Top Reasons to Advertise on Instagram

There are many advantages of using Instagram for your marketing purposes. It provides chances for your business and avenues that you might not have gotten with any other strategies. Let’s look at some of those benefits.

Visual appeal on Instagram

The very essence of Instagram is the visual appeal. The network is all about images and videos that appeal to its audience. You can communicate with your audience through images, which are better in the long run than written content.

Photos tend to encourage more engagement than written content. It is easier for the audience to see and understand and takes much less of their time.

Instagram also lets you test out different forms of images and find out which one’s appeal most to the audience. You can then use these on other channels such as your website or blog and email newsletters. The photo sharing ability for Instagram enables you to showcase your product in a creative manner.

If you can come up with great content for your Instagram feed, it could change your whole business and increase sales for you in the long run.

Large Audience on Instagram

Instagram provides you with an extremely large audience who are also potential clients. With over 150 million active users, it gives a rather impressive possibility for your business. Imagine that, being able to market your business to millions of people all at once.

It is easier than traditional marketing where the audience can see your photos at once. Compare it to a billboard you put up where only people who drive by the area can see it, and only those not distracted by one thing or the other.

Instagram on the other hand allows your audience to view the image and they can hardly miss it on their feed. They are also not limited by geographic location or time.

The app is also great for when you are expanding to branches across the world, as it has users all over the world. This allows you to market internationally, with just one marketing campaign. You can do it all from a central location without ever having stepped in some of the areas your audience is from.

The use of hash tags allows you to increase your audience, as more people can access your content through the hash tag.

More Engagement on Instagram

Instagram has quite a high engagement rate. When running a marketing campaign, you want your audience to be as engaging as possible, at that moment and in future too.

To generate engagement on Instagram is quite easy as all you would need is to follow those people who talk about your brand, comment on and like another users’ content. Using hash tags also allows you to facilitate conversation. You can have the users contribute to a topic by asking a question.

The community you build on Instagram is likely to engage more often because they will see your content regularly. Unlike a post on a blog where they must go to your blog to see additional content,

Instagram lets your followers see content by you on their feed if they are already on the app.

Such constant engagement ensures that your customers will come back for repeat purchases. That when one buys from your brand, and they see it again several times they will most likely buy from your brand again.

Increased engagement also makes it easier to introduce new products to your audience.

Storytelling Ability

Creating your brand on Instagram can take up different forms. The app allows you to create a story behind your products. Through posts on the stories feature, you can show your audience some behind–the–scenes images and videos. Have them relate to your brand by introducing your staff and maybe even yourself to them.

You can also have images that show your clients the products in real-life situations, create a lifestyle with your brand. Tell the audience a story through the different Instagram features.

Keep Tabs on Competition

Instagram gives you the ability to see what other businesses in your industry are doing. By following the hashtags that are like your own will show you how the others in the industry are promoting their brands.

Get ideas from them on how better to market your products and stay ahead.

Free Marketing from users

This is the ideal kind of marketing that any business would love to have. It is made possible by Instagram through User Generated Content. Remember that your audience is also creating and sharing content of their own.

If you post user-generated content, you may be able to tap into a different audience other than those who follow you. It is also a great way to connect with your audience and interact even more.

By having the users add a hashtag generated by you to their posts, they market your business and in return, you can pick one of their posts to add to your feed and give them a shout out.

There are many more benefits to using Instagram for marketing, all of which you will gain once you start using the medium.

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