Invest Diva Review (2023): Kiana Danial Scam?

Invest Diva, founded by Kiana Danial, is an e-learning platform that’s all about making investing more accessible and understandable. They offer courses that cover a wide range of investment options, from ETFs and stocks to cryptocurrencies and forex.

Invest Diva’s programs aim to boost financial knowledge and provide investment strategies that match your risk tolerance. They also teach you how to choose the right investments, whether it’s in stocks, NFTs, or cryptocurrencies, and how to grow your wealth.

Invest Diva has set an ambitious goal to empower one million moms to take control of their financial futures by 2025. Their mission, as stated on their LinkedIn profile, is to “bring fun and femininity back to finance.” Importantly, while they primarily focus on women entrepreneurs and investors, they also have a significant number of male students.

In this Invest Diva review, we’ll dive into their offerings, weigh the pros and cons, and share insights from recent student reviews. You’ll get a glimpse into the background of Invest Diva’s CEO, Kiana Danial, and her notable achievements. 

Just to be clear, I want to emphasize that I have no connection with Invest Diva, and this review is completely independent. You can trust that the information here is unbiased and honest.

Towards the end of this review, I’ll introduce you to an alternative option to Invest Diva that has helped me generate a full-time passive income online.

How Does Invest Diva Help You Make Money?

Invest Diva makes it easier for you to make money from home by providing tailored investment strategies that match your risk tolerance.

Whether you’re a business owner looking to connect with your target audience or a student seeking to learn about various investment topics, Invest Diva simplifies complex concepts like technical analysis, stock trading, cryptocurrencies, and currency trading.

They use relatable analogies to break down these ideas, ensuring that you can grasp them effortlessly.

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Who is Kiana Danial?

Kiana Danial is a successful entrepreneur and the founder of the Invest Diva Movement. Her mission is to help women around the world achieve financial success through smart investment advice. The Invest Diva community spans 132 countries, including places like Afghanistan, Aruba, Saudi Arabia, and Mongolia. Kiana proudly shares stories of single mothers who have grown their wealth with her guidance.

Kiana’s financial expertise has made her a notable figure. In 2021, Invest Diva was estimated to be worth over $2 million. Kiana Danial herself is worth around $2.5 million, according to She also charges approximately $250,000 for her services to her top clients.

Kiana Danial is also an accomplished author with several books to her name, including guides on cryptocurrency investing, building wealth, and forex trading. Her books include:

  1. “Investing in Cryptocurrency For Dummies” (Published July 25, 2023)
  2. “Cryptocurrency Investing For Dummies” (Published March 28, 2023)
  3. “Cryptocurrency All-in-One For Dummies” (Co-authored with experts, Published December 30, 2021)
  4. “Million Dollar Family Secrets: How I Created Generational Wealth Making My Money Work for Me” (Published January 1, 2021)
  5. “Cryptocurrency Investing for Dummies” (Audiobook released July 28, 2020)
  6. “Million Dollar Moms: Mom Entrepreneurs Share Secrets of Building Businesses & Raising Highly Successful Kids” (Audiobook co-authored with other entrepreneurs, Released December 18, 2020)
  7. “Ichimoku Secrets: A 100 Page FAST & EASY Guide on How to Apply Ichimoku Kynko Hyo to Develop Winning Trading Strategies Based on Your Risk Tolerance” (Published December 13, 2016)
  8. “Back to Basics: Cryptocurrency Investing” (Published January 14, 2019)
  9. “Invest Diva’s Guide to Making Money in Forex: How to Profit in the World’s Largest Market” (Published July 5, 2013)

Kiana Danial’s achievements have earned her various awards, including:

  1. The Two Comma Club Award from ClickFunnels in 2021, recognizing online entrepreneurs who have earned $1 million using ClickFunnels.
  2. Personal Investment Expert of the Year at the Investor Fund Awards in 2018.
  3. New York Women of Influence Honoree by The Business Journals in November 2015.
  4. Best Financial Education Content Producer, awarded by the Shanghai Forex Expo in November 2014.
  5. Pro Bono Legal Services Recognition Award from the Iranian American Bar Association (IABA) in April 2013.
  6. Recognized as the Best Commentator on the Japanese TV Show, GenerationY, in 2010.

Her YouTube channel “Kiana Danial – Invest Diva” has more than 46K subscribers as of October 2023. If you want to get a taste of her teaching style, you can watch the video below:

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Does Kiana Danial Have A Good Reputation?

