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Jean-Paul Sartre Quotes

Ah! yes, I know: those who see me rarely trust my word: I must look too intelligent to keep it.


All human actions are equivalent and all are on principle doomed to failure.


Every existing thing is born without reason, prolongs itself out of weakness, and dies by chance.


Everything has been figured out, except how to live.


Fear? If I have gained anything by damning myself, it is that I no longer have anything to fear.


Freedom is what you do with what’s been done to you.


I do not believe in God; his existence has been disproved by Science. 


But in the concentration camp, I learned to believe in men.


I hate victims who respect their executioners.


If you are lonely when you’re alone, you are in bad company.


It is only in our decisions that we are important.


Like all dreamers, I mistook disenchantment for truth.


Man is fully responsible for his nature and his choices.


One is still what one is going to cease to be and already what one is going to become. One lives one’s death, one dies one’s life. 


Only the guy who isn’t rowing has time to rock the boat.


Politics is a science. You can demonstrate that you are right and that others are wrong.


The best work is not what is most difficult for you; it is what you do best.


The poor don’t know that their function in life is to exercise our generosity.


There are two types of poor people, those who are poor together and those who are poor alone. The first are the true poor, the others are rich people out of luck.


Total war is no longer war waged by all members of one national community against all those of another. It is total… because it may well involve the whole world.


We do not judge the people we love. 


When the rich wage war, it’s the poor who die.

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