Marc Anthony Net Worth 2022 – Wife, Family, House, Car

With income from album sales, business and brand endorsement, Marc Anthony has amassed a net worth of $80 Million as of 2022.

Marco Antonio Muniz, better known as Marc Anthony, is an American singer, songwriter, actor, record and television producer. He was born and raised in New York City in a Spanish Harlem. 

He began as a singer in freestyle and underground New York house music performances. When Anthony released his first Spanish album ‘Otra Nota’, the world took notice and soon after, after releasing many Spanish and English albums and hit singles, he became the most popular tropical salsa artist of all time. 

He was nominated six times for the Grammys and won two Grammys for ‘Contra La Corriente’ and ‘Amar Sin Mentiras’. Anthony has also starred in many movies such as ‘Man on Fire’, ‘In the times of the Butterflies’ opposite Salma Hayek and ‘El Cantante’ opposite Jennifer Lopez. He was married for 8 years to his old girlfriend, singer and actress Jennifer Lopez, and has two twins with her.

Today we’re going to discuss how much money Marc Anthony has and how he builds his net worth.

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Marc Anthony Net Worth 2022

Marc Anthony has an estimated net worth of $80 Million in 2022. Most of his income comes from albums sale and brand advertising. Anthony has some of the best-selling albums in his history, with over 30 million sold worldwide. He earns more than $8 Million per year.

Marc Anthony’s first English-language pop record was released in 1999 and landed at number eight in Billboard Magazine. It sold over 3 million copies in the United States alone. Marc Anthony still earns most of his income from the sale of these copies. He is a two-time Grammy Award winner and six-time Latin Grammy Award winner.

His clothing and luxury accessories lines have also sold very well due to his celebrity status. The products are sold by Kohl’s, one of the largest US retailers. 

In addition to being a producer, he founded his own entertainment company called Magnus Media.

It has been reported that Marc Anthony is earning $1.25 million a month as part of his alimony dispute with his ex-wife Dayanara Torres.

The alimony dispute between him and his 39-year-old former beauty queen involves their 13-year-old son Cristian and 10-year-old boy Ryan. The 1993 Miss Universe winner has sought to increase monthly child support for the sons from $13,000 to $113,000.

The Grammy-winning singer reportedly had $260,000 in cash and was paying $18,000 a month in alimony in other relationships.

To calculate the net worth of Marc Anthony, subtract all his liabilities from his total assets. Investments, savings, cash deposits, and any equity he has in a house, car, or other similar asset are included in the total assets. All debts, such as student loans and credit card debt, are included in total liabilities.

Here’s the breakdown of his net worth:

Name: Marc Anthony
Net Worth: $80 Million
Monthly Salary: $1.25 Million+
Annual Income: $8 Million+
Source of Wealth: Professional Singer/Actor

Marc Anthony Net Worth Last 5 Years

Net Worth 2022: $80 Million
Net Worth 2021: $74 Million
Net Worth 2020: $70 Million
Net Worth 2019: $65 Million
Net Worth 2018: $60 Million

How Did Marc Anthony Build His Net Worth?

Marc Anthony’s main income source is his album sales and brand endorsement. He became known as a prominent star of salsa music through the tours.

After numerous successes, he was invited to participate in the album “Dicen que soy” by La India de Nueva York. The theme “Vivir Lo Nuestro” went viral all over the world.

However, it was his 1995 album “Todo a su tiempo” that sold almost a million copies. It was also nominated for a Grammy and helped Marc gain a solid foothold in the American market.

In 1999, Marc Anthony released his first English-language pop record titled “Marc Anthony.” The record debuted at number eight on Billboard magazine and went platinum six weeks later. Three million copies were sold in the United States alone.

How Much Money Does Marc Anthony Make From Music, Albums, Songs and Concerts?

Marc Anthony makes most of his money from his music career. But how did he get started? His first release was an album called “Rebel”, released in 1988 by Bluedog Records in the Bronx. Marc Anthony continued to perform in the New York club scene and also wrote songs, often in collaboration with Little Louie Vega and Todd Terry.

In 1992, Vega and Anthony played Madison Square Garden in New York City as the opening act for Tito Puente.

Soon after, Anthony changed his vocal style from freestyle and house to salsa and other Spanish music. Marc Anthony drew inspiration from such greats as Puente, Ruben Blades, and Juan Gabriel and released his first Spanish-language album in 1993. It was titled Otra Nota and included the salsa hit “Hasta que te conoci” (Until I met you).

