Manifestation Techniques For Career and Employment

My friends have marveled at how easily it always seems for me to find a high-paying job. I am not bragging nor have a special potion or spell; I just know how to use the Law of Attraction when seeking jobs. I am going to now share this technique with you.

Before I do, I want to share my experience with an employer who loved my resume but said he was going on a three-week vacation and wanted for me to wait until he and his wife had returned.

The job was great, I liked the employer, but I could not afford to wait three weeks before I started receiving a paycheck.

When I returned home, instead of deep diving into victimhood or going into frantic worry, I turned to prayer. With my prayer journal, I went outside and began by contemplating the abundance of the Universe. In meditation, I visualized how this job or something better would manifest for me. I saw myself working at this company or at a similar position with a different business in a detailed imagery.

I spent a few moments elevating my energy to align with this position. I allowed the happiness of having this job to bubble up inside me, filling me with happiness. In my visualization, I saw myself working in my new role, collaborating with the art department and various heads of the creative departments. I saw myself delivering the products to my clients and receiving rave reviews and appreciation from my clients. I saw myself happily spending

the money I earned as I met my obligations and enjoying my life. When I peaked in my prosperity consciousness, I turned this over to the Law of Attraction and allowed this Law to works its magic in my life.

As I released my prayer, I was completely open to any position and completely open to my highest good. I ceased all worry and just let go with the assertion, this or something better now manifests for me.

It was about 20 minutes later when the employer called me back and said, “Why wait? My staff can bring you up to date on the accounts, and when I return from my vacation, we’ll hit the ground running.”

Always end your prayer or affirmation with, this or something better now manifests for me. Don’t bind the Universe with a limited outcome, be open to extraordinary opportunities.

You see a particular job as your only choice, your only hope, you limit the good the Universe has planned for you. The Universe sees far more and may deliver a better position with a greater salary.

There is no special secret sauce as you begin your manifestation work. State your desire or intention. Remember that which you are seeking is also seeking you.

There is a wonderful African proverb that says: “When you pray, move your feet.”

With a background of over 40 years in international marketing, I want to share with you some marketing tips to help you acquire your ideal job.

Attracting the Job You Want

With an intention or desire in mind, you set into motion the Laws of Attraction. You lay the foundation by writing down every detail you want in your new position. No desire or wish is too small. Your manifest list of details should include everything you want your ideal job to offer.

What is important to you? Write down a realistic salary that not only pays your bills but gives you extra income to more fully enjoy your life.

Be realistic. Unless you are mentally and internally aligned with a $ 75,000 annual salary and are prepared to do the work that the salary range requires, I suggest you write down a yearly income you can align with now. You have to be mentally and spiritually aligned with your annual income and know you are worth it.

If your last job paid you $20,000 a year, be open to accepting $30,000 to $35,000. You can always increase your salary at a later time!

What benefits are you looking for in your new position? Do you want this new job to offer insurance, education, gym memberships? I am always pleased when coffee and snacks are available in the break room.

Is it important that you work with a company with integrity and supports the community with events like food drives or having a toy donation box at the holidays?

Do you want to work from home or be close to home?

Do you want a flexible schedule, or a position that will allow you to work from home when your child is not well?

I think I am speaking for everyone when I say you want to be respected by your supervisors and co-workers and spend your time in a worker-friendly environment.

Your salary should cover your bills but allow you to have extra money for enjoying movies, a night out with friends and a life that gives you a reason to celebrate.

What are your preferred hours, 9 AM to 5 PM or another schedule? Do you prefer a thirty-minute or sixty-minute lunch?

Do you prefer a company that is stable and offers you room to grow? Write down whatever you desire w and focus on it.

Use my deal point, break point suggestion technique when you hear the company’s offer. Decide what a deal point is and what is a definite break point. For instance, your job may offer you everything you desire but insists all employees take a sixty-minute lunch. For me, that would be a deal point and acceptable. Would it work for you?

