Manifestation Babe Review (2023): Kathrin Zenkina Scam?

Kathrin Zenkina, the founder of Manifestation Babe, is a successful mindset coach. In just a few months, her Instagram account, focused on teaching manifestation, turned into a multimillion-dollar business.

She created Manifestation Babe by realizing the impact of changing thoughts, emotions, and beliefs. However, Manifestation Babe doesn’t neatly fit into a specific category, as it approaches personal development in a unique way for making money.

While it’s possible to increase your chances of financial success with Manifestation Babe, experimenting with the law of attraction might take years. If you’re not willing to invest that time, it might be better to explore other options.

Despite my reservations, I was intrigued by Kathrin’s quick success, leading me to spend hours researching her program. In this review, I’ll share everything I’ve learned about Kathrin and Manifestation Babe.

Towards the end, I’ll also introduce a more effective alternative that has personally changed my life, allowing me to generate a full-time passive income online.

What is Manifestation Babe?

Manifestation Babe, founded by Kathrin Zenkina, is a platform tailored for women seeking mindset coaching, personality development, and success strategies to achieve their dreams. It’s designed for those who aim to elevate their lives by manifesting outcomes that surpass even their wildest fantasies.

In 2016, Kathrin, a motivational speaker with a B.S. in Biology but facing financial challenges, chose to forgo medical school. She reconnected with the Law of Attraction by reading “The Secret” and subsequently established Manifestation Babe. Despite starting with a debt of $25,000 and earning less than $1600 a month online, her journey has been transformative.

Manifestation Babe has evolved into a thriving business since the inception of its Instagram account, @ManifestationBabe. Kathrin has become an Amazon best-selling author, a prolific creator of digital courses, and has fostered a Facebook audience of 82k+ along with a 424k-strong Instagram following.

Notably, she organized a seven-day Manifestation Babe Retreat in Bali in November 2017, taking 15 women along. Moreover, Kathrin’s “Biz Babe VIP Intensive” classes, focusing on online income, automation, and cultivating a success mindset, have consistently sold out. 

On YouTube, Manifestation Babe’s channel has 25.3k subscribers. If you want to make sense of Manifestation Babe, you can watch their introductory video:

Who is Kathrin Zenkina?

Kathrin Zenkina is a Ukrainian-American author and podcaster, renowned for founding Manifestation Babe. Her company provides various services, including mindset coaching, personal development, and success strategies.

As a New York Times best-selling author, she gained recognition for her books, “Unleash Your Inner Money Babe” in May 2017 and “She’s Killin’ It” in September 2017 (p.288). Presently, Kathrin hosts the Manifestation Babe podcast, ranking among the top 100 podcasts in the Health & Self-Help category.

She completed her high school education locally and pursued further studies at the University of Washington, earning her Bachelor of Science in Biology in 2015.

Kathrin, showcasing a luxurious lifestyle, has amassed a substantial fortune, with an estimated net worth exceeding $10 million.

However, does that mean you can benefit a lot from Kathrin Zenkina’s courses and become as successful as her? I doubt it.

On her self-titled YouTube channel, Kathrin has 23.6k subscribers. However, most of the videos focus on her lifestyle, including her trips during pregnancy.

In the following video, she gives you a glimpse into her life as an Internet entrepreneur:

Who is Manifestation Babe for?

If you’re intrigued by the concept of Manifestation and genuinely believe in its effectiveness, this training could be a good fit for you.

However, if your goal is to make money and attain financial success through learning a specific business model, I wouldn’t recommend it.

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An Overview of Manifestation Babe Programs

The Manifestation Babe Academy ($2222)

The Manifestation Babe Academy

Manifestation Babe Academy is Kathrin Zenkina’s most popular program that costs $2222.

This program consists of 6 phases and some additional bonuses where you will learn a system for manifesting your dream life.

Here is a brief overview for you:

Phase 1: Building A Strong Foundation

First, you will find out what your beliefs and desires are that drive you in life. You will also begin to develop strong principles and desires that will help you attract what you want in your life.

Phase 2: Unlearn Everything You Think You Know About Manifestation

In this section you’ll receive training that will help you understand what’s manifestation and what’s not. You’ll also learn how to tap into the universal laws that govern reality and create a better reality for yourself.

Phase 3: Release The Crap That’s Clogging Your Field

The third phase is about letting go of past traumas. According to Kathrin, 90% of people don’t achieve their goals because traumas from the past prevent them from achieving their goals. You’ll also receive a mini-series aimed at people of color who need to let go.

