How to Make Money Running Facebook Ads for Local Businesses

Are you looking for a side hustle that could boost your income? Have you ever considered running Facebook ads for local businesses? With the right approach, this could be a great way to earn some extra cash.

Let me tell you about a coffee shop in my city. It’s hidden away from the main street, but it always manages to attract just the right amount of people to keep the atmosphere buzzing. And the secret to its success? Facebook ads.

Every time I log on to Facebook, I see ads from this coffee shop promoting its latest specials and events. And it’s not just me – the ads are targeted to people who live nearby or have shown an interest in coffee. By using Facebook ads, this coffee shop is able to connect with potential customers in a way that feels personal and tailored to their interests.

But not all small businesses have caught on to the power of Facebook ads yet. That’s where you come in. By offering your services as a Facebook ads manager to local businesses, you could help them to grow their customer base and increase their revenue.

So if you’re looking for a flexible side hustle that could earn you some extra cash, why not consider running Facebook ads for local businesses? With a little bit of know-how, you could be on your way to a profitable new venture. 

Here’s our guide to help you get started:

What is Facebook Ad Management?

Facebook ad management is all about managing Facebook ad campaigns for clients. When you work as a Facebook ad manager, you’ll create and execute a Facebook ad strategy that’ll help your clients attract prospects and traffic to their businesses.

Here’s how it works. First, as an ad manager, you will sit down with your clients and listen to their goals. Once you understand what they’re looking to achieve, you’ll create graphics, ad copy, and target audiences that are specifically tailored to their business. You’ll then test out various campaigns to try to meet their objectives at the lowest cost per conversion possible.

As part of your work, you might also create images, write sales copy, and oversee your advertising budget. The idea is to create Facebook ads that are as effective and efficient as possible, helping your clients to reach their goals without breaking the bank.

How to Make Money Managing Facebook Ads for Local Small Businesses

Well, managing Facebook ads for local small businesses might just be the perfect side hustle for you. With over 30 million small businesses in the US alone, there’s plenty of opportunity for you to help them grow their businesses and make a profit while you’re at it.

But before you jump in headfirst, it’s important to understand what it takes to create a successful Facebook ad management business. There are several components to learn and details to perfect before you start attracting the right clients at the right prices.

So, if you’re ready to learn the ins and outs of managing Facebook ads for local small businesses, keep reading!

1. Learn the basics of running a Facebook ad campaign

If you’re looking to start advertising on Facebook but find it overwhelming, don’t worry. There are plenty of resources available to help you get started. For example, you can check out our complete guide on how to run facebook ads.

Objective: Pick the Right Ad Type

The objective you select for your Facebook ad is crucial. It determines how the ad will be optimized and shown to people. For example, if your objective is “Engagement,” your ad will be shown to people who have a history of liking and commenting on posts. If your objective is “Traffic,” your ad will be shown to people who are more likely to click links. Choosing the right objective can help you get a bigger return on investment (ROI) for your client.

Target Audience: Determine Who You Want to Reach

Determining your target audience is important because it helps you reach the right people with your ad. You can create different types of audiences, such as Custom or Lookalike audiences, which allow you to target past customers or people who have similar interests to past customers. You can also narrow down your audience based on interests, behaviors, and more. Facebook will show you your potential reach every time you make a change, so you can determine whether your audience is too broad, too narrow, or just right for your objective.

Ad Placement: Customize for Different Platforms

You can place your Facebook ad on Instagram, Messenger, and Facebook’s Audience Network. However, not all ads work well on all platforms. Knowing what works best on each platform and customizing your images and messages accordingly can help you get the ROI your client is looking for.

Budget: Understand How Ad Budgets Work

Understanding how ad budgets work is crucial for managing a successful Facebook ad campaign. You can choose a lifetime budget or a daily budget, and you can set your ads to run indefinitely or be scheduled to start and end on certain dates. Knowing which budget is best for your client and their campaign is important to get the most out of your ad spend.

