Common Facebook Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Simply having a business page on Facebook does not guarantee that your ad campaign will succeed. Everyone is prone to make mistakes. Although mistakes are not always bad, especially if you can learn from them. However, it is a great idea always to stay clear of the mistakes rather than wasting time and energy.

Using a profile to promote your business

Oftentimes people avoid the hassle and promote their business using a Facebook profile. It is not recommended. If you do so, you will not be able to analyze the results. Facebook profiles do not use any tracking tools; hence all the efforts will go to waste. Without the analytics and engagement status in your information toolbox, you will not be able to develop the right strategy.

Secondly, sending a friend request as a business is considered creepy. This is different compared to like a page. When you send a friend request, it is just like asking the user to share personal data. It is a violation of social boundaries. Lastly, it is also against the Facebook’s Terms of Service. What’s the point of investing resources when the profile will be deleted anyway?

Posting at a bad time

This is an important element to consider when it comes to Facebook marketing. A lot of marketers tend to overlook this aspect. They forget that majority of the buyers have a 9-5 job and will not be logging in at that time. Posting in the period of the workday is usually not effective compared to putting up a post in the early evening or even morning.

When brand’s post at a user’s presence, then it increases the likelihood of reaching out. You can easily schedule posts using Post Planner.

Optimizing Facebook Ads Too Often

Majority of the advertisers on Facebook consistently turn up the knobs of the ads believing that altering the budget, bids and the targets will lead to quicker progress. In reality, optimization resets the ad rank and positions it at the start of the learning stage.

Similarly, having more does not automatically increase your chances to win. Every ad set must reach at least 50 conversations weekly. If you waste the budget on multiple ads, then you will not have one strong ad to reach the goal. You will have to depend on bigger audience pools and lookalike audiences. Find your winners using a 3-step funnel of awareness, consideration, and conversion. Then invest in that.

Don’t advertise through a Facebook group

Some of the marketers try to advertise through a variety of Facebook groups. This is a common mistake and is not very effective. Groups on Facebook are created with the aim of facilitating individuals to connect with one another based on similar interests or goals. Concentrating the efforts on a single brand is difficult. A group is successful when all the members have an equal role. Groups with a solitary entity directing topics usually aren’t effective.

Overzealous or Insensitive Posting on Facebook

In the enthusiastic marketing plans, businesses forget about the value that the ads offer to the followers. Studies suggest that clogging a customer’s newsfeed has led to a fall of many companies, and the same can happen to you. Excessively adding posts several times in a day will only lead to avoidance and might even result in your page being reported.

To protect people, Facebook has designed an algorithm which ensures that they do not get to see extra posts. It shows that high volume posting will only push the clientele away. Users might even unlike the page, and it will be impossible to get them back. Going more than 5 posts a day is overkill.

Don’t ignore Facebook comments

Facebook fans are individuals, just like you. When they leave a comment on your business page, they automatically expect a preceding comment or reply. This is an indication that you are listening. Brand pages that constantly overlook comments by fans do not succeed. It is because fans won’t return to the page if they feel unheard. Secondly, when you respond, the client automatically visits the page again.

Not Having Enough Visuals

All of us love viewing images rather than text. Similarly, our customers would like the same. Reading long posts is exhausting. This is why it is essential for brands to ensure that their posts are short and to the point. The best way to draw attention is with captivating visuals, combined with text that exemplifies your point. Concentrate on giving top-notch pictures and save the marketing terminology to a minimum.

Having a Relaxed Approach

Marketers indulge in another common mistake by taking their page lightly, similar to how they treat their profiles. Individuals that utilize Facebook profiles seldom have the main business agenda. For the most part, using profiles on Facebook is a totally different activity that is fun. You must have a well thought out strategy that integrates understanding your fan base, offering an exceptional message, and computing results.

Copy and Pasting Competitor’s Strategy on Facebook

Some Facebook marketers are lazy to the point where they would look at their competitor and simply imitate the ad structure. Even if they make slight alterations, chances are they will end up failing. Wondering why that is? It is because your rival will initially expend a huge amount of resources to optimize their marketing efforts. However, copying them won’t give you a competitive advantage.

Behind the scenes and the analysis behind a strategy is as important as the ad itself. When you copy the Facebook ad, you will not be aware of what you are doing exactly. You may not be aware of the segment that delivers results. It is quite possible that you say the wrong things at the right time, or you may even address the right people with the wrong things — end result: failure.

Being too pushy or selling it too little

Selling too much is perhaps the most widely made a mistake by businesses who promote on Facebook. Let’s suppose you set up a page and instantly begin posting content that revolves around your services or products. This will not work because users are not concerned with the products. All they worry about are the things associated with those products or services. For instance, if you are a sports shop than instead of advertising your products, you can discuss hiking places and embed the store link.

On the contrary, selling too little is a possible mistake. Let’s take the above example a little further. If the sports store learned about selling too much and stop selling too much; but even, then the sales do not increase. This is because Facebook users enjoy conversing.

Quitting Paid Marketing Too Early

Majority of the marketers have a one-time mindset, which means that they will spend but only once. They might pull out their investment quickly if the campaign results are not what they expected. It might even lead them to quit Facebook altogether. Just because one campaign is not successful, it does not mean that you pull the plug. Rather you can stop the campaign and initiate a new one.

Avoid these mistakes to ensure that you utilize the investment in the best manner.

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