Meek Mill Net Worth 2022 – Girlfriend, Income, House, Car

With income from rapping, singing, composing and producing records, Meek Mill has amassed a net worth of $20 Million as of 2022.

Robert Rihmeek Williams, better known as Meek Mill, is a popular American hip-hop artist who began his musical journey through rap battles and is now one of the richest and most popular musicians.

His rap group ‘The Bloodhoundz’ became a rage in rap battle circles across America and Meek gained quite a name in the early stages of his career thanks to his rap group.

The first big break for Mill came in 2008 when he signed a contract for his very first recording with Atlanta-based rapper T.I.. Meek moved from label to label several times in his career to find the best workspace and creative freedom.

He moved to Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group, the label that later released Mill’s first studio album titled ‘Dreams and Nightmares’, which perfectly demonstrated Meek’s great talent.

Shortly after, he released his second studio album, ‘Young and Gettin It’, which hit #2 on the Billboard charts and opened up a new world of fame and fortune for Meek.

He entered the music business with his own label ‘Dream Chasers Records’ and now promotes young talents through this label.

Today we’re going to discuss how much money Meek Mill has and how he builds his net worth.

At the end of this article, we will also tell you how to get rich like Meek Mill. So be sure to read to the end.

Meek Mill Net Worth 2022

Meek Mill has an estimated net worth of $20 Million in 2022. His major source of income is his YouTube channel. He has made much of his net worth from rapping, singing, composing and producing records. Besides music, Meek Mill also earns his money from advertising contracts and other ventures.

Meek Mill is a rapper and songwriter from South Philadelphia. Before joining T.I.’s Grand Hustle Records and Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group, he was a battle rapper.

Since 2003, he has been one of the most famous rappers in the industry. He rose to fame after signing with T.I.’s record label in 2011. Shortly after, he released a series of popular songs and albums that further increased his popularity.

Mill has released four albums and toured three times, one as a co-headliner and two as a solo artist. He sold over 414,000 copies of albums, which earned him $4.5 million. Two of his platinum singles, All Eyes on You and R.I.C.O, sold a million copies each, but he has released 20 singles over the years. 

Meek earned $15 million between September 2017 and September 2018. This makes him one of the 20 highest paid rappers in the world. He also has advertising contracts with Amazon and Puma. Between September 2018 and September 2019, he earned $20 million. Moreover, he earns $30K per show.

To calculate the net worth of Meek Mill, subtract all his liabilities from his total assets. Investments, savings, cash deposits, and any equity he has in a house, car, or other similar asset are included in the total assets. All debts, such as student loans and credit card debt, are included in total liabilities.

Here’s the breakdown of his net worth:

Name: Meek Mill
Net Worth: $20 Million
Monthly Salary: $140,000+
Annual Income: $1.5 Million+
Source of Wealth: Rapper, Songwriter

Meek Mill Net Worth Last 5 Years

Net Worth 2022: $20 Million
Net Worth 2021: $19 Million
Net Worth 2020: $17 Million
Net Worth 2019: $15 Million
Net Worth 2018: $12 Million

How Did Meek Mill Build His Net Worth?

Meek Mill earns most of his income from album sales and touring. In addition to music, he also earns money from celebrity endorsements. He has been promoting Puma products since 2012. 

The main reason why Meek Mill became rich was his inspiration to become a successful rapper. He has stated several times that he was influenced by many rappers, including Young Jeezy, Clipse, Trick Daddy, Jay-Z, Juelz Santana and Lil Wayne

Meek Mill began his career in 2003 when he formed the rap group ‘The Bloodhoundz’ with three of his friends. After releasing four mixtapes, other rappers and record labels started showing interest in him. Meek Mill signed with Grand Hustle Records and T.I. gave him the opportunity to go on tour with him. 

The mixtapes “The Real Me” and “The Real Me 2” were his very first studio releases in 2006.

After releasing several mixtapes, he became rich, which led to several record deals. 

From 2008 to 2010, he released four mixtapes titled “Flamers”, “Flamers 2”, “Flamers 2.5” and “Flamers 3”. After releasing his first mixtape in 2009, he was signed to Grand Hustle by the famous artist and producer T.I.. He became not only rich but also famous after signing the contract with Grand Hustle.

Meek Mill gained more attention through his mixtapes Dreamchasers, Dreamchasers 2 and Dreamchasers 3. Mill and the Grand Hustle label did not work out despite the successful mixtapes and soon the rapper signed with another record label. In 2011, he was signed to Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group.

Now, let’s take a closer look at how Meek Mill built his net worth in detail.

How Much Money Does Meek Mill Make From Music, Albums and Tours?

First, Meek Mill makes the most money from his music, albums and tours. His four studio albums have all been commercial successes. 

In addition to album sales, Meek Mills earns money from concert tours. The singer has completed two headlining tours, including the Dreamchasers Tour in 2012 and the Motivation Tour in 2019, as well as a co-headlining tour with Future in 2019.

How Much Money Does Meek Mill Make From Record Production?

Second, Record production is another major source of income for Meek Mill, and the rapper announced the launch of his record label Dream Chasers Records on October 26, 2012. Lee Mazin, Goldie and Louie V Gutta were among the label’s flagship artists.

