Kayla Itsines Net Worth 2022 – App, Family, House, Car

With income from her career as a fitness trainer and social media influencer, Kayla Itsines has amassed a net worth of $70 Million as of 2022.

Kayla Itsines is a personal trainer, business owner, and author from Australia. Her fitness e-book series, “Bikini Body Guides,” and her nutrition planning and workout app, “Sweat with Kayla,” are known all over the world. 

In 2016, “Sweat with Kayla” made more money than any other fitness app. She has been a personal trainer since 2008. She has helped thousands of women improve their health and fitness with her own exercises, which she came up with after doing a lot of research. 

She and her boyfriend, Tobi Pearce, started the Bikini Body Training company. The young fitness expert is also famous on YouTube and other social media sites. 

As of May 2018, she has more than 20 million fans on Facebook and 14 million fans on Instagram. She was named one of the 30 most influential people on the Internet by Time magazine in 2016.

Today we’re going to discuss how much money Kayla Itsines has and how she builds her net worth.

At the end of this article, we will also tell you how to get rich like Kayla Itsines. So be sure to read to the end.

Kayla Itsines Net Worth 2022

Kayla Itsines has an estimated net worth of $70 Million in 2022. She is one of the richest fitness trainers and social media influencers in Australia. Her fitness journey has helped her gain a lot of attention. Kayla Itsines earns more than $800,000 every month.

Her fitness app, Sweat with Kayla, is her main source of income. It brings in more money than any other fitness app. Apart from that, she is also interested in doing commercials for supplements and fitness brands, modelling, projects, and sponsorships that bring her a lot of money. Kayla Itsines earns $10 million per year.

To calculate the net worth of Kayla Itsines, subtract all her liabilities from her total assets. Investments, savings, cash deposits, and any equity she has in a house, car, or other similar asset are included in the total assets. All debts, such as student loans and credit card debt, are included in total liabilities.

Here’s the breakdown of her net worth:

Name: Kayla Itsines
Net Worth: $70 Million
Monthly Salary: $800,000+
Annual Income: $10 Million+
Source of Wealth: Trainer, Author, Entrepreneur

Kayla Itsines Net Worth Last 5 Years

Net Worth 2022: $70 Million
Net Worth 2021: $64 Million
Net Worth 2020: $58 Million
Net Worth 2019: $55 Million
Net Worth 2018: $50 Million

How Did Kayla Itsines Her Net Worth?

In 2022, Kayla Itsines, an Australian personal trainer, author and business owner, is worth $70 million. She is one of the most famous fitness trainers in the world because she is one of the best. Kayle Itsines is known for the popular e-book series “Bikini Body Guides” and the app “Sweat with Kayla”, which helps people plan their meals and workouts.

She is a health expert who has helped tens of thousands of people get in shape and live a healthy life. 

In March 2016, Kayla Itsines was named one of the 30 most important people on the Internet by the popular Time magazine. In addition, the fitness trainer has a large number of fans on social media. For example, Kayla Itsines has almost 14 million followers on Instagram and over 28 million followers on Facebook.

How Much Money Does Kayla Itsines Make From Personal Training and Business?

Kayla Itsines makes millions of dollars as a personal trainer and business owner. But how did she get started? 

Kayla Itsines first got a job at a women’s gym in Adelaide, Australia. Soon, she realized that her clients weren’t reaching their fitness goals by using the machines and equipment. She gave them an aerobics class as an experiment one day and found that they loved it.

When she realized that her clients wanted to work out at home but didn’t have enough room for machines and equipment, she came up with exercises that didn’t need as much space or equipment. She taught netball to the friends of her sister who wanted to play at their high school. She also told them what to eat.

In March 2013, she and her boyfriend, Tobi Pearce, started a company called Bikini Body Training. Kayla is the director of the company, and Tobi is the CEO. She published the first two “Bikini Body Guides” in January 2014, after Tobi told her to do so. More than a million guides had been downloaded by October 2014. 

In 2015, she went on a tour around the world called the “Kayla Itsines Bootcamp World Tour,” where she taught free group fitness classes. In the same year, she did an ad for the Apple Watch in which she showed how the watch could track her heart rate.

How Much Money Does Kayla Itsines Make From Sweat With Kayla App?

Kayla Itsines makes a lot of money from her app. She released the Sweat with Kayla app in November 2015. At first, her customers didn’t like the app because they thought it was too expensive. Since they had already bought the Bikini Body Guides e-books, they thought they should get a discount on the app. In response, Kayla lowered the price of the app to $1 for the first month for customers who had already bought her e-books.

