Luke Lango Review – Is Innovation Investor a Scam?

Innovation Investor, an investment newsletter, claims to provide insights into groundbreaking stock picks. However, upon careful evaluation, it becomes evident that the newsletter has some significant drawbacks that outweigh its positive aspects.

As someone who has bought and analyzed over 100 stock picking services, I can offer a genuine perspective based on personal experience and expertise.

In this review, we will delve into the various factors that potential subscribers should consider before investing in this service.

What Does Innovation Investor Offer?

The primary offering of Innovation Investor is its monthly newsletters. Subscribers receive these newsletters, which provide market commentary, portfolio updates, and new recommendations.

However, these newsletters tend to be lengthy, and the sheer number of stock picks can be overwhelming.

The newsletter advocates for the use of two portfolios, each catering to different levels of risk.

The Core Portfolio comprises stocks with proven business models, large revenue bases, and moderate risk levels. These stocks are primarily well-known tech and growth stocks.

On the other hand, the Venture Portfolio, which consists of riskier small-cap stocks, has experienced significant losses, largely due to market conditions in 2022 and the inherent volatility of these stocks.

It is important to note that some stocks in the Venture Portfolio may even be fraudulent or pump and dump schemes, raising serious concerns about their inclusion.

Who is Innovation Investor for?

If you’re someone who dislikes taking risks, then Lango’s investing newsletter may not be the right fit for you. The stocks recommended in this newsletter are inherently risky, with significant fluctuations in either direction. These stocks are not widely known, making trading them a challenging endeavor.

If you’re new to investing, I would recommend sticking with large-cap stocks and well-established brands. These stocks offer lower volatility and a higher level of safety compared to the recommendations in Innovation Investor.

It’s important to note that only experienced investors with extra funds should consider subscribing to this newsletter. This is because you will need to conduct your own research on the recommended companies. Luke’s research on the products alone may not be sufficient to earn your trust.

Moreover, information on these microcap companies is often limited, making it even more crucial for experienced investors to investigate them thoroughly.

Who is Luke Lango?

Luke Lango is a growth-oriented equity investor and analyst.

He is known for leveraging his technical background and employing a “big-picture” investing philosophy to consistently identify small-cap stocks and next-generation cryptocurrencies with significant upside potential. As a result, Luke has been consistently ranked by various media outlets as one of the world’s top equity analysts.

Luke Lango

In addition to his role as an investor, Luke actively explores opportunities in the venture capital and technology startup space. He is currently involved with Fantastic, a social discovery company funded by venture capitalists, which utilizes Big Data and advanced machine learning algorithms to connect consumers with new experiences.

Prior to joining InvestorPlace, Luke served as the founding manager of L&F Capital Management, LLC, a boutique investment fund headquartered in San Diego. There, he employed a combination of quantitative analysis and behavioral economics to identify early-stage, long-term growth investments.

Alerts and Daily Updates

Innovation Investor provides subscribers with alerts for buy and sell recommendations, along with daily updates on the market and the portfolio.

These alerts aim to inform subscribers about new opportunities and guide them on portfolio management decisions.

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Luke Lango Works With A Scammer

Innovation Investor is published by InvestorPlace, a platform that has garnered favorable reviews due to its longevity. However, these positive reviews should be taken with a grain of salt because InvestorPlace is run by Louis Navellier, a convicted fraudster.

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) recently fined Navellier over $30 million for defrauding investors by falsifying investment track records.

It raises serious concerns about the legitimacy of a publisher that is headed by an individual who has knowingly ripped off investors.

SEC Obtains Judgment of More Than $30 Million Against Luke

Luke’s Stock Picks

Luke Lango, the stock picker behind Innovation Investor, often promotes teaser presentations where he hypes up stock picks and promises to reveal them upon subscription. However, these stocks do not always perform as advertised. Let’s take a look at a few stocks that Luke has previously teased:

a) The Next DNA Sequencing Giant (Oxford Nanopore): Luke hyped up Oxford Nanopore as the next DNA sequencing giant. ONT’s stock has been on a volatile ride since it went public. The stock price is down about 65% from its all-time high.

The stock’s volatility is likely due to a number of factors, including the company’s early stage of development, its high research and development expenses, and its limited commercial success to date.

The Next DNA Sequencing Giant (Oxford Nanopore)

b) Next Microsoft (Ginkgo Bioworks): Luke also touted Ginkgo Bioworks, a company that creates synthetic cells for pharmaceutical and food purposes. The stock, like Oxford Nanopore, experienced a decline in value after Luke’s recommendation. Small-cap stocks like this carry high risk and are difficult to predict.