He has never looked back; his albums and singles have been bestsellers, with the exception of his two English-language albums, 1999’s Marc Anthony and 2002’s Mended. In his efforts at crossover, Anthony seems to have alienated some of his core audience.

In 1998 Anthony appeared with Ruben Blades in Paul Simon’s stage musical The Capeman, which ran for 68 performances. 

In 1999, his third album was released, ‘Contra La Coriente’. He did a TV special ‘Marc Anthony: The Concert from Madison Square Garden’ which was televised on HBO. It was the first salsa album ever on the Billboard 200 Chart.

At the same time, he left RMM and started working with producers Afanasieff, Rooney, Dan Shea, and Jerkins and released his first English album ‘Marc Anthony’. The hit single ‘You Sang To Me’ was a part of the album.

In 2001, Anthony released another Spanish album ‘Libre’. It contained hit singles like ‘Viviendo’, ‘Celos’, etc. The album was a hit on the Billboard Top Latin Albums chart. He also starred in the movie ‘In the Time of the Butterflies’.

In 2004 he released a Latin pop album, ‘Amar Sin Mentiras’, and after the release of the album he came out with the dance version of the same tracks in the album ‘Valio La Pena’. It was awarded two Latin Grammy Awards.

In the late 2000s, he released a collection of his greatest hits titled ‘Sigo Siendo Yo’ (2006) and ‘Iconos’ (2010), which paid homage to the greatest Latin American artists such as Jose Jose, Juan Gabriel, etc.

In 2013, his salsa album ‘3.0’ was released. It was declared platinum and included the hit single ‘Vivir Mi Vida’. He went on the tour ‘Vivir Mi Vida World Tour’ and traveled through 15 countries.

How Much Money Does Marc Anthony Make From Movies?

Second, Marc Anthony makes millions of dollars from acting in films. He starred in the successful Hollywood movie ‘Man on Fire’ alongside Denzel Washington. In the film, he played the role of a wealthy businessman who hires professionals to protect his young daughter.

In 2007, Anthony starred in the film ‘El Cantante’, a drama about the life of the great salsa artist Hector Lavoe. His ex-wife Jennifer Lopez also starred in the film and it was well-received by critics.

In 2011, Anthony appeared in a Latin American talent series called ‘Q’Viva! The Chosen’, was created by Simon Fuller. He judged the show alongside his ex-wife and singer Jennifer Lopez and Jamie King.

How Much Money Does Marc Anthony Make From Clothing Business?

Third, Marc Anthony makes a lot of money from his business. As a result of his celebrity status, he sells well with his clothing and luxury accessory lines. Kohl’s, the largest retailer in the US, sells these products. 

How Much Are Marc Anthony’s Cars Worth?

Since Marc Anthony is rich, he owns some luxurious cars. 

The DB7 of the famous Aston Martin company is the most important piece in Anthony’s collection. Aston Martin produced only 200 pieces of this car.

This British sports car is one of Anthony’s favorites. The value of this two-seater car is 285 million pesos.

Besides buying luxury cars, Marc Anthony also felt the need to have more space in his Mercedes. Therefore, he turned to Alex Vega, a businessman who specializes in customizing cars, to convert the vehicle.

How Much is Marc Anthony’s Yacht Worth?

Marc Anthony owns a yacht. His yacht caught fire in 2019. In addition to a high-class boat equipped with satellite TV, high-speed Internet, a large Jacuzzi, and the ability to transport several jet skis, the luxury coach had five cabins that could accommodate 12 passengers.

What Houses Does Marc Anthony Own?

Given Marc Anthony’s wealth, you can assume that his house is more expensive than ordinary people’s. And since real estate is a common investment vehicle, we can safely assume that he owns several houses.

Anthony bought a $19 million Florida mansion in July 2018. In this case, the seller was rum heiress Hilda Maria Bacardi, who had built the mansion and hoped to eventually fetch $25 million.

Marc put that home up for sale in November 2020 for $27 million. In the two years, he owned the house, Marc could make $8 million in profit if he received the asking price. In May 2021, he sold the house, but the price has not been announced yet.

A multi-million dollar property once belonged to him in Tarzana, California. He bought the Tarzana home in 2014 for $4.125 million and sold it in 2018 for $3.2 million.

In addition to his Florida estate, Marc also owns properties in Long Island, New York, and the Dominican Republic. The property in the Dominican Republic is located in an exclusive resort and is called Casa de Campo. There are two pools, several cabanas, and 24 beds in this 10,000-square-foot home.

