Manifestation Bullseye: Nailing 100% Of Your Money-making Decisions

Most of us consider ourselves to be poor at handling money and financial decisions. Perhaps it’s the numbers that scare us, or the thought of deciphering incomprehensible financial jargon. Wouldn’t it be great if you had a built-in mechanism that automatically signaled a yes or no decision for you?

What if I told you that such a mechanism exists within you, and has existed since your birth? This mechanism is your intuition, and as I briefly mentioned earlier, it’s your connection to the infinite. Intuition is a largely misunderstood thing, and in this module, you’re going to learn all about how it works and what its voice sounds like.

The simplest definition of intuition is that it is our guide. It is the inner voice that tells us what is right or what is wrong. To be more precise, it tells us what “feels” right and what doesn’t. Feelings are the mode of communication of the universe, and this is why it’s essential for you to become more comfortable with them.

If intuition is divine instruction, then it stands to reason that it exists only in the present moment. This is something that a lot of people miss. The common thought process around intuition is that it illuminates the path ahead of you. This is not necessarily the case. The best way of stating this is to say that intuition illuminates what is directly ahead of you. If you’re on step one of your process, it shows you how to get to step two. It will not show you how to go from step one to step 100 directly.

Understanding Intuition

Intuition goes beyond thought, ideas, and words. The greatest minds in history always came up with the most revolutionary ideas not by thinking from the past, but by viewing from the present. By truly experiencing the present moment, you’ll allow your mind to fully connect with all the information in the universe. You’ll be drawing information directly from the unknown where an infinite number of possibilities have already been mapped out.

As great as this sounds, the voice of intuition can be drowned out easily. The voice of intuition is very subtle, and truth be told, most of us aren’t accustomed to hearing it. Think of it as eating food that is very mild in flavor right after eating food that is full of spices and tickles your tongue in every way imaginable.

Most likely, you’ll not be able to detect subtle flavors because your taste buds have adapted to the stronger flavor profile. Now imagine doing this over and over for however long you’ve lived. Chances are it’ll take you many months or even years to start noticing more subtle flavors in food.

In the same manner, your mind has become accustomed to thinking loudly. “Loud” in this sense means it’s become used to time traveling. It’s become used to trying to figure out how to go from step one to 100 and doesn’t consider all the steps in between. It hasn’t been trained to view the wisdom inherent in the journey and only sees the end goal.

When the mind speaks to you in practical and logical terms, it is valid to consider it. However, it can be quite detrimental if it is the only thing you consider. Your intuition is just as important as any other part of your guidance system. Rational thoughts are just as valuable as irrational thoughts. To separate the two would be like to read the lyrics and notes of a song without hearing the singer and instruments.

Whenever you try to stray away from the mind’s logical way of thinking, it’ll normally experience some sort of resistance. Putting trust in the unknown wisdom of intuition is “risky” when you compare it to the rules of how you’re supposed to do things. Trusting your intuition is only risky if you mistake it for your compulsions.

Compulsions are nothing but the old thoughts and behaviors of our minds. They are loud, stubborn, and operate from known ways of thinking. These are the urges, cravings, and addictions you have to external stimulation. If we’re ever going to maximize the potential of our intuition, we need to recognize that both are present.

If you’re unsure of how to distinguish between the voice of your compulsions and your intuition, consider the element of time within them. If the voice is time- traveling far into the future or is telling you stories from the past, then this is most certainly a compulsion. Intuition does not concern itself beyond the present moment.

Your intuition proposes a course of action and leaves it up to you to follow through on it. It needs action on your behalf for it to speak to you. Some people think of using their intuition by simply sitting back and dreaming about it. That’s not how it works!

You need to build momentum in order to build your receptivity on the part of intuition. Momentum is built by creation. Whether this be the creation of new thoughts, feelings, or actions. Do whatever you know and begin executing whatever ideas you have. By doing this you’re giving the universe some material to work with. You’re allowing it to help you.

Scientific evidence points to the fact that listening to our intuitions is highly beneficial for not only decision making but for guiding our lives down the path we’re in most alignment with. There are two kinds of intuitive listening, in scientific terms. The first is emotion-based and the other is experience-based (Kutsch, 2019). Most researchers seem to agree that listening to experience-based intuition usually results in better decisions. This is because experience is simply another measure of how much momentum we’ve built in a certain area. It is the result of actions repeated over long periods of time, and as a result, the universe has plenty of material to work with and provides you with the right information at the right time.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that emotion-based intuition is invalid, though. Emotions are the expression of your inner being. Be aware of them when you’re making decisions as they will tell you whether moving forward with this decision is something that will keep you in or out of alignment.

Getting good at distinguishing between these voices is a matter of repetition and awareness. Never question your hunches, especially if they make you step outside your comfort zone. Stay present, receptive, and open and the universe will channel to you your truth.

Energy Management

All of us are obsessed with managing our time. We live by the movement of our clocks. However, you’ve learned that money and everything else in this universe is simply energy. It stands to reason that if you’re experiencing a lack of money in your life, what you’re really experiencing is a lack of energy.

Therefore, the way to increase the amount of energy you have is to manage it better. In other words, let go of time management and instead focus on managing your energy. Intuition plays a huge role in helping you do this. It speaks to you and tells you what you ought to do next, whether it is taking a break or spurring you into more action.

Einstein and Newton used a famous technique called the “micro nap,” which helped them manage their energy. Given the intensely theoretical nature of their work, they needed their minds to be in peak form. When things became too heavy, they would take a power nap that lasted for no more than 20 minutes.

The painter Salvador Dali had an even more effective technique. He would nap holding a set of keys. As soon as his mind shut down and his hand let go of the keys, they’d clang on a plate and wake him up. Dali would then resume his work fully refreshed, having provided his mind with the exact amount of rest it needed.

