National Consumer Panel Reviews – Scam or Legit? Exposed!

Are you looking for a National Consumer Panel review? But you may wonder if it is a scam.

Would you like to earn some extra money without leaving home?

When I am asked about ways to make money from home, market research and internet surveys are one of the most common topics of conversation. Although this strategy can lead to financial success, it can fall short of your actual goals.

The other common question is whether or not it is a scam. In this review I wrote for the National Consumer Panel, I go into more detail about this. I will also tell you who they are and what they do, and we can read the testimonials together so you know what to expect if you decide to participate.

As a disclaimer, I’m not affiliated with National Consumer Panel. It means I’m not paid to write this review. So you can rest assured that you will get an honest and unbiased review from me.

At the end of this review, I’ll also tell you the best alternative to National Consumer Panel that has enabled me to make a full-time passive income online.

What is National Consumer Panel?

Market research firm National Consumer Panel (NCP) offers financial incentives for taking online surveys, trying new products, and scanning barcodes.

Online surveys and product testing are becoming increasingly popular as a way to supplement income, but beware: not all market research companies are the same.

National Consumer Panel, headquartered in Syosset, New York, with ties to the Nieslen Company and IRI, is fortunately one of the more credible companies.

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How Does National Consumer Panel Work?

Uniqueness best describes NCP. They use barcode scanning as their primary method of research and trend identification in retail stores.

If your family is eligible, you get a barcode scanner or mobile app to scan your purchases and receive a small amount of money.

That should be easy to understand, right?

Reading the National Consumer Panel reviews, it’s clear that it’s more time-consuming than it sounds, and may even require a change in buying habits to make it work.

For us, grocery shopping is usually the last stop of the day before we go home to prepare dinner. This means we’ve to rush to get the groceries into the house and put away, as well as prepare the kitchen and/or grill for dinner.

It’s been a long day, so it’s no surprise that everyone is ready to relax over a meal. Due to our hectic schedule, we’re not able to scan our items throughout the day.

Some customers may find it more convenient to scan their items as they pass by, but that takes time. When you scan an item, you should also note where you bought it and how much it cost. 

One advantage is that, unlike sites like Rewards Giant, you won’t feel pressured to buy something you wouldn’t otherwise.

National Consumer Panel Registration

It’s not like working with a marketing firm or a website that does online surveys where you get a yes or a no right away. They are only ever interested in recruiting members of certain subgroups of the population.

You will also have to answer questions that some people might consider private. Your name and address are just the beginning of a demographic profile; you may also be asked questions about your income, family composition, health, etc.

Matching this data with your purchases can tell you quite a bit. Opportunities to sell tailored to your interests, including… Including more personal profiles like health and buying habits.

It is stated (and assumed) that no personal information is associated with the data collected.

Moreover, we can assume that our modern cell phones are recording all this data anyway. This suggests that the National Consumer Panel is probably the least of our privacy-related concerns.

Participation is free, so that’s a bonus.

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Is National Consumer Panel A Scam or Legit?

You’ve read far enough to realize that this isn’t a joke, right? But if you’ve been down this road before, or even if you’re just following the headlines, this is a topic worth talking about.

Do you’ve the opportunity to make money with National Consumer Panel? Is this a trick? There may be hundreds of reviews, but if you read between the lines, you can see a common complaint.

You can never be too vigilant when it comes to the various market research and internet survey companies that are actually scammers. How can one recognize reliable sources?

As luck would have it, you can trust the National Consumer Panel.

It’s a partnership between two highly respected companies: Nielsen and IRI (formerly SymphonyIRI Group), as mentioned earlier.

Many people follow them on social media, and there are many positive comments about their products and services, which is unusual for scammers.

But there are also a lot of criticisms. Complaints, however, are a normal aspect of doing business and in no way indicate (although some disgruntled members may believe this) that the National Consumer Panel is a scam.

How Does National Consumer Panel Pay?

Your purchases are rewarded in the form of points that can be redeemed for merchandise or gift cards from merchants such as Amazon, iTunes and Visa. The points can be redeemed for merchandise gift cards or sweepstakes entries.

It wasn’t possible to find an accurate estimate of how many points can be earned by scanning barcodes. However, I did learn that you need at least 6,000 points before you can cash them out.

In addition to scanning barcodes, you can also participate in online surveys and earn a total of 150 gift points or alternatively 50 gift points and two sweepstakes entries.

As an added bonus, members can save 25% on selected AT &T mobile plans.

There’s not a lot of information about product testing opportunities with the National Consumer Panel, and there aren’t many member reviews, so this isn’t a particularly compelling incentive for membership.

