Manifestation Formula That Works

When it comes to creating what you want in life, the basic steps remain true for all categories. This seven step process is comprised of the practical details that will manifest everything you desire in life. You’ve undoubtedly used this process, quite possibly unconsciously, to create your current conditions, circumstances and physical objects. However, as earlier stated, on a conscious level it’s often easier said than done. Acknowledge this process whenever possible and combine it with the practice of the chosen exercises provided in this guide to reinforce your accuracy. With consistency and dedication, you may find yourself attracting everything you’ve ever wanted from life.

Step 1

Imagine something that you want; something you truly desire to have. The desire to have it accomplished is a very important detail. Remember: The larger the goal, the bigger the desire should be in order to match its significance in your mind and vibration.

Step 2

Travel forward into the future with your mind and experience that this manifestation has happened already. Recall how you feel about this creation. See how happy you are with it and attempt to experience it in a very real and sensory-rich way so that the mind believes in it being factually sound. It’s imperative to reach a point, through regular visualization and feeling states, where your belief in this role is absolute; you must inhabit it completely.

Imagine how you feel about this creation. Feel how grateful you are that you have it NOW and how grateful you are that you demonstrated to yourself that you could change your world by mastering your mind. Gratitude is of utmost importance as it is an emotional signature of something that has ALREADY happened. The Universe understands this and corresponds.

Feel how this creation just fell into place and how it’s just part of your life experience now. Feel how relaxed you feel knowing that time is no longer important because you already have your desire. Remind yourself of the feeling associated with the day you received this magnificent gift that you created. Feel how right it feels that you designed having it and how it’s just part of your life experience now. Fill your mind with details about the feeling of having it and the sense of accomplishment it gives you. Feel how you were able to use your success to inspire you to greater success. Stay here and think about it until you feel how absolute it is. This step is essential to your success.

Step 3

Ask yourself if you really need this to happen in your reality? Your desire has just become real to you, so it’s actually real. You’ve, in fact, already created it. Do you still need it now that it’s real? Can you feel why you don’t still need it? The feeling you should be experiencing is one of, “Well, this is clearly going to happen in the right time and in the right way. It will occur when it’s best for it to occur.” This is the feeling you’re looking to have in your mind; a very relaxed, calm position regarding your desire, and faith that it has already been created.

This is the miraculous formula: Attachment and detachment of your desire at exactly the same time. It shows your subconscious mind what you want, without pressure — in a very cool and relaxed way. Anything that you’ve attained in life, you’ve achieved with this feeling and mindset before it became yours.

Step 4

Take appropriate action toward your goal. With each thing you want to achieve, seek to become an authority on the subject. Fill your mind with exploration regarding your desire. Take the time to randomly pull up the feeling states related to having this desire, without making it a chore to do so. Make it your goal to put some action into this manifestation daily; even small action will draw this creation closer to you.

For example: If you wanted to make more money, review all of your options for doing so. What would be the best path for you as an individual to take to create more money in your life? What other possibilities have you never considered before? How many different ways could this become a reality for you? If you’re seeking a new relationship, begin noticing all of the people you pass by every day. What features are you looking for in a partner? How would they treat you? What type of lifestyle would they live? This prompts your mind seek out the qualities you desire most regarding your goals.

Gather information needed to make your manifestation as precise as possible. Use the exercises given in the prior modules to prompt your mind and reinforce your abilities. When the brain begins to search for these details, it won’t stop until it finds them. Imagine that your job is to come up with all of the ingredients to a recipe; everything that you specifically like. And it’s the Universe’s job to cook it up for you.

Step 5

Make the conscious goal to be determined and strong willed until this manifestation shows up. Realize that it’s going to happen in the best way and in the best time for you. It’s already real in your mind and feelings, so it’s already yours. Like a child, anticipate how exciting this gift is! Consider what you still may need to learn for all of this to happen. This opens the mind to search further for the answers and in turn draw those answers to you.

The goal is to add less effort and more reflection to the subject. Think of it as a research project that you’re gathering information on. Take breaks from it when it feels like a job or duty to diminish resistance; return to it when you’re feeling your full potential. Observe how you feel and notice any doubts that show up. Use the NLP exercises given to shut those nagging uncertainties down.

Step 6

Stack the odds in your favor to go from possibility to probability. Remember that you can’t give up on something that’s already happened to you in your mind and in your feeling states. Once it’s real to you, it’s already yours. If you can think it up, it’s already created as a possibility.

Start with small things that help convince you of your power to manifest. The confidence this builds helps you dare to dream bigger, which convinces your mind further in your ability to create what you desire. Once again, go back to the previous exercises and work on lesser creations that you don’t have as much of an attachment to in order to prove to yourself and your mind that your abilities are powerful.

Tell yourself that the entire Universe supports you and wants to please you. Consistently remind yourself that you are a Powerful Creator. Use what works best for you, and try one manifestation at a time. Have fun and make it playful. Time doesn’t matter. Success is something you will attain.

Step 7

Strive to serve and help others with your creations. Notice how your manifestations bring good to the world. See how everyone around you is able to benefit from your creations. Through doing this, you give those creations more power. See how others’ lives are made easier from your specific gifts. Observe the benefit in your service to others. Fill your mind with the good you bring to people’s lives.

By serving others, you will receive any rewards you seek. You are adding to the world with your specific talents. Look to give more as often as possible. Begin to notice how you always receive more than you can give out. Always be open to greater manifestations. This is living in an abundance state, which will create abundance in all areas of your life.

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