Energy can also come from the rituals and practices you do on a daily basis. Do you exercise regularly? Do you meditate? Do you read books? Do you spend time in nature? These are all excellent ways of managing your energy. In fact, if you’re able to master just one of the habits I’ve listed above, you can expect a good return on investment when it comes to how you think, feel, and act.

Exercise can release stress hormones and reduce the tension and stagnate energy around your body. Meditation is a great way of training your brain to stay present and mindful about your current circumstance. Reading books will open you up to different perspectives, thus giving you a wider scope of untapped creativity and imagination. Spending time in nature will keep you grounded and connected to the essence of life. Managing your energy on a daily basis is crucial if you ever want to find any success in managing your money.

Energy Investment

Where are you currently investing your energy? Are you investing it into drama and negativity? Are you investing it into a poverty-stricken self-image that convinces you that you cannot hang onto money or make any? Around 70% of lottery winner go broke because they didn’t have the self-image of someone that could handle the energy that came with money.

Managing your energy output is essential if you’re ever going to fully take control of your financial life. If you need to buy a new laptop to execute your plans to earn more money, then pick one that suits your budget. If you expect your financial desires to manifest, why rush things right now? Move at your pace, with the means you currently have. You do not need to overindulge yourself superficially to prove that what you have is coming.

Your compulsions will act from a place of lack. They’ll try to convince you that the present moment is unbearable if you don’t spend it on fancy items. It uses the existence of your future riches as a pretext to get you to act from a scarcity mindset. The media is one of the main mediums of communication responsible for this type of conditioning. If we’re not seen with the latest shoes, clothes, car, or jewelry, than we don’t qualify as rich or successful. This is a superficial form of expressing riches that only keeps you more stuck in poverty.

Warren Buffet still lives in the same home he bought for $31,500 in 1958. Mark Zuckerberg still wears a t-shirt, hoodie, and jeans as his uniform to any social event or meeting. Richard Branson doesn’t enjoy spending more than ten euros on a bottle of wine.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t buy luxury items when you have money to do so. What I am saying is you shouldn’t buy luxury items in order to fill a void within or strengthen an identity that is not who you really are. Invest your money on who you want to become, rather than feeding an identity you’re trying to escape.

There is another perspective that can be seen on the other side of the coin. This one relates to people that hold onto their money for dear life. Most of the time, this is because they’ve been ripped off in the past or never got their money back from an investment they made. When this happens, it leaves a mark in your subconscious mind. You start believing that no matter where you spend your money, it’s always going to be a waste. You avoid taking the risks you need to take to move forward, and this keeps you stuck.

Saving your money just for the sake of saving it is not a good investment because money is energy. If you’re not planning on investing it in the future, it needs to go into something today. It needs to move and circulate in order to grow and help you generate more money. When you invest money and it doesn’t work out, it wasn’t because you invested the money, it was because you invested the money poorly.

Stagnate energy will keep you stuck. For you to make more money, you cannot be afraid of letting it go. If you are afraid of letting it go, you’ve either built an attachment to the money itself or you fear losing it. Discovering how you can use your intuition to get out of this viscous cycle will help you tremendously on your journey to manifesting wealth.

Technique #11: Whole Body Yes

The Whole Body Yes technique comes from the Conscious Leadership Group led by Jim Dethmer, Diana Chapman, and Kaley Warner Klemp. Since discovering this technique I’ve noticed a huge positive shift when it comes to how I handle business and relationship decisions. Not only do I find myself being right more often, but it also leads me to be more aware of certain situations and to see them from a new perspective.

The Whole Body Yes is divided into three separate sections. These sections are the head, heart, and gut. Let’s break them down individually.

Head: Think of the logical side based on the research, feedback, and information you’ve gathered on a certain topic. This is where experience-based intuition comes in. Review these things and confirm that they make sense or don’t make sense.

Heart: Now let’s view this decision from an emotional view. Refer back to a time when you felt your heart was fully in it. Try to remember what it felt like when you fully committed your emotions. This is when the heart was speaking to you. With every decision, notice if this same feeling arises.

Gut: This is the perspective of your inner being, in other words, the purest form of intuition. For this one, recall back to previous intuitive hunches you’ve had and notice if you’re feeling the same during this decision.

A Whole Body Yes is meant to ensure that you are 100% committed and correct about your decision. The more often you recognize the difference between a “yes” and a “no”, the easier it’ll be for you to make decisions.

Technique #12: Energy Habits

For this next technique, we’ll be focusing on the habits that you have. The idea behind the Energy Habits Process technique is simply to build positive habits that raise your energy and vibration. Activities such as exercise, meditation, reading, or journaling can all be examples of habits that move you into alignment with what you desire.

As previously mentioned in this module, if we’re ever going to manage our money the right way, we need to understand how we manage our energy. I’ve created a step-by-step process to help outline all of your habits, how your energy flows when you perform these habits, and what new habits you can start to implement.

Step 1: Write down all of the habits that you have right now. These are actions you do on a daily basis without even thinking about it.

Step 2: Consider if these habits are in alignment with your purpose and the vision you have for your life. Do they waste your energy, or do they increase it? Write down “yes” or “no” next to each one.

Step 3: Write down all the habits that you have in your vision. Refer back to the Perfect Day exercise if you need to.

Step 4: Optimize your habits by removing the ones that move you out of alignment and introduce the new habits that move you into alignment. Here are two tips to help you build positive habits and break bad ones: Start small and adjust your environment accordingly to help with the execution of the habit.

With this newfound self-discipline, you’ll find it easier to manage your energy, and as a result, you’ll find it easier to manage your money.

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