Recession Proof Xtreme Review: Marcus Barney Him500 Scam?

I recently discovered Marcus Barney, also known as Him500, a leading figure in the financial literacy movement within the African American community. His Recession Proof Xtreme program is designed to teach strategies for improving credit and generating capital for investments.

As someone passionate about investments, I’ve spent hours researching Marcus Barney’s course to gain a deeper understanding of how he generates income.

Marcus not only focuses on credit repair but also shares insights into various investment opportunities. He emphasizes the importance of fixing your credit before venturing into these investments, highlighting the need for a solid financial foundation.

In this review, I’ll cover details about Marcus, his programs, his collaboration with EYL University, and my assessment of the legitimacy of his teachings.

Towards the end of the review, I’ll also reveal a better alternative that has personally helped me establish a full-time passive income online.

How Does Marcus Barney Him500’s Recession Proof Xtreme Help You Make Money?

Marcus Barney’s Him500 Recession Proof Xtreme is his brand focused on financial literacy. It offers training on repairing credit and securing funding for small businesses. In addition, you’ll gain insights into budgeting tips.

Originally, Recession Proof Xtreme hosted multiple courses, including Tradeline Business, Personal And Business Funding, and Strategies And Luxury Car Hacks. Currently, it offers one course and a free mini video series.

Marcus also conducts a monthly 2-day live masterclass, Build Your Business Bootcamp, in Atlanta, Georgia, which is priced similarly to the Financial Literacy Class.

Importantly, Recession Proof Xtreme has shifted to the EYL University platform.

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Marcus Barney Him500 Recession Proof Xtreme

How is The Training Structured?

If you want to know what exactly you can learn from Recession Proof X, here’s a brief overview for you.

The course has 4 sections plus some bonuses. Let’s take a look at each section.

Financial Literacy

This is the first section of the course. You will learn how to fix your credit.

Here are the topics covered in this section:

  • Clean up your credit report in under 60 days
  • Get your credit to over 750
  • Starting a credit repair business
  • How to automate your credit repair business

Financial Literacy

Tradeline Business

This second section of the course covers tradeline business.

Selling tradelines is when you authorize someone else to use your credit card. Essentially you are allowing them to build credit off your good credit. You get paid for this.

Here are the topics covered in this section:

  • The best credit cards for tradeline businesses
  • How to avoid fraud from occurring
  • Risk management in tradeline businesses
  • How to grow your tradeline business

Tradeline Business

Personal And Business Funding 

This section is about securing credit and getting low interest rates.

Personal And Business Funding 

Strategies And Luxury Car Hacks

You will learn how to travel cheaply and how to lease luxury cars without spending a lot of money in this section. It is not about business at all.

Strategies And Luxury Car Hacks


Apart from the core training above, you will be given some bonus training materials.

Here are the bonus you will get when you pay for Recession Proof Xtreme:

  • Credit repair Ebook
  • Weekly group coaching calls
  • Facebook ads training
  • Social media marketing masterclass

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Who is Marcus Barney Him500?

Marcus Barney, also known as Him500, is an American entrepreneur and financial strategist. He’s the brains behind Recession Proof, a business focused on financial literacy. His main source of income comes from selling online courses, with Recession Proof Xtreme being one of his notable programs, priced in the several-thousand-dollar range. Marcus is also a co-owner of Recession Proof Tax & Co, a business he runs with his wife, Turquoise Barney (Her500). As of 2023, his jet rental business, Barney Aviation, is no longer active.

With an estimated net worth of $8 million, Marcus started his entrepreneurial journey at 18 in real estate but shifted to selling cell phones after the 2008 housing crisis. His cell phone venture faced challenges due to his lack of financial knowledge, prompting him to delve into the world of finance and credit.

Marcus has faced legal issues in the past, with a criminal record stemming from accusations of stealing shipments of iPhones during his time working at a Sprint store at the age of 23. Despite these challenges, he has emerged as an influential financial literacy educator in the African American community.

Acknowledged with an 8 Figure Club Award from Russell Brunson of ClickFunnels, Marcus is recognized for the popularity of his programs across the United States. While he may not have a Wikipedia entry, he boasts a substantial social media following, with over 448K followers on Instagram and 102K subscribers on his YouTube channel, “Him500.” If you’re curious about his teaching style, you can check out one of his videos on YouTube.

What is Earn Your Leisure (EYL) University Powered by Recession Proof?

Earn Your Leisure University Powered by Recession Proof (EYL University) is an educational platform offering over 20 online courses. These courses, crafted by Marcus Barney, Recession Proof, and various African American entrepreneurs, aim to equip students with essential tools for financial literacy and achieving financial independence through diverse online business models. Currently featuring 36 courses, EYL University plans to expand its offerings to over 100.

