Mind Models in the Law of Attraction

Trinity of Mind

Law of Attraction is a collaboration between the conscious, subconscious, and superconscious mind.

It’s a collaboration between thoughts, feelings, and actions. It’s a collaboration between body, mind, and spirit.

When we speak of mind, we usually think of the brain.

The mind is not the brain. The mind is unseen, unphysical. It uses the physical brain, but it’s not contained there. The mind is everywhere, including each cell of your body.

Your mind is broken down into three distinct parts, each playing an important role in your life.

  • The conscious mind
  • The subconscious mind 
  • The superconscious mind

Your conscious and subconscious mind are unique and personal to you, whereas the superconscious mind is impersonal and connects all the minds in the universe.

Let’s start with the conscious and subconscious mind, then we’ll explore the superconscious.

According to cognitive neuroscientists, 5% of your mind is conscious awareness, the remaining 95% is subconscious. We do not know the exact percentage for certain.

Your subconscious mind is more powerful than anyone can comprehend. It influences most of your conscious thoughts and behaviors.

Conscious Mind

The conscious mind is working right now as you read this. It is the part of you fully aware of what is going on right now. Choices and decisions are made by the conscious mind.

Functions of the Conscious Mind

  • Short-term Memory – This is the memory we refer to throughout the day as we function. You use this when making your to do list and remembering your appointments.
  • It’s Analytical– It can evaluate facts and data, it solves math problems, and helps you with spelling.
  • Makes Decisions– Should I call them? Should I buy this? What am I going to wear?
  • Willpower – Today I will eat healthy. Just one more push up. I will get up on time.

A special note on willpower is that it is only there to get you through the short- term. You will usually fail at making permanent changes by will-power alone because it’s completely overpowered by your subconscious programming.

Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind controls all your habits and emotions. The subconscious mind can be compared to a computer that stores the data for all the experiences you’ve ever had. It is unlike the conscious in that it does not analyze or rationalize. You are communicating with the subconscious mind when you dream.

Functions of the Subconscious Mind

  • Autonomic Nervous System — The ANS affects heart rate, digestion, respiration, pupils, arousal, and virtually every automatic function of the body.
  • Servant — The subconscious mind will do whatever we command it to do. The only limits are those we assign to it based on what we think is possible.
  • Emotions — When you feel anxiety, anger, or fear, these experiences are at the subconscious level of mind. Love, happiness and peace is also generated by chemical responses within your subconscious mind.
  • Habits/Programs — We develop our programs and habits through experiencing daily life; also, through repetition. An example of a program is learning to drive. When you first learned to drive, you had to be extremely aware. Now that you have driven thousands of times, it is ingrained in your subconscious mind and you don’t even think about it anymore. Imagination/Creativity/Intuition — When you get an extraordinary thought, a new idea, a hunch about something, you are in touch with the creative part of your subconscious mind.
  • Long-Term Memory — Our subconscious mind stores every experience you have ever had. It remembers everything about your entire life history. Even old, forgotten memories, still reside at the subconscious and may even be influencing your thoughts and behaviors to this very day!

There is one other part of the mind to make special note of here called the critical factor.

Critical Factor

To put it simply, it prevents you and protects you from haphazardly making wildly dramatic changes within your subconscious mind.

The key to changing the subconscious programming is getting past the pearly gates of the good ole critical factor, and this can be awfully tricky!

The best way is by getting the mind into a very relaxed, yet aware state, where you are sweet-talking the gatekeeper to let you pass.

Superconscious Mind

The superconscious mind has been referred to as the collective conscious or infinite intelligence.

You’ve heard of the sixth sense before. If you’ve ever experienced that phenomenon where you get that gut instinct, you’ve been touched by the superconscious mind. Suddenly you receive a flash of inspiration, an idea, or a hunch. That is the communication which comes from the superconscious mind.

The superconscious mind is where all creative imagination and intuitive guidance exists.

Every mind on the planet is connected at this level of mind. It is the source of all knowledge.

The very best ideas ever created came from the superconscious mind. Every great inventor, genius, or artist either knowingly or unknowingly taps into this intelligence to solve any problem they are working on.

Your connection to the superconscious mind, is through the subconscious mind. Here’s an example of how it works:

You might be in self-hypnosis, visualizing with strong emotion about your desire.

Not every thought is strong enough to enter the realm of the superconscious.

Mere words, which have no emotion, just wont do.

