Top 8 Benefits of Network Marketing (MLM)

While money is a wonderful goal, it is not the only measure of a successful life. This industry can reward your efforts like no other, beyond the initial desire to earn extra income.

From lifestyle benefits like leisure and travel to the joy that comes with recognition and validation, the compensation offered to anyone willing to build a solid business entices many to join the network marketing phenomenon.

What Network Marketing Can Do for You

According to a recent Harris Poll, people join direct-selling companies for a variety of reasons. Not all of them revolve around money, but when it is their motivation:

  • Forty percent seek supplemental income.
  • Twenty-three percent want to pay down debt. 
  • Twenty-five percent want to save for their future. 

Without a doubt, the promise of increased revenue for a number of objectives is what draws the majority of people to consider starting a network marketing firm. It’s been proven over and again that just an extra $300-$500 per month can protect many people from declaring bankruptcy and losing their homes. While not everyone is going to network marketing (multi-level marketing) to get out of a bind, many people see the possibility to establish a business as insurance against possibly difficult times.

The beauty of this business is that you can practically sit down and write a list of what you want out of life, then develop the business to meet those goals and desires.

One of the most significant advantages that parents see is the ability to bring the whole unit together. What better way to educate your children the value of a dollar than to show them how you earn it? Anyone can start a network marketing firm that the entire family can contribute to and perhaps pass down to future generations. Many successful network marketers say they explored this opportunity because they wanted a family-friendly business. They desired the opportunity to get to know and lead their children for more than a few minutes a day, as well as have a stronger influence on their children’s life and decision-making.

Whatever your vision is, whether it is changing your personal life or accomplishing material goals, you may take comfort in the idea that you have joined a company that will help you to achieve your ambitions.

Benefits of Network Marketing

1. The Value of Time Freedom 

In addition to creating financial freedom, this business is specifically about creating personal time freedom so that you can do many of the things in life that you would like to do but lack the time to do right now. It’s about investing a little time now so you can enjoy a lot more freedom later. They say you can work hard in network marketing for five years and then take the rest of your life off.

With network marketing, you can work when and where you want. Do you have a holiday home that you like to visit in the summer? That’s just another way to build a bigger downline and give yourself the free time to be there more often. Do you love to travel? This business can give you plenty of time and money to see the world. Looking for a little extra income to supplement your full-time job? Weekends and evenings are great opportunities to work on your business.

But do not be fooled by sales pitches that make it seem like the business is way too easy and you only need a few minutes a week to build it. Network marketing is still a responsibility, and you will have to invest time and money if you want to achieve your goals. However, you can decide for yourself how much you want to work, so you can pursue your leisure activities when and how you want.

If you work for yourself, you can arrange your day to fit you perfectly. For example, if you have time off between 2and 4 p.m., you can use that time to run personal errands or even get a massage. Work that requires enthusiasm again, such as calling new business partners, can be scheduled for when you get up. And you can schedule routine activities, such as filling out orders or watching the latest webinar recording, for the time of day when you feel most relaxed and can not devote energy to recruiting or follow-up calls. Just remember that the return on your investment in network marketing is in direct proportion to what you put into it.

2. The Opportunity to Travel the World

Network marketing is one of the few business opportunities that allow you to build a national or multinational business. Your company does not have to remain in your hometown. If your company has operations in different regions and countries, you have the exciting option of going on abroad vacations to meet your team members and do some sightseeing while you’re there.

You can work to expand your business in these overseas markets, or you can do what many reps do and use your earnings to finally take that long-awaited abroad trip to your favorite destination. When you travel for your network marketing business, you get a handsome tax break.

With the extra time you now have and your residual income, you can spend two weeks in Italy and yet have a thriving business. You could be vacationing in Maui and discover that another twenty new team members joined your team during your week of fun on the beach.

Many team members make it a point to attend as many abroad tournaments as possible, not just to benefit from the training but also to visit countries they may never have considered visiting before. If your income enables it, that may be a goal for you.

