MODULE 8: Affiliate Marketing Strategy For ClickBank

ClickBank is one of the most popular affiliate marketing platforms where thousands of affiliate marketers make money by marketing the products listed on the platform.

Since everyone can open an account on ClickBank and start promoting many products, it’s suitable for both beginner and experts in affiliate marketing. So this whole module is dedicated to doing affiliate marketing with ClickBank.

In this lesson, I’m going to talk about why you should promote ClickBank products.

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Why Should You Join ClickBank?

ClickBank mainly focuses on digital products, so the affiliate commission is very attractive. Many affiliate programs offer up to 75% commission for each sale. This is because digital products have no shipping, processing, distribution and storage costs for additional sales.

Also, online education is a huge market. ClickBank generates close to a quarter-billion dollars in sales revenue each year from the courses.

I really like ClickBank and I think it’s a fantastic place for new affiliate marketers to get started and earn money online without the hassle of joining many independent affiliate programs. No matter what niche your website is, you will be able to find a suitable offer on ClickBank.

On ClickBank, most of the affiliate programs are available for promotion without application and prior approval. Just grab an affiliate link and start promoting whatever products you like.

To give an overview of why you should promote ClickBank products, Here is a list of the pros & cons:


  • High commission rate (up to 75% commission)
  • Most products are available for sale worldwide.
  • Some offers generate recurring commission
  • Robust affiliate tracking system
  • Timely and trustworthy payout of commission


  • The sales pages of many offers are not optimised for conversion
  • High competition on popular offers
  • Some offers have a bad reputation

Tools & Resources

  • ClickBank
  • 10 Best ClickBank Alternatives (2023 Updated)

Choose The Most Profitable ClickBank Products

ClickBank has many categories of products you can promote. When choosing a ClickBank product to promote, you should choose a category that matches your website’s niche.

After that, for each category of products, there is a long list of offers. ClickBank provides various metrics to help you understand how much commission you can expect to earn for each product.

clickbank categories

Here’re terms of statistics provided by ClickBank that you should understand:

sales statistics of clickbank products

  • Avg%/Sale – this indicates the average commission rate that is earned for all products from this vendor.
  • Initial $/sale – this indicates the average amount you will be earning per sale from this product.
  • Avg Rebill Total – Indicates the average amount an affiliate marketer can earn when a rebill happens on a product. Rebills are recurring products. For example, if you promote a service that takes away $10 each month from the customer, every time that customer is billed, you will get a commission. 
  • Grav – Gravity is the most important stat. It indicates the amount of affiliates who made money through commission over the period of 12 months by promoting it. Basically, it tells you how much success affiliates are having by marketing this product. 

Here’re the steps in choosing a profitable ClickBank product:

  1. Go to the category that sells products of your niche.
  2. Sort the products by Gravity score.
  3. Shortlist a list of products with a gravity score of 30 or above.
  4. Check the sales page of each product and make a comparison. You should analyse the sales page to see if it is optimised for conversion. Put yourself into the shoes of your own audience and ask if your audience will be convinced to buy the product or not.
  5. Look for the actual customer reviews of the product by Googling. Check if there are any complaints related to the product and the average rating. You don’t want to promote a product that has a bad rating, as it would hurt your own reputation.

Choosing the right product on ClickBank is the first and foremost step in achieving success. Promoting a bad product will result in a lot of refunds, which means your hard-earned commission will be deducted.

In the next lesson, I’ll talk about the strategy to market ClickBank products and earn commissions.

The Best ClickBank Products Marketing Strategy

To understand why some ClickBank affiliates can make a 4-6 figure a month, you need to understand how a restaurant makes money.

A good restaurant will never go out of business because their food is delicious and hence has returning customers. Returning customers account for more than 60% of the business. 

Applying the same concept into affiliate marketing with ClickBank, it will work as well.

Here are the steps you you take to implement:

  1. Create a front-end product and sell it for $7 or less, which allows you to create a list of customers.
  2. Build a relationship with these customers via emails.
  3. Promote a ClickBank product that can be considered as an upgrade version of your front-end product. People who bought the front-end product and like it are more likely to take your advice to make a purchase again.

Let me explain each step in detail below:

Step 1: Create Your Front-End Product

To build a list of your own customers, you have to create a valuable front-end product to sell at a very cheap price. Since it’s a digital product, you don’t have the issue of covering the cost. Remember, it must give people a feeling that the value exceeds the price.

For example, you can create an ebook, a short video course, templates etc.

The idea here is not to make money with the front-end product, but to acquire a list of customers who feel comfortable with pulling out the credit card and buying something from you. That prepares for selling them something more expensive in the later stage, i.e. ClickBank products. 

Note: You can install the free WooCommerce plugin to sell any products on WordPress site.

Step 2: Build a Relationship with Your Customers and Promote ClickBank Products

After you have acquired a list of customers, you need to maintain communication with them to build a relationship.

Sending emails to them is the best and easiest way to do so, which requires using an autoresponder. I personally recommend using GetResponse, which is very user-friendly and suitable for doing affiliate marketing.

Here’s the sequence of emails you can send to your customers:

  1. Welcoming email: deliver the digital product such as login details and download link.
  2. 2 days later, send them more bonus materials and offer them for free. That makes your customer feel good about their purchase with you.
  3. 2 days later, start to do some pre-selling of a ClickBank product. For example, let them know that you’re testing something you learnt from the product.
  4. 3 days later, tell your own testing results of the product and let them know that you will share the product with them later.
  5. 2 days later, give them your ClickBank affiliate link and ask them to get the offer before a certain date in order to create urgency.
  6. A day later, to give more incentive for your customer to purchase via your affiliate link, offer them some bonuses if they buy the product. These bonuses should be relevant to the ClickBank product.

Step 3: Promote More Products To Make More Commission

How much you earn from every single customer on your list depends on how well you build a relationship with them. You can really make a lot of money without a huge customer list.

You can eventually go further to build a small community for your business. For example, you can create a Facebook group for your customer list and interact with them regularly.

From time to time, you can introduce a ClickBank product to your existing customers. Just make sure the quality of the product is good, otherwise you may lose their trust in you.

Tools and Resources

In the next Module, I will teach you how to use email marketing to increase your affiliate income.

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