How Much Money Does Kayla Itsines Make From Books?

Kayla Itsines also makes a lot of money from her books. In 2016, “The Bikini Body 28-Day Eating and Lifestyle Guide” was her first print book. In 2017, “The Bikini Body Motivation & Habits Guide” was her second print book.

How Much Are Kayla Itsines’s Cars Worth?

Since Kayla Itsines is rich, she owns some luxurious cars. Let’s take a look at her car collection.

Kayla Itsines Car Collection Price (USD)
BMW 3-Series Convertible $59,800
Audi A7 $88,900
Range Rover $135,670

1. BMW 3-Series Convertible ($59,800)

The 3 Series has a new, improved design with the brand’s latest technology and more refined luxury. It features a 255-horsepower turbocharged four-cylinder and a 385-horsepower turbocharged six-cylinder, as well as a new plug-in hybrid model with rear-wheel or all-wheel drive and an eight-speed automatic transmission.

2. Audi A7 ($88,900)

The Audi A7 is between the Audi A6, which is a great luxury car with a sporty feel, and the Audi A8, which is the most luxurious Audi you can buy. The Audi A7 looks and drives well, and its hatchback design makes it much more practical.

3. Range Rover ($135,670)

This SVA is a full-fledged Range Rover, and it is also the most expensive Range Rover produced. Range is mostly used by famous personalities, businessmen and other wealthy people. Autobiography is all about being well off and living in a very nice place. The SVA is powered by a 4999 cc supercharge eight-cylinder engine that makes 557 HP. The Range Rover also features a long wheelbase that makes the rear seats even more comfortable and gives passengers more legroom.

What Houses Does Kayla Itsines Own?

Given Kayla Itsines’s wealth, her house is more expensive than ordinary people’s. She has bought and sold a number of beautiful houses over the years. She paid $1.2 million to buy a 3,000-square-foot, four-bedroom house in the US. The three-story house also has a large living room that opens onto a terrace, a well-appointed kitchen, a spiral staircase in the main entrance, an office, a dining room and a wine cellar.

Kayla Itsines’ Personal Life and Family

Kayla Itsines was born in Adelaide, Australia, on May 21, 1991. Her parents, Anna and Jim Itsines, were both teachers. She is of Greek descendent. Leah, who is two years younger than she is, is also a personal trainer and a food stylist. Kayla loved playing basketball and other sports when she was a kid, but she was too skinny and often sick.

When she was 15, doctors told her that because she had endometriosis, she might have trouble having children in the future. She read on the Internet that if she got fit and healthy, she could keep having children. So, she started going to the gym to work out. She decided to become a personal trainer after the results she got were good. She got her certificate from the Australian Institute of Fitness when she was 18.

Kayla met Tobi Pearce, who wanted to be a personal trainer, at a gym. At the time, he was also going to school for law and business. He had a business that ran bootcamps, and he had already started training clients. Kayla and Tobi started going out after that. They are already married.

After her aunt died from drinking too much, she stopped drinking in 2011. She thinks that people who want to live a healthy life shouldn’t drink alcohol.

How Much Does Kayla Itsines Make a Year?

According to some reports, Kayla Itsines’s annual income is over $10 Million.

How Rich is Kayla Itsines?

As per the record of media, Kayla Itsines’s net worth is estimated to be around $70 Million in 2022.

FAQs About Kayla Itsines

How tall is Kayla Itsines?

Kayla Itsines is 5 ft 5 in (165 cm) tall.

How old is Kayla Itsines?

Kayla Itsines was born on May 21, 1991, in Adelaide, South Australia, Australia. She is 30 years old as of 2022.

How did Kayla Itsines become famous?

The Australian fitness star and Instagram queen has taken it from working out at the gym to owning her own business, which has quickly turned her into a multi-million dollar brand with her as the face (and body). All this happened before she turned 30.

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How To Become Rich Like Kayla Itsines?

Kayla Itsines did not become rich by luck. To become as rich as Kayla Itsines, you have to work smart.

Successful people become rich because they take advantage of the opportunities that come their way. They are in the right place at the right time and take the right action.

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You can learn how to build a digital asset that generates cash flow for you while you sleep to grow your wealth quickly.

If you seize this golden opportunity in time, you can become as successful as Kayla Itsines one day.

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