Luther Vandross Net Worth at Death – Wife, Family, Height, House

With income from songs and albums, Luther Vandross has amassed a net worth of $40 million as of 2022.

Luther Ronzoni Vandross Jr, also known as Luther Vandross, was an American singer-songwriter and record producer. During his career he worked mostly as a backup singer for Judy Collins, Bette Midler, Chaka Khan, Diana Ross, Barbra Streisand, David Bowie and Donna Summer. He was also a member of the band Change as a lead singer. 

Among his best-selling albums are “The Glow of Love,” “Never Too Much,” “Busy Body,” “The Night I Fell in Love,” “Never Let Me Go” and “Your Secret Love.” He also sang the hits “Any Love,” “Never Too Much,” “For You to Love,” “I Can Make It Better,” “Here and Now,” “The Closer I Get to You,” “The Best Things in Life Are Free” and “Endless Love,” among others. The American singer has sold over 35 million records worldwide. 

He received eight Grammy Awards, five Soul Train Music Awards, one of which was a special award, and nine American Music Awards. “Dance with My Father,” his most famous song, was a huge hit with audiences upon its release and is still played today. 

During his music career, Vandross travelled several times and performed his hits on various occasions.

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Luther Vandross Net Worth At Death

Luther Vandross has an estimated net worth of $40 Million at the time of his death in 2005. He was a singer and songwriter whose smooth style and voice lent themselves to romantic ballads. His annual income was more than $5 million during his music career. 

Vandross signed with Epic Records in 1981 and released his debut album Never Too Much, which sold over a million copies. Throughout the 1980s, he released numerous other albums and frequently collaborated with legendary artists such as Aretha Franklin.

Although Vandross was a big R&B star, he didn’t become a pop sensation until the early 1990s. He received his first Grammy in 1991 for “Here and Now,” followed by two more in 1992 for “Power of Love,” which he co-wrote and performed, and a fourth in 1997 for “Your Secret Love.

Throughout the 1990s, Vandross continued to record with great success. These included Mariah Carey’s top ten version of “Endless Love,” “This Is Christmas” in 1996 and “I Know” in 1998. In 2003, the singer suffered a stroke from which he never fully recovered. He made a video appearance at the 2004 Grammy Honors, where he won four awards, including Song of the Year, for his last album, “Dance With My Father.” Vandross passed away on July 1, 2005.

To calculate the net worth of Luther Vandross, subtract all his liabilities from his total assets. Investments, savings, cash deposits, and any equity he has in a house, car, or other similar asset are included in the total assets. All debts, such as student loans and credit card debt, are included in total liabilities.

Here’s the breakdown of his net worth:

Name: Luther Vandross
Net Worth: $40 Million
Monthly Salary: $300,000+
Annual Income: $5 Million+
Source of Wealth: Singer, Record producer, Singer-songwriter, Musician, Composer, Actor

How Much Money Did Luther Vandross Make From His Music, Songs, and Albums?

Luther Vandross had earned over $30 million from his songs and albums before he passed away in 2005.

Luther Vandross began performing while he was still in high school. He performed at several concerts at the Apollo Theater. During this time, he also participated in the hits “Listen My Brother” and “Only Love Can Make a Better World”.

In the debut album of Roberta Flack and Donny Hathaway, “Roberta Flack & Donny Hathaway”, he participated as a background singer in 1972. He also sang with Delores Hall on the single “Who’s Gonna Make It Easier for Me” from her album “Hall-Mark.” He also contributed to another hit, “In This Lonely Hour.”

Along with Diane Sumler, Anthony Hinton, Christine Wiltshire and Theresa V. Reed, the American singer was a member of the vocal quintet Luther in the late 1970s. The singles released by the group “”It’s Good for the Soul”, “Funky Music” and “The Second Time Around” were all reasonably successful. However, their albums “Luther” and “This Close to You” did not sell well.

Vandross sang and created commercial jingles for Mountain Dew, Juicy Fruit, Burger King, Kentucky Fried Chicken and NBC from 1977 to early 1980. In 1978, he sang for Greg Diamond’s band Bionic Boogie. That same year, he also participated on Quincy Jones’ album Sounds…and Stuff Like That.

In the late 1970s he sang with the band Soirée and was the main vocalist of the song “You Are the Sunshine of My Life”. Vandross also participated in the album “Let It In” by the group Charme. After that, he made his breakthrough as the singer of the pop-dance band Change, with which he wrote a series of songs such as “The Glow of Love” and “The Glow of Love II”. “”I am looking.”

Vandross then landed a recording contract with Epic Records. Soon after, he released his debut album, “Never Too Much,” which included the hit singles “”A House Is Not a Home”” and “”Never Too Much.”

In 1983, the American singer had the opportunity to collaborate with Dionne Warwick on the song “How Many Times Can We Say Goodbye,” which he wrote, produced and sang. Vandross also produced Diana Ross’ “It’s Hard for Me to Say” and later toured with her.

