Know Your Various PLR Rights

We have already discussed the kinds of PLR content available and the wide variety of items and packages that you can find through PLR websites and vendors. The other key thing to look at before you buy is what exactly you are obtaining in terms of rights and licensing when you buy the PLR content.

Private Label Rights or PLR is used as a general term for pre-written or pre- created content available for licensing, for the purpose of privately branding it and distributing it through various means, either directly to your clients or through other websites in order to market your business (for example, through article directories).

So while PLR is a convenient label, every vendor can have their own rules, regulations and restrictions with respect to what they are selling.

We also mentioned earlier a similar category of pre-created content known as MRR, Master Reseller Rights or Master Resale Rights. MRR will be stricter, and probably more expensive, but it is often a higher quality of material than some of the PLR packages available, and will come with more restrictions.

However, as the name states, you are usually granted permission to sell the content yourself as a PLR vendor. If you are in a popular niche with a lot of people eager for content, this could be a good additional revenue stream for your business; however, nothing will position you as an expert quite like being the author of your own set of valuable products in your niche.

Therefore, you should read the rights carefully for all PLR and MRR packs that you might be considering using in order to build your business, so that you can be sure of what you are getting and what you are permitted to do with the content.

Every PLR website should have the license or rights listed on the page when you are buying it so that you will know what you are getting before you invest in their content. This information should also be included in a file in the download folder, which will usually be in the form of a Zip file, with a folder inside with all of the items.

When you are downloading from any PLR or MRR website from which you are purchasing, make sure that you scroll all the way down the page in order to ensure that you are getting everything that is included in the package, including any bonuses that were offered (they can often be used for more than one product and therefore come in their own separate file, which will be easy to miss if you are rushing).

You might also be pleasantly surprised to find that they have given you some extra material or some unannounced bonuses on the page to download and use. They might not be exactly what you are looking for in your niche, but they can certainly give you some ideas, as well as editable content to grow your business. In some cases, the free material can even be more valuable than the bonuses, so be creative in your approach to everything you get from each PLR purchase and try to make the most of it to grow your business through quick content creation.

As we have said, every website and every license will be different, but these are the main categories of rights that you will encounter:

*Private Label Rights (PLR)

* Unrestricted Private Label Rights

*Master Reseller or Master Resale Rights (MRR) 

*Private Label Rights (PLR).

If you purchase “private label rights,” you have the legal right to change the content (for instance, edit, put it in your voice, add graphics, change the order of the information, cut sections, and so on), put your name on it as author, and give it away or resell it for your own personal profit.

The main limitation is that you cannot pass on the rights you have purchased. In other words, you can’t start your own PLR website, purchase a number of items of private label rights material, and offer it to customers for their PLR use. The copyright stops with your license.

*Unrestricted Private Label Rights.

With unrestricted PLR, you can change the content, put your name on it as author, give it away or resell it for your personal profit, and you can pass the rights on to others. In other words, once you purchase or receive unrestricted private label rights, you can transfer those rights to others through purchase or giveaway, unless otherwise stated by the original author.

Double check with the website where you purchase the content as some PLR sites have been misusing this term recently. Look at the specific license that will come with your files and if you have any questions, contact the vendor for clarification before purchasing the material.

*Master Reseller or Master Resale Rights (MRR).

With master reseller rights, you can resell the content for your personal profit and pass those rights on to others, but you (and anyone who purchases or receives the content from you) will usually not be permitted to make changes to the content. You would also not be able to brand it as your own.

If you sell it as PLR, the copyright stops with them. If you sell it with MRR, they would be allowed to sell the content as PLR content to others as well. This will mean many people using the same content. The reason they charge more is that it is a “business in a box” for anyone who buys it.

As we have said, the main difference between PLR and MRR is that the latter allows you to sell the content on, but you are not supposed to edit it or put your own name on it. This will help make a name for the person creating the MRR, but will not do too much for your own reputation as an expert except in the sense that you are in the know about hot products in your niche. It can -also be handy to have a new revenue stream by selling it on a business-to business basis.

Having said that, if the content is poorly written and full of spelling errors, do not take the license literally and sell it as is. Tidy it up and improve it as best you can for your own website, and don’t forget, you can make the offer more attractive and set yourself apart from anyone else who might be selling it by creating your own unique set of bonuses at your site.

If you have any questions about what rights you have received or purchased, check the rights section of the content. It should all be spelled out clearly on a particular page, or within the document itself.

If you still aren’t clear on what you are allowed to do with that content, contact the original vendor to clarify any grey areas. (In an MRR license, the name of the original creator and seller should be in the package and/or on the file.)

The last thing you want to do is to run afoul of the copyright law and end up distributing content illegally. You will also want to avoid any accusations of plagiarism, content theft, and also duplicate content according to Google and the other top search engines. When in doubt, ask, and make sure you get a clear answer.

In the next chapter, we will look at the best ways to use PLR content in your business. For now, it is time to perform your action steps.


1-Look at your wish list of PLR products to help fill the gaps in your business. Look at the top three, and for each item, examine at the website carefully to see if you can find the rights being granted for the product.

2-If the first product on your list is affordable and you are getting closer to launching your website and/or your first product, buy it. Go through the whole process carefully, from looking at the sales letter and keeping track of the URL, to checking out the license you will be granted, and the whole download and email confirmation process.

If you can, keep track of the URLs that you are visiting as part of the sales process. Depending on the website, this can be a good example of what an online sales process will look like:

+ Sales landing page

+ Order processing page

+ Confirmation page

+ Confirmation/thank you email

+ Confirmation email that you are now on their customer list for this product (optional).

You might also come across a sales process which has other offers, such as one- time offers, limited-time offers, or upsell offers. Try not to be confused with all of this information and focus on getting your PLR through a consistent end-to- end sales process.

Save a copy of the sales letter so that you can check what it offers against what you get as an actual download.

3-If any of the special offers that pop up do seem of interest, read the sales letter carefully. Again, you might want to save a copy of it to make sure that what you are being offered matches what is in the package that you receive. Also check the price and then make a decision. Is it affordable? Useful? In the same niche?

4-Keep track of everything you buy in order to be sure that you do not buy more content than you need, or duplicate content. Note down the website, title and price. Some of the sites will offer similar products (indeed, they probably use some of the same writers).

5-Start using the PLR or MRR that you have purchased right away.

Try to organize your files and folders in a sensible manner in order to keep track of the originals of everything that you have purchased, and the content that you have created from what you purchased. The more ways that you can use the content, the more value you will be getting for your time and money.

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