How to Develop the Right MLM Mindset: 7 Keys to Success

Whatever road you choose, conquering your attitude comes first and foremost. An attitude of success is critical, and many people are unaware of how their pre-programmed mindsets are harming their achievements. These mindsets might be subconscious processes that lead to a poor and failing mindset.

You don’t have to be hungry to be in a poverty mindset; the subconscious programs may just be preventing you from attaining your full potential, or you may find yourself living paycheck to paycheck, barely able to pay the bills.

A poor mindset can affect how you interact with coworkers and sales prospects, causing your presentations to fall flat. Before venturing out on your own, it’s critical to have a positive mindset toward abundance and success.

In this article, we’ll share with the best tips to help you develop the right MLM mindset for success. 

1. Envision your dreamy end goal

Knowing where you’re heading is the first step toward managing your attitude! Because everyone’s answer is different, it doesn’t have to be lazing on a beach in Tahiti, but that certainly counts! Your ultimate goal could be to have an extra $2,000 per month. It may be a six-figure salary, or it could be becoming a seven-figure seller who achieves wealth beyond your wildest expectations.

Because the final objective is customizable, you don’t have to choose one today and be content with it for the rest of your life. However, it is critical to have a clear end goal in mind so that you know where you are going. One of the most common mistakes made by new business owners is not knowing where their customers are going.

2. Spend 10 minutes a day daydreaming

It is critical to teach yourself to accept that the final objective is achievable, that the outcomes you see are genuine, and that they are within your grasp. You must train your subconscious mind to accept this as a fact. Repetition is one method for accomplishing this.

Begin by devoting ten minutes each day to daydreaming about your ultimate goal. Imagine yourself achieving that objective, no matter how big or tiny it is. Another point to consider is that the subconscious acts more in the realms of dreams and sensations than in reasoning.

So instead of telling yourself, “I’m going to make an extra $2,000 a month,” imagine and experience how you’d live with that kind of change in your life. What would it be like to have all of your payments paid every month? You’ll be more relaxed and confident as a result. This mindset will begin to seep in, and you will begin to live the final outcome, making it more likely to occur.

And don’t forget to dream large – as big as you wish! People regularly earn seven figures through networking and multi-level marketing, and you can too. So, if your objective is to go full-time and push things to their limits, daydream about making money and living the type of lifestyle you choose, such as travel, great residences, and being able to give back financially to others.

3. List 3 things you want to achieve

It’s one thing to dream, but the next step is to set specific goals and achieve them in real life. Begin by looking at where you are now and what the end goal is, and then start breaking down what you need to do in order to reach the end goal in concrete steps. 

The steps should be broken down in such a fashion that reaching intermediate goals is relatively simple, especially at first. For example, if you are totally brand new to multi-level marketing, your first goal could be to check out five multi-level marketing companies and do research on each company, learning what products they sell, what their payment structure is, what kind of training and support they offer, and how much you can make from recruiting others.

The near-term goals should also include specific outcomes that take you closer to your ultimate goal in concrete steps. They should also include deadlines. For example, you should make a goal to be active with one of the multi-level marketing companies within 2 weeks. 

The time frame is only for the purposes of illustration, but you should not choose a time frame longer than that because one problem people have with striking out on their own is putting things off. In fact, most people procrastinate when it comes to launching their own business to the point where it never gets done. So you need to be proactive about getting things done in short time frames to ensure you don’t end up being one of those people who will start a multi-level marketing business “one of these days”.

The power of three is a great way to set goals. Start off by setting three concrete goals you know you can achieve in the next 14 days, and keep them in a journal or logbook where you can track your progress.

4. Give yourself a pep talk

It seems silly to many people but giving yourself a pep talk to keep your head up is important, especially in the beginning when you’re going to face obstacles, make mistakes, and possibly see some failures. 

The best salespeople are always upbeat and optimistic, and it is important to keep yourself in that frame of mind no matter what types of problems come up. You can include some affirmations in your pep talk. Remember to say them repeatedly so that they move into your subconscious mind and become emotional states that in turn act outwardly improving your results. Some examples:

  • I feel the wealth that is going to be part of my life.
  • I am a champion!
  • I approach people in a warm, friendly, and likable way.
  • I have a prosperity mindset.
  • I want to build success and share it with others.
  • I am trustworthy and will provide support to my networking team.
  • I can learn anything and will master any training I need to be a successful network marketer.
  • I care about other people.
  • I sell products that make other people’s lives better.
  • I will share my wealth and help make other people wealthy.
  • I will attract prospects who are dedicated to helping others as much as they are dedicated to building their own wealth.
  • I am happy and dedicate myself to the service of others.

The last affirmation is especially important. SERVICE TO OTHERS is one of the most important mindsets you can adapt for any business, and that is true for network and multi-level marketing as well. The more you dedicate to service for others, the more you will be personally rewarded as well, not only in financial wealth but with a network of supportive people who know you are someone they can count on and trust. When it comes to building wealth, you are paid in proportion to the amount of service that you provide others. Maximize the amount of service you offer and your income will increase.

These affirmations are only suggestions, you can create many of your own that you think will help you reach your goals. Say them at least five times per day. Repetition is vitally important when it comes to making something part of your subconscious.

5. Hold yourself accountable

While pep talks, dreaming, and affirmations are all important, without real action in the real world, we get nowhere. That’s why it’s important to hold yourself accountable. If you set goals and don’t achieve them within a specified time frame, then what is the point?

Begin by writing a personal mission statement – this is your dreamy end goal. Again, it can be as big or as small as needed to fit your personal situation and where you want to go.

Then, list the 3 things you want to achieve in writing. These should then be broken down into sub-goals that are easy to achieve. List specific time frames to achieve each sub-goal. Sub-goals can even be broken down into daily to-do lists, the more you break things down the more you ensure that you are taking steps toward the end goal.

At the end of each week, review your performance. Which sub-goals for the week were not met, or were met in an unsatisfactory fashion? Identify them and note the reasons why you failed.

Holding yourself accountable means really making things right. Therefore, you need to take action to respond to a goal that wasn’t met. Here is an example – suppose that someone gave you a certain amount of money to budget for a business goal, but you totally blew it. Is standing up and saying “I take responsibility for this” holding yourself accountable, or is doing that and cutting a check to pay the money back holding yourself accountable? It’s the latter. When you hold yourself accountable, there need to be real-world consequences for doing so.

6. Pay attention to your thoughts

Remember we are all a collection of microprograms in our subconscious minds, many of which were put there starting at birth. It can be difficult to undo the negative programs that govern our lives while we aren’t even really aware of it. Most of us go through our day with thoughts that arise from these micro- programs without really paying attention to them. Start by paying attention to your thoughts and become consciously aware of any negative thoughts you are having that may keep you from meeting your goals. Then take action by replacing those thoughts with positive thoughts that will help you meet your goals instead.

7. Stay curious

The most successful people in life are those that remain curious. People often think of curiosity as a characteristic of children, but in fact, it’s a characteristic of leaders. The world is constantly changing and lifelong learners are going to be the ones who attain the most success. Curiosity also cuts across all aspects of life, a successful multi-level marketer is curious about the needs of their prospects and their associates and is eager to learn.

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