Modere Scam: Pyramid Scheme or MLM? [Review]

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re curious about Modere and whether it’s a pyramid scheme or a legit way to earn some extra cash online. Well, you’ve come to the right place!

You may have heard about Modere from a friend or family member who is already involved in the program. With so many people looking to supplement their income these days, it’s no surprise that opportunities like Modere are becoming more popular.

As an online entrepreneur, I’ve reviewed countless similar programs over the years. So, I decided to dive in and thoroughly research Modere to give you the lowdown.

Before we get started, I want to make it clear that I am not affiliated with Modere in any way. That means you can trust that this review is completely honest and unbiased.

So, keep reading to find out if Modere is worth your time and effort. And, if it’s not quite what you’re looking for, I’ll also share the best alternative that has helped me earn a full-time passive income online.

What is Modere?

Modere is a health and wellness company that operates as a Multi-Level-Marketing business. They have a wide range of products that cater to personal care, nutrition, and housekeeping. The company was originally founded in 1987 by Thomas and Leslie Mower, under the name “Images and Altitude.” They changed their name to Neways in 1992 and were later bought by the same company that took Herbalife public in 2006. In 2012, Modere was purchased by another group and renamed as Modere.

The company claims that their products are “chemically safer” compared to other brands. Modere operates in over 23 countries and offers people the opportunity to work from home by selling their products and recruiting new members to their MLM.

However, it’s important to note that their large sales numbers, such as selling $6 billion in products and paying out more than $3 billion in commissions, might not be as impressive as they seem. According to their income disclaimer, the average commission for members in 2017 was $1,342.73. When you consider the cost of at least $1,449, it’s clear that the average member ends up losing money.

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What Products Does Modere Offer?

Here’s a quick rundown of what Modere offer:

Lean body system: This product group is focused on weight loss and includes pills and drinks that can help you lose weight.

Collagen sciences: This group includes supplements that can help pets and humans with healthy aging.

Personal care: Modere’s personal care products are designed to keep your skin, body, hair, and mouth healthy and clean.

Health and wellness: If you’re looking for products that promote anti-aging, active health, weight loss, or targeted health, this group has got you covered.

Household care: Modere also offers laundry, kitchen, and cleaning products to help keep your home clean and fresh.

Vitamin angels: Modere also gives you the opportunity to donate to charity through their Vitamin Angels program.

It’s important to note that there are a lot of brands out there that sell similar products. However, Modere’s M3 line stands out from the crowd. This line is designed to aid in weight loss and is based on the Mediterranean diet. It includes three supplements:

  • BURN: These are fat-burning vitamin C capsules that can help you shed unwanted pounds.
  • SYNC: This drink is designed to reduce cravings and optimize digestion.
  • SUSTAIN: This plant-derived protein shake is a great way to stay full and satisfied throughout the day.

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Is Modere an MLM?

Yes, Modere is an MLM. But what exactly does that mean? MLM stands for multi-level marketing, which is a business model that’s also known as direct sales or network marketing. Unlike traditional businesses, MLM companies don’t pay their employees a salary. Instead, you earn money by recruiting others to join the business and build their own downline.

Here’s how it works: if you recruit someone and they start making sales, you earn a commission on their sales and the sales of anyone they recruit. This process can go on for several levels, hence the term ‘multi-level.’ The more people you recruit and the more successful they are, the more money you can earn.

While MLM companies like Modere may offer a wide range of products, most people tend to focus on recruiting because it offers the potential for lifetime passive income. In contrast, selling a product only offers a one-time commission.

It’s worth noting that people at the top of the MLM pyramid tend to make the most money because commissions trickle up. Conversely, those at the bottom tend to make the least. For this reason, the ultimate goal of someone working for a company like Modere is to build the largest possible downline.

In summary, Modere is an MLM company that offers the potential for significant income through recruiting others to join the business. If you’re considering joining Modere or any other MLM company, it’s essential to do your research and weigh the potential benefits and drawbacks carefully.

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Is Modere A Pyramid Scheme?

No, Modere is not a pyramid scheme. A pyramid scheme is an organization that promises its members money or services in exchange for recruiting others. However, the organization’s only source of income is from recruiting new members and soliciting more money from current members. This type of scheme is unsustainable and usually a scam because members lose money as the number of recruits increases.

