TakeLessons Review – Scam or Legit?

If you are looking to teach students from home, you might have heard about TakeLessons.

But is TakeLessons a scam? Can you possibly make some good money with this platform?

To give you an answer, I’ve conducted some research on TakeLessons.

At the end of this article, I’ll also share with you a much better alternative that allows you to make steady passive income at zero risk.

Below is what I’ll cover in the review of TakeLessons.

A Summary of TakeLessons

What: TakeLessons connects students with instructors who can teach art, music, foreign languages, performing arts, crafts and other skills
Expected pay: set by the instructor
Husl$core: $
Commissions & Fees: graduated, 10% to 40%
Where: Nationwide
Requirements: Be over the age of 18; smart phone; bank account; a computer and a webcam, if you want to teach students online. (Or you can choose to teach in person)

What is TakeLessons About?

TakeLessons is a platform established in 2006. It sets on a mission to connect students with the teachers that fit them and their learning styles.
Is TakeLessons a Scam? Honest Review 2020

According to the official website, TakeLessons provides students with a marketplace where they can find a diverse community of teachers from different backgrounds with different teaching styles.

How Does TakeLessons Work?

Registration is free for teachers, but part of your pay will go to TakeLessons when you book a new student.

The commission structure ranges from graduated to take the most i.e. 40%, when you have a new student who has completed less than 5 lessons with you.

But if the student goes on with the 6th through 10th lessons, TakeLessons will cut its commission fee to 30%; to 20% for the 11th through 15th lesson; and to 10% when the student has finished more than 15 lessons.

But teachers can set their own rates to partially offset the commission fee. However, as a teacher, you can’t adjust the rates for existing students.

In another word, if a student has registered a series of lessons and goes on to book sessions, you are required to keep the old rate until the student stops taking lessons.

What do their teachers say about TakeLessons

As in the case of most job seeking platforms, there are mixed reviews on TakeLessons. I have selected both the positive and negative feedbacks from Glassdoor for your reference.

Positive Feedback

Is TakeLessons a Scam? Honest Review 2020

Is TakeLessons a Scam? Honest Review 2020

Negative Feedback

Is TakeLessons a Scam? Honest Review 2020

Is TakeLessons a Scam?

TakeLessons is a legitimate site. It’s far from being a scam.

In general, Takelessons has mixed reviews, with a lot of positive reviews from their students.

But there are lots of teachers complaining about the high commission fees. In the worst cases, some teachers only made a few dollars for an hour class after TakeLessons took away a bite of the pay.

If you’d like to create steady passive income without paying any substantial commission fees to any job seeking platform, you should consider starting with a better alternative.

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Is TakeLessons a Scam

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