How To Manifest Good Health in 6 Simple Steps

If you’ve been suffering from various health issues & chronic diseases, you might use the law of attraction to cure some of these diseases & live a healthier life. 

Here are the steps on how you can use the law of attraction to manifest health & healing:

1. Be clear about what you want

If you want to be healthy & free from diseases, you’ve to write down your intentions. This will help clarify your intention, making it easier for the universe to deliver it to you. 

2. Visualize that you’re already in perfect health

If you’re suffering from cancer, asthma, or leukemia, take time to close your eyes & imagine how you’d look when you’re healthy. Imagine how it feels to be healthy. Remember that the body 

will perceive the visualized images as true, so this is a powerful way to promote healing. 

Imagine how it feels like when your doctor tells you that you’re already healed & you no longer need treatment. Imagine how your family & friends will react when you finally tell them that you’re cancer-free. 

3. Don’t think of your sickness

If you spend too much time thinking about your health problems or even disabilities, you’ll be unhappy & you’ll send out negative vibrations. Avoid worrying about your disease at all costs. 

Trust that the universe will deliver good health to you. Many doctors say that faith & hope are powerful ingredients in the healing process. Remember to stay hopeful. 

4. Say the following affirmations daily 

  • I am healthy. 
  • I am free of diseases. 
  • I am getting better & better every day. 
  • I am living a healthy life. 
  • I’ve all the energy to do what is expected of me on a daily basis. 
  • I am grateful for my health. 
  • I radiate energy & positivity. 
  • I’ve a strong immune system. 
  • I claim perfect health.  

5. Watch funny movies & laugh often

They say that laughter is the best medicine & many studies show that this is indeed true. Laughter strengthens your immune system & promotes self-healing. Laughter also sends positive vibrations that enable the universe to deliver your intention of healing faster. 

6. Celebrate small victories

If you feel a lot better than you did yesterday, celebrate! When you celebrate small victories, you send positive vibrations to the universe.

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