While some people are calling Kiana Danial a scam artist, I think she’s a legitimate entrepreneur.

Kiana is a well-known expert in personal investing and wealth management. She also works as a business coach and delivers inspirational talks and workshops to various groups, corporations, and universities. Kiana Danial even teaches finance as an adjunct professor at Baruch College in New York.

Despite some negative reviews about her online, there are many positive reviews and endorsements for her on platforms like LinkedIn, Trustpilot, and YouTube.

It’s important to know that Kiana Danial’s Invest Diva website clearly warns about the risks associated with investing. They have a Terms of Use page with a section emphasizing high-risk investments.

Moreover, Kiana Danial received recognition on InspiringIranian’s Instagram account on May 20, 2021, highlighting her positive contributions and reputation in her field.

Who is Invest Diva For?

Invest Diva courses are here to help you improve your financial situation, regardless of your gender. They originally aimed at women, especially moms, but they are open to everyone, including men.

These courses are also perfect for those who are new to investing or entrepreneurs looking to dive into the world of investments. Kiana Danial, the CEO of Invest Diva, collaborates with business owners, social media or digital marketing professionals, and high-level business coaches.

What Products Does Invest Diva Offer?

Invest Diva offers a wide range of courses and resources to help you improve your financial knowledge and investment skills. Each program addresses specific aspects of investing, catering to various interests and levels of expertise. Some programs also come with refund options for your peace of mind.

Here’re the offers:

1. Free Diva Masterclass

This free course is designed to teach you the art of financial control without the sweat, without complicated math, and without investing excessive time.

2. 5-Day Build More Wealth: On-Demand Challenge

This structured 5-day course is your ticket to mastering the art of building a robust wealth ecosystem. You’ll have to watch the daily pre-recorded workshop within 24 hours and complete assigned tasks by the deadline. It offers a money-back guarantee within five days of purchase if you’re not satisfied. 

Here’s what each day of the challenge entails:

Day 1: Building Your Wealth Ecosystem

On the first day, you’ll learn to create your “Diva Wealth Ecosystem.” Discover essential wealth principles, debunk common misconceptions, and get insights into effective wealth growth.

Day 2: Choosing and Protecting Assets

On day 2, you’ll explore the art of choosing the right investments, categorizing and evaluating assets, and safeguarding your portfolio from economic downturns.

Day 3: Creating Passive Income

Day 3 is all about creating passive income streams. You’ll learn about income-related laws, debunk myths, and explore strategies to increase your earnings.

Day 4: Accelerating Portfolio Growth

On day 4, they’ll teach you how to accelerate your portfolio growth and make a meaningful impact. You’ll uncover the concept and principles of influence, with expert coaching from Invest Diva.

Day 5: Building a Zen Wealth Generator™

On the final day, learn how to construct a wealth ecosystem for financial security and generational wealth.

3. INVEST DIVA’s Crypto Mastery™

INVEST DIVA’s Crypto Mastery™ is a step-by-step guide to the world of cryptocurrency investing. Here’s what this program has in store for you:

  • Crypto Mastery: Gain a deep understanding of what cryptocurrencies are and how they operate.

  • Crypto Risk Management Toolkit: Learn where to purchase cryptocurrencies and how to keep them secure.

  • Crypto Exchange Training: Master the use of secure cryptocurrency exchanges, including purchasing fractional crypto and setting buy limit orders to optimize your time.

  • Crypto Wallet Training: Discover the ins and outs of using secure cryptocurrency wallets.

This program offers a 7-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the Invest Diva Crypto Mastery + Risk Management Toolkit. 

4. Premium Investing Group + High-Level Coaching

Invest Diva Premium Investing Group features a private Facebook Group with over 1,675 members. This program offers:

  • Guidance from Invest Diva’s coaching team to help you reach your financial goals and address your queries.
  • Real-time investment strategy sessions scheduled multiple times weekly, accommodating various time zones.
  • Receive the Invest Diva premium newsletter monthly, right to your home or office.
  • Engage with the Invest Diva Premium Community.
  • Access exclusive Premium Investing Group strategies.
  • Utilize a comprehensive research platform.
  • Benefit from Kiana’s monthly must-have assets list.
  • Participate in topic-based live strategy sessions.

Please note that Invest Diva PIG does not offer a refund policy, but they do provide a process for canceling your Invest Diva PIG membership.

