Is GetUpside a Pyramid Scheme?

GetUpside, also known as Upside, is a popular app that allows users to earn cash back on gas purchases. 

However, there have been rumors circulating about GetUpside being a pyramid scheme. 

In this article, we will debunk this myth and provide an overview of the program to give you a clear understanding of its legitimacy.

Understanding Pyramid Schemes

Before diving into whether GetUpside is a pyramid scheme or not, let’s first understand what a pyramid scheme actually is. A pyramid scheme is an unethical business model that relies on recruiting an ever-increasing number of participants. 

The initial promoters recruit investors, who then recruit more investors, forming a hierarchical structure where the number of participants keeps growing. 

The profits generated in such schemes primarily come from the recruitment of new members rather than from the sale of products or services.

Is GetUpside a Pyramid Scheme?

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GetUpside’s Referral Program

Contrary to the rumors, GetUpside is definitely not a pyramid scheme. The core functionality of GetUpside revolves around users earning cash back for themselves when making gas purchases. 

Additionally, GetUpside offers a referral program where users can refer their friends and family to the app and receive bonus cash back on their next gas purchase. This referral program is a way to reward existing users for bringing new users to the platform.

Clear Distinction from Pyramid Schemes

It is crucial not to confuse GetUpside’s referral program with a pyramid scheme. The referral program operates within specific guidelines, ensuring that it remains a fair and legitimate practice. 

For instance, there are strict rules regarding where users can share their referral codes. Spamming social media with referral codes is not allowed, and if users violate these rules by engaging in spammy behavior, their referral code will be deactivated. This ensures that the referral program operates within ethical boundaries.

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Preventing Exploitation

GetUpside has implemented measures to prevent the exploitation of their referral program as a pyramid scheme. 

Even if someone were to attempt to exploit the system by creating multiple accounts or engaging in spamming activities, their earnings would be limited. GetUpside closely monitors user activity and takes appropriate action to maintain the integrity of their platform.


In conclusion, GetUpside is not a pyramid scheme. It is a legitimate app that allows users to earn cash back on gas purchases, and their referral program is a way to reward users for bringing new members to the platform. 

While there may be rumors and misconceptions surrounding the app, it is important to distinguish between legitimate referral programs and unethical pyramid schemes. 

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