WAHVE Review – Scam or Legit?

If you are looking to work from home, you might have heard about WHAVE.

But is WHAVE a scam? Can it really help you to find an ideal remote job?

To give you an answer, I’ve conducted some research on the platform.
At the end of this article, I’ll also tell you another training platform that can give you a side hustle that brings in steady passive income while you’re sleeping.

Below is what I’ll cover in the review of WHAVE.

A Summary of WHAVE

What: WAHVE stands for Work At Home Vintage Experts, set on a mission to find remote work for seasoned workers in the accounting, insurance and human resources fields.
Is WAHVE a Scam? Honest Review 2020

Expected pay: varies by job and experience

Husl$core: $

Commissions & fees: Not available

Where: Nationwide

Requirements: Extensive — 15 to 25 years — experience; pass an interview and further screening

What is WHAVE About?

WAHVE, which stands for “Work at Home Vintage Experts,” finds jobs in the insurance, accounting and human resources fields.

The site is targeting people in their 50s and 60s who want flexible schedules. In another word, they are looking for people with good working experience but don’t mind taking a pay cut for additional flexibility.

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How Does WAHVE Work?

As an applicant, you will be interviewed before joining a pool of ready workers who will be matched with jobs suitable for them.

WAHVE’s corporate clients hire these workers for part-time and temporary positions where the workers will be assigned with tasks to be completed at home.

WHAVE also acts as a middleman by providing equipment to workers where required. But this arrangement would mean a further cut of your wage by WAHVE.

The Disadvantage of Working with WHAVE

Though you can find a full-time job through the platform of WHAVE, there is no benefit coming with it. Also, in most cases, you would earn a lot less than you would at a similar job where you are formally employed.

But if you are going to phase into retirement, WHAVE may be worth a try as it provides you with the flexibility to work from home.

What Their Users Say About WAHVE

Below are some of the comments from Indeed. I’ve selected some of them for your reference.

Positive feedback

“After being with my last employer for 20+ years and going through restructuring, takeovers and office closures, I was excited to find a new home with WAHVE!

I love being part of an organization where the leaders not only lead by example, but are supportive, encouraging and truly care about their employees. As a virtual company, we work remotely across the country, but we’re never working ‘alone’; we stay connected through phone calls, video chats & team meetings organized on MS Teams and even have semi-annual staff retreats!

Mostly, I’m proud to be part of a company that helps “pretirees” extend their careers without sacrificing their work-life balance!”

“My official start date was 8/26/2019 with the agency I work for. From my completion of process with WAHVE, I was placed with an agency. The pay is extremely fair for what I am doing. I am in the accounting field. I have a variety of tasks that I am performing and they agency WAHVE connected me with truly appreciates my education, experience and recognizes my assets. My WAHVE contact checks in with me periodically as well as she checks in with the agency to ensure things are going well.
I have flexible hours and work with the most amazing people at WAHVE and the agency they placed me with. Thank you WAHVE!”

Negative feedback

“No assignments….just talk…Call backs returned weeks later… Only jobs are for property insurance professionals. The ad mentions only requirement is to have 25 years work experience.”

“My mother taught me to never say anything bad about anyone, but this group is a joke and not an enjoyable group to work with, the jobs are few and far between and do not last long.”

Is WHAVE a Scam?

WHAVE is a legitimate site. It’s far from being a scam.

However, there’s no guarantee that you will get hired even with the help of WHAVE.

But one thing to note is that there are some job posting scams online. Some people waste their time or even lose money by falling for the scams that claim to offer work-from-home jobs.

WHAVE basically eliminates the risk for you as they vet the employers for you. So if you consider to join FlexJobs, this should be the major benefit you will get to sign up for their membership.

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