The Webinar to Application Funnel

A webinar to application funnel is similar to a webinar to backend funnel. There are two major difference between these two funnels and that is:

  • Purpose of the webinar 
  • Application Form

This funnel follows a similar flow to the webinar to backend funnel. Using a webinar helps to filter out the really interested prospects.

The ones who wants and needs what you are offering them. As mentioned, there are two major differences with the previous funnel.

A webinar to application funnel is usually used for high end products or services that require a lot of personal information like a mentoring program, insurance, real estate negotiations, financial planning and more.

For these programs and types of business, getting on a call with your prospect is the best option to convince, sell and close them.

The purpose of the webinar is different now and you don’t send them to an order form instead you send them to arrange to get on a call with you.

Here I will be explaining about the blueprint and the 2 changes. Some parts are similar to the webinar to backend funnel so you can refer to that funnel for the information.

What makes a good webinar to application funnel?

A webinar to application has 4 components: A registration page, thank you page, webinar room, and an application page.

You can also add in a replay video for those who did not attend the live webinar.

Registration Page

There is no change in the registration page for this funnel compared to the previous funnel therefore you can refer to (Chapter 2: Webinar To Backend Funnel – Registration Page).

You can use the same method shown in the previous chapter for a registration page.

Even though the end of the funnel has changed into an application form, you’re still running a webinar so, you can follow the key points mentioned in chapter 2 on how to make an eye-catching registration page.

Thank You Page

The thank-you page also doesn’t need any changes, you can follow the method explained in (Chapter 2: Webinar To Backend Funnel – Thank You Page).

Webinar Room

In the webinar is where you will have to make some changes compared to the backend webinar funnel.

The purpose of this webinar is now to encourage your attendees to get on a call with you so you will have to change how you present your Offer and your Call To Action (CTA).

The Introduction and Content you can follow the same method shown in Chapter 2.


For the offer section of your webinar, remember you want to get your attendees to apply for a call with you.

There are only a few things you need to change compared to the backend webinar funnel:

  1. Start With A Recap – Similarly, you will begin your offer section with a recap of your 3 secrets.
  2. Talk About The Hard Way – Then you want to talk about the hard way and make it feel as difficult as possible. This is so your attendees realize just how difficult it can get and it will encourage them to look for your way.
  3. Talk About The Easier Way – The easier way would be your offer. Talk about how far they can go if they do things the right way and how much time & effort, they will be saving but make sure not to introduce your offer yet.
  4. Introduce Your Offer – Now you want to introduce your offer and explain it in detail. If for example your offer is a mentoring program, you want to explain in detail on what is in your program and how the attendees can benefit from it.
  5. Hype Your Offer – Now what you are doing is to showcase your offer in the best way possible with results and testimonies if possible so people can see that your offer really works and this will make them want your offer even more.
  6. Create scarcity – Here is when you emphasize that your offer is not for everyone. You want to create a scarcity effect, or you can also take this opportunity to qualify who you want to work with for the offer. You can choose to do a limited number of seats available, or a special offer and you can mention traits of who you don’t want to work with to help remove anyone who might just waste your time.
  7. Mention & Explain Application Process – Now is when you emphasize that there is no selling in this webinar or they wont be sent to an order form to make a purchase and that they have to apply for a call with you first. Talk about what is going to happen once you show them the link to apply. Run them briefly through the application process and then let them know what is going to happen in the call. Let them know what kind of questions you’re going to ask them. For example, you can say that you will want to discuss these 3 things:– Discuss on your problems and what’s holding you back
    – How to fix it
    – And how we can work together IF its something that I can help with

Emphasize that the call is not a sales call, meaning the focus is to see if they are a good fit for you and if you can help them.

Mention how that if they are not a good fit, you will reject/decline to work with them.

  1. Call To Action – Furnish your link to the application page. You can talk more on who is not a fit for your offer or you can talk about why you are having this offer. Mention how after this it will be difficult or impossible to get to work with you personally or the special offer will no longer be valid. As you are talk about these, make sure to keep furnishing the link at the top or bottom of the presentation. Do a recap of your offer while hyping it up with results and testimonies while furnishing the link.
  2. P.S. – In the P.S. you just remind the attendees that they will receive their Free bonus in an email, and you can proceed.

Application Page

In the application page is where your leads will go to after the webinar to apply for a strategy session/call with you to discuss working together with you or to get into your programs.

For some profession it can be simpler like for insurance or financial planning you can set the application process as a free consultation as well.

Do note that not all offers will require both an application form and appointment scheduling.

Let’s take insurance for example, once you have presented your plans or offers in your webinar, you can use the appointment scheduling so that your leads can choose to make an appointment with you or you can use an application form where they will fill in the form and you will decide if you want to contact them.

In your application page you don’t want to have too many items or focuses, you want them to make an appointment as soon as possible but sometimes its okay to share some info regarding the call.