The Egyptian pyramids? France’s Eiffel Tower? Thailand for a Buddhist retreat? What is one foreign destination that you would like to visit and experience? Where do you want to go once time and money are no longer an issue? Begin thinking about it right now. Make a note of it. Take photographs of these spots. Then get to work on making these amazing trips a reality.

3. Residual Income

When you properly understand the benefits of residual income, you’ll realize why so many business owners and individual investors believe that creating a residual income stream is a requirement. The power of passive income has been discovered by the wealthy.

Many people would like to have an income whether they work or not, but have no idea how to make it happen. And they are frequently unaware of how network marketing is nearly the ideal avenue for generating residual income.

If you’ve decided to join a company, you should get down with your sponsor and figure out what kind of money you want to generate and what you’ll need to do to get it.

Almost every compensation plan includes the possibility of earning residual income. You can build an income that continues to be given to you over and over, often willable to your children and future generations, as long as clients have a need for your product or service on a regular basis.

Imagine living a life where you knew your income would be given to you on a set day every month, regardless of whether you worked your business that month or not. If it sounds too good to be true, you should reconsider your compensation plan and consider how to make that fantasy a reality.

It’s wonderful to be compensated nicely for your work on a weekly basis. It’s nice to know that you made a profit in your traditional firm to distribute among stakeholders. But probably the most rewarding sort of revenue is residual income. Do the task once, do it properly, and you’ll get paid for years to come.

4. Create an Income for Retirement 

People may opt to work past the age of retirement for a variety of reasons. One is that they actually like their work. Others enjoy the social component as well as the mental stimulus. Unfortunately, an increasing number of people are working into their golden years because they cannot afford to retire.

Many of those who have found themselves in this situation did not intend to be in it. They envisioned spending their retirement years traveling the world and spending time with family, perhaps relaxing at a lake house or on the beach. They find themselves spending what should be the happiest part of their lives flipping burgers or working the graveyard shift at the local gas station owing to circumstances beyond their control or a lack of good planning.

Could network marketing have been their exit strategy? Could this type of business be the ideal solution for a generation of senior adults who are confronted with issues they were not expecting?

While most people connect retirement with being sixty-five or older, the network marketing profession has permitted reps as young as their twenties to retire permanently. The fact that you no longer need to work is based not on your age, but on the reality that you have enough financial resources to never need to work again.

Whatever the answer is, there is one thing you can control: the money you can have coming in for your own retirement. You can be a part of a business that allows you to financially set yourself up for life, allowing you to achieve not only financial security but actual financial independence. It will take effort, but you may start now to build an asset that will allow you to enter your retirement years knowing that your income needs are completely met.

5. Personal Development 

Most reps start this profession with the intention of making more money or accomplishing some form of material goal. Your neighbor may have noticed the new red Benz in your driveway that you received as a car bonus and gotten obsessed with owning one herself. A coworker joins you after discovering that your annual conventions are always held in locales that he would want to visit himself. Every team member joined for a variety of personal reasons. But the one aim that no one thinks about, but is almost always mentioned, is the personal development you will gain from working in this sector.

The mental growth you will experience, the rise in self-confidence, and the development of your leadership skills will have such an impact on your life that you will not believe you started where you are today. The transformation in some people has been so dramatic and exciting to witness that many have declared network marketing to be a leadership program masquerading as a business.

That may be frightening to you. That is understandable because most individuals are terrified of change, especially when it impacts their own views and character. Just remember that the change will be of your choosing, gradual, and non-threatening. You will grow not because you have to, but because you want to.

When it comes to the resources you will need to encourage this growth, be open to proposals from your leaders. Spend the time necessary to invest in your mindset, thirty minutes per day. Soon, you’ll be part of a select group of people who recognize that the most fantastic reward of all is who you become while creating this business.

6. Develop Into a Leader 

It’s difficult to imagine oneself as a leader in your first few weeks on the job. You probably feel that you could never be like those who are renowned as leaders in your organization.

