15 Tips to Maximize Your Profit With Sales Funnels

Now that we’ve covered all the funnels, let me give you some useful pointers on how to maximize your profit.

You’ve tried other techniques to expand your Internet business empire, but the profit you earned by using other techniques are not satisfying?

Are you stumped on ideas on how to maximize your profit?

The other techniques only caused you to spend more money on advertising, but bring only revenue that is only enough for you to cover up the money that you’ve spent.

Here is a list of 15 tips on how to solve these problems. Implement these tips in your Internet business, and you are going to be surprised by the results!

The best part is, you can see the results almost instantly.

1. Connect with Affiliates

Affiliates are the people that you must have a connection with as a product vendor.

Of course, you can rely only on your own resources such as your own mailing list, but if you have a close connection with affiliates, you can invite them to join your affiliate programs.

They are the people you can count on to bring massive traffic to your site. Imagine if one of the affiliates had a 500-subscriber list, 10 of them sum up to 5,000 subscribers.

The possible sale to be made from 5,000 people is definitely much higher. Hence, it is vital to building up your connections in the Internet business.

Regardless if you are an affiliate or a product vendor, the connection is always the key in bringing your business forward.

You can look for more connections through social media platforms, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, or other reliable platforms.

Otherwise, you need to count on your existing connection with other Internet marketers to expand your connections.

If you do not have a large connection yet, especially as a newbie, you can first join their group. Most of the groups nowadays are closed group, because they want to make sure you are serious about the business before they let you in.

Once you have the request approved by the admin, introduce yourself to the group.

Be honest about your background, business, and purpose of joining the group. And then, demonstrate your value to the Internet marketers in the group by promoting their launches FIRST.

This is how you can build up a long-term relationship with other Internet marketers.

Instead of asking for help in the first place, you must first show them your value. Accumulate the connections. These connections are one of the greatest assets an Internet marketer must invest in.

2. Conduct Affiliate Contests

While the other Internet marketers promote your product launches for you, you can give some rewards to them by conducting affiliate contests in your affiliate program.

Reward those who can bring in the most sales. This could be a motivator for the affiliates to work harder.

Next, where do we announce the affiliate contests? The answer is in your affiliate page. Other than preparing them the promotional tools, your affiliate page takes up the function of announcing whatever you prepare for your affiliates.

Besides showing them the sales copy for evaluation purposes, the sales funnel to show the commission scheme, you can announce the affiliate contest in your affiliate program in your affiliate page as well.

Of course, most importantly show them what the rewards are for the top 3 super affiliates that bring in the most sales.

The trick for conducting affiliate contests isn’t only to reward and have a better relationship with the existing Internet marketers in your circle; you can attract more affiliates to promote your launch as well.

3. Offer 100% Commissions For Front-end

As mentioned, one of the tips to maximize your profit is by building up your connections with the other Internet marketers.

This way, you can attract more affiliates to you for your affiliate program when you launch your product.

Besides attracting the people that you already know in the business, you can attract more affiliates to join your affiliate program by offering a 100% commission for promoting your front-end product.

The more affiliates promoting for your product launch, the more traffic can be generated to your site. Regardless whether they are all serious buyers or not, the first thing you will earn from getting conversions to your site is you get to grow your mailing list.

This would be a huge advantage for Internet marketers.

When an affiliate loads into your affiliate site, one of the priorities is to check on ‘What’s in it for me’.

Other than evaluating on the quality of the product, sales funnel, sales copy, and other elements in your affiliate page, the first thing they look at is what you can offer them if they join the affiliate program.

Usually, when they look at the sales funnel on your affiliate page, they will expect you to reveal the commission scheme for the whole sales funnel.

Here in this part, you can show them that you are going to offer them a 100% commission for the front-end.

This will attract and motivate more affiliates to promote your product. You may be wondering, if you are going to offer 100% commission for the affiliates, how do you maximize the profit?

The real profit does not come from your front-end; in fact, it is from the other products in your sales funnel.

This is why you need to implement the sales funnel for your product launches.

4. Offer A Free Report

Before we discuss the intricacies of a sales funnel, another selling technique that is sure to generate sales and profit is to offer a free report.

A free report is usually written content that is something like a free sneak preview to the main product, especially for E-books.

Nowadays, in some websites that sell books and all E-book platforms, the visitor can read a preview of the book by reading the first chapter or the first 20% of the book.

This is so that the reader would get a rough idea what kind of book is it going to be. Besides, this is how most people consider books in bookstores anyway.

They flip through the first few pages to get the gist of it.

A free report, however, is not necessarily that. It is actually much more substantial than just a free sneak preview of the book. Free reports usually share ideas introduced by the book itself.

What you prepare in a free report sometimes can be different from the book itself. In some free reports, it only discusses the same topics but with different ideas.