These are some items that you can/should put in your application page:

  1. Video explanation
  2. Online appointment scheduling
  3. Application form
  4. Testimonies/Results

These 4 items are what I would put into my application page.

Some items like the video is up to you if you want to put it in but there are 2 items that you MUST have in your application page which is the online appointment scheduling or the application form.

Video Explanation

Adding in a video that helps to explain what it is like to work with you and also what the strategy session/call/consultation and even explain what the questions in the application form is about helps to connect with the leads.

This helps them to understand that you’re on their side and you want to help and not just sell them something.

Online Appointment Scheduling

This is important because you want them to make an appointment with you to encourage them to take action as well as allow you to schedule your calls and prepare in advance to talk to them.

An example of appointment scheduling can be when your leads want to get on a strategy session with you for mentoring.

The dates in the scheduler is based on your schedule and when you use this kind of appointment scheduling method, it’s been proven to improve the number of people who get’s on a call or makes an appointment with you.

Application Form

For an application form, what you are doing here is basically to qualify and learn more about your leads on whether they are a fit for your offer and to work with you.

Based on their application, you can decide if they are a fit and then give them a call. An example of using the application form would be for hiring an agency for marketing.

They will apply and you will call them.

There are all sorts of question you can ask depending on what kind of business you run and what your offer is about but here are some important questions which helps you to prepare for the call:

  1. Income/Revenue Qualifier
  2. What Does Being Successful Look Like For You?
  3. What Are You Looking For With My Offer?

Some of these questions may not be necessary but it will help you learn more about your lead and this helps you to have an effect session with them over a call or video call.

1. Income/Revenue Qualifier Questions

You want to ask these questions to get a sense of where and what is the current financial situation of your lead is, of course the kind of question you ask differs base on the kind of business you run.

Example of questions:

  • What is your monthly income?
  • What kind of business do you run?
  • How Much Money Do You Spend On Investments?
  • Have you spent any money trying to solve this problem?

2. What Does Being Successful Look Like For You?

This question is straightforward where you want to know what is the future that they are looking for. This can be the direct future after solving the problem or it can also be their goal down the line.

3. What Are You Looking For With My Offer?

This question is to manage expectations. With this question you can gauge what your leads are looking for from you or your offer specifically and it will help you to know just how much help you should give to them.


You want to put a good amount of testimonies and results in your application page. This is to show those interested that your offer has seen many successes and that it works with/for people of many backgrounds and situations.

They might even be able to relate to some of your previous successes and take a leap of faith and apply for a consultation/strategy session with you.

If you have video testimonials and results, its better to use them but if not, screenshots are also good to put in. And if you are new, you might not have any significant results to put in and that’s okay. You can then put a short recap of your experience and success path.

Here are some examples of how you can show your testimonials and results.

Additional Pages & Advanced Strategies

Similar to the webinar to backend funnel, there are additional pages that you can add into the funnel or even use an advanced strategy which is an automated webinar funnel.

Some of the pages you can create for this webinar to application funnel is a replay page, sales letter, a reminder page and more depending on your offer.

Replay Page

For the replay page, there isn’t any changes required compared to the webinar to backend funnel so, you can refer to Chapter 2: Webinar To Backend Funnel – Replay Page for more information regarding the replay page and what to focus in a replay page.

Sales Letter

A sales letter is placed after the webinar, you can choose to send it to those that have watched the webinar but did not set an appointment or even to those who missed the webinar.

You can also create a sales letter for those who are more inclined to read than to watch the webinar, this way you can also do a split test to see how each one performs.

The sales letter allows your leads to read about your offer that their own speed and convenience and this can help to improve the chances of making them get on a call with you.

Reminder Page

A reminder page is what you put after the application page. The purpose of the reminder page is:

  • Remind your lead when their appointment date and time is and to look out for the email that they will receive for booking an appointment
  • The next steps after the application form is filled like:
  1. We have received your application and we will review it and get back to you within 48 work hours
  2. Once approved, you will receive a call from me and my team who will be talking to you about whether you are fit to work with us and whether we can assist you.
  3. You will also receive emails regarding some success stories and a sneak peek into what my offer can do for you.
  • Remind them to whitelist your email address as you will send emails regarding the offer and some tips & tricks you have discovered over the years regarding your industry
  • Accelerate your appointment or application process. You can put a section where you allow your leads to choose if they want to accelerate their appointment or application and get on call with you immediately. This is to get them to call you which shows that they are really interested.

Advanced Strategy: Automated Webinar to Application Funnel

Similar to the webinar to backend funnel, you can also automate the webinar to application funnel.

Only automate once you have perfected your live webinar, do not do it until then because it will not be worth it.

There is less component in an automated funnel, but you can still put in the extra pages into an automated funnel as well. I’ll show you the automated webinar to application funnel with an additional page.

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