5. Zen Wealth Generator (Diamond with Kiana Danial)

While it comes with a premium price tag of $350,000 and requires a non-refundable $2,000 deposit, it offers exclusive perks:

  • Experience 2 VIP days with Kiana and her team aboard a private jet.
  • Obtain a one-year membership in Kiana Danial’s Million Dollar Family Accelerator.
  • Access personalized coaching from Kiana Danial’s marketing experts.
  • Establish direct contact with Kiana Danial and her team for an entire year.
  • Gain exposure and participate in an interview on Kiana Danial’s social media channels.
  • Enjoy the unique opportunity to visit Kiana Danial’s residence, La Diva Palace.

6. Make Your Money Work For You PowerCourse

This 8-week course is designed to enhance your financial literacy and grasp of investing. Here’s what this course offers:

  • 28 modules brimming with videos, cheat sheets, templates, and more.
  • Access to the Premium Investing Group for 3 months.
  • Access to the Premium Coaching Community for 3 months.
  • Volatility proofing hacks to navigate market fluctuations.
  • Kiana Danial’s step-by-step guide covering Ichimoku, Fibonacci, and the IDDA investment system.
  • Ultimate Investor’s Toolkit featuring Kiana Danial’s Profitability Calculator, Risk Assessment Calculator, Investment indicators, Technical Analysis secrets, and her top investing sites and resources.
  • Tax reduction strategies to optimize your financial planning.
  • Kiana Danial’s Black Book of Investments packed with valuable insights.
  • Mastermind session with Rick Bensignor to deepen your financial knowledge.
  • 1-hour one-on-one session with Kiana Danial for personalized guidance.

There’s a 30-day refund period for those who’ve completed less than 35% of the course material. Be prepared to provide evidence that you’ve done the coursework and didn’t find it effective. Those on a monthly payment plan can also request a refund.

7. EntreDiva™ Academy

This a comprehensive business-building training program with a one-year access period. With this program, you’ll receive a one-year free membership in the Premium Entrepreneurs Group (PEG) for expert coaching to conquer challenges. Here’s what EntreDiva Academy offers:

  • LIVE in-person event: Cash Flow Millionaire: Exclusive insights at an event with Kiana Danial and the Million Dollar Family Accelerators.

  • $1M/Month Automated Income Secrets: Kiana Danial’s step-by-step guide to automating your online business, promising the potential to earn up to $1 million monthly.

  • Sell High Ticket Automation Through Live Events: Leverage two pages from the 5-Day Challenge module to sell high-ticket items.

  • The Ultimate Affiliate Marketer’s Toolkit: Become an affiliate for other businesses, opening additional income streams.

  • High Net Worth Tax Loopholes: Learn strategies to reduce tax payments, guided by Kiana Danial’s accountant.

  • Private Session with an EntreDiva Coach: Get personalized coaching tailored to your specific needs.

8. Kiana’s $1M/Month Automated System Program

This is a step-by-step training course for creating and launching automated webinars.

9. Invest Diva Diamond Analysis (IDDA) Through the Forex Coffee Break Course

This is a 30-day program requiring 15 minutes daily for video lessons. This course includes 100 videos covering essential topics:

  • Beginner Guide to Wealth Management
  • Understanding Market Movements
  • Leveraging Market Sentiment
  • Crafting Effective Trading Strategies
  • Beginner’s Guide to Ichimoku Kynko Hyo
  • Mastering Fibonacci in Technical Analysis
  • Market Indicators: MAs, RSI, MACD, Bollinger Bands
  • Using Market Sentiment Indicators

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How Much Does Invest Diva Cost?

Invest Diva offers a range of products with prices that cater to various needs and budgets. Here’s a clear price list of Invest Diva products:

  • Invest Diva Masterclass: Free
  • 5-Day Build More Wealth: On-Demand Challenge: $297
  • INVEST DIVA’s Crypto Mastery™: $297
  • Premium Investing Group + High-Level Coaching: $397 per month
  • Diamond with Kiana Danial: $350,000
  • Make Your Money Work for You PowerCourse: $9,997
  • EntreDiva™ Academy: $18,000 or 3 payments of $7,000
  • Kiana’s $1M/Month Automated System Program: Price not posted
  • Forex Coffee Break Course: $597

Are Students of Invest Diva Actually Making Money?

Absolutely, Invest Diva students are reporting real financial gains based on numerous online reviews. These reviews consistently highlight three key aspects that students love about Kiana Danial’s Invest Diva:

  1. Great Value: Students find Invest Diva courses to be a fantastic investment, delivering substantial value for the price.