What free reports do is that they convince the audience that the vendor is selling something viable and credible. That is the purpose of free reports. They are there to win the audience.

Free reports are usually 20-30 pages long. This is not a strict rule that you must follow, however. It’s just a guide that works. You can go less or more than the numbers.

It’s totally up to you and your capability. But having 20-30 pages is perfect because it’s not too long and not too short.

If it were too short, no one would feel that it’s worth it to download (even though it’s free!). There is something about rich and substantial content that makes them more credible and attractive to the audience.

So, even if it were short and easy to read, the audience would not feel propelled to download it.

However, if it were too long, the audience might not want to read it, too, especially nowadays when contents have to be concise because the trend nowadays is visually heavy.

So, they wouldn’t really want to be reading long and overwhelming texts even though, again, they’re given for free.

How free reports work is that when an audience reads the free report and appeals to the idea you’ve shared, chances are, they would go on and purchase the main product, which is the E-book.

A free report is a powerful additional tool to be added to your selling arsenal. If you’ve got a strong ad copy, visuals, promotions, and top them all off with a free report, selling will be made easier for you.

Besides, even if they decide to not purchase the main product, you can ask them for the email address for downloading the free report. This way, you can increase your mailing list, too.

In the future, you can send them some follow-up emails selling the same product should they change their mind.

Well, there are countless other things you can do to profit from your mailing list, but this is just a bonus of preparing a free report for the main product.

The main reason to use it is still so that you’d have a higher chance of selling your main product.

5. Set Up Your Sales Funnel

If you do not implement the sales funnel in your product launches, you are leaving a lot of money on the table.

You are indeed losing a lot of opportunities to expand your Internet business if you have yet to implement the sales funnel.

Sales funnel is the latest marketing model that could double or triple your revenue if you are doing it right.

Despite of offering only one product and end the deal, a sales funnel offers more products to the subscribers and create a buying frenzy.

The sequence of a sales funnel starts from:

  • Front-end
  • Upsell 1 (One-time offer)
  • Downsell
  • Upsell 2
  • Upsell 3
  • Backend

Front-end takes up the role to open the loop of buying. When they make the first purchase in your sales funnel, you strike the iron while it is still hot.

Hence, the other products that you are going to offer will continue the loop, and then at the end close the deal with a great value backend product.

You are going to see the instant result when you start implementing sales funnel to every single one of your product launches.

Once you’ve found out the greatness of a sales funnel, you will not be going back to the old ways of offering only one product and end the deal just like that.

6. Create A Great Front-End

Moving on to the fifth tip, you can maximize your profit by creating a great front-end. This can be the most essential element that could affect the whole sales funnel, and hence affecting the revenue from that particular product launch.

As you already know, the front-end is one of the reasons why affiliates promote your launch; but at the same time, the front-end could be also the reason why customers would buy from you as well!

You can differentiate a great front-end from a low-quality one by looking at the purchasing rate.

While a great front-end can open the loop for the buying frenzy, a low-quality front-end will ruin the whole sales funnel.

The reason why a front-end is so important is that the chances of the subscribers to click on the buy button for your upsells and, or downsell is relying on whether they click to buy the front-end or not.

The chances are lower if they are not interested in your front-end product. Hence, if you want to make great sales and maximize your profit, creating a great front-end is something that you couldn’t miss.

7. Offer Bonuses With Front-End

Offering bonuses with your front-end is what makes you different from the other Internet marketers. This is a statement you must remember if you want to generate larger number of sales.

I want you to imagine that you are the visitor now, the scenario is like this:

Someone offers you a body shampoo at the price of $20, and another salesman offers you the same body shampoo in the same price of $20 but it comes along with a bottle of hand cream.

Which offer will you take?

Obviously, I don’t need a crystal ball to know that your answer would be 100% the second offer with a bonus tag along.

The same technique could be used in Internet marketing. While you are offering a lead generation video training course, for example, you offer a checklist and mind map as a bonus add-on to your training course.

This is what makes you different from the other Internet marketers who only offer the front-end product. Therefore, people buy from your site and you can maximize your profit by just adding a little more effort into your front-end offer.

8. Upsell 1 Or One-Time Offer

The next tip is on the second element in the sales funnel – upsell 1. By just implementing the upsell 1 could be good enough for some of the Internet marketers already, but I want to offer you this tip to make your upsell 1 the number 1 choice for them.

By adding in another technique – a one-time offer. Obviously, the meaning of a one-time offer is that you are going to offer the upsell for one time only in the whole sales funnel.

If they are not going to grab the upsell 1, they will not be able to buy it anymore.

The upsell offer is an immediate offer after the front-end; it is usually connected closely to the front-end offer. When they are interested in your front-end offer, they will usually be attracted to your upsell offer as well.

But sometimes, it is the price issue or some other factors that is holding that person back in clicking on the buying button.

