Keanu Reeves Net Worth 2022 – How Did He Get Rich? Exposed!

Keanu Reeves Net Worth

Keanu Reeves has an estimated net worth of $380 Million. Actor Keanu Reeves has starred in the movies ‘Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure,’ ‘Speed,’ ‘The Matrix’ and ‘John Wick,’ among many other projects. He earned the majority of his income from movies and TV shows.

Keanu Reeves was born in Beirut, Lebanon on September 2, 1964, and raised in Toronto, Canada. He rose to prominence after his performance in River’s Edge, and he went on to star in the comedies Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure and its sequel, Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey. Reeves’ filmography includes the action film Speed, the sci-fi blockbuster The Matrix and its sequels, as well as more art-house fare such as My Own Private Idaho and The Private Lives of Pippa Lee. Reeves made his directorial debut with Man of Tai Chi in 2013.

To calculate the net worth of Keanu Reeves, subtract all his liabilities from his total assets. Investments, savings, cash deposits, and any equity he has in a house, car, or other similar asset are included in the total assets. All debts, such as loans and personal debt, are included in total liabilities.

Here’s the breakdown of his net worth:

Name: Keanu Reeves
Net Worth: $380 Million
Monthly Salary: $2 Million+
Annual Income: $30 Million+
Source of Wealth: Actor, Voice Actor


‘Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure’

Reeves appeared in American teen films such as Youngblood (1986), starring Rob Lowe and Patrick Swayze, and River’s Edge (1989). More television and film roles followed before Reeves joined the ensemble cast of Glen Close and John Malkovich’s scandalous period drama Dangerous Liaisons (1988). The following year saw the release of a film that would become synonymous with the young actor for quite some time — Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. The popular comedy, co-starring Alex Winter, followed two high school students and their time-traveling hijinks, eventually spawning a 1990 animated TV series and the 1991 film sequel, Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey.

‘My Own Private Idaho,’ ‘Point Break,’ ‘Speed’

Though Reeves was frequently chastised for his deadpan delivery and perceived lack of range as an actor, he went on to work in a wide range of genres over the next decade, from introspective art-house fare to action-packed thrillers.

Gus Van Sant’s My Own Private Idaho (1991), co-starring River Phoenix, followed the lives of two young sex workers living on the streets, while Point Break (1991) cast the actor as an undercover FBI agent who becomes entangled in the criminal lives of surfing bank robbers. Reeves played Jonathan Harker in Francis Ford Coppola’s 1992 adaptation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, which also starred Gary Oldman, Winona Ryder, and Anthony Hopkins. In 1994, he co-starred in the hit action film Speed with Sandra Bullock, followed by the romantic drama A Walk in the Clouds (1995) and the supernatural thriller Devil’s Advocate (1997), co-starring Al Pacino and Charlize Theron.

‘The Matrix’ 

At the end of the decade, Reeves starred in The Matrix, a sci-fi film that would change the course of the genre. The 1999 film, directed by Andy and Lana Wachowski, followed Reeves as the prophetic figure Neo, who was tasked with leading humanity out of an all-consuming simulated world. The Matrix was a worldwide success thanks to its innovative fight sequences, avant-garde special effects, and stunning fashion. Two sequels were shot concurrently and released in 2003 to mixed reviews, though the second installment, The Matrix Reloaded, was a bigger financial success than its predecessor.

In the summer of 2019, 16 years after The Matrix Reloaded was released, it was announced that a fourth film in the franchise was in the works, with Reeves set to reprise his role as Neo.

‘Something’s Gotta Give,’ ‘The Day the Earth Stood Still’

Despite his mainstream success, Reeves continued to work in a variety of genres, as evidenced by his roles as an abusive man in Cate Blanchett’s The Gift (2000), a smitten doctor in Something’s Gotta Give (2003) opposite Diane Keaton, and a British demon hunter in Constantine (2005). In the 2008 remake of the classic The Day the Earth Stood Still, co-starring Jennifer Connelly and Jaden Smith, Reeves reprised his role as the alien Klaatu.

‘Man of Tai Chi,’ ‘John Wick,’ ‘Toy Story 4’

The actor made his directorial debut with Man of Tai Chi in the following decade (2013). Martial arts themes were continued in Reeves’ next film, the critically panned 47 Ronin (2013), which was followed in 2014 by the more critically acclaimed John Wick, co-starring Willem Dafoe and John Leguizamo, and its sequel, John Wick: Chapter 2. (2017). Following his co-starring role in the rom-com Destination Wedding (2018) with Winona Ryder, Reeves had a busy 2019 with the release of the sci-fi thriller Replicas; a return to action in John Wick 3: Parabellum; a supporting role in the Netflix rom-com Always Be My Maybe; and his entry into a major animated franchise as the voice of stuntman Duke Caboom in Toy Story 4.

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Reeves and his girlfriend Jennifer Syme had a daughter, Ava Archer Syme-Reeves, who died at the age of eight months. The couple’s relationship ended due to the couple’s grief over the loss of their daughter.

Jennifer was killed in a car accident two years later after crashing into three cars and being thrown out of her vehicle. It was later revealed that she was taking antidepressant medication.

Other Interests

Reeves’ artistic ambitions were not limited to film; in the early 1990s, he co-founded the band Dogstar. During Reeves’ decade-long tenure as Dogstar’s bassist, the band released two albums. He later played bass for a year in a band called Becky.

Reeves is also an avid motorcycle rider. After commissioning designer Gard Hollinger to create a custom-built bike for him, the two co-founded Arch Motorcycle Company LLC in 2011.

Reeves is said to be one of Hollywood’s most generous actors, having helped care for his sister during her long battle with leukemia and supporting organizations such as Stand Up To Cancer and PETA.

While promoting Destination Wedding with Ryder in August 2018, Reeves appeared surprised to learn that he may be legally married to his co-star. Ryder explained that it was the result of filming their wedding scene for Dracula, in which a real Romanian priest performed a full wedding ceremony.

Background and Early Career

Keanu Charles Reeves was born in Beirut, Lebanon, on September 2, 1964. Reeves’ first name translates from Hawaiian to English as “cool breeze over the mountains,” owing to his geologist father’s Chinese-Hawaiian ancestry. Reeves’ mother worked in the entertainment industry as a performer and later as a costume designer. When his parents divorced, he moved to New York, then to Toronto with his mother and sister. Reeves grew up loving hockey, but he eventually turned to acting, landing TV roles and making his big-screen debut in the 1985 Canadian film One Step Away.

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