They appear confident, knowledgeable about the firm and the industry, and exhibit all of the characteristics of true leaders in their walk and conversation. Would it surprise you to learn that he was never like this just a year ago? Or that six weeks ago, she was a nervous wreck who couldn’t even remember the name of the company, let alone elements of the compensation plan?

He went to meetings and sat at the very back of the room, hoping no one would notice him or ask him to deliver a testimonial. So, what exactly happened? The same progressive process that transforms anyone into an industry and life leader. The same process that, if you allow it, will transform you.

It’s a blend of personal growth, professional development, and leadership principles that will permeate every aspect of your being. You’ll start to model yourself after other leaders and subconsciously adopt the precise practices that have contributed to their success. You will interact with enough role models and influencers until the way you speak, move, and interact with others convinces those around you that you are a leader on par with other leaders in the business.

This is not a quick process. It could take months or perhaps years to complete. However, as long as you immerse yourself in the essential activities and remain in the network marketing environment, you will eventually witness the impacts that becoming a leader will have on your income, family, and future.

7. Help Others Achieve Success 

This business works so well because we focus on assisting others in order to attain our objectives. You can’t make money in network marketing unless you’ve assisted people with your product or service.

Every compensation plan is designed so that your advancement is determined by how well you serve other salespeople in your business. As part of their strategies, many firms have even implemented matching bonuses—percentages given to the sponsor that are only due when you assist the rep in earning an income. Whether you sponsor a friend or a stranger, the goal is the same: to assist that person in achieving the objectives she has established and communicated with you. Remember, you don’t use or take advantage of people. You are there to assist them and guide them toward their goals.

There are folks you know who are desperate for supplemental money. Some people require your products. All you have to do is ask how you can assist and then offer a solution. Of course, they may have no interest, but they may also say yes and wind up transforming their entire life as a result of your efforts. Also, be conscious of the assistance you can offer people who may say no to your business but would still like to assist in some way.

You will most likely have a long list of things you would like to assist others with. There will be plenty of folks on your prospect list who you would like to see leave their unsatisfying work or be given the opportunity to travel more. This business succeeds when you put yourself aside and focus on supporting the ambitions of others.

The late, legendary sales trainer Zig Ziglar famously proclaimed, “You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” This is a powerful principle that applies not only to life in general, but also to network marketing success.

8. A Positive Role Model in the Community 

Today’s society is in desperate need of positive, encouraging role models. While our young look to people they see in movies and music videos for guidance on how to act, what to wear, and what to eat, we have seen a sad fall in role models who are actively and directly involved in their everyday lives.

Parents are so preoccupied with putting food on the table and earning enough money to pay the bills that they are either exhausted or lack the time to spend with their children and set a good example. This urge for a role model persists after youth, with many people searching for those they may copy and follow far into adulthood.

Network marketing has an uncanny tendency to develop members of our society who meet our needs for role models—leaders who are financially stable, live incredible lifestyles, spend meaningful time with their family and friends, and live with integrity, passion, and optimism. And these leaders are educated from the beginning that in order to be successful in this industry, they must work hard to instill these attributes in others.

It is because of this arrangement that executives in this profession become wonderful role models, not just to those in their company but also to those in their community. Having men and women who are financially secure, lead with an entrepreneurial spirit, and exhibit excellent personal traits can only improve our community and the globe in general.

When you choose to be a leader in this industry, you have also chosen to be a leader to others who spend their lives around you.

Your desire to take on greater responsibilities will encourage family and friends. Other business owners, especially those outside of this profession, will identify with you since you believe in free enterprise and have the freedom to chart your own path.

Many others, including your children, friends, and business team members, will observe and emulate your example and the way you behave in many areas of your life. What kind of example do you want to set? Are you living the life that you want your children to emulate? And what can you do, starting now, to begin creating the changes you want to see in your own life as well as the lives of those you influence?

Great role models are critically needed in our society. They are required by our families. Our religious organizations are desperate for them. And businesses grow only when they are present. You can make the decision to become the role model that people are desperately yearning for by using the income, knowledge, and experience you will gain from your network marketing business.

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