Here’s a glimpse of what you can learn at Earn Your Leisure University:

  • Automobile Monetization
  • Break Bread with MG The Mortgage Guy
  • Business Mastermind
  • CEO Conversations
  • Coaching Calls
  • Content Mastery
  • Controlling The Market
  • The Insider Secrets Of A 7-Figure ECommerce Earner
  • Conventions & Festivals
  • Corporate Credit Course
  • The Corporate Credit Course with Herman Dolce
  • Course Creation
  • Credit
  • Credit Repair with Dominique Brown
  • Education
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Freight Broker
  • Her500 Mini Video Series
  • Infinite Banking Blueprint
  • Insurance
  • International Business & Investing
  • Investing
  • Mental Health
  • Personal Branding with Dan Fleyshman
  • How You Can Leverage Your Personal Brand To Become More Influential, Create More Impact, and Generate
  • Personal Finances
  • Real Estate
  • Retirement
  • Stock Options Trading
  • Taxes
  • The Homebuyers Blueprint Vol. 1
  • The Homebuyers Blueprint Vol. 2
  • The Rehab Pack
  • Webinar Cash Flow

EYL University continues to expand its program list, with upcoming courses including:

  • How to Start a Credit Repair Business
  • Dispute Mastery
  • Wholesale Real Estate Course
  • Vitamin IV Hydration

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How Much Does Recession Proof Xtreme Cost?

The Recession Proof Xtreme Financial Literacy Class is priced at $997.

Initially, there was a course bundle for $3,497, but the other courses from Recession Proof Xtreme have been moved to EYL University, where they are now available through an annual subscription of $997.

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Are Marcus Barney Him500’s Students Getting Results?

On the sales page of Recession Proof Xtreme, there are some screenshots of student testimonials. But I’m not sure if they are real or fake. Here’re some examples:

Student testimonial Student testimonial Student testimonial

Other than that, I couldn’t find any success stories on third-party platforms. 

Although Marcus Barney claims to have helped over 30 people become millionaires, there’s no concrete evidence or details provided.

While Marcus is popular among the black community, it’s important to approach his financial advice with caution. As mentioned earlier, some of his advice might lead you into legal troubles.

Praise for Recession Proof Xtreme

1. Diverse Business Model Expertise

Recession Proof Xtreme benefits from Marcus’s extensive experience in various business models. This means the courses offered are likely to provide a broad and well-rounded perspective on different entrepreneurial ventures.

2. Brand Recognition 

Him500, also known as Marcus Barney, is a prominent figure in the growing movement for African American financial literacy. This recognition brings credibility to Recession Proof Xtreme.

Criticism of Recession Proof Xtreme

1. High Cost with Limited Return

The high cost of the Recession Proof Xtreme course may pose a challenge, especially if users find it difficult to recoup the investment. This financial burden without adequate returns could deter potential learners.

2. Lack of Refund Policy

The absence of a refund policy is a concern, as it’s most courses I’ve reviewed usually offer at least a 30-day money-back guarantee. I’m afraid that’s because Marcus has no confidence in his financial knowledge. 

3. Illegitimate Credit Repair Methods

Marcus Barney teaches students questionable methods for credit repair, including inflating income, which involve legal risks. He makes it sound so easy to turn credit into cash and assets. 

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Is Marcus Barney Him500 a Scam?

Marcus Barney, also known as Him500, is not considered a scam. However, he is associated with Earn Your Leisure (EYL), a platform with which he is partnered for EYL University. EYL has faced controversies, and Him500’s connections with them have been a subject of discussion on Reddit, particularly in light of the controversies surrounding EYL.

Reddit comment on Earn Your Leisure (EYL)

Reddit comment on Earn Your Leisure (EYL)

Apart from that, he has faced criticism for questionable advice provided in podcast interviews.

In a video review by certified financial advisor and YouTuber Pocket Watching with JT, Him500 received scrutiny for financial advice that seemed to suggest raises concerns of bank fraud.

According to the YouTuber, Him500 suggested a method for people with low credit scores to acquire an auto loan from a bank, such as Navy Federal Credit Union, and then manipulate it into a personal loan for investment. This advice involves dishonesty with the bank and may pose significant financial risks, as personal loans typically come with high-interest rates.

In another video, Marcus outlined a strategy to turn credit into cash. He suggested a method to inflate income and secure credit cards, max them out for business financing, and repeatedly cycle debt between two cards.

This advice involves deceptive practices and has practical issues, such as fees for cash advances and balance transfers, limited flexibility with due dates, and potential tax obligations from using third-party payment processors.

After the controversy, Him500 issued an apology video, clarifying that the advice was meant as examples of alternative funding methods for informational purposes.

He emphasized that the advice provided in podcasts for “informational purposes” differs from what he teaches in his programs.

Do I Recommend Recession Proof Xtreme?

I wouldn’t recommend Recession Proof Xtreme.

It’s pricey for what it offers—basic information you can easily find elsewhere.

If you have a trustworthy financial advisor, they might teach you similar or even more helpful things, fitting better with your lifestyle.

There are other online courses that teach making extra money more effectively.

Plus, the side businesses, especially trading, suggested here, come with quite a lot of risk.

Alternatives to Recession Proof Xtreme

Here’re some alternatives you might consider:

Financial Freedom University

Grant Cardone, an entrepreneur and investor, teaches this course. It is more expensive than Recession Proof Xtreme ($897) because it covers more topics.

Rich Dad Poor Dad

This book by Robert Kiyosaki is an old favourite and a must for anyone looking to improve their financial skills. Although it’s a solid introduction to the subject for newbies, Recession Proof Xtreme offers more thorough coverage. Here’s the full book summary

Suze Orman’s Finance Course

The course instructor, Suze Orman, is a finance guru. It is more expensive than Recession Proof Xtreme ($897) because it covers more topics.

David Ramsey’s Financial Peace University

David Ramsey, a money specialist, teaches this course. This course goes into more depth than Recession Proof Xtreme, but also costs $129 more.

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