Moosend Review – Scam or Legit? Exposed!

Email marketing is always at the top of the pack for nurturing leads, no matter how the marketing industry changes. There are few other alternatives on the market today that provide your clients with the same level of access. Companies can use email to develop their relationships with their customers one message at a time. It’s difficult to dismiss such a proposal.

Of course, one of the most challenging aspects of gaining access to email marketing is deciding which service to use. There are a number of email marketing providers to choose from. You can get developer-specific solutions as well as simple marketing automation systems that include templates and pre-built workflow options.

Today, we’ll look at one of the more simple email marketing platforms, which is designed for businesses looking to fast grow their lead nurturing strategy.

What is Moosend?

Moosend is an email marketing tool that helps small businesses in running successful marketing campaigns. Many of Moosend’s competitors’ automation workflows are less powerful than Moosend’s. Customer service is only provided five days a week on their free plan, and it does not include phone or priority support. It also has a limited number of third-party integrations and pre-designed templates.

Moosend has a very user-friendly interface, which is ideal for people who have never used a service like this before. It’s also worth mentioning that, like many other email marketing services, Moosend offers a free plan that makes it simple to get started with your initial email campaigns. If you want to try out the features before committing, this is the way to go.

You can create full email marketing campaigns in seconds using Moosend’s simple email marketing solution. Finding a template and editing it to meet your needs is quick and easy. There are also a number of options for integrating with your current tools.


  • A wide selection of support solutions is available.
  • Numerous eCommerce and CRM integrations are available, as well as lead generating and marketing integrations.
  • Various pricing options are available.
  • Much less expensive than some of the alternatives
  • For beginners, there is a free plan available.
  • High delivery rates
  • There are various templates to pick from.


Moosend Review: Features

Below, we’ll go through all of Moosend’s features in detail.

For the time being, keep in mind that the goal of this email marketing solution is to help you stand out online. Whether you’re a newbie or an expert, you can take advantage of incredible features. There’s also a drag-and-drop email editor, data analytics, and other segmentation options.

Moosend, unlike other basic email marketing tools, allows you to create full sales funnels with triggers to specify what should happen when specific events in your campaign occur. The following are just a few of the features to look forward to:

  • Email marketing interface that is simple to use
  • Sign-up forms and landing pages that are unique to you
  • Segment personalization that is more advanced
  • Weather-related suggestions
  • suggestions for products
  • Segmenting your email list intelligently
  • A stunning collection of responsive templates is available.
  • Workflows and funnels for email marketing
  • Reports and analytics
  • Pages that load extremely quickly
  • GDPR adherence
  • Protection against bots
  • Various options for integration
  • A/B testing is the process of comparing two options.
  • Reports can be exported.
  • SMP 

Moosend: User Interface

Moosend has a great UI that is easy to access and use, which is one of the most crucial qualities to evaluate for any email marketing service. There’s a simple home page with a list of taps on the left side where you can find things like email address templates.

The template page also allows you to limit your available designs based on specific requirements, such as when you’re promoting a deal or sending out article updates.

You may also utilise the dashboard to view all of your lists (customers) as well as your current campaigns. You may access different important data or build up A/B testing strategies by clicking into a campaign.

Your mailing lists are likewise well-designed, with options for duplicating lists and importing subscribers from a third-party provider. Color-coded subscriber and unsubscribe data are also available to show you how well your efforts are performing.

Email sequences and tags for each of your lists can be found under the automation tab. Depending on your requirements, you can choose from a variety of sequences and triggers. You’ll also find a number of eCommerce choices here.

Moosend: Templates

An attractive template is required for a successful email marketing campaign. Of course, if you know HTML coding, you can always design your own emails. Most clients, on the other hand, choose to go the easier approach and simply select a pre-made alternative.

If you want simplicity and professionalism, Moosend templates are a great choice. There are dozens of templates to pick from, all of which are neatly arranged in a gallery. You can search for templates based on your industry or the type of campaign you’d like to send. It’s also simple to alter your templates in any way you want.

Moosend, like many of the major email marketing solutions on the market today, simplifies the process of creating email campaigns by allowing you to drag and drop the elements you want for your campaigns onto the email page.

There are also a slew of options for customising your templates before they go out to your audiences, such as subscriber custom fields and product recommendations. You may arrange your newsletter templates to deliver as part of an automatic campaign once you’ve completed designing them.

Moosend: Email Automation

The ability to automate your campaign is maybe the most significant feature of any email marketing solution. As a business owner, you don’t have time to manually send emails, thus you need a solution that can do it for you. That’s where Moosend enters the picture.

Automation processes can be set up quickly and easily with Moosend. You can utilise a flow builder to decide which triggers and sequences to add after you’ve built up your campaign by selecting the templates you wish to use. When someone fills out a form, for example, you can have the service wait a particular amount of time before sending them an email reminder.