Modere, on the other hand, is a legitimate company that sells various products, such as personal care and wellness items. Unlike pyramid schemes, Modere doesn’t rely solely on recruitment to make money. Members of the company can earn money by selling their products to customers.

Modere’s compensation plan is based on sales volume, and members earn commissions based on the products they sell. They can also earn bonuses by building a team of other members who sell products, but this is not the company’s main focus.

Watch the short video below to learn more:


How Modere Works: Making Money through Sales and Recruitment

If you’re interested in making money with Modere, there are two primary ways to do so: selling their products and recruiting new members. These are the most common methods of earning income in the company, but there are other benefits and bonuses available if you qualify for them.

However, it’s worth noting that the bonuses offered by Modere are often geared towards recruiting new members, rather than increasing sales. This can make things challenging for MLM members who simply want to run their own business without constantly searching for new recruits. The company encourages members to bring in more people, as this can increase their earnings.

When you join Modere, you earn a commission on the products you sell, as well as on any new members you recruit to the company. Even if the new member hasn’t made a purchase yet, you can still earn a bonus just for signing them up. To make things even easier, if you add more people to your team, they will be the ones to place orders with you.

One thing to keep in mind is that there are usually high sales goals to reach, even if you’re new to the company. These targets can be daunting, but adding more people to your team can help you meet them more easily. However, it’s important to note that the MLM business model isn’t sustainable in the long run, as eventually you’ll run out of people to recruit.

Overall, Modere can be a lucrative opportunity for those who are willing to put in the time and effort to sell products and recruit new members. Just remember to stay realistic about your goals and expectations, and be prepared to work hard to achieve them.

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Modere’s Compensation Plan

If you’re interested in earning money with Modere, you might be curious about how their compensation plan works. Unlike other MLM companies with complicated payment structures, Modere keeps it simple with seven ways to earn:

  1. Customer Pod Bonus: This pays you a commission of 10-36% for recruiting active customers, along with free product credits.
  2. Career Path: The more people you recruit, the higher you’ll rank, and the more bonuses you’ll receive. Check out the table below for more information on how to rank.
  3. Generational Unilevel: Senior consultants can earn 4-7% bonuses on eight generations of pay.
  4. 4 or More Bonus: Earn a 4% bonus if you build four or more “teams.”
  5. Team Builder Bonus: Achieve 1,800-240k points each month, and you could earn a bonus ranging from $100-$3,000.
  6. Promoter Development Bonus: Help your downline build their customer base, and you could earn $10-$300 a month.
  7. Leadership Development Bonus: As your downline members get promoted, you’ll earn commission bonuses.

To make money with Modere, all you need to do is sell their products and recruit people. It’s that simple!

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How Much Does It Cost To Join Modere?

If you’re interested in becoming a distributor with Modere, you’ll be referred to as a Social Marketer (SM). There are two types of SMs: Promoters and Builders.

Promoters are distributors who focus on promoting Modere products and earning commissions. Builders, on the other hand, can promote products and also recruit new distributors to earn commission on personal and downline product sales.

To become a Modere SM, you need to pay an enrollment fee of $39.99 and purchase at least 75 points worth of products. Each Modere product has a set number of points assigned to it, which are used to calculate various commissions.

Modere offers several options to help you reach the 75-point requirement. You can choose from XM Launch, Basic Packs, and Essential Kit Packs, which all have different point values. Once you’ve met the enrollment and product requirements, you’re all set to start promoting Modere products and earning commissions.

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Is Modere a Scam?

Legally speaking, Modere is not a scam. According to the Oxford Living Dictionary, a scam is defined as “a dishonest scheme; a fraud”. While Modere might not fit that exact definition, it’s worth noting that a majority of Modere representatives did not earn any money. While a few people do make money, it requires a lot of effort, and usually, they do so by recruiting aggressively.

Moreover, Modere has been known to make disingenuous and irresponsible marketing claims to recruit members, which is a big red flag for some people.

Reasons Why I Don’t Recommend Modere

Modere is a network marketing company that promises financial freedom through their MLM business model. However, before you sign up as a Modere affiliate, it’s important to consider the problems of joining. Here are some reasons why you should think twice before joining Modere.

The Good Reviews are Written by Modere’s Affiliates

While browsing the internet for Modere reviews, you might come across many positive reviews. However, it’s important to remember that most of these reviews are written by Modere affiliates who earn a commission for every new member they recruit. Therefore, their reviews are often biased and not trustworthy. So, it’s better to read reviews from non-affiliates before making any decision.

