10 Minute Millionaire Review: Is DR Barton Jr a Scam?

Achieving the status of a millionaire is a dream many people harbor. The allure of financial freedom, a comfortable lifestyle, and the ability to fulfill your aspirations is undeniably attractive. In the pursuit of this dream, you may have come across the intriguing concept of the “10 Minute Millionaire.” But what exactly is it, and can it truly lead you to riches in just 10 minutes a day? 

In this comprehensive review, we will explore the 10 Minute Millionaire program, its creator, what it promises, and whether it is a legitimate path to wealth or a potential scam.

What is 10 Minute Millionaire?

The 10 Minute Millionaire is a financial program that claims to offer a shortcut to wealth through stock trading and investment strategies. It suggests that by dedicating a mere 10 minutes of your daily routine to its prescribed methods, you can amass a fortune over time. This program is a combination of a book authored by DR Barton Jr. and a subscription newsletter service, both of which aim to guide individuals toward achieving millionaire status.

10 Minute Millionaire Review

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Who Created 10 Minute Millionaire?

DR Barton Jr. is the mastermind behind the 10 Minute Millionaire program. A notable figure in the world of finance, Barton is known for his background in science, particularly as a chemical engineer at DuPont. However, he transitioned into the realm of stock trading and investment, leveraging his scientific knowledge to develop unique strategies. Barton claims to have achieved remarkable success, including becoming a hedge fund manager and earning recognition from prominent financial media outlets such as FOXBusiness and CNBC. Additionally, he has authored a New York Times bestseller titled “10 Minute Millionaire,” which serves as a key component of his program’s marketing.

is DR Barton Jr a Scam? 10 Minute Millionaire Review 2020


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How Does 10 Minute Millionaire Help You Make Money?

The fundamental premise of the 10 Minute Millionaire program is that it provides you with a set of investment strategies and recommendations that can allegedly turn a relatively modest sum of money into a million-dollar fortune. It purports that you need to dedicate only 10 minutes a day to implement these strategies successfully. The program is delivered through a combination of a book and a subscription newsletter service.

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What’s Inside 10 Minute Millionaire?

What’s Inside 10 Minute Millionaire

The 10 Minute Millionaire program comprises several components:

  1. The Book: DR Barton Jr.’s book, “10 Minute Millionaire,” claims to unveil the secret strategies that can transform an initial investment of $2,500 into a million dollars or more. It is positioned as the entry point to the program, but it is worth noting that it primarily serves as a marketing tool to entice readers to subscribe to the more expensive newsletter service.
  2. The Subscription Service: The core of the program is the subscription newsletter service. Subscribers receive monthly newsletters with investment recommendations, purportedly showcasing stocks with high growth potential. These recommendations are considered unique “anomalies” that only DR Barton Jr. has identified. The newsletter also includes weekly market updates and insights into Barton’s current investment strategies.
  3. Additional Resources:
  • Millionaire’s Mindset: Weekly podcasts designed to educate subscribers on various investment strategies and money-making opportunities.
  • The Success Network: A forum or community platform where subscribers can interact with other members, potentially facilitating peer learning and support.
  • Millionaire’s Roundtable: Live webinars hosted by DR Barton Jr., providing subscribers with the opportunity to ask questions and gain real-time insights.
  • Guide to Money Management: A book aimed at helping individuals manage their finances effectively.
  • Passport to Wealth: A mindset program that encourages subscribers to visualize and imagine the lifestyle of a millionaire.
  • The Book: A complimentary copy of “10 Minute Millionaire” is provided to subscribers.

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Who is 10 Minute Millionaire For?

The 10 Minute Millionaire program is primarily marketed toward individuals who aspire to make money through stock trading but lack experience or expertise in the field. DR Barton Jr.’s program is presented as an educational resource, with an emphasis on teaching newcomers about the basics of the stock market and various investment strategies. It particularly focuses on introducing subscribers to the “Hooke Pattern,” which is a key element of Barton’s trading methodology.

Who Is 10 Minute Millionaire Not For?