A break point for me would be if smoking is allowed in your work space. That would be a break point for me as I don’t want to be around smokers. Smokers are not bad people; I just don’t want to be around smoke. What are deal points and break points for you?

Be as clear with intention as possible. Before putting all this together, I want to add a few real-world marketing tips to help you clinch that job.

Employment Marketing Tips

First, check and double-check your resume. Does it need updating? Is everything spell-checked?

While you are at it, update your LinkedIn profile. If you don’t have one, create a LinkedIn profile with a business headshot. LinkedIn has fantastic jobs on its career page. You will also find a wonderful group of Headhunters/job recruiters on LinkedIn.

While on LinkedIn, review any companies you are interested in and follow those companies for information to help you secure a job. Look up the company’s Human Resource Director and write a short note like, I wanted to reach out to you and then explain why you would be a good fit. This note should be short and professional. Save your resume and personal details for a live interview.

Take a look at your posts on all social media. While you are job hunting, you might want to think twice about posting unflattering comments or photos. I can assure you the Human Resources recruiters are looking at social media profiles more than ever. Have fun on social media but remember recruiters decide if you are a good fit for their companies based on what they find on your social media pages.

Research companies close to you, set your criteria. Don’t rely just on job posting sites. Go to companies you desire to work at and post directly at the company site under career opportunities.

Before you apply or have an interview, make sure you have looked at the company website. When you are interviewed, you will impress your recruiter with your knowledge about the company and your position there. People or, in this case companies will only care about you if you show you care about them.

If you are interviewing with a Recruiter and education comes up, with the knowledge you learned about the recruiter from the company’s profile; you can ask, how did you like the University of Central Florida? Again, this is yet another way to demonstrate you took the time to research the company and once again be impressed by you!

If the Recruiter or interviewer doesn’t ask what you know about the company, be sure you interject it into your conversation. You might say something like, “I see your company does a food drive every year. I appreciate a company that gives back to the community. It’s something I would love to participate in.” Watch the interviewers’ eyes flash as they recognize you have done your homework.

First impressions count, so arrive ahead of your appointment time and dress for success.

If you know someone who works at the company, mention that Suzie says this is a great company, but of course, leave out any negative comments Suzie might have shared.

Create a Benefit Analysis Sheet. A Benefit Analysis Sheet brings your skills and work history in line with the position you are looking for. A Benefit Analysis sheet makes the interviews job easier for you and the recruiter.

My Benefit Analysis sheet says, I have a strong track record as a New Business Development Specialist with the ability to generate leads, develop referrals through prospecting, cold calling and as well as taking full advantage of networking events.

The next line says Linn Random is an extremely strong communicator with strong written and verbal skills and the ability to work with many personalities.

Try to connect to the interviewer as the interview starts. For instance, if you see a picture of a dog, tell them about your dog or children, or if you see Napoleon Hills’ book on Think and Grow Rich, you can mention it’s one of your favorites also. Be genuine, of course, don’t say you love cats if you are allergic to them. Don’t share you like Napoleon Hill if you are not prepared with a favorite passage from his book. The truth always comes out.

At your interview, be prepared. Do a google search on responding to tough questions.

For example, when asked what is my biggest weakness. I say something like, “I’m a perfectionist. It’s important to me that I get my work right the first time. I really get annoyed with myself if I turn in something that is not up to standards.”

Here are another one of those annoying questions, where do you see yourself in five years? Your answer could be, I would like to think my hard work will afford me greater responsibility, and I anticipate being an expert in my role.”

Don’t worry about sounding too cheeky. The recruiter will appreciate your response. For more ideas, type in tough interview questions and go through the questions and responses that are natural to you.

If the interviewer asks you about salary, ask them what are the parameters of this position? Let them answer first.

One last tip, I always have a thank you card for the interviewer and pass it to the receptionist after I leave the interview or if you prefer, send the interviewer a thank-you email when you get home. Thanking someone for their time is always good form.

As you drive to a job interview, think this is my way to work, then this is where I park. As you pass convivence stores, affirm this is where I pick up snacks or get gas.