In 1985, he sang on Stevie Wonder’s “Part-Time Lover.” Shortly after, he took over the voice of the cartoon character Zack in the animated series “Zack of All Trades.” Vandross then released “The Best of Luther Vandross… The Best of Love”, a compilation CD.

In 1990, he composed, sang and produced background vocals for Whitney Houston’s song “Who Do You Love”. The same year he made a guest appearance on the sitcom “227”. The singer teamed up with Mariah Carey in 1994 to perform a cover version of the song “Endless Love”.

In 2001, he signed with J Records and released the album “Luther Vandross,” which included the hit singles “Take You Out” and “I’d Rather.” In 2002, Vandross performed for the last time on his farewell tour, which also included Gerald Levert and Angie Stone.

In 2003, he worked on the song “”What’s Going On” was written for Doc Powell’s album “97th and Columbus”. Vandross’ last album, “Dance with My Father”, was released the same year and included the songs “Dance with My Father” and “Think About You”.

Luther Vandross was immortalized with the single “Dance with My Father.” The lyrics were inspired by Vandross’ childhood experiences and evoke warm memories of his father dancing with his wife and young children.

He made a video appearance at the 2004 Grammy Honors, where he won four awards, including Song of the Year, for his last album, “Dance With My Father.” Vandross passed away on July 1, 2005.

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What Houses Does Luther Vandross Own?

Luther Vandross sold a number of properties in 2003, according to reports. One of them was a seven-bedroom condo in Manhattan, which he sold for $4.425 million. He had originally bought it in 1999 for $3.8 million. It is located in a building that Donald Trump renovated in 1998.

The four-star Daniel restaurant is on the first floor. Vandross sold another Manhattan condo in 1998 for $5.6 million. He sold another condo on the Upper East Side in Manhattan in 2000 for just over $400,000. In 2002, Luther sold a home in Stamford, Connecticut, for $850,000.

His Connecticut estate, which was 23,000 square feet, sold for $10.75 million in 1999. In 1997, he bought the mansion for $8.8 million. A 2015 report said his former estate was on the market for just under $9 million. The lush estate, located outside Greenwich, is surrounded by 15 acres of land. According to rumors, Luther used the covered basketball court on the third floor as a storage room.

How Much Money Does Luther Vandross Make A Year?

According to some reports, Luther Vandross’s annual income is over $5 Million.

What Awards Did Luther Vandross Receive?

In his music career, Luther Vandross earned eight Grammy Awards, four of which were for the songs “Dance with My Father” and “The Closer I Get to You” in separate categories in 2004.

For the tracks “Give Me the Reason,” “Here and Now,” “Power of Love,” and “Dance with My Father,” he received four Soul Train Music Awards in the category of “Best R&B/Soul Album – Male.”

During his career, Vandross was nominated for nine American Music Awards.

He was posthumously honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on June 3, 2014.

He made a video appearance at the 2004 Grammy Honors, when he won four awards, including Song of the Year, for his last album “Dance With My Father.” On July 1, 2005, Vandross passed away.

Luther Vandross Height and Weight

Luther Vandross is 1.88 m tall and he weighs around 85 kg. 

Luther Vandross Age and Birthday

Luther Vandross was born on Apr 20, 1951, and died on Jul 1, 2005, at 54 years old.

Luther Vandross’s Early Life, Education, Family

Luther Ronzoni Vandross Jr. was born on April 20, 1951, in New York City, New York, United States. Luther Van Dross Sr. was a vocalist and upholsterer, and his mother, Mary Ida Van Dross, was a nurse.

Vandross began playing the piano on his own at the age of three. His musical abilities were nurtured by his parents.

His father died of diabetes when he was eight years old, and his family moved to the Bronx. Vandross’ sisters Ann and Patricia began taking him to the movies there.

During high school, his fascination with R&B music grew, and his song “Everybody Rejoice” was chosen for the 1972 Broadway musical The Wiz. Soon after, he began recording commercial jingles and later worked as a backup singer and arranger for musicians such as David Bowie, Bette Midler and Barbara Streisand.

Vandross attended and graduated from William Howard Taft High School in 1969. Later, he attended Western Michigan University for a year before dropping out to pursue his music career.

Luther Vandross’s Personal Life and Wife

Luther Vandross was romantically involved with a man in the late 1980s and early 1990s, according to his friend Bruce Vilanch. Vandross, who never married, was confirmed as a man by his girlfriend Patti LaBelle in 2017.

The American singer was diabetic and suffered from hypertension. He died at the age of 54 on July 1, 2005.

After his death, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation received a large portion of his estate as a bequest.

Favorite Luther Vandross Quotes

The best part is still ahead of me – I haven’t experienced my ‘good old days’ yet. 


All through school, I was losing hundreds of pounds in school, so that’s a journey – that’s an old journey. I’m tired of that. I know that road. 


I feel a sense of sadness and joy. Mostly sadness though about what I’ve experienced and sadness about what others have experienced in reference to the stroke. 


When I was larger, people said I was fat. Now that I’ve lost weight, they say I died. 


I’d like to be remembered as a premier singer of songs, not just a popular act of a given period.

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