  2. Informative: Invest Diva courses are praised for their depth of information and educational content.

  3. Easy-to-Understand: Kiana Danial simplifies complex financial concepts, making them accessible and understandable to all.

Here are some inspiring stories from Invest Diva students:

  • Nick Gioia, a personal injury lawyer, found the 5-day Invest Diva seminar to be worth at least ten times its cost, stating it was an invaluable investment.

  • Rowel Ramos made an impressive $90,000 in a single day during his first month with Invest Diva Million Dollar Accelerator, thanks to mimicking Kiana’s strategies.

  • Monica Maya, a stay-at-home mom, took the 5-Day Build More Wealth: On-Demand Challenge and earned her first $100 within a month, initially thinking that stocks were overly mathematical until Kiana made it all clear.

These are just a few examples of the successes and positive experiences shared by Invest Diva students. Here are more reviews from Kiana Danial’s students:

Invest Diva reviews from Kiana Danial’s students

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Invest Diva Customer Complaints

Although Invest Diva has showcased dozens of success stories on their sales page, the platform has received a lot of negative reviews from customers. Here’s an overview of customer complaints from Reddit and Trustpilot:

Top Negative Reviews on Reddit:

  1. Expensive and Scammy: Some Reddit users described the course as both expensive and scammy, suggesting that it may not provide value for the price.
  2. Not Worth the Money: Others believed that while it may not be an outright scam, the course still wasn’t worth the investment.
  3. Too Many Gimmicks: Complaints about the course being filled with excessive gimmicks and marketing strategies.
  4. Excessive Ads: Some users expressed frustration over the abundance of advertisements within the course.
  5. Not Updated: Several users criticized the course for being outdated and not regularly updated.

Examples of these complaints include one user who found Kiana Danial’s “Cryptocurrency Investing for Dummies” book to be interesting but laden with excessive advertising, making it feel borderline scammy. Another user agreed and added that selling a course that can be found through online research is questionable.

One user, Intrepid_Board617, canceled a credit card subscription, realizing that similar information could be obtained for free with some effort.


Another user named rose_pedal, who purchased the course, found it to be outdated and not worth the investment. One commenter who bought the $2,000 Invest Diva course for only $50 found it to be overly basic and opted for another course from a different trader.


Lastly, a user, Brilliant-Affect9778, believed the course wasn’t a scam but deemed it not worth buying, describing it as a very basic course lacking depth, with videos from several years ago.


Top Negative Reviews on Trustpilot:

  1. Course Can Be Condensed: Some customers felt that the course content could be condensed, suggesting that it might be too lengthy.
  2. Overpriced: There were complaints about the course’s high price.
  3. Content Needs Updating: Several users called for more updated content within the course.
  4. Refund Policy Problems: Some customers expressed dissatisfaction with the Invest Diva refund policy, finding it misleading and even predatory.

For example, Ruth Sanchez gave the Invest Diva course 3 stars on Trustpilot after completing Module 1 but discouraged others from investing in the platform.

Ruth Sanchez

Other users wanted more up-to-date videos, while some considered the course to be overpriced.


Lastly, complaints about the refund policy arose, with customers finding it misleading and predatory.

Complaint about refund policy

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Praise for Invest Diva

Exceptional Coaching

Invest Diva boasts highly-praised coaches who maintain regular interaction with students. Coaches play a pivotal role in boosting students’ trading confidence through personalized guidance.

Many students have reported significant improvements in their trading skills, thanks to the support and mentorship provided by Invest Diva coaches.

2. Engaging and Accessible Learning

Kiana Danial’s teaching style is widely appreciated for its enjoyable and engaging approach. Invest Diva courses are known for their accessibility, making complex trading concepts understandable even for those not well-versed in mathematics.

Students find it easy to grasp technical analysis, trading strategies, and risk management, contributing to their overall trading success.

3. Clear Risk Awareness

The Invest Diva website emphasizes that the information presented is not investment advice, promoting responsible investing.

Users are reminded to be vigilant about the inherent risks associated with investments. This commitment to risk awareness showcases Invest Diva’s dedication to providing honest and transparent guidance to its users.

Criticism of Invest Diva

1. High Course Costs

One notable drawback of Invest Diva is its relatively high course prices, which can be a significant financial commitment. Some students argue that similar information is available for free online, making the cost of Invest Diva courses less appealing.

