Top 8 Benefits of Network Marketing (MLM)

Although money is a wonderful goal, it is not the only barometer of a successful life. This industry can reward your efforts like no other endeavor, above and beyond the initial desire to create extra income. From the lifestyle benefits of free time and travel to the joy that comes with recognition and acknowledgment, the compensation on offer to anyone willing to build a solid business is drawing many to take part in the network marketing phenomenon.

What Network Marketing Can Do for You

According to a recent Harris Poll, people join direct-selling companies for a variety of reasons. Not all of them revolve around money, but when it is their motivation:

  • Forty percent seek supplemental income.
  • Twenty-three percent want to pay down debt. 
  • Twenty-five percent want to save for their future. 

Without a doubt, it is the promise of greater income for a variety of purposes that opens most up to looking at a network marketing business. It’s been shown over and over again that just an extra $300–$500 a month can help keep many individuals from resorting to bankruptcy and their homes being foreclosed on. While not everyone is looking to network marketing (multi-level marketing) to work their way out of a dire situation, many can see the opportunity to build their business as insurance against potentially hard times.

The beauty of this business is that you can practically sit down and make a list of what you want out of life, then build the business to meet the goals and dreams you have written down.

One of the greatest benefits parents see is the opportunity to bring together the family unit. What better way to teach your children the value of a dollar than to have them see exactly how you earn every penny? Anyone in network marketing can build a business that the family can contribute to, and even pass it down to successive generations. Many successful network marketers say they pursued this opportunity because they wanted a business in which the family could work together. They wanted a chance to get to know their children and guide them for more than just a few minutes a day, and have a greater influence on their children’s lives and decision-making.

Whatever your vision is, whether it’s shaping your personal life or achieving material goals, you can take comfort in the fact you have joined a business that allows you the potential to fulfill your dreams.

Benefits of Network Marketing

1. The Value of Time Freedom 

Besides creating financial freedom, this business is specifically designed to create personal time freedom, so you can do many of the things in life you re- ally want to but don’t have the time for right now. It’s all about investing a little bit of your time now so you can enjoy a lot more freedom later. It’s been said you can work hard for five years in network marketing and then take the rest of your life off.

With network marketing, you can work when you want and where you want. Do you have a cabin you like to visit in the summer? That’s just another opportunity to build a larger downline and create the free time to be there more often. Do you love to travel? This business can provide you with plenty of time and money to see the world. Looking for a little part-time money to supplement your full-time job? Weekends and evenings are great opportunities to work on your business.

Just be careful about being fooled by some sales pitches that can make it sound like the business is way too easy and only takes a few minutes a week to grow. Network marketing is still a responsibility, and you will need to invest time and money into it if you want to achieve your goals. However, you can decide how hard you will work, leaving you free to pursue your leisure activities when and how you want.

When you work for yourself, you can design a day that works perfectly for you. For example, if your downtime is 2–4 P.M., you can schedule that time to run personal errands or even have a massage. You can schedule work that re-quires enthusiasm, such as new business calls, for your uptimes. And you can schedule routine activities, such as filling out orders or watching the latest webinar replay, during the time of day when you feel most relaxed and don’t have the energy to make recruiting or follow-up calls. Just remember that the return on your investment in network marketing is in direct proportion to what you put into it.

2. The Opportunity to Travel the World

Not many business opportunities give you the chance to create a national or an international business like network marketing. Your business doesn’t need to stay situated in your hometown. If your company operates in other markets and other countries, there’s the exciting option of taking overseas trips to help meet your team members and do a bit of sightseeing while you are there.

You can work to build your business in these overseas markets, or you can do what many reps do and use your income to finally take that long-awaited overseas trip to your dream destination. If you are traveling for your network marketing business, it becomes a very nice tax write off.

With the free time, you now have available, and your income being residual, you can be in Italy for two weeks and still have a business that is growing. You could be relaxing in Maui and find that another twenty new team members joined your team while you were having fun on the beach for a week. 

Many team members make it a goal to attend as many overseas events as they can, not only to gain from the training but to visit countries they may have never even thought of traveling to before. That could be a goal for you if your income allows it. 