If you implement the one-time offer technique, you need to write your sales letter with a scarcity factor, which creates a sense of urgency. They will be more tempted to click on the buying button.

The scarcity factor is creating a sense of urgency by limiting the time of the offer or the number of the product.

For instance, when you are going to write your sales copy in the scarcity factor angle, words like limited, hurry, only 50 copies, etc. are often in use.

This is going to make the upsell offer irresistible.

9. Offer Bonuses In Upsell 1

You already know how to implement the scarcity factor in your upsell to create the sense of urgency to grab your upsell, the scarcity factor turns your upsell 1 into a one-time offer.

Here is another technique to increase the value of your upsell, in addition to preparation for your downsell.

The offering of bonuses in upsell 1 must be congruent with the whole sales funnel as well. When you are offering bonuses in your sales funnel, regardless of which element in the sales funnels, congruency is always the key.

One of the mindsets of the buyers that hold them back from making the purchase from your sales funnel is the bonuses you offer on the sales page. Some of them may think that the bonuses are not related or not necessary for them.

Therefore, bonuses that are closely related to the main offer would be a catalyst for the buyers to click on the purchase button as well as adding in value to the offer.

When the value of your upsell offer with the bonuses is equal to or more than the value they pay to you, it is almost a no brainer to grab. They will not hesitate a second to grab it.

Besides adding value to your upsell offer, I’ve mentioned that offering bonuses in your upsell is a preparation for your downsell as well.

You are going to offer the downsell right after your upsell 1, and I am going to further explain the details in the next tip.

10. Special Offer In Downsells

Now, if the buyers didn’t click on the buy button in your upsell offer, you are going to give them a special offer called downsell. A downsell is actually the lower-priced version of the upsell.

The only difference between upselling and downsell is the bonuses.

First of all, after the buyers click on “No, Thanks” in your upsell 1, the buyers are then redirected to the downsell offer page.

They are going to see a similar sales letter in the upsell offer in your downsales page, but without the bonuses this time.

Every single sales copy in your sales funnel have their own story angle. For your downsell sales copy, you’ll write in the angle of a special offer only for you. You are going to give them this special discount on the upsell 1 without the bonuses attached.

Like I said before, part of the reason why the buyers don’t click on the buy button for your upsell is because of the bonuses. They think that they do not need the bonuses.

So, you take away the bonuses and offer them the same upsell product with a lower price. Take note of this. This is the formula in doing the downsell.

First, offer them the same upsell product in your upsell 1. Second, remove all the bonuses in the upsell 1. Third, lower the price of your downsell.

This is how a downsell should be like. You’ll give them a special discount by removing the bonuses. You do this is also to be fair to the other buyers who already purchase the upsell 1 with a higher price.

If your buyers are going to get the same upsell 1 offer in a lower price by clicking ‘No’ for the first time, none of them will buy the first upsell. Hence, remember to remove the bonuses and lower the price.

This is very important in setting up the downsell in the marketplace.

11. Continue The Buying Trance

Do you end the deal after the downsell? My answer for you is definitely NO. Since you’ve already opened the buying loop for the buyers, you might as well continue to offer them more products!

Of course, the other products that you are going to offer them are congruent with the front-end as well! This is the utmost important concept you must get when you are setting up the sales funnel.

You are going to continue the buying loop by offering them another 2 upsells. After the special offer from downsell, you are going to offer them immediately the second upsell.

The second upsell can be something that stacks up the value of your sales funnel. An example of a second upsell can be the offer of an E-book, an E-book can be written further in-depth than video training courses. Hence, you can set the price for the E-book slightly higher than the video training course.

The content of an E-book can be the same as the front-end or upsell. But, provide a more solid base for it. While your E-book is the same as your front-end, what makes the E-book worth a higher price than the video training course?

It is all because of the content. The content of an E-book must be more solid and in-depth than the video training course. You can show them part of the book by offering them a free report beforehand.

This way, they have something to evaluate before they spend the money on you.

If they’ve found out that your product can actually help them to solve their problem, they will love to start purchasing your products.

Next, I think you may know it by now, the next offer that you are going to offer after the second upsell is the third upsell. The third upsell is going to be another similar product that is going to enhance the front-end or the upsells.

For instance, in the lead generation course, the third upsell can be a done-for- you membership site for them to keep a long-term relationship with their subscribers. They only need to mail out to their subscribers about the ready-made membership site from you.

And then, the subscribers will stay there for long time, in addition to generating passive income every month.

12. Upsell 2 & 3

Is one upsell enough? Of course, it is, if you’re not ambitious enough. We are here to maximize profit instead of settling for mediocrity.

Yes, one upsell is enough but there’s no reason for you to not take a step further.

Introducing the 2nd and 3rd upsell method. A few years ago, a couple of entrepreneurs asked each other after making a big profit from the upsell, “Can we take this even further?”