Only clear thoughts, which are highly charged with emotions can enter the realm of the superconscious.

Now, in what would appear to be an entirely unrelated situation, there’s some other person out there in this vast universe, who has had a thought at one time or another, which just so happens to BE the perfect idea you need to act on. This thought is out there at the superconscious level.

At some point later, you receive an idea, seemingly out of the blue, which you feel the urge to act upon. That is the superconscious way of communicating with you.

Now you need to act. That is how you will strengthen your connection with the superconscious.

Brainwave Cycles

Whether you’re deeply asleep or fully awake, your brain is busy with activity. Your brain is a buzz with millions of little messengers, called electrical neurons which are sending signals back and forth, which contain important information.

Some of these signals tend to repeat frequently and so brainwave patterns are formed.

In neuroscience, there are five distinct brain wave frequencies, namely Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta and the lesser known Gamma.

Understanding how your brainwaves function allows you to use your brain more effectively. It also helps to distinguish the qualities of each state, so you can enter the best level of brainwave frequency that will facilitate the experience you want.


Conscious Mind – Awake – Alert – Optimal state for focus, goal setting, creating affirmations

Frequency: 12 – 30Hz

Beta brainwaves are the second fastest and highest frequency brainwaves. They occur when we are fully conscious, aware, and focused.

You’re in a beta state when you are in a state of increased alertness. This may include times when you are having an active conversation, playing sports, giving a presentation, or interviewing for a job. When you are at a beta level, you experience your mind being very sharp. You’re able to think fast and act decisively. Beta waves stimulate concentration and problem-solving ability.


Gateway to the subconscious mind: Optimal state for visualization, meditation, and repeating affirmations

Frequency: 7.5 – 12 Hz

Alpha brainwaves are a bit slower, bringing about feelings of calm, relaxation, and well-being. At this state, you are semi-conscious. You’re not sleeping, but you’re also not very attentive to your environment. You can think of this state as those times when your mind is elsewhere, like when you start to zone out and daydream. You may even notice answers to problems may occur to you during this time.

Being in the alpha state is a pleasant, almost euphoric feeling. Because your mind is relaxed, it’s a helpful and easy state you’ll almost automatically access, whenever you are meditating or visualizing.


Subconscious mind –- Light sleep: Optimal state for meditation and hypnosis Frequency: 4 – 7.5 Hz

Theta is an elusive, very DEEP and slow brainwave state, which is somewhere between that point when you are so relaxed, almost asleep, but not quite.

With theta brainwaves, you can access a profound state of meditation or contemplation.

You may see vivid imagery while in theta and you might even feel like you are floating away from consciousness.

Theta waves can enhance creativity, reduce stress, awaken your intuition, and even help you develop your extrasensory perception. Some of the best ideas may come to you when you are relaxing here.

When entering this slower and deeper theta frequency state, your mind has disengaged from your logical and aware conscious mind. It becomes very creative and imaginative.

You are also most receptive to suggestions in theta, and therefore, they will more easily enter your subconscious mind.

If the theta state of mind helped Albert Einstein tap into his own inner brilliance, just IMAGINE what it could do for you!

The possibilities are limitless.


Unconscious – Access to Superconscious – Sleep. Optimal state for sleeping and restoring your physical body.

0.1 – 4 Hz

Delta waves are the slowest, lowest frequency. Anything slower than that and well … you don’t want to know.

It’s extremely hard to stay conscious in this state, therefore you may enter a state that is beyond your consciousness.

This brainwave pattern has been detected in deeper meditative states and some say it may be a portal to the realm of the superconscious.

Delta waves naturally occur during deep, dreamless sleep. Some people claim you can access the delta state while still consciously aware.

One of the many reasons sleep is so important is because when these slower brainwave frequencies are emitted, and you experience complete loss of awareness, these frequencies have a restorative and healing effect on the physical body and revitalize your brain.


Ultra-Consciousness – Bliss State – Access to Superconscious

40 – 100 Hz

Gamma waves are typically experienced by the most practiced meditators, such as nuns or monks. They’re also linked to peak mental and physical states athletes experience when they’re “in the zone.”

Any way that you get to this state, they are a sacred feeling and a shift in your overall state of consciousness.

You are feeling pure bliss, ecstasy, joy for life, love, and compassion. Think of an intensely divine orgasm, that felt spiritual. That is a gamma brain wave experience.