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How Much Money Can You Make?

Estimating potential compensation for participation in the National Consumer Panel is difficult.

If you remain a member for a while, you’re entitled to better benefits.

However, you shouldn’t expect to get rich doing so.

Participation and the feedback you provide in this way can be rewarding, but scanning all your purchases can be a time-consuming affair. For this reason, you should be aware that the hourly pay will be low.

However, if you need some extra cash, this could be an interesting alternative, and the sweepstakes prizes can be quite impressive if you happen to win.

In general, though, you’ll need some perseverance if you want to earn money with NCP and be rewarded for it.

Who Is National Consumer Panel For?

If you’ve good organizational skills and would like to earn some extra money, but aren’t really short of cash, you can consider applying to the National Consumer Center.

There’s not a lot of money to be made here, and it’s definitely not worth it if you’ve to significantly change your routine to scan and log all your purchases (unless you’re interested in making such changes).

Who Is National Consumer Panel Not For?

National Consumer Panel is not for you if you are looking for a real online income opportunity.

The problem is that there is no leverage in market research; you only get paid once for your time, regardless of how much or how often you engage.

The Internet is critical to today’s cottage industry, and the Internet itself is all about leverage.

It allows you to create something once and profit from it over and over again. 

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Who Can Join National Consumer Panel?

Participation in the National Consumer Panel is not possible for everyone. First of all, it is a panel that is aimed exclusively at the U.S. market.

If you do not currently reside in the United States, but are still interested in such a service, we recommend Nielsen Homescan.

The fact that you reside in the United States does not guarantee that you will be accepted as a member. You have to apply and be accepted.

Depending on your demographics (where you live, number of people in your household, etc.) you may or may not be accepted. Sometimes they need a certain group of people but have way too many of the others.

If an applicant is not approved, there is a queue.

But why not give it a try if you are curious? They are always looking for new members, and maybe you belong to one of the groups they are interested in.

National Consumer Panel Support

You can contact the National Consumer Panel in a number of ways if you need help. If you want to contact them, you can do so by email, Facebook, or phone.

If you have questions, you can easily reach them through the phone number listed on their website.

As for their support, I have heard mixed opinions. On their Facebook page, some customers have complained about technical difficulties and slow customer service response time. It was noted by others that the support is valuable.

However, I have found that customer service responds almost immediately when a fan makes a post on their Facebook page.

They respond to all posts, positive or negative.

This is encouraging because it shows that they are paying attention and considering the opinions of their constituents.

Whether it is the best website for you depends a lot on your personal preferences and needs. Nonetheless, it is reassuring to know that they pay some attention to their members who join and need support.

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National Consumer Panel Reviews and Complaints

As with most online businesses, National Consumer Panel has both positive and negative reviews. Fortunately, the good reviews far outweigh the negative ones.

These are some of the benefits that have been mentioned:

  • Barcode scanning can be an eye-opener when it comes to changing shopping habits and staying on budget.
  • Getting paid to scan is a great incentive to plan ahead and get more organized.
  • It gives the impression that you’ve a say and provides important insights into what customers really want.
  • People like to be paid for something they do anyway (I’m not sure how many people scan their purchases daily… but I’m not the most organized or budget conscious person, so maybe I’m missing something).

As far as the complaints go…

  • There have been reports of technical difficulties with the app and scanners.
  • It takes a long time to get points for smaller prizes (such as a $5 Amazon gift card).
  • Scanning barcodes takes time.

Pros of National Consumer Panel

  • It may not take you too much time if you’re running a tight budget and are structured… If not, now is the time to start.
  • Making money (bonuses) in your spare time is always tempting.
  • They’re associated with well-known market research companies.

Cons of National Consumer Panel

  • Acceptance can be a challenge.
  • It takes a lot of time for a modest reward.
  • There is no passive income potential.

National Consumer Panel Review: Final Verdict

Making money with market research is entertaining, but I think it’s a waste of time. But not everyone is out to make the most of every minute.

Barcode scanning, product testing, and surveys are all fun ways to make money online or from home if you’ve had trouble getting started. Earn extra money by taking online surveys at Survey Junkie or use InboxDollars to get paid for reading emails, watching videos and performing web searches.

If you’re tired of being chained to your job, starting an online business where you’ve more control over your life and income may be the best solution. Let me tell you the best way to start an online business in the next section.

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If you want to make a stable and secure stream of passive income, I would suggest you start an affiliate marketing business online.

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National Consumer Panel Review

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