Marc Anthony’s Early Life

The musician Marc Anthony was born Marco Antonio Muniz on September 16, 1968, in New York City. His parents, Guillermina and Felipe Muniz are Puerto Rican and named their son after Marco Antonio Muniz, a Mexican singer who was popular in Puerto Rico.

Marc Anthony grew up in New York City with his sister Yolanda Muniz. His talent was evident at an early age. Anthony realized that he had the voice to sing, but needed to develop a stage presence to back it up. He did that by performing as a backup singer for freestyle and underground house music acts in New York.

Marc changed his name to avoid confusion with his namesake and quickly became an in-demand backup singer, using his voice for bands like Menudo and the Latin Rascals.

What Award Did Marc Anthony Receive?

Anthony was nominated for six Grammys and won two of them. He won the award for ‘Contra La Corriente’ (1999) and ‘Amar Sin Mentiras’ (2005). He was nominated for ‘Todo a su tiempo’ (1996), ‘I Need to Know’ (2000), ‘You Sang to Me’ (2001), and ‘Libre’ (2006).

How Much Money Did Marc Anthony Donate?

Marc Anthony and Henry Cárdenas founded Maestro Cares Foundation in January 2012 to improve the quality of life for orphans throughout Latin America. Maestro Cares works toward this goal by providing housing, classrooms, health clinics, meals, and recreational activities.

Marc Anthony’s Personal Life, Family and Wife

Anthony has a daughter, Arianna, with his former girlfriend Debbie Rosado, who was a police officer in New York City. Arianna was born in 1994.

Anthony married former Miss Universe Dayanara Torres on May 9, 2000, and although there were often rumors that their marriage was on the rocks, it produced two sons, Cristian Anthony Muniz, born on February 5, 2001, and Ryan Anthony Muniz, born on August 16, 2003. Less than a week after his divorce from Torres, Anthony married Jennifer Lopez on June 5, 2004.

Anthony and Lopez sang “Escapemonos” at the 2005 Grammy Awards, and their film, El Cantante, a biography of the famous salsa singer Hector Lavoe, was released in August 2007. 

A year later, on February 22, 2008, the couple welcomed twins Max and Emme. Anthony and Lopez announced their separation in 2011 and their divorce became final in June 2014.

Anthony married Venezuelan model Shannon De Lima on November 11, 2014, at his home in La Romana, Dominican Republic. De Lima has a 7-year-old son Daniel from a previous relationship. The couple reportedly separated in November 2016.

How Much Money Does Marc Anthony Make a Year?

According to some reports, Marc Anthony’s annual income is over $8 Million.

FAQs About Marc Anthony

How rich is Marc Anthony?

As per the record of media, Marc Anthony’s net worth is estimated to be around $80 Million in 2022.

How tall is Marc Anthony?

Marc Anthony is 1.73 m tall.

How old is Marc Anthony?

Marc Anthony was born September 16, 1968, in New York, New York, United States, He is 53 years old as of 2022.

What is the real name of Marc Anthony?

His real name is Marco Antonio Muñiz Rivera, he is better known by his stage name Marc Anthony.

Favorite Marc Anthony Quotes

If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.

Marc Anthony


I’m not a salsa singer who wants to sing in English, and I’m not this American kid who wants to sing Spanish.

Marc Anthony


I say it every day – I’m the luckiest man on earth

Marc Anthony


First you date the songs, and then you get engaged and then you marry them. They have to stand the test of time, because they are going to be yours for the next 20, 30, 40 years. So you had better choose right.

Marc Anthony


My mum always told me 95 per cent of success was partnering well.

Marc Anthony


Fame is addictive. Money is addictive. Attention is addictive. But golf is second to none.

Marc Anthony


I come from a pop background, but I’m also a Puerto Rican and I do feel this music. My approach to salsa is a humble one, and I defy anybody to prove that I’m faking it.

Marc Anthony


My family, my fans and yes, romance is always there in one way or another. Life is full of these emotions and I have always found pleasure in incorporating them into my music.

Marc Anthony


Livin’ la Vida Loca’ is not Latin music. It does not represent Latin music what Jennifer Lopez put out. It’s not Latin music. What Enrique Iglesias, it’s not Latin music, no? It’s Latin artists. There’s a Latin artist doing it you could say.

Marc Anthony


What you see is what you get. My God, I don’t have the time nor the energy to live up to some persona.

Marc Anthony


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