Invideo Review – A Legit Online Video Editing Tool?

Digital media such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and many others have become vital content hubs in everyone’s life. These online spaces allow people to grow and connect with billions of others every day. It means people are consuming an immense amount of audiovisual content online, which has led to the creation of numerous formats. Businesses are taking advantage of multiple video formats for marketing and advertising as it enables them to find new methods to connect with their audience.

The demand for video is growing along with the need for good editors. Whether you’re a vlogger, a content producer, or even a creator of memes, there is a need for a competent video editing tool. But not everyone is proficient in complex editing techniques. To overcome these, people hire professional editors, which only adds to their production costs. 

But what if you have an easy-to-use video editor that renders the task easy while delivering professional quality? Here comes InVideo to your rescue; it is an incredible video editor that anybody can work with effortlessly. There is no necessity to download or install any other tool/ app/ software. It is easy to use and can be accessed straight from the browser.

This video editing tool is excellent for making advertisements, social media posts, presentations, and more. With its exceptional features and high performance, it has been dubbed the most versatile online video editing tool of 2022. Let’s find out more about this video editor it’s features, functions, and pricing.

InVideo has 5,000 themes for you

It is an online cloud-based video editing tool that enables you to create and edit videos without downloading any external software. It is accessible on both mobile and desktop platforms. Most people take hours to navigate complicated editing  tools to make a quality video. However, you can create professional videos in less than 15 minutes with this video editing tool. 

Thanks to thousands of pre-created themes offered, you will be making amazing videos in no time. Alongside the abundant editing features and templates, it is budget-friendly so that you never have to spend extra on your editing needs. Also, this tool removes the necessity for prior editing experience. Whether a trained professional or a novice learner, you can use it to create incredible videos.

Unique features of InVideo 

It provides functions that can support a broad array of services. Here are some of the key features that make InVideo stand out from its peers. 

  1. It has over 5,000 pre-made video templates. These templates come in various categories and designs which can suit almost all types of Video creating purposes. Moreover, you can also use a template and alter it to your specifications.
  2. The tool has an inbuilt tool to animate text into video. It is beneficial for making explanatory videos. Additionally, the tool can automatically select the best suitable images to include. 
  3. Language is no bar. InVideo lets you make videos in 70+ languages, making them accessible to anyone globally.
  4. It gives you the liberty and authority to make videos the way you desire. To make the videos more appealing, choose from the vast multimedia library, from which you can add photographs, videos, copyright-free music, and text with the click of a button. Furthermore, their drag-and-drop editor can make compelling videos without hassle. 
  5. Live online support is available 24 hours. When you need help in learning any feature, you can contact live support and get a response within two minutes. 
  6. You have the right to resell your content. Whether you use a watermark or not, everything you make on the tool is yours.

Remarkable characteristics of InVideo

  1. Convenient and easy to use.
  2. You can import content and change the text, pictures, and effects.
  3. Extensive inbuilt media library with millions of photos, graphics, and videos.
  4. Includes various filters, animation, and transitions to edit your video excellently. 
  5. Various thematic ready-made templates.
  6. Besides editing, you can create videos from scratch.
  7. Contains unique features such as a text-to-video converter and voice-over tools, among others.
  8. Has a user-friendly interface.
  9. With the help of one-click animation, you can add various animations.
  10. It includes tutorials for beginners.

InVideo provides multi-platform support

Here are some of the many platforms that this video editing tool can function on. 

  • Websites.
  • Intros on YouTube. 
  • Advertisements for Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.
  • Instagram posts, reels, and IGTV.
  • Snapchat stories and videos.
  • TikTok videos.
  • Facebook.

A range of options appears for every template in this tool. There’s also a search box to type keywords to help the tool show layouts best suited for your choice. It saves time by eliminating the task of searching and categorising the template that you require.

Types for video processes

  1. Pre-made templates: Select a template you like and let the editor create a video for you. There are over 5,000 templates to select from, which you can customise based on your needs.
  2. Text-to-video: Apart from templates, you can also add scripts, URLs (website or individual pages), and media formats (MP4, JPG, PNG, GIF).
  3. Complete videos: Through this option, you can create something of your own from scratch using a blank template.

Affordable Pricing Plans

There are three pricing structures: a free version, a business plan, and an unlimited plan. The billing is monthly and yearly. The pricing is competitive and created with a basic budget in mind. There are different features and advantages for each structure. 

Free version

Nothing beats creating professional-looking videos without actually paying for the work. As the name suggests, there are no monthly or yearly fees. This plan is best for someone with budget constraints. It includes 5,000+ video templates and a 3M+ standard video library. It has an automated text-to-speech feature to use for editing up to 40 minutes per video. The final video will have the InVideo watermark, and 1 GB of cloud storage capacity will be provided.

Business version

This program is most suitable for small business owners, entrepreneurs, and digital creators. It costs $118 when billed yearly and $10 monthly. It includes every feature from the free version and 10i stock media every month, one million+ premium media, and has the capacity for 60 video exports per month. Furthermore, the final video will be free of the watermark. The cloud storage capacity provided is 10 GB.

Unlimited version

The unlimited pack is the most exciting. It costs $20/month and $237 when billed yearly. This plan is appropriate for big agencies, teams, and professionals with advanced storage needs. It is watermark-free and has an unlimited video export feature. Everything from the free plan is in the premium version. It provides 120 iStock media and 1M+ premium media per month. This version offers a cloud storage capacity of 100 GB.


Finding the perfect type of video editing tool can be difficult and perplexing. All in all, It has everything you need to make professional videos. The excellent features and the embedded tools make it the best tool to create high-quality content. You can make various videos without external material as it has an extensive library of photographs, videos, and audio. If you want to save precious time, energy, and money, make this your go-to tool for video editing. Take your digital marketing and video making to the next level with this exceptional video editing tool.

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