Les Brown Net Worth (2023): How Does He Make Money?

What is Les Brown’s Net Worth ?

Les Brown has an estimated net worth of $15 million. He is renowned as one of America’s most prominent and highly compensated motivational speakers. If you’re interested in booking Les Brown for an event, the estimated speaking fee typically falls within the range of $30,000 to $50,000.

Through his company, Les Brown Unlimited Inc., he has generated millions of dollars by selling motivational books and digital products to a diverse audience. His students encompass a wide spectrum of individuals, including Fortune 500 executives, those with special needs, and even prison inmates.

Les Brown is famous for his motivational message, encapsulated in the slogan “It is possible!” He passionately encourages people to pursue their dreams and aspirations. Moreover, in 1993, he hosted the Les Brown Show.

Here’s the breakdown of his net worth:

Name: Les Brown
Net Worth: $15 Million
Annual Income $5 Million
Source of Wealth: Motivational Speaker

Broadcast and TV Show

Les Brown faced initial setbacks when he tried to enter the world of public broadcasting. His first attempt didn’t go well, and he faced rejection. However, his breakthrough came when he was given a chance after the previous afternoon broadcast DJ didn’t succeed.

After his time in radio, Les Brown ventured into politics by running for the Ohio House of Representatives in 1976 as a member of the Democratic Party. He successfully won this position. However, he decided not to seek re-election in 1982.

Following his political career, Les Brown shifted his focus to television. He became an anchor on PBS, a notable broadcasting network. During this period, he also served on the Peabody Awards Board of Jurors from 1982 to 1988, contributing to the recognition of outstanding broadcasting.

Les Brown’s contributions to the field of public speaking and broadcasting did not go unnoticed. In 1989, he received the Council of Peers Award for Excellence from the National Speakers Association, highlighting his exceptional speaking skills. He also earned the Golden Gavel from Toastmasters International in 1994, further solidifying his reputation as a remarkable speaker.

In September 1993, Les Brown began hosting his own talk show, aptly named “The Les Brown Show.” This was a significant step in his television career. However, the show faced challenges and was ultimately canceled after almost four months, on December 3, 1993.

Despite the setback with “The Les Brown Show,” King World Productions replaced it with another show called “Rolonda,” hosted by Rolonda Watts, starting on January 17, 1994.

Motivational Speaking

While the primary goal of a motivational speaker should ideally be to uplift and empower people, it’s also true that successful speakers like Les Brown can earn a substantial income through various avenues.

Let’s explore how Les Brown makes money from motivational speaking:

Les Brown Enterprises Inc.

Les Brown established Les Brown Enterprises Inc., which probably forms the core of his motivational speaking work. It likely deals with managing his bookings, arranging events, and handling other logistics tied to his speaking commitments. This setup is common among many professional speakers because it simplifies their business operations.

As per ZoomInfo, Brown’s company has generated $6.6 million in revenue.

Les Brown company

Public Speaking Engagements

Motivational speakers like Les Brown primarily earn money by speaking at seminars, conferences, and events. Organizations and event organizers pay them fees to deliver keynote speeches or motivational talks.

These fees can vary widely, from thousands to tens of thousands of dollars per speaking engagement, depending on the event’s size and importance.

For instance, according to AAE Speakers, the estimated speaking fee range to hire Les Brown for an event is between $100,000 and $200,000.

Les Brown speaking fee

Radio Show

Les Brown had a daily syndicated radio show on KFWB in California from 2011 to 2012. While radio hosting may not be the primary source of income for a motivational speaker, it can contribute to their overall brand and reputation. Radio shows often generate advertising revenue, and being on the air can increase visibility and bookability as a speaker.

Les Brown radio show

Books and Products

Motivational speakers like Les Brown often produce various motivational materials such as books, audio programs, and other products. Les Brown, for instance, has authored several books like “Live Your Dreams,” “The Power of Purpose,” “Laws of Success,” and “The Greatness Within You,” among others.

These materials can come in the form of self-help books, CDs, DVDs, and online courses. They make money by selling these products to their audience, fans, and followers.

Collaborations and Partnerships

Les Brown has teamed up with other speakers like John C. Maxwell, working together on projects such as “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.” These joint efforts can result in shared earnings from book sales, events, or joint ventures.

For instance, Les Brown partners with Chad E. Foster to create impactful keynote programs. Both Les and Chad inspire millions worldwide, teaching people how to lead happier, more resilient lives. Les has mentioned Chad as someone he turns to for positivity. They’ve also co-authored a book with JB Owen called “Ignite The Hunger In You.”

Les Brown collaboration

Coaching and Mentorship

Motivational speakers frequently provide coaching and mentorship programs for those looking to grow personally. While many coaching services are legitimate, there have been allegations made against Les Brown Enterprises Inc. for not delivering on coaching promises.

Here’s an advertisement I came across for his public speaking training:

Les Brown coaching

Event Appearances

Les Brown may make appearances at events where he is paid to speak, inspire the audience, and possibly participate in promotional activities related to the event.

Les Brown event appearance

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