In conclusion, managing Facebook ads may seem intimidating, but with the right knowledge and resources, you can create a reliable side income. So don’t be afraid to dive in and start experimenting with different ad types, target audiences, ad placements, and budgets.

2. Learn how to craft a compelling ads

Have you ever scrolled past hundreds of Facebook ads without a second thought? Chances are, they weren’t memorable enough to catch your attention. But what makes an ad stand out from the rest?

It could be a vibrant image, a limited-time deal, or even a witty tagline. To help your client’s business succeed with Facebook ads, you’ll need to create visually appealing and engaging content that stands out in a sea of advertising.

Don’t fret if this seems like a daunting task – there are plenty of free resources available online to help you create stunning ads that won’t break the bank. Platforms like Canva or Buffer offer user-friendly design tools with free image options. If you need something more specific, consider browsing high-quality stock photos on sites like Shutterstock.

With a little creativity and resourcefulness, you’ll be on your way to creating ads that capture your target audience’s attention and deliver results.

3. Find local businesses

There are a few ways you can find the right clients for your services.

Firstly, don’t underestimate the power of in-person networking. Attend local business events, meet new people and talk about what you offer.

Another option is to reach out to friends who own local businesses or join your local chamber of commerce. These can be great resources for finding potential clients.

Remember, not all businesses have the budget to pay $1,000 per month for ad management. Focus on targeting businesses that can benefit from Facebook ads and are able to pay you well in the long run.

To showcase your skills and the effectiveness of Facebook ads, consider running targeted ads for specific types of local businesses. This allows you to practice running ad campaigns while also finding potential clients.

By using these strategies, you can successfully find and attract local businesses that are the right fit for your Facebook ad management services.

4. Get paying clients

To get the most out of this opportunity, you need to be careful about which businesses you work with. Look for businesses that can pay you at least $1,000 a month to manage their ads. Remember that not all small businesses can afford to invest in this.

To increase your chances of success, target businesses like lawyers, realtors, landscapers, and pool installers. These businesses only need to get a few jobs a year to make back the money they’re spending on ads and the $12,000 they’re paying you.

Once you’ve found the right businesses to work with, it’s important to sign a contract for at least six months. This way, they can see the results they’re looking for and you can show off your skills and build a long-term relationship.

5. Track and measure Facebook ad performance

Managing Facebook ads can be a great way to earn some extra income on the side. However, don’t be fooled into thinking it’s a completely hands-off task. Even as a part-time ads manager, you’ll need to check in and make daily optimizations.

One way to incorporate Facebook ad management into your routine is by checking on your ads during your lunch break and at the end of your workday. By doing this, you can track which ads are converting and which platforms are performing the best. You’ll also need to keep an eye on your ad budget, as some ads may become more expensive over time.

As the ads manager, it’s your responsibility to make adjustments to ensure that your client’s ads are performing as expected. Don’t just set the ads and forget about them. Remember, you’re not just earning extra income for yourself, but you’re also helping a small business succeed. This could lead to repeat customers or referrals to other potential clients.

6. Increase rates and scale your business.

Managing Facebook ads for local businesses can be a great way to build your portfolio and gain experience, and eventually turn it into a full-time business.

Starting out, you may have to take on clients at lower rates, but don’t make it a long-term strategy. Gradually raise your rates and the number of clients you take on every month until you reach a point where you’re comfortable. Be willing to work for cheap, but not for free. If a client won’t pay at least $100, it’s probably not worth your time.

As you grow your business, you may find yourself with more clients than you have time for. In that case, consider hiring an assistant or another ad manager to help you scale up. Many successful Facebook ad agencies started out as a side hustle.

The best part? Getting started with Facebook ads can be completely free. And if you want to learn more, there are plenty of online courses available. One worth checking out is Foundr’s How to Run Facebook Ad Course, designed specifically for beginners who want to make money with Facebook ads. Many of their students have turned managing Facebook ads into their full-time jobs.

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