The idea was simple enough: Just insert a 2nd and 3rd upsell to the sales funnel after the first upsell. In other words, you are selling upsell after upsell.

The concept is still the same as the first upsell. The price increases with each upsell. The 3rd upsell is more expensive than the 2nd upsell, and so on.

However, for these upsells, it’s best not to be priced more than $200. Well, you don’t really have to follow this rule. Vendors are free to choose a price for their product. However, based on experience, the perfect number is below $200.

Now, this might sound risky to you. Can the buyers really tolerate it? Wouldn’t they feel annoyed by having too many upsells?

Actually, not really. This is why: When the buyer makes a purchase of a product, they get into a ‘buying trance’. In this trance, they’re in the mood to shop a little more than they set out to do.

It’s normal for people to feel this way.

A good product for 2nd and 3rd upsells could be a membership site, where the members have to pay a monthly fee to gain exclusive access.

This is a great 2nd and 3rd upsell, not only because of its value and exclusivity but also provides you with a steady recurring income. As long as the site members make their payment, you will earn.

13. Build Up Credibility Through Follow-Up Emails

Having subscribers to your email list is a great way to grow your business. Once they’ve made a purchase from you, you’ll have their email addresses saved in your list.

Even though the subscribers are there on the list so that you can sell new products to them directly in the future, it’s still not a good idea to just leave them there without making any approach when there’s no product to be sold.

Instead, you can use the time you have between when they buy the product to the time when you have a new product to sell to build your credibility. You can send them a few emails here just to keep them warm.

Ideally, you should send four follow-up emails to your subscribers.

The first email is a ‘Thank You’ email where you express your gratitude to them for purchasing your product. In this email, you can remind them of the refund policy that you have for this product.

The second email you should send is some tips and pointers on using the product. Everyone would need a little help in order to fully utilize the product fully. Point out some things about the product that you think they might miss in fully utilizing the product.

In the third email, send them more tips. Perhaps, hidden tips that were not in the second email. Again, the purchasers would really appreciate the gesture.

Lastly, in the fourth email is where you sell them your backend offer. It’s not a good idea to offer them the backend product sooner than the first three emails as the backend offer is of a high price.

It’s not going to fare well if you sell something valuable and pricey to the customers who have just purchased a product from you.

14. Create High-Ticket Backend Products

As mentioned in the previous point, the fourth email should be about introducing the big-ticket backend offer.

The big-ticket backend offer is the most valuable product, not only to the customers but to you, the vendor, as well because it brings huge profit because of its price. It is priced way higher than the front-end product and it’s higher than all the upsells.

Now, because you need something more exclusive than the upsells, the big-ticket backend offer must be something that is worth way a lot more than just an E-book, audio, or even video. The product and services you offer in the backend should be something really big.

A service that is apt for this is a coaching program. If you are an expert in your field, you can be a coach and find clients. Your duty as a coach would be to guide them through their work or whatever it is you’ve promised them.

You would need to be an expert in order to be a coach. However, the price range for a coaching program is from $500 to $5,000. This is a big investment, which is why you’d need to be an established name in order for you to be a coach.

Another service would be group coaching. It is similar to individual coaching except, of course, it’s done in a group. That means you have to engage with more than one individual at the same time.

But since it’s done in groups instead of individuals, the price the customers pay for training would be less because they’ll be sharing your time with other people. The price range for group coaching is from $200 to $500.

The thing about coaching programs, both individual and group, is that they require more than just knowledge and materials that you’ve gathered.

You also need skills in engaging with people. You need charisma. Basically, you need to be a good speaker.

15. Create Private Label Rights As A Backend

If you feel that you don’t have any of the qualities needed to be a coach or a teacher, you can turn to another big-ticket product that promises massive returns, which is Private Label Rights (PLR).

PLR is ready-made content that can be owned and sold. It is best explained with ghostwriting. A ghostwriter does all the hard work, prepares the content, but is not credited for the work he has done.

But this deal is done by mutual agreement between the ghostwriter and the purchaser before the content is created.

For PLR, the content is prepared first and then sold. The purchaser has the right to use their name for the work, take credit for the work, make alterations to it, and even sell it for profit. A PLR product is a finished book without an author. Anyone can be credited as the author and profit from it for a price.

It’s important to note here that this is not the same as plagiarism. Plagiarism is where content is stolen and used without permission from the original author. An act of plagiarizing is illegal and unethical.

Though some have gotten away with it on the Internet, the punishment for the ones who are caught is severe. Because the author is giving up the credit and rights of his own work, the price for a PLR is very high. It ranges from $200 to $500.

An advantage of selling PLR products is that not only do you can profit from it, it doesn’t require much effort after the selling is done. For coaching and group coaching, you, of course, need to serve the clients or customers.

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