Manifesting Money Exercises

Our minds and emotional states are designed to stay in repetitive patterns, whether advantageous, or not. The thoughts we think are the electrical charge in the quantum field, and the feelings are the magnetic charge in this field. How you think and feel about any particular subject influences every atom in your life; therefore, these two things affect every outer condition.

Through adjusting your energy to align with states of abundance, you can easily alter the course of your outer financial conditions. In other words, elevated thoughts and emotional states bring elevated results. Try the following exercises to increase your abundance manifestation power.

#31: Exercise – Anchoring the Vibrations of Abundance

This exercise will teach your mind and body how to send out vibrations of abundance. In addition, you will learn to create an anchor to instantly access that vibration of abundance any time you wish. By matching the vibrational frequency of abundance and prosperity, you are able to effortlessly attract money into your life. Simultaneously, this teaches your mind that abundance is a regular occurrence in your reality through the feeling states associated. To perform this exercise, place your logical thinking aside for some time and become totally immersed in the thoughts and feelings of abundance and financial freedom.

Step 1 

Take a few deep breaths and begin to take on the assumption that you are a millionaire. Being that you’re a millionaire, what is the setting you’re in? Who is with you? What are you experiencing? With all of the money that you need to feel secure, what is your life like now? What changes characterize the fact that you are now rich?

Step 2

Further impress your mind and body with being a millionaire. Now that you’re totally secure in your finances, ask yourself the following questions: What types of thoughts are you free to entertain that you didn’t delight in before? What types of decisions are you able to make about your life that are different now that you have money? What types of actions can you take now that you’re free to do as you please?

Step 3

Imagine that you’re out shopping just for fun. Adjust your body language to that of a rich person; someone who can freely go out and spend whatever they please. Think about the confident state that goes with this type of financial freedom. Anything you want to have can be yours. How are you holding your head now that you’re financially secure? What position are your shoulders in? How straight is your back? What look is on your face? What feeling and sensations do you have in your body?

Look at the things you want to buy and realize that you can have any, or all of them. What do you want to buy for yourself? What do you want to buy for your friends and family? What would you like to buy for your new estate? What types of toys do you want to play with?

Imagine how poised you are when the salesman asks if he can assist you. This is different than before. This time you can choose any style, any add-ons, any additional accessories and any price tag. You are absorbed in the feeling of being able to be as free as you want where spending money is concerned. Capture those feelings and hold them as long as you’re able to. In your mind, point to anything you wish and confidently say, “I’ll take one of those, and one of those and one of those!” Let yourself be immersed with how good it feels to have whatever you want.

Step 4

Once you have a solid feeling of abundance, notice how it moves through your body and gets stronger and stronger. As you concentrate on this building feeling, use your dominant hand to lightly pinch the crease between the thumb and index finger of your non-dominant hand. Apply gentle pressure to this area while you continue to feel this feeling increasing; enough pressure to feel that you are doing this, but not so much that you experience discomfort. Keep doing this until you have the strongest feeling of abundance you can develop. While at the peak of this feeling state release the pressure from this area and take a few deep breaths.

Step 5

Test your abundance anchor. Pinch the crease in your hand in the same manner you did before. What happens? If you’ve impressed the subconscious mind sufficiently with the feelings of abundance, you should notice those feelings increasing once again. If you aren’t able to re-access the abundance state, then start the process again. Repeat the exercise once or twice a day until you are able to reproduce the feelings with just the use of your hands. When the anchor is successfully created, you’ll know it!

Step 6

Once you’ve accomplished setting your abundance anchor, take moments to apply gentle pressure to your hand in the same manner as before during your daily routine. Once every hour or two is enough – remember to try not to force results. Every time you re-access these feeling states with your abundance anchor, you powerfully send out the vibration that correlates with prosperity and abundance.