When you want into the company, think this is the front entrance to my job.

Before and after, see yourself working there, depositing a big paycheck, being praised by a supervisor. Make your visualization as detailed as possible. The following is a visualization for a generic job. Amend the following visualization and affirmation for a specific position you desire. Always add, this or something better now manifests for you.

Generic Job Interview Visualization

Sit with your feet squarely on the ground. Take deep yoga breaths to calm your body and align your body with the energy of abundance and service.

As you close your eyes, you allow the calm energy of peace and love to rise within you, filling every cell of your body with love.

See yourself in a company’s reception area. Other applicants are there and waiting politely. You are well prepared and have practiced the interview questions you anticipate you will be asked. You are confident and assured of this job.

The human resources or owner of the company comes into the waiting area and invites you into a small conference room.

After a bit of small talk, you feel comfortable and assured you will be getting this job.

The interviewer asks you questions and is clearly pleased with your answers. As he tells you about his company, you smile, for this position is exactly what you are looking for.

The interviewer now takes you for a tour of the building, pointing out managers and staff. People smile at you as you pass. You realize how welcoming and supportive your fellow employees will be.

You are shown your desk, the breakroom and the outside picnic area. You are asked to fill out employee paperwork or complete the form online for onboarding.

You see yourself easily completing your tasks and duties. You follow directions and help others. Your managers see you helping others and later tell you what a value you are to the company.

You see yourself obtaining a very positive review where the employer compliments you on your production and positive, dedicated attitude.

Your paycheck is deposited, and you see yourself enjoying life. You take vacations, easily afford your home and drive the auto that you love.

You see yourself getting or receiving an award at work at everyone and thoroughly enjoy the cheers and applause you receive.

You have never been happier in your life and see your life improving every day in every way.

Finish by affirming, in faith, “This or something better now manifests for you. And So, It Is!”


  1. I speak my word for a job close to home, where I am valued and appreciated by coworkers and supervisors.
  2. There is no delay in the divine plan for me. My desire to work and be of service is my prayer answered.
  3. I am grateful for the job offered to me. I give thanks my job pays more than I imagined.
  4. As a child of God, I now give thanks as I manifest the perfect employment for me.
  5. I am worthy of the fantastic job I desire. I am led to the right job, at the right salary, at the right location for the highest good of my experience.
  6. I move forward in confidence and assurance that I have the right job for me.
  7. I am open to experience my dream job with the salary I desire to easily support my lifestyle and my needs and my family’s needs.
  8. Thank you, Father-Mother-God, for my new job now.
  9. ItrusttheUniversetobringmeandmynewjobtogether
  10. I am fulfilled and grateful for my job now. My work is God’s work, as I serve God, I benefit others.


There are many wonderful crystals to aid you in securing a job. I am listing several crystals to assist you in a job interview or perhaps on a sales call for your business.

Job Manifestation

As previously mentioned, Pyrite is a crystal of manifestation. Citrine for money and wealth. Rose Quartz and Clear Quartz will assist you in communication and connection for a job interview.

Green Aventurine also helps open the door for new opportunities, offers you good luck in job interviews, and embraces confidence and leadership qualities. Green Adventure is one of my favorite healing crystals and will help enhances creativity, confidence and increase connections in the workplace. Green Aventurine is called the stone of opportunity and is said to be the luckiest of all crystals.

Green Aventurine is another crystal to help and balance the Heart Chakra.

Crystals to aid in Communication

Lapis lazuli is a bluestone used to promote communication, stimulates self-expression and mental clarity.

Turquoise and Aquamarine are great stones to help you keep you in organizing your thoughts for clarity and will help you communicate.

Sodalite is a beautiful crystal that aids in communication and helps us think calmly and rationally

Blue Sapphire is another good crystal to help you support your throat chakra and your communication skills.

Crystals for Balance and Calming

If you need help with balance or calming, use Black Tourmaline Celestite. Fluorite and beautiful Tiger’s Eye.

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