Phase 4: Rewire Your Brain To Manifest On Autopilot

In this phase, you will begin to put your new beliefs into practice. The ultimate goal is to update your current beliefs so that new, positive thoughts manifest naturally.

Phase 5: Relearn The Things That Actually Matter In Manifesting

Phase 5 introduces you to the 4 step manifestation formula. Furthermore, you’ll receive training on creating a manifesting plan that’s tailored to your unique situation.

Phase 6: Recreate The Life That You’ve Always Known You’re Destined To Live

The final step wraps up all of what you’ve learned. Here you’ll be given the tools needed to make manifestation a lifestyle. 

Bonus 1: The Rich Babe Prosperity Masterclass

Bonus 1 is about “manifesting money while simultaneously reducing debt and living abundantly.” This isn’t exactly a money-making system, but manifestation for money.

Bonus 2: Manifestation Babe Gift Box

The bonus includes a variety of new age products such as cangles, journals, crystals and more.

12 Universal Laws Masterclass ($22)


This program goes over the law of attraction and includes the 11 universal laws that are often overlooked by people.

Masterclass Bundles ($111)


This course is like the Manifestation Babe Academy’s mini version. Here you get the following training:

  • Ebooks on obtaining wealth
  • Tapping into your subconscious to remove roadblocks
  • Money screensavers
  • Hypnosis training
  • Meditation training
  • Coaching calls

Goal Smashing Like A Boss Babe ($7)

There is a method you can use to ensure that your goals are in lockstep with your subconscious mind. The most powerful part of your mind that connects you to the rest of the universe is your subconscious. The “seeker” is the part that exists within each of us.

When you let your subconscious do 95% of the work, you have more time to do things that are fun.

Instead of going the typical SMART route of goal setting, learn how to properly set and achieve goals. This training course is $7.

Tapping Into Massive Wealth ($33)

Unlike the other courses, this program is about Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), where Kathrnin Zenkina will teach you about the 5 chakras and how to align your energy to reach financial success. Kathrin Zenkina balances eastern philosophy and western materialism. 

1 on 1 Training ($100,000)

If you want a 1:1 education for one year, you have to pay $100,000 to Kathrin Zenkina. This is the most expensive program that Kathrin Zenkina offers. The price is so high that I doubt there is anyone who will pay for it.

This one-on-one training includes the following:

  • 24 thirty minute coaching sessions throughout the year
  • Access to every course Kathrin Zenkina offers
  • A ticket to the Manifestation Babe retreat
  • 1 in person 4 hour coaching session with Kathrin Zenkina

I don’t recommend this training as it’s obviously overpriced. 

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Manifestation Babe Books

Unleash Your Inner Money Babe: Uplevel Your Money Mindset And Manifest $1,000 In Just 21 Days

If you’re seeking practical knowledge on money manifestation and unsure where to begin, Kathrin Zenkina’s guide is here to help you see money as an endless resource.

Throughout the 21 days covered in this book, you’ll undergo a transformative journey that will reshape your mindset in ways you never thought possible.


She’s Killin’ It: The Ultimate 21-Day Journal For Manifesting Your Kickass Life

Successful people often adhere to dedicated morning and evening routines to stay focused and concentrated.

This diary is designed to help you understand yourself better and establish a consistent morning and evening routine in just 21 days.

She's Killin' It

Manifestation Babe Podcast

Kathrin currently hosts the Manifestation Babe podcast, where she delivers top-notch spiritual advice, energetic hacks, and practical tips for your next breakthrough.

Ranked among the top 100 podcasts in the Health & Self-Help category, her podcast has aired over 235 episodes and holds a 4.9-star rating.

How Much Does Manifestation Babe Academy Cost?

It costs $2,222 to join the Manifestation Babe Academy course. This is relatively expensive compared to similar courses.

Essentially, you can obtain the same information by reading books or watching YouTube videos.

Refund Policy

Unfortunately, the Manifestation Baby Academy has no money-back-guarantee.

You can’t request a refund for whatever reasons.

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Are Kathrin Zenkina’s Students Getting Results with Manifestation Babe?

On Trustpilot, Manifestation Babe has earned a 4.9 rating out of 700+ reviews. 

A lot of students have praised Manifestation Babe for making a positive impact on their lives.