Very Few People Can Make Money With Modere

Success with MLM companies like Modere is difficult to achieve. According to statistics, 72.5 percent to 99.9 percent of MLM members lose money. The sales quotas that MLMs have require members to continuously sell products in order to remain active and eligible for commissions. As a result, many MLM members lose a significant amount of money before even recruiting one person into the company.

Losses From Modere Are Reframed As Investments

Modere uplines often reframe their financial losses as ‘investments’ in their business so as to keep their reps in an MLM scheme, dangling the carrot of future financial freedom. But the reality is that these are not investments. You are unlikely to get the money back, and the return on “investment” is negative in most cases.

Modere is a Cult

MLMs like Modere have a cult-like company culture that discourages critical thinking. MLM representatives who ask questions that deviate from the company’s narrative are chastised and even isolated. MLMs encourage reps to isolate themselves from anyone who questions their involvement. Those who leave an MLM are labeled as failures or bad people/influences, and reps are not allowed to contact them.

You May Need to Purchase Modere Products Yourself

If you don’t have a large network of friends, family, neighbors, and so on, you may have to buy products yourself each month. This can be a losing proposition and lead to significant financial losses.

Modere Products are Overpriced

Modere offers overpriced products, which can make it difficult to sell them compared to other brands that offer similar products but at lower prices. This is why most people who join MLMs focus on recruitment instead of selling actual products.

Modere’s MLM Business Model Has a Bad Reputation

Most people who join MLMs are left with nothing but regret and a lot of useless products that they were unable to sell. The distribution of commissions is skewed towards the top, with the majority of those in the top tier and pioneers making the most money. As a result, many people do not consider Modere to be a legitimate business opportunity.

Exaggerated Claims Of Income

Like any other MLM company, Modere makes exaggerated income claims, but in reality, very few people make a good living by promoting Modere. Modere’s low retention rate can also be discouraging, as less than 41% of its distributors are active. According to Modere’s payouts to distributors, over 99 percent of Modere distributors never make a profit.

Recruiting is Required to Succeed

Eight out of ten ways to earn money with Modere require recruiting. If you don’t recruit, you are destined to lose money at the end of the day. This puts a lot of pressure on members to recruit more people, which can be uncomfortable for many people.

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Pros of Joining Modere

A network of affiliates

When you join Modere, you become part of a network of affiliates who are also working to promote the company’s products. This means you can receive support and guidance from people who understand what it takes to succeed.

No inventory required

One of the great things about joining Modere is that you don’t need to keep inventory. Instead, you simply direct customers to the company’s website, and they take care of everything else. This makes the business very flexible and easy to manage.

Affordable products

Modere offers a range of products that are not prohibitively expensive. This means that they are accessible to a wide range of customers, which can make it easier for you to promote them.

Low start-up and ongoing costs

Joining Modere doesn’t require a significant financial investment. The start-up costs are low, and ongoing costs are also very reasonable. This can make it a great option for people who are looking for a low-risk way to start their own business.

Cons of Joining Modere

Early stages

Modere is still a relatively young company, which means that there may be some uncertainty about its future. While the company has experienced some success, there is no guarantee that it will continue to grow at the same pace.

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Final Verdict

After thorough analysis, I have come to the conclusion that Modere MLM is not the best option for making money. If you’re planning to join, be prepared for a tough time when you start prospecting and searching for recruiters to add to your Modere commission. One of the most challenging aspects of this business is having to ask your family and friends to join, which can be uncomfortable.

Furthermore, your upline will consistently urge you to purchase more Business Support Material, even if you’re struggling to find people to join your downline. Unfortunately, statistics show that you’re likely to lose more money than you make. In fact, according to a case study on the FTC’s website, 99% of people who join an MLM break even or lose money.

It’s understandable why many people leave these types of businesses since they feel immense pressure to succeed. 

Instead, I suggest considering starting your own online business. It’s an excellent way to earn money and enjoy a flexible schedule. Plus, you get to decide what to promote without anyone telling you what to do. I’ve been doing it for a year now, and it has enabled me to make a full-time income. Unlike MLM models, it’s 100% legitimate and sustainable. If you’re interested in starting an online business, I’ll be happy to share some tips with you.

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Is There a Better Way to Make Money Online?

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