While the 10 Minute Millionaire program may be appealing to those seeking financial success in the stock market, it is not suitable for everyone. Here are some individuals for whom this program may not be the right fit:

  • Experienced Investors: If you are already well-versed in stock trading and have a robust investment portfolio, the program’s introductory nature may not offer sufficient value for your level of expertise.
  • Skeptics of Get-Rich-Quick Schemes: If you are wary of programs that promise quick and effortless riches, the 10 Minute Millionaire’s claims of achieving millionaire status in 10 minutes a day may raise skepticism.
  • Individuals with Limited Funds: The program may not be suitable for those with limited initial capital, as the promised results are often contingent on having substantial funds available for investment.
  • Those Uninterested in Stock Trading: If you have no interest in or aversion to stock trading and investments, this program may not align with your financial goals and preferences.

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How Much Does 10 Minute Millionaire Cost?

Participating in the 10 Minute Millionaire program comes with a financial commitment. The standard annual subscription fee for the 10 Minute Millionaire newsletter service is $299. This subscription fee grants you access to the program’s monthly newsletters, weekly market updates, and other resources, as outlined previously.

The program also offers two distinct refund policies:

  1. 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee: If you decide within the first 60 days of your subscription that the program does not meet your expectations, you are eligible for a refund.
  2. One Year Policy: This policy states that if, within the first year of your subscription, you have not received a minimum of 12 trade opportunities resulting in gains of 100% or higher, you are entitled to a full refund.

However, it’s worth noting that the program provides subscribers with numerous stock recommendations, making it relatively easy for DR Barton Jr. to meet the threshold of 12 trade opportunities.

Is 10 Minute Millionaire a Scam or Legit?

While the 10 Minute Millionaire program is not inherently fraudulent, it raises concerns due to its marketing tactics. The program’s extravagant promises of quick millionaire status in just 10 minutes a day appear unrealistic and akin to get-rich-quick schemes. However, it does offer educational content and provides investment recommendations, which may benefit beginners seeking to learn about stock trading. The program’s mixed reviews and the use of upselling tactics further raise questions about its overall value. 

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Pros of 10 Minute Millionaire

  • Educational Content: The program aims to educate subscribers about stock trading and investment strategies, particularly the Hooke Pattern. For beginners, this educational aspect can be valuable.
  • Money-Back Guarantee: The program offers a 60-day money-back guarantee, providing subscribers with an opportunity to evaluate its value.
  • Access to Insights: Subscribers gain access to DR Barton Jr.’s investment insights and recommendations, potentially benefiting from his expertise.

Cons of 10 Minute Millionaire

  • Marketing Hype: The program’s marketing employs hyperbolic claims of achieving millionaire status in just 10 minutes a day, which can be misleading and unrealistic.
  • Expensive Subscription: The annual subscription fee of $299 may be considered costly for some individuals, especially if the promised results are not guaranteed.
  • Mixed Reviews: The program has received mixed reviews, with some users expressing dissatisfaction and skepticism about its effectiveness.
  • Upselling: The program’s initial book serves as an upsell mechanism to attract subscribers to the more expensive newsletter service.

Should You Join 10 Minute Millionaire?

The decision to join the 10 Minute Millionaire program ultimately depends on your financial goals, level of experience, and risk tolerance. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Beginner-Friendly: If you are new to stock trading and want to learn the basics while following investment recommendations, the program may provide valuable educational content.
  • Skepticism: If you are skeptical of get-rich-quick schemes and marketing hype, it is essential to approach the program with caution and realistic expectations.
  • Financial Commitment: Assess whether the annual subscription fee of $299 aligns with your budget and whether you are comfortable with this level of financial commitment.
  • Alternative Options: Consider exploring alternative avenues for financial growth and wealth accumulation that may better suit your preferences and goals.

Ultimately, while the 10 Minute Millionaire program may offer some educational value for novice investors, it is vital to approach it with a critical mindset and consider other investment opportunities and strategies that align with your financial aspirations.

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is DR Barton Jr a Scam


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