However, most of the comments are rather vague. They didn’t go into specific details about how Manifestation Babe has improved aspects such as their financial status or romantic lives.

Here’re some examples:

Student testimonial Student testimonial Student testimonial

On the other hand, the negative reviews appear to be more genuine.

These students criticize Manifestation Babe for its lack of substance and describe it as a get-rich dream that won’t materialize.

1-star review

1-star review

1-star review

1-star review

Recommendation: Here’s The Best Alternative

Praise for Manifestation Babe

  • Legit Coach: Kathrin is popular on social media. She has really transformed her life from a struggling immigrant to a successful internet entrepreneur. That said, it’s unclear whether her success is attributed to her manifestation skills or her marketing prowess.

Criticism of Manifestation Babe

  • Hefty Price Tag: Like many other gurus, Kathrin teaches the law of attraction, a popular but scientifically unproven concept. While numerous books explore the law of attraction, Kathrin’s courses come with a hefty price tag in the thousands of dollars.
  • Repackaged Old Ideas: Kathrin tends to present familiar concepts in a modern light, without introducing groundbreaking ideas. Essentially, she compiles information about manifestation concepts from various sources, often giving them fancy names to create the illusion of innovation and inspiration.
  • No Business Model: Kathrin’s teachings lack practical business models. Manifestation, though popular, lacks scientific proof. While practices like meditation and hypnosis are beneficial for mental health, they don’t necessarily translate to financial success and life achievement.
  • Extra Costs: Manifestation Babe claims to be an all-in-one manifestation system, but be ready for more pitches and additional products that’ll cost you extra. It’s like thinking you’ve paid for the whole package, but then there’s more money to shell out, and that can be quite disappointing after investing thousands.
  • Quality Concerns: The course doesn’t live up to its promises – no master classes on vision boarding or abundance. The instructor’s all over the place, forgetting points, going on tangents, and saying one thing about a break but doing another on social media. It’s like questioning if the course quality matches what they sold you.
  • Predatory Lifestyle Marketing: Manifestation Babe goes hard on the lifestyle promises – wealth, luxury, the whole shebang. Feels a bit off, especially when people are struggling. It’s like waving a carrot in front of someone who’s hungry. Not cool.
  • Contest-Driven Positive Reviews: So, about those 5-star reviews on TrustPilot – word is they might be tied to contests, which breaks TrustPilot’s rules. It’s like they’re drowning out the honest feedback, and that doesn’t sit right.

Is Kathrin Zenkina’s Manifestation Babe a Scam?

Personally, I won’t call Manifestation Babe a scam, but there are a few things you should know about Kathrin Zenkina’s approach.

Sure, Kathrin dishes out some fantastic free stuff, especially in her earlier podcast episodes. It’s the classic strategy to get you hooked. You know, like how YouTubers give you the good stuff upfront. But here’s the catch – that free content might set you up for some big-ticket courses, and they can cost around $3k. And sometimes, it feels like there’s not much more substance there.

Now, here’s a red flag: blindly signing up for things, trusting that money will magically appear. It’s not just a little risky; it’s pretty much irresponsible advice.

Then there’s the talk about encouraging positive reviews by offering perks through emails. You know, discounts, freebies – it makes you wonder if those raving reviews are the real deal, right?

And the social media game – allegedly, she’s deleting the not-so-glowing comments and blocking folks who spill the truth. Not exactly winning points for transparency.

Oh, and the potential plagiarism thing. Some say her teachings look a lot like what’s happening over at MindValley, a platform that costs way less for a bunch of courses taught by big names. It’s like finding out your favorite phrase was borrowed.

Lastly, the lifestyle marketing. Kathrin sells you on this dream of wealth and luxury, which some find a bit questionable. Just so you know, this is a personal development course. If you’re into self-discovery through meditations and journaling, great. But if you’re here for a quick route to wealth, might want to reconsider.

Recommendation: Here’s The Best Alternative

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10 thoughts on “Manifestation Babe Review (2023): Kathrin Zenkina Scam?”

  1. Thank you for your advice. In my opinion, she managed to scam people and make a lot of money through her spiritual programme. There are good and bad rules in life. You can’t assume you understand it. The problems you have are probably your own, and they aren’t easily solved. You are very brave for exposing the truth.

  2. This is more about wishing for stuff. Easy to understand, so far hasn’t helped my finances at all. Now I’m more interested in how to build a business.

