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Markiplier Net Worth

Markiplier has an estimated net worth of $35 million. Mark Edward Fischbach, better known as Markiplier, is a well-known American YouTube star, entertainer, social media personality, and ‘Let’s Play’ star. He earns most of his income from his YouTube channel and movies.

He is well-known for his YouTube channel’markiplierGAME,’ where he posts action video games, indie games, and gameplay commentary videos. He is best known for his various playthroughs of horror and indie games such as ‘Slender: The Eight Pages,’ the ‘Five Nights at Freddy’s’ series, ‘Garry’s Mod,’ and ‘Amnesia: The Dark Descent’ and its sequel.

Wilford Warfstache, his most well-known alter ego or ‘the other self,’ arose from one of his sketch comedy videos, in which he usually collaborated with Cyndago. Warfstache has become a representative of his YouTube channel, which is the 22nd most subscribed to channel on this video-sharing website, with over 19 million subscribers.

His massive fan base can also be seen in his over 10.4 million followers on Instagram and over 13.7 million followers on Twitter. In 2015, he was ranked sixth on a list of the 20 most influential celebrities among teenagers in the United States. As of this writing, Markiplier has over 30 million subscribers and 17 billion views on his YouTube channel.

To calculate the net worth of Markiplier, subtract all his liabilities from his total assets. Investments, savings, cash deposits, and any equity he has in a house, car, or other similar asset are included in the total assets. All debts, such as personal loans and mortgages, are included in total liabilities.

Here’s the breakdown of his net worth:

Name: Markiplier
Net Worth: $35 Million
Monthly Salary: $600,000 
Annual Income: $10 Million per year
Source of Wealth: YouTuber, podcaster

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The Meteoric Rise To Stardom on YouTube

On May 26, 2012, this famous YouTuber, who once aspired to be a voice actor, created a channel titled ‘Markiplier’ on this video-sharing website. He began with a playthrough of the video game ‘Amnesia: The Dark Descent,’ and then moved on to other game series such as ‘Dead Space,’ and ‘Penumbra.’ However, at the time, YouTube banned his AdSense account, forcing him to create a new channel. His new YouTube channel, titled ‘MarkiplierGAME,’ is currently one of the most popular.

In December 2012, he collaborated with fellow YouTubers Daniel Kyre and Ryan Magee on the YouTube channel ‘Cyndago,’ which was later joined by Matt Watson from Maker Studios. The channel that disbanded after Kyre’s untimely death in September 2015 was known for its music videos and, more importantly, for its sketches with a comical and satirical tone. Many of the channel’s original songs featured Fischbach. ‘MarkiplierGAME’ grew in popularity over time, and by October 2015, his channel had 10 million subscribers.

He joined the board of ‘Red Giant Entertainment,’ a comic book publisher and transmedia entertainment company, in November 2014. He continued to co-host the 2015 South by Southwest (SXSW) Gaming Awards with voice actress Janet Varney. Throughout his career, he has worked with many people, including fellow YouTubers PewDiePie, Jacksepticeye, and LordMinion777, as well as celebrities Jimmy Kimmel and Jack Black.

His popularity can be gauged by the response to three videos he posted from his hospital bed in March 2015 regarding an emergency surgery he underwent to remove a blockage in his intestine, a sudden exigency that arose while he was visiting his hometown. The videos featuring his announcement and updates on the surgery have received over 5 million views!

Movies and TV Shows

Markiplier dove into acting when he starred in the American science fiction comedy “Smosh: The Movie” (2015), directed by Alex Winter, and in other television and web series such as “Table Flip” (2013, 2014), “Grumpcade” (2015) and “Gamer’s Guide to Pretty Much Everything” (2016). Fischbach was also featured in the 2015 YouTube Rewind video series.

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Personal Life and Family

He was born on June 28, 1989, in O’ahu, Hawaii, at an Air Force base. His father was in the military. He dropped out of his biomedical engineering studies at the University of Cincinnati to pursue a career as a YouTuber.


Since Markiplier is rich, he owns some luxurious cars. Let’s take a look at his car collection.

Markiplier Car Collection Price (USD)
BMW 3-Series Convertible $59,800
Audi A7 $88,900
Range Rover $135,670

1. BMW 3-Series Convertible ($59,800)

The 3 Series has a new, improved design with the brand’s latest technology and more refined luxury. It features a 255-horsepower turbocharged four-cylinder and a 385-horsepower turbocharged six-cylinder, as well as a new plug-in hybrid model with rear-wheel or all-wheel drive and an eight-speed automatic transmission.

2. Audi A7 ($88,900)

The Audi A7 is between the Audi A6, which is a great luxury car with a sporty feel, and the Audi A8, which is the most luxurious Audi you can buy. The Audi A7 looks and drives well, and its hatchback design makes it much more practical.

3. Range Rover ($135,670)

This SVA is a full-fledged Range Rover, and it is also the most expensive Range Rover produced. Range is mostly used by famous personalities, businessmen and other wealthy people. Autobiography is all about being well off and living in a very nice place. The SVA is powered by a 4999 cc supercharge eight-cylinder engine that makes 557 HP. The Range Rover also features a long wheelbase that makes the rear seats even more comfortable and gives passengers more legroom.

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Markiplier paid $4 million for Donald Glover’s home in La Caada Flintridge, Los Angeles, in April 2021. Three bedrooms, floor-to-ceiling windows, a swimming pool and a cabana are among the features of the 3,279-square-foot home. In 2016, Glaver purchased the home for $2.7 million and hired designer Barbara Bestor to renovate the house.


Amy began dating Markiplier in late 2015, where she made her first official appearance in 2016 by accompanying Mark to VidCon.

FAQs About Markiplier

How tall is Markiplier?

Markiplier is 5ft 8 ¾ (174.6 cm) tall. 

How old is Markiplier?

Markiplier was born on June 28, 1989. He is 32 years old as of June 9, 2022. 

Favorite Markiplier Quotes

“What I do is temporary but what I leave behind is forever.” 


“Sometimes you must reach beyond yourself to reach yourself within.. yourself.” 


“Life is hard, should you be too?” 


“You are important, never forget that.” 


“You do you, and I’ll do me,and we won’t do each other, probably.” 


“It’s like a car crash… you can’t look away.” 


“What rhymes with axe? MORE axe!” 

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