On July 24, 2019, Dream Chasers Records was officially launched as a joint venture with Jay Z’s Roc Nation. Mill became the president of the label. His duties included overseeing operations in a New York office and running a recording studio for artists signed to the label.

How Much Money Does Meek Mill Make From Endorsement Deals?

Third, Meek Mill makes a lot of money from brand endorsements. He has only been in the industry for a short time, but he has already landed several lucrative advertising contracts. Puma, Skull Candy and Monster Energy are just some of the brands he has worked with so far.

He has reportedly earned over $1 million from his advertising contracts alone. It’s important to note that Mill handles some of these advertising contracts through his YouTube channel. This means that in addition to sponsored ads, Mill also makes money from YouTube monetized videos. 

According to reports, his YouTube channel has more than 4.96 million subscribers and generates about $180,000 in revenue per year.

How Much Are Meek Mill’s Cars Worth?

A collection of luxury cars is also part of Meek Mill’s fortune. The collection includes a Maybach, an Aston Martin Rapide, a Bentley Mulsanne, a Mercedes S-Class and a Rolls Royce Ghost.

What Houses Does Meek Mill Own?

A Beverly Hills mansion was rented to Meek and Nicki Minaj for $35,000 a month in 2016. The former residence of Frank Sinatra was built on the site in 2008.

The 10,340-square-foot home offers panoramic views of the city and mountains. It features a two-story foyer, a fireplace in the living room and arched French doors that lead outside.

In addition to the eight bedrooms, the home has an eat-in kitchen, a wood-lined library with built-ins, a formal dining room and a family room. The outdoor space offers a swimming pool and spa, as well as a barbecue grill.

Meek bought his grandmother a home in December 2019.

Meek Mill’s Early Life

Meek Mill was born Robert Rihmeek Williams on June 6, 1987 in South Philadelphia to Kathy Williams and her husband. Meek has a sister named Nasheema Williams. His father died when he was just 5 years old, which shook him emotionally and impoverished his family, as they had no sources of income.

After his father’s death, Meek moved to North Philadelphia with his mother and sister in search of a better life. They rented a three-bedroom apartment that they could barely afford, and to make ends meet, his mother cut hair and occasionally shoplifted.

Meek was a shy and quiet child growing up, and he saw his mother go through many hardships to support his family. However, he became friends with one of his father’s closest friends, who happened to be a famous DJ in the Philadelphia underground music scene. Meek often accompanied him and was greatly influenced by the rush that music created in his veins, and that was when he began to think about a career in music.

Mills became active in the underground rap battle scene, working on his lyrics at night. The Bloodhoundz were formed when he and two of his best friends got together and started burning their songs into CDs and keeping their dreams alive through their teenage years.

Meek Mill’s Controversies

Meek’s release of his single ‘Dreams and Nightmares’ earned him much love and respect from fans, but a Philadelphia pastor accused Meek of portraying religion in a bad light in the lyrics of ‘Amen,’ a song from the album.

Meek later said that it was a rap song and that a lot of bad things are always said in rap music. He added that he did not want to hurt any religious feelings and only wrote what he felt like at that moment.

American rappers are known for the feuds they have from time to time. Meek, too, has had his share of them. Throughout his career, he has tangled with Cassidy, Drake, The Game, Beanie Siegel, Kendrick Lamar and 50 Cent.

Meek Mill’s Personal Life and Girlfriend

Meek Mills began dating Nicki Minaj in early 2015, as soon as he got out of prison for a parole violation. He also accompanied her on her world tour that same year and they were constantly seen together.

In January 2017, it was reported that the two had split. Since then, Meek has remained single.

How Much Does Meek Mill Make a Year?

According to some reports, Meek Mill’s annual income is over $$1.5 Million.

FAQs About Meek Mill

How rich is Meek Mill?

As per the record of media, Meek Mill’s net worth is estimated to be around $20 Million in 2022.

How tall is Meek Mill?

Meek Mill is 6 ft (1.83 m) tall.

How old is Meek Mill?

Meek Mill was born May 6, 1987, in South Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States, He is 35 years old as of 2022.

What is the real name of Meek Mill?

His real name is Robert Rihmeek Williams, he is better known by his stage name Meek Mill.

Meek Mill Quotes

“I don’t think I would change really anything about rap. Rap don’t have no limits to it, and I like it like that.”– Meek Mill.


“When you do ten interviews in one day, and ten different sources want to talk to you, that means you’re doing good. I think about that every day.”

– Meek Mill.


“Know they’d kill me in my hood, but I just keep on comin’ through.”

– Meek Mill.


“I just do whatever I feel. Whatever the beat makes me say, I do that and I run with that.”

– Meek Mill.


“What’s free? Free is when nobody else could tell us what to be. Free is when the TV ain’t controllin’ what we see.”

– Meek Mill.


“If you don’t stand for nothing, you gon’ fall for something.”

– Meek Mill.


“I don’t want to just be fully rapping my whole life.”

– Meek Mill.


“When I’m not in the booth, I’m one of the most laid-back guys. But growing up, I liked DMX, Jay-Z, 50 Cent, and T.I. dudes that went all out on the track. My first songs were energetic because I liked their energy.”

– Meek Mill.


“Remember, nobody never believed in us. When they see us now, they can’t believe it’s us, no.”

– Meek Mill.


“It’s cool when people know you more, but I like people to treat me regular when they see me.”

– Meek Mill.

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