User onboarding workflows allow you to send welcome emails and educate your clients on the services you provide. Alternatively, you may create an abandoned cart strategy in which you can promptly remind a customer to return to your website if they haven’t completed their purchase. When you choose the abandoned cart template, you’ll be presented with a number of automation processes that have already been pre-programmed to assist you.

If you’ve never used email automation before, Moosend makes the process very simple. Depending on your sequences, you can customise your abandoned cart email templates and set a limit number of emails each day. 

Moosend: Landing Pages and Forms

One of the best features of Moosend is that it comes with tools to assist you in lead generation. The drag-and-drop flexibility of the built-in landing page builder makes it simple to design the kind of experience you know your consumers will enjoy.

From the ability to move, resize, crop, and combine elements to a variety of ready-made templates for attractive landing pages that you can enjoy quickly, there are a plethora of customization choices. You also get SEO settings like Google ranking help, as well as ultra-fast loading pages.

All of Moosend’s landing pages are mobile-friendly, making them ideal for clients on the go. There are “success booster” plugins such as Facebook Pixel monitoring, Google Analytics pixel tracking, custom JavaScript, anti-bot protection, custom fonts, and GDPR compliance, as well as countdown timers to create urgency.

Page versioning, SSL encryption, labelling, WordPress plugins, and built-in forms are all supported by Moosend. The subscription forms are especially excellent, with modal pop-up styles, inline forms, floating bars, boxes, and full-page pop-ups among the options. To get started, you can choose from a large number of pre-made templates, as well as a variety of rule alternatives.

Moosend: Integrations

Moosend has it everything, whether you need an email marketing solution to send transactional and SMTP emails from your Salesforce shop or just want to send unlimited emails to create relationships with your subscribers. However, Moosend, like most email automation solutions, supports Zapier integration to connect your favourite apps.

There are also a number of native connectors with products like Constant Contact and PieSync, allowing you to connect to even more marketing and automation applications. This means you can create the campaign editor that’s ideal for you at any time, combining the drag-and-drop editor of a regular email newsletter generator with a slew of unique capabilities.

You also get an official Mailchimp integration, as well as a WordPress plugin repository integration, so you may work on building a greater number of subscribers with opt-in forms on your WordPress website. Having access to pop-up forms, exit intent solutions, and automatic sign-up syncing is fantastic.

From a syncing viewpoint, Moosend may also be utilised as an SMTP server for integrating with your existing application or website for transactional emails only. If you have some development experience and want more customization choices, you’re in luck. Aside from the above-mentioned integration options, Moosend also includes a decent API access solution, allowing you to make changes on your own terms.

Moosend: Pricing

Moosend Pricing

Moosend is so comfortable in its price structure that it allows you to compare the costs to other solutions now available in the market. You’ll find a graph on the pricing page that compares the price per number of subscribers for Moosend to each of the leading email marketing platform options, such as Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, GetResponse, and Constant Contact.

Moosend has a reasonable pricing structure when compared to other market-leading solutions. With a free 30-day trial that allows you to experience all of the features for free, you can see how much you’ll spend in real-time based on your number of members.

The Pro package includes unlimited email support for each contact, allowing you to easily design whole campaigns. You also have access to all new features as they become available on the platform, as well as unlimited mailing lists.

In comparison to other firms, Moosend provides superior customer service and more marketing opportunities at a lesser cost than most SaaS alternatives. Depending on the number of subscribers, prices start at $9 per month. 

There’s also an Enterprise bespoke package that includes up to ten team members, SSO and SAML, and a service level agreement. Your email marketing software comes with onboarding and migration assistance, as well as a dedicated account manager.

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Is Moosend the Right Choice for You?

Moosend is an email marketing tool that assists small businesses in running successful marketing campaigns. Moosend’s automation workflows are reliable when compared to comparably priced solutions. However, Moosend has a number of drawbacks that could be a deal-breaker for your company.

Moosend is a good choice if you want strong automation workflows at a reasonable price.

We recommend AWeber if you want a solution with a free plan that includes excellent customer service and a vast library of email templates.

Mailchimp is likely to be a better fit for your company if you need a solution that interfaces with over 240 third-party applications.

You can try Moosend right now if you’re interested.

Moosend Review: Final Thoughts

It’s difficult to find anything about Moosend that isn’t outstanding, from its excellent deliverability to its extensive customization choices. While no email marketing solution can claim to be flawless, Moosend offers a lot of benefits at a reasonable price. The plans are generous, so you should have no trouble getting the features you require.

Though this isn’t the most well-known email marketing software on the market, it’s absolutely worth a go.

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