Neuroscientists say you can produce more gamma brainwaves by focusing on feeling love and compassion. It certainly won’t hurt you one bit to start focusing more on those feelings, would it?

Cognitive Behavior Triangle

Did you ever wonder why it’s so hard to break a bad habit? Here’s one reason.

Your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are all part of a cycle which are connected. One part of the cycle effects the other.

Here’s how it works: An event happens…


Which Makes you FEEL (Y)

And Makes you ACT (Z)

The ACT (Z), then reinforces your thoughts (X) and you Feel (Y)

This automatic cycle is designed to make your life easier.

Except when your thoughts are counterproductive to what you want to experience.

Your brain houses a vast network of about 100 billion neurons. Neurons are passing signals to each other, via as many as 1,000 trillion synaptic connections. These signals are how you automatically remember to press the brake pedal when you come to a red light. It’s instant. You don’t have to think about it.

At the level of your neural network, a signal is passed from one neuron that represents the red light, to another neuron which signifies stop, by way of chemicals, known as neurotransmitters.

The more often the message gets sent back and forth between these neurons, the more deeply ingrained that association becomes.

This can be positive, and in cases where you are trying to break a habit or form a new habit, it can become a very negative thing.

For example:

For this case, we’ll use your alarm clock going off as the event.

If, when you’re alarm goes off, you think, “I’m so tired, I don’t want to get up yet.”

That thought is going to cause you to experience this feeling of being tired.

This feeling will most likely result in pushing the snooze button.

Each time you press the snooze button (take that action) you are reinforcing this behavior. At the neural level, you are literally connecting the event of the alarm going off with the action of pressing the snooze button every time you do it.

So, how do you change this?

You must intervene between what you think and the resulting action.

If you were to think in a new positive way, such as, “I love getting out of bed,”

“I’m ready to start my day,” or “I have lots of exciting things to accomplish today, let’s go!” Those thoughts cause you to experience a new feeling, such as motivated.

When you feel motivated, you’re more inclined to get out of bed, rather than pressing snooze.

Over time, the neural network learns the new behavior and it becomes the new automatic behavior.

As you simply become more aware of what thoughts are triggering the result, you can change those thoughts, which change your feelings. Your actions will change and so will your results.

Be, Do, Have

I want to share a model for life which will support you in attracting everything you want to attract with Law of Attraction.

I’m talking about flipping the switch on the most common approach to life.

You see, many people go through life with an approach that goes something like this:

If I DO this, then I will HAVE that, and then I will BE.

Example: If I work hard, then I will have lots of money, and then I will be happy.

Or, another approach people have is:

When I HAVE this, then I will DO that, and then I will BE.

When I have more energy, then I will go to the gym, then I will be confident.

In both approaches, your BEING is depending on something external to you, a future circumstance, which you feel must be in place for you to feel a certain way.

You’re choosing not to experience the state of being you want. The dilemma with this approach to life is this…

You can never BE anything because of an outer circumstance.

Once you do HAVE the money, the money isn’t going to make you BE happy. You may experience temporary pleasure or satisfaction but money, in and of itself, can never make you be permanently happy.

Now, here’s the truth about states of being. Whether it’s happy, successful, peaceful, love, confident, or whatever other state you think having your desires fulfilled is going to make you feel, you don’t require those things first in order to experience those states of being. You have access to those states right now. Nothing else external needs to take place for you to be happy. You can choose it right now.

What’s important to understand about this is the very essence of what Law of Attraction is about. Law of Attraction and the results you want to produce from it are attracted to who you are, your beingness. So, if you are waiting to be something before you get something, you’re going to be waiting a pretty long time. The sooner you can get yourself to experience the state of being you think the fulfillment of your desires will magically put into you, the sooner you can have your desires.

Be, Do, Have is an approach to life that puts you more in control of your life and how you perceive it.

You must BE. Then you will DO. And then you will HAVE.

Begin now, being the person, you dream of being. Do the things that person does. Eventually, you will have everything that is in alignment with who you are being.

If you want to attract abundance into your life, for example, experience the feeling abundance brings. Be happy, be peaceful, be content. From that beingness, you do. You take the actions necessary from the state of abundance. Naturally, you draw in the resources for and eventually the outcome you desired to have in the first place.

This model works the same no matter what it is you are trying to attract into your life, be it love, money, or health.

This is a paradigm shift that needs to take place before you can ever manifest the life of your dreams.

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