  3. I don’t trust Kathrin Zenkina. She is just selling a dream to people and make money herself.
    I think I will take your advice to join Wealthy Affiliate as I really want to build something solid and real.

  4. I agree that Kathrin Zenkina’s course is overpriced. Actually, I just want to achieve financial success, so it seems that Wealthy Affiliate is a more practical program to join. Thanks for the recommendation and I will register a free account to learn more.

  5. Please do yourself a favor and NEVER buy anything Kathrin Zenkina sells. She’s a full on scammer – everything she preaches can be found for free online or in books. Having personally know her, she’s nothing short of a sociopath and created a platform around her made up “victimized’ and “difficult life”. It’s all fabricated and recycled to lure in people to purchase her courses.

    • I saw on one of her very old, years ago Instagram profile that she was traveling Europe with a boyfriend and her family before she started her Manifestation Babe brand. I think her parents are doctors, and if so, she has always had access to money. Why do you think she’s a sociopath? I definitely think she is another one of those fake scammers who wraps up dreams into pink ribbons, but I’m curious to know why she is considered a sociopath (of course, without revealing too many personal)?

    • Yes I’m very curious as well what your personal dealing is w Kathrin. She attracts me and repels me unlike any other “teacher.” I get annoyed when I hear her profess to “teach us” when other spiritualists I follow don’t speak this way (they are simply a harness for divine energy). I go back and forth on whether or not putting a high premium on spiritual growth is healthy. I don’t follow any other teacher who does so. The others seem to be more about parlaying their gift into a living rather than making, “7 figures.” Idk.

  6. Young women don’t realize she manifests money because she is a brilliant marketer. It’s a numbers game. Hitler was good at persuading people to believe his ideologies (even if he was an evil murderer, they did not understand it in their present moments because of the power of persuasion). Same can be said about persuading people to buy anything in the world. The power of persuasion wrapped up in the color pink and with Los Angeles/Barbie doll imaging. She is telling young women that buying into her ideologies (longing for fame and being rich) equals happiness. Meanwhile, some young women are going into debt to try and find this definition of happiness they are being told to believe in. The power of persuasion using money and fame as the bait. Very Hollywood and political-like. What is on Instagram is not real life or real happiness. She has a brilliant marketing funneling system, though. Also, she encourages others to buy puppy mill dogs instead of rescuing animals in need. She doesn’t rescue dogs because it doesn’t fit her Instagram image. Puppy mill breeding is inhumane and abusive. If she cared about animals, she would rescue them over using them for her Instagram image for profits. I agree, she comes across as sociopathic in everything she does. A lot of charming people can persuade others to do and buy anything in the world through manufactured imaging. Think Elizabeth Holmes, Ghislaine Maxwell, Ellen, Tammy Baker, the Khardasians, etc. What is sad is that there are so many naive young women who spend their hard-working dollars on this type of manufactured lifestyle. But, hey, a lot of narcissistic people run the world and flocks continue to buy into what they sell to you, both in products and with ideas. Maybe the consumer could stop buying into manufactured images, both on Instagram and on TV. This is why so many people are in debt. Money is an effective tool to gain something, but it’s not a singular emotional tool to fill a void within your soul and your life. Work on your life’s purpose and passions, and money will flow to you because you are doing what you love. Money is not the sole answer to happiness.

  7. As someone who has followed Kathrin for years and bought her new tMBA course last year in 2021 I can say that she offers real value. She is not trying to sell people on making money or having a luxury lifestyle. Her course goes deep into how to identify and unblock trauma in order to move past it and live more aligned life. It’s not a get rich quick thing and she doesn’t advertise it as such. She gives people tools to manifest what THEY want in life. Through her course I’ve been able to understand my own life events and the limiting beliefs I had in the past, and ones I still have (at least the ones Im aware of, im sure there are more im not aware of). Anyone who is willing to do the work to understand why they dont current have all that they want in life yet can benefit from Kathrin’s course.

    • Finally, a genuine comment. I haven’t done her course, but I had two mentors that she had, and I could see her as a student of them. So, I could see her growth and her big heart on service to help others. She is genuine, and she really wants to spread her light. There is no problem if she does it and gets the financial value that she deserves from it. The program has lots of her energy, time and work. And the more she earns, more she has condition to give. She even offers scholarship to her program. Anyway, maybe is time for you to open up to release your limiting beliefs that holds you back. All the best to you all.


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