The pyramids in Egypt? The Eiffel Tower in France? A Buddhist retreat in Thailand? What is that one overseas destination that you would love to see and experience? Where are you dreaming of heading to once time and money are not an issue? Begin to think about it now. Write it down. Get pictures of these locations. Then work on making these incredible trips a reality.

3. Residual Income

Once you begin to truly understand the benefits of residual income you’ll also catch on as to why so many business owners and private investors see the creation of a residual income stream as a must. The wealthy have all discovered the power of passive income.

Many people love the idea of having an income coming in whether they are working or not, but have no idea of how to make it happen. And they’re often unaware of how network marketing is close to the perfect vehicle to create residual income.

If you have made the decision to join a company, you should be sitting down with your sponsor and working out what level of income you would like to create and what you will need to do to create it.

Almost every compensation plan allows for the generation of residual income. As long as customers have a need for your product or service on a regular basis, you can create an income that continues to be paid to you over and over, often willable to your children and future generations.

Imagine living a life where you know that on a certain day every month your income was going to be paid to you whether you worked your business that month or not. If it sounds too good to be true, then perhaps you should go over your compensation plan again and look at how to make that dream entirely possible.

It’s great to be paid well for your efforts every week with a salary. It’s satisfying to know you have created a profit in your conventional business to divide among stakeholders. But perhaps the most rewarding type of income of all is residual. Do the work once, do it well, and get paid over and over again for years to come.

4. Create an Income for Retirement 

There are many reasons people may choose to work past retirement age. One is that they genuinely enjoy what they do. Others love the social aspect and mental stimulation. And sadly, a growing majority are working into their golden years because they are financially incapable of retiring. 

Many that are stuck in this predicament did not plan on being in this position. They imagined living out their retirement years traveling the world and spending time with family, perhaps taking time to relax at a lake house or on the beach. But due to circumstances out of their control or a lack of proper planning, they find themselves spending what should be the best part of their lives flipping burgers or working the graveyard shift at the local gas station. 

Could network marketing have been their way out? Could this type of business be the perfect solution for a generation of senior citizens who are facing challenges they were never prepared for? 

While we often associate retirement with being sixty-five or older, the network marketing industry has allowed reps as young as in their twenties to retire permanently from the workforce. No longer need to work is not based on age but on the fact that you have enough financial resources to never have to work again. 

Wherever the answer lies, there is one thing you can control and that is the income you can have flowing in when it comes to your own retirement. You can be part of a business that allows you to set yourself up financially for life that can help you not only create financial security but true financial freedom. It is going to take work, but you can begin today to put in place an asset that will help you enter your retirement years secure in the knowledge that your income needs are totally taken care of.

5. Personal Development 

Most reps enter this business focused on creating more money or on achieving some sort of material goal. Your neighbor may have spotted the new red Benz in your driveway that you earned as a car bonus and suddenly becomes fixated on getting one herself. A coworker joins you after realizing your yearly conventions were constantly being held in locations that he would love to visit himself. Every team member has his or her own personal reasons for joining. But the one goal that nobody even considers, but is almost the most talked about, is the personal development you will experience in being part of this industry. 

The mental growth you will undergo, the boost in your self-confidence, and the development of your leadership skills will impact your life to the point you will not even believe you began where you are today. The change in some people has been so profound, so exhilarating to see, that many have proclaimed that network marketing is actually a leadership program disguised as a business. 

That may sound scary to you. That is normal, as most people are afraid of change, particularly if it involves their own beliefs and character. Just under- stand that the change will be of your choosing, and will be gradual and non-threatening. You will develop not just because you need to but because you want to. 

Be open to the suggestions from your leaders when it comes to the resources you will need to foster this growth. Spend the time necessary, those crucial thirty minutes a day, to invest in your mindset. Before long, you will also be in the special group who understands that, above all else, it’s who you become in building this business that is the most amazing reward of all.

6. Develop Into a Leader 

It’s not easy to think of yourself as a leader in your first few weeks in the business. You probably look at others who are known as leaders in your company and feel that you could never be like them. 