For increased results, it’s suggested to use this exercise for a minimum of 30 days in order to develop a habit that is recognized by the subconscious mind that will begin producing results. In doing so, you’ll be matching the vibrational frequency of abundance that will attract it into your life. Simultaneously, you’re teaching your mind that abundance is a regular occurrence in your reality. Being that your subconscious speaks the language of feelings most dominantly when creating and validating your life, this is an extremely effective method to begin manifesting more money. In other words, the mind will feel abundance as your reality and search for ways to prove that it’s true.

Helpful Hints: Any time you begin to notice thoughts and feelings of worry and lack it’s a great time to use this trigger to reverse the feeling states. Also, this exercise can be used for all types of manifestations; however, it’s particularly beneficial when creating money. If you find yourself forgetting to use your abundance anchor, set an alarm on your phone or watch to remind you to use it. Or, you can set a mental reminder that is attached to things you do in your daily routine, such as brushing your teeth, getting into your car or opening the refrigerator door.

#32: Exercise – Spend a Million Dollars

This exercise is a 30 day process and well worth the effort. You are going to teach your mind not only that you have plenty of money to spend, but that spending money is really fun. Once again, this helps the brain seek out and attract corresponding circumstances, as well as adjust your vibrational state to one of wealth. You will need a pen and paper (or notebook) for this exercise.

Step 1

Day one: You have to spend one thousand dollars any way you wish. Find an item that you would like to have that has a price tag of no more than a thousand dollars. Grab your pen and paper and write a description of the item in your notebook and paste a picture next to it if possible. List as many details as you can about this item — the more specific you are, the better. 

Make a detailed record of how this item makes you feel. It’s important to spend as much time on your emotional state when writing as possible. Talk about how it felt to purchase it, and recall your feelings associated with now having it.

Day two: You now have two thousand dollars to spend. Follow the same steps of writing a detailed description and attaching a picture of the item. Once again, make vivid account of your emotional state after the purchase.

Step 2

Repeat this process daily. Increase your budget by a thousand dollars every day until you get to ten thousand dollars ($10,000.00) on day 10.

Step 3

On day 11, begin to increase your budget by ten thousand dollars ($10,000.00) every day until you get to one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000.00) on day 20.

Step 4

On day 21, increase your budget by one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000.00) every day until you get to one million dollars ($1,000,000.00) on day 30.

Be sure to write these details in your notebook daily for the full 30 days of the process. By doing this, you will change your subconscious mind’s perception of money. Incrementally, this exercise causes a shift that teaches your mind to focus on how fun it is to have money and spend it. In this way, it will start to feel the fullness of having money and the pleasure of putting it to use while establishing a series of larger and more acceptable boundaries. This changes its outlook to one that will attract more money into your life.

#33: Exercise – Let Money Chase YOU

This visualization turns the tables on the energetic equation between money and those that seek to have more of it in their life. Due to the freedom that the value of money offers, many people will spend a majority of their time “wanting” more of it. This type of energy causes the mind to believe in its unavailability because a “want” is something that we don’t actually have; and believing that something is unavailable will produce just that. It causes resistance that holds the object of that “want” away from us.

Once there is the realization that abundance is available for all, there is no longer a need to crave for things desired. Additionally, creating the space for desired things, through the correct energetic application, offers an allowance of those things to show up in daily, physical existence.

Step 1

Imagine that you are sitting in a beautiful field. As an intricate part of Nature, there is nothing about this field that isn’t dripping in abundance and large quantities. The hundreds of trees that outline the grass of this field hold thousands and thousands of leaves; there are millions of tiny insects that call this field home and literally billions of blades of grass as far as you can see. As you sit in this field, you are able to realize the abundant manner in which Nature always operates. Take a few moments to relish in the fact that you are also a part of the natural order of things, which clearly makes you an abundant being.

Step 2

Imagine that it begins to lightly rain. Think of the millions and millions of rain drops that are beginning to fall on this field. This is just another example of the way in which Nature is only capable of supplying in an abundant way.

