pro pack for $559 – This includes 4 Gels, 1 year of New U Life membership, and a website.
  3. Executive pack for $999 – This includes 8 Gels, 1 year of New U Life membership, and a website.

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Who is New U Life for?

Well, the good news is that anyone can give it a try and become a trader. But, before you dive in headfirst, it’s important to know that success in this field requires some effort and dedication.

New U Life makes it clear on their website that to be a successful trader, you must possess certain skills and put in the hard work. Don’t let their easy sign-up process fool you – climbing the ranks and earning a steady income in multi-level marketing companies like NUL isn’t a piece of cake.

To make money with NUL, you’ll need to build a large team of “associates” through networking and recruiting. It’s not an easy task, and you’ll need to be comfortable with rejection and persistent in approaching your friends and family to get ahead.

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Pros of Joining New U Life

Legitimate way to make money

One of the benefits of joining New U Life is that it provides a legitimate way to make money. While success is not guaranteed, some people have profited from the merchandise.


New U Life is open about many things that other companies try to hide, which is a positive for those who value transparency.

Cons of Joining New U Life

Selling and recruiting

One of the downsides of joining New U Life is that it requires a lot of selling and recruiting. If you don’t enjoy these activities, it may not be the best fit for you.

Hard work

To be successful in an MLM, you need to put in a lot of hard work. While some people enjoy the challenge, it can be difficult to make money through this type of business model.

Product concerns

New U Life’s products are not FDA approved and some people have concerns about the use of synthetic HGH hormones. This may be a concern for those who prioritize safety and efficacy in their health products.

Online Reviews and Complaints

New U Life has generated quite a buzz, with many people praising its products for improving their lives. However, not all reviews are positive, and some customers have voiced their dissatisfaction.

Mixed Reviews

After reading about two hundred reviews and testimonials on BBB, I discovered that customers had varying opinions on New U Life products. Some customers left glowing reviews, stating that the products were life-changing and the company’s customer service was excellent. 

On the other hand, some customers had negative experiences, claiming that the products were ineffective and the company used dishonest tactics. In addition, customers who encountered problems with cancellations and refunds were disappointed with the service.

BBB Reports of Problems

Another cause for concern was the 98 BBB reports of problems with New U Life, with the most common complaints being about cancellations and refunds. Some customers also complained about the poor performance of the products.

Complaints to Federal Trade Commission and U.S. Food and Drug Administration

It is also worth noting that, a non-profit advertising watchdog, filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration against New U Life for misleading marketing of the SOMADERM gel.

In summary, it is important to weigh the pros and cons before deciding to trust New U Life. While some customers had positive experiences, others had negative ones. 

The numerous complaints about problems with cancellations and refunds on BBB, as well as the complaint to the Federal Trade Commission and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, are also causes for concern.

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Final Verdict

While I think New U Life has a promising future, there are some issues that you should be aware of before you get involved.

First, let’s talk about the good stuff. New U Life is a serious company with a focus on improving people’s health and well-being. They offer a range of products designed to help you feel your best, and they’re committed to making a positive impact in the world.

That being said, there are some concerns you should be aware of. The company’s best-selling product, SOMADERM Gel, has received some negative online reviews from customers. While I couldn’t find any negative feedback from distributors, it’s important to consider the experiences of the people who are actually using the product.

It’s also worth noting that MLMs can sometimes get a bad rap. Even if a company is reputable, you might be accused of being involved in a pyramid scheme. That’s just the nature of the business.

If you’re looking for a way to make money from home, there are other options available to you. Starting an online business is a great way to work on your own terms and build something that you’re truly passionate about. Let me tell you more in the next section.

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Is There a Better Way to Make Money Online?

If you’re looking for a stable and secure way to earn passive income, I highly suggest starting an affiliate marketing business online. It’s a great option for those new to online business and, in my experience, it’s the easiest and most rewarding online business model out there.

You may read our article about the difference between MLM and affiliate marketing.

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