They appear confident, full of knowledge about the company and the industry, and portray all the traits in their walk and talk that give the appearance they are real leaders. Would it surprise you to know that he was never like this just twelve months ago? Or that she was a nervous wreck who couldn’t even re- call the name of the company let alone parts of the compensation plan just six weeks ago? 

He came into meetings and planted himself at the very back of the room, praying that nobody would notice he was there or ask him to share a testimonial. So what happened? The same gradual process that transforms anybody into a leader in this industry and in life. The very same process that will transform you if you allow it. 

It’s a combination of personal development, professional development, and leadership practices that will sink into every facet of your being. You’ll begin to model yourself on other leaders and subconsciously apply the very behaviors that account for their success. You will mix with enough role models and influencers until the way you speak, the way you move, and the way you interact with others have those around you convinced that you are a leader as equal to other leaders in the industry. 

This is not an overnight process. It could take months or even years. But eventually, as long as you immerse yourself in the activities required and stay in the environment that is network marketing, you will begin to see the effects that becoming a leader will have on your income, your family, and your future.

7. Help Others Achieve Success 

This business works so well because we focus on helping others achieve success in order to create our own. You can’t develop an income in network marketing until you have helped others with either your product or business. 

Every compensation plan is structured so that your progress is dependent on how well you can support other reps in your organization. Many companies have even introduced matching bonuses—percentages paid to the sponsor that is only due when you help the rep actually earn an income—as part of their plans. Whether you sponsor a friend or a stranger, the goal remains the same: to help that person achieve the goals she has set and discussed with you. Remember, you don’t use people or take advantage of them. You are there to help them, to guide them to what they seek to achieve. 

There are people you know that desperately need a second income. Some require your products. All you have to do is be the one that asks how you can help and then offer a solution. They may have no interest of course, but they may also say yes and end up changing their whole life thanks to you. Also, be aware of the help you can provide others who may so no to your business but you would still love to help in some way. 

You will likely have many things you would love to help others with. On your prospect list will be dozens of people whom you would love to see leave their frustrating job or be given the opportunity to travel more. This business works when you take your eyes off yourself and work on supporting the dreams of others. 

The late, legendary sales trainer Zig Ziglar famously proclaimed, “You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” This is a powerful principle that applies not only to life in general but especially toward creating success in network marketing.

8. A Positive Role Model in the Community 

Today’s society is crying out for positive, inspirational role models. While our youth take their cue for how to behave, what to wear, and what to eat from those they see in movies and music videos, we have seen an unfortunate decline in role models who are actively and personally involved in their daily lives. 

Parents are so busy working to put food on the table and creating enough money to pay the bills that they are either too exhausted or lack the time to spend with their kids and provide the proper example their children are looking for. This desire for a role model continues on after youth, and many people continue to search for those they can emulate and follow even into adulthood. 

Network marketing has an uncanny ability to produce members in our society that fulfill our needs of a role model—leaders who are financially secure, lead incredible lifestyles, spend quality time with their family and friends, and live with integrity, passion, and optimism. And these leaders are taught from day one that in order to succeed in this industry they must work to impart these qualities to others. 

It is this very arrangement that causes leaders in this industry to become great role models, not only to those in their company but within their community as well. Having men and women that are financially stable, lead with an entrepreneurial spirit, and display exceptional personal qualities can only help strengthen our society and the world in general. 

When you decide to become a leader in this industry, by default you have also elected to become a leader around those who spend their life around you. 

Family and friends will be inspired by your willingness to take on more responsibility. Other business owners, even outside of this industry, will feel a bond with you in knowing you are a believer in free enterprise and have the opportunity to set your own course. 

Your example, and the way you react in many areas of your life, will be viewed and imitated by many others, including your children, friends, and business team members. What is the example that you want to set? Are you now living the life you want your children to model? And what can you do, beginning today, to start making the changes you want to see in not only your life but in the lives of those you influence? 

Our society desperately needs great role models. Our families need them. Our religious organizations are in eager need of them. And businesses only thrive when they are present. You can make the decision, through the income, education, and experience you will gain from your network marketing business, to become the role model that people are desperately looking for.

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