Step 3

As you sit in this field feeling the rain wash over you, begin to notice that this rain doesn’t feel wet. This rain feels like paper, or fabric. In fact, this rain (that comes from the abundance of Nature itself) is actually money falling all around you. Feel it fall on your head and your shoulders. Notice that it brushes past your face and that there are stacks of it beginning to accumulate in your lap. Place your hands out to feel the fabric of this money between your fingers. Pull several pieces up to your nose and smell its natural scent. Hear how it sounds as it falls into piles and notice the quantity of money that has gathered around you.

Step 4

Now, as odd as it may sound, you’re going to have a conversation with this money. Nature has chosen to abundantly supply you with wealth and financial freedom; it has selected you as the perfect candidate.

The symbolic faces on the money surrounding you begin to ask if it’s ok if they can live with you. Nature has told them that you are a good place for them to take up residence, and they each take turns asking if they may. They want to make sure that they are safe, cared for and will be sent out into the world when it’s their time to be used in a productive way. And, they have chosen you as the perfect host for this.

As you graciously allow each one of them the opportunity to stay with you, you hear more of them asking, “Can I come too? What about me? May I live with you also?” Take a moment to nurture this money and tell it that you’d be happy to let it to come home with you. Imagine each piece of money’s ecstatic response when it hears it has been chosen by you as a new member of your home. It knows that you will care for it and allow it to perform what it’s designed to do.

Step 5

Realize how Nature has perfectly married you with this abundance, and be joyful in its flawless decisions. It takes delight in offering grand supply to its entire offspring. Offer gratitude for not only your gift, but for the fact that you are able to be such a good environment for this money to thrive in. Show appreciation for the opportunity to take care of this money in the way it needs to be supported.

With this exercise, money is seeking you, rather than the other way around. You’ve made yourself a good host; therefore, it desires YOU. Stop to ponder whether you’ve ever considered this to be a possibility. If you’ve endeavored to intentionally create money in your life, ask yourself how much power you give it. The dance of energy between you and financial freedom is delicate due to any subconscious blocks that may be in the way. Once your mind believes that money freely desires to be in your existence, you may find it showing up in ways you never dreamed of.

#34: Exercise – The Sandbox

As previously mentioned, we often place great significance on how powerful money is, which increases the amount and type of energy it carries within our own personal realm. However, money is merely a means to new experiences and comforts; it’s simply a “middle man” to what we really desire in our life. 

It’s not actually money that we want; rather, it’s the experience, security, luxuries and fun that are sought after.

This simple exercise will get you into the abundant feeling necessary to begin calling money into your life, while aligning you with your passion. You must match the experience on an internal level in order to have it attracted to you. Through this process, you learn to bring back the child-like you that believes the sky-is-the-limit without worries, frustrations or annoyances. This state implies implicit trust in the real reason you came into a physical existence to begin with – fun!

Step 1

Begin to visualize your life as one giant playground. This playground is designed in a way to offer you the most fun experience possible. You push all of the “hard stuff” aside and choose your own personal amusement first and foremost. The pleasure you encounter here is your new “job” in life. Realize your amazement and awe to discover how wonderful and entertaining this playground is.

Step 2

Step into the massive sandbox on this playground. In it are all of the parts of your life that you most enjoy. You start to notice how this sandbox is designed just for you, and how pleasing it is to be here. Like a child, it’s almost difficult to pick which thing you would like to experience first due to how thrilling everything around you is.

Step 3

Begin to discover what new toys are in the sandbox. What looks to be the most fun to play with? What types of experiences and adventures can you have here? What are your absolute favorite things in this sandbox of life? Do you see any other cool kids that want to play with you and increase your fun factor?

Step 4

Imagine that you’re playing “business” with these cool kids. What types of products and services do you want to create for them? What is the most fun business you can play with that makes you happy? Is this a new product or service? Is it one that you’ve added your own personal touches to? This is YOUR sandbox, so you can make your business ANYTHING you want. The possibilities are unlimited. The ideas are endless.

Step 5

Begin offering these services and/or products to the other kids. Imagine how much it enhances their fun time and how much joy you bring them. See them delighted with what you’ve offered them and notice how many more kids want some of what you’re selling too. Money is a simply byproduct that doesn’t carry much thought with it; it’s an unintended consequence of the fun, joy and adventure you’re experiencing. Stay in this sandbox for as long as you’re having fun with your booming business.