2. Courses Lack Depth

Some students have expressed disappointment with the depth of the courses, finding them to be too basic for their needs. They were seeking more advanced and comprehensive content that wasn’t adequately provided.

3. Challenging Refund Process

Invest Diva’s refund policy has faced criticism for being action-based, requiring students to prove that the modules did not meet their expectations. Students have reported difficulties in obtaining refunds, which can be frustrating.

4. Limited Cash Refunds

The Invest Diva refund policy does not offer cash refunds for most of its products. Refunds are typically not granted unless explicitly specified for certain products, and the policy specifies that all sales for services are final, excluding the Make Your Money Work For You PowerCourse.

5. Not a Guaranteed Shortcut to Wealth

Invest Diva courses emphasize the need for practice and hard work, which may not align with some students’ expectations of becoming instant millionaires. Understanding charts, analyzing the market, and making successful investments require ongoing effort and a tolerance for risk, which may not be suitable for everyone.

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Is Invest Diva a Scam?

Invest Diva is not a scam. Kiana Danial, the founder, emphasizes transparency and risk awareness. Their website includes disclaimers and a Terms of Use page that outlines high-risk investments.

If you’re new to financial investing and prefer an easy-to-understand course with a supportive community, Invest Diva could be worth your money. It also provides access to Kiana Danial’s network.

However, it’s worth noting that you can enhance your financial literacy without spending thousands. Numerous free online courses cover topics like stock investing, financial markets, day trading, and forex trading. These courses can help you develop a solid trading strategy.

Keep in mind that while investing offers passive income potential, it also carries risks that can result in capital loss. Make informed decisions and consider your options carefully.

Alternatives to Invest Diva

Here are three alternatives to the Invest Diva Course, each catering to different aspects of trading and investing:

Bob Kudla’s Trade Genius

  • Ideal for beginners looking for personal coaching and resources.
  • Covers trading in stocks, ETFs, cryptocurrencies, and binary options.
  • Offers comprehensive educational materials and coaching.

Mark Thomas’s The Daily Traders

  • Provides a vast library of educational videos, totaling 2,000 hours.
  • Topics include day trading, stock investing, risk management mastery, and portfolio growth.
  • Suitable for those seeking extensive video-based learning.

Dave Aquino’s 11-Hour Options

  • Focuses on an 11-hour options trading strategy.
  • Aims to help traders generate a weekly income.
  • Designed for individuals interested in options trading for consistent profits.

Top Investment Risks

Investing in various financial instruments involves inherent risks, and understanding these risks is crucial for making informed investment decisions. According to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), risk in investing refers to “that degree of uncertainty and/or potential financial loss inherent in an investment decision.”

Here are some of the top risks investors commonly face:

1. Higher Transaction Costs

  • Depending on the market and assets you invest in, transaction costs may be involved, including levies, stamp duties, and local taxes. These costs can erode your investment returns over time.

2. Currency Volatility

  • Currency exchange rates can be highly volatile. When investors buy and sell foreign stocks, they often need to convert foreign currency into USD. Rapid changes in exchange rates can impact investment returns either positively or negatively.

3. Liquidity Risks

  • Liquidity risk is the possibility that investors may struggle to find a market for their securities, making it challenging to buy or sell assets when desired. This can lead to delays in executing investment strategies.

4. Market Risk

  • Market risk is the risk that the value of your assets may decrease due to overall market conditions. It is particularly relevant for assets like stocks, where prices can fluctuate significantly.

5. Concentration Risk

  • Concentration risk arises when an individual or group of assets moves in an unfavorable direction, potentially resulting in significant losses. Diversifying your portfolio can help mitigate this risk.

6. Credit Risk

  • Credit risk is the risk of default by individual debtors or a group of debtors in the same sector. Default can lead to losses, especially in fixed-income investments like bonds.

7. Inflation Risk

  • Inflation risk refers to the potential impact of rising inflation on the real value of investments. Inflation can erode the purchasing power of your returns and affect your overall investment strategy.

8. Systemic Risk

  • Systemic risk relates to the potential losses within specific industries due to the failure of major players. When you invest in such industries, your investments can be negatively impacted.

Investors must carefully consider these risks when making investment decisions. Successful investing often requires ongoing research and analysis to navigate market trends and fluctuations effectively. Diversifying your portfolio and staying informed about economic and market developments can help manage some of these risks.

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