Through adopting the perspective that life is meant to express the passion within, and thoroughly enjoying yourself in the process, you are automatically aligned with abundance. When we’re serious about our work, we often “work hard.” Things don’t happen in a natural manner with this type of energy because of the focus on all of the details, rather than joyfully putting them into place.

Incorporating the “law of least effort” seems counter-intuitive on a subconscious level. However, when we’re serious about work and money, we worry about finding the ideal solutions rather than allowing them to find us. Trying to force results into place will offer resistance that undermines the goal intended. By taking time to enter our “fun zone,” we are a 100% match to the very things we most desire. Consequently, we can easily manifest money because we’re open to it. Seriousness will almost always pinch off the flow of prosperity.

#35: Exercise – Energizing Your Abundance Intentions

This exercise is an energetic power-punch that has been proven to manifest money very quickly. Although a bit more on the Metaphysical side, it also holds great weight within the mind inasmuch that the body and spirit are working in unison with it towards the intention. This amplifies the process from the psycho- physical unit aspect.

Step 1

(Optional) Clear the space in a room of your home by burning some cleansing incense such as sage, frankincense or sandalwood.

Step 2

(Optional) Safely light four candles in the four corners of your room. These candles serve as the light and as also symbolize that you are pulling metaphysically from all four directions and all four elements: Air, Fire, Water, and Earth.

Step 3

Stand in the center of your space and close your eyes with your arms stretched out and palms facing each other as if holding a ball of light. Visualize this ball of light growing brighter and stronger in between your hands. Imagine that it is pure, positive, creative energy that has come to assist you with your intended manifestation.

Step 4

Begin to fill this ball of light with your abundance intentions. You can use the ones below from #29: Exercise – Creating an Energy Circle, or create ones that best suit you. Mentally project these affirmations into your ball of light, or speak them into your hands for an even deeper impression. Visualize this affirmation light growing in power and intensity. See how almost impossible it is to contain its brightness within your hands. Feel the warmth of it on your palms as you increase its strength with your intentions. Hear the hum of its energetic force as it magnifies and grows even stronger.


I AM financially free and secure.

I AM creating large sums of money.

I AM worthy and deserving of the prosperity that is intended for me.

I AM experiencing that money flows easily into my life.

I AM always bringing in money faster than I AM able to send it out.

I AM grateful for the money that is flowing to me from different sources.

I AM experiencing that money comes to me from both known and unknown sources.

I AM comfortable with large sums of money and have fun with it.

I AM generous in sharing my money because I know there is plenty for me and others.

I AM successful and abundant in all ways.

Step 5

Once this ball of energetic light has reached its maximum force, gently open your hands and release it (along with your abundance intentions) upward into the Universe. With your eyes still closed, visualize the ball of light flying way up and then exploding in the heavens and causing it to shower gold coins all around you. Feel the money; see the shimmering reflections of the gold; hear the coins clanging together in piles all around you; allow the excitement to fill your body with enthusiasm and eagerness. For a few moments, say to yourself: “Wealth, prosperity, money and abundance constantly flow to me from the Infinite Field of the Universe.”

It’s suggested to repeat this exercise daily for a minimum of 30 days. Although steps 1 and 2 add more energy to this exercise, they can be eliminated for the sake of time if necessary. This process provides intense results when practiced consistently. It demonstrates faith in the energetic connection that is necessary to create, as well as a sensory-rich experience that the mind will deeply connect and align with.

#36: One money trick:

Teach your mind to believe that money really does grow on trees by repeatedly telling it so. Well, it grows from plants anyway; linen (the flax plant) and cotton to be more precise.

Money itself isn’t worth any more than the paper it’s printed on. We only give it value based on the equivalence that others have given it. By teaching your mind a new belief through repetition, one that money actually grows from Nature, which is always lavishly abundant, you remove the subconscious block that has the perception of money being a scarce commodity. Nature doesn’t have the capacity to produce anything in an inadequate manner.

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