Next Microsoft (Ginkgo Bioworks)

c) #1 Forever Battery Stock (Ilika): In Luke’s hour-long presentation, he recommended two stocks, one of which was Toyota. Although Toyota’s stock price experienced a slight decline, it was not a significant loss. However, the other recommended stock, ilika, has lost most of its value since Luke’s recommendation, currently sitting at under $1. Luke eventually stopped recommending ilika in December 2022.

#1 Forever Battery Stock (Ilika)

d) Apple Car Stock (Aeva): Luke claimed that Aeva, a LiDAR company, would be Apple’s choice for their anticipated car. However, the stock lost half of its value since Luke’s recommendation, indicating high risk and volatility.

Apple Car Stock (Aeva)

While there are winners in Luke’s portfolio, there are also substantial losers, leading to concerns about the overall performance and reliability of his stock picks.

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Upsells and Aggressive Marketing

Innovation Investor, like most investment newsletters, comes with upsells and aggressive marketing tactics. After subscribing to the newsletter, subscribers are presented with three upsells:

  • Lifetime Membership: For an additional $250, subscribers can become lifetime members of Innovation Investor. This offer is reasonably priced and still falls within the refund policy.
  • Daily Stock Picks: Luke offers a daily stock pick service claiming to aim for 1000% returns quickly. However, these stocks are small-cap and highly risky, making this service unsuitable for most investors. The cost of this service is $49 per month.
  • Early Stage Investor: This is another newsletter focusing on risky growth stocks, but it comes at a steep price of $1999 per year. Subscribers should exercise caution when considering these upsells, as they often do not perform any better than the initial newsletter.

Innovation Investor pricing

Major Changes for 2023

In light of the poor performance of Innovation Investor in 2022, Luke has announced significant changes to the newsletter’s functioning in 2023. These changes include:

a) Simplifying Portfolio Structure: The previous approach, where each stock received the same investment amount, proved impractical due to the extensive number of stocks in the portfolio. Luke has now assigned specific instructions for each stock and streamlined the portfolio into two categories: the Core Portfolio (larger, well-known stock picks) and the Venture Portfolio (higher-risk stocks).

b) Capping the Portfolio: Previously, the portfolio contained over 70 stocks, making it challenging for investors to manage and assess risk. Luke has now limited the portfolio to 60 stocks, with 52 open positions at present. While this is still a substantial number of stocks, it is a step towards improved management.

c) New Buy Limits: Luke has adjusted the buy prices for stocks in the portfolio, taking into account the correlation between stock prices and interest rates. These adjustments aim to align the portfolio with changing market dynamics.

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Has Innovation Investor Beaten the Market?

Determining whether Innovation Investor beats the market is challenging due to the large number of stocks in the portfolio and the lack of a closed position section. It is unclear how the portfolio performed before the reviewer purchased the service.

However, the poor performance of the Venture Portfolio and the challenging market conditions in 2022 suggest that Innovation Investor may struggle to outperform the S&P or other benchmark indices.

Innovation Investor focuses on investing in sectors related to emerging trends. These “mega trends” include green energy, electric vehicles, autonomous vehicles, space, blockchain, metaverse, automation economy, and cellware.

While these sectors hold promise for future growth, investing in microcap stocks related to these trends is highly risky due to volatility, potential fraud, and the speculative nature of these industries.

Refund Policy

If you wish to request a refund, you have a 365-day window to do so. The price for the product is only $49, making the process of getting your money back relatively straightforward.

To be frank, it is likely that you are seeking a refund due to having spent thousands on the stock picks.

Innovation Investor Pros and Cons


  • Affordable: Innovation Investor is priced at a reasonable $49 per year, making it accessible to investors with varying budgets. This affordability allows a wide range of individuals to benefit from Luke Lango’s stock picking service.


  • Investor Place Trustworthiness: There have been concerns about the trustworthiness of Investor Place, as they have been associated with selling products from individuals who have had to pay substantial fines, totaling tens of millions of dollars. This may raise questions about the credibility of the platform.
  • Poor Stock Picks: It has been observed that some of the stock picks recommended by Luke Lango in the past resulted in losses for investors. This indicates that not all of his recommendations have yielded positive returns.
  • Bad Investment Strategy: Investing in microcap stocks, as advocated by Innovation Investor, carries a higher risk profile. It is important to note that investing in such stocks can result in financial losses.

Is Luke Lango A Scam?

I don’t believe Innovation Investor or Luke Lango should be considered a scam.

However, it’s important to acknowledge that a significant portion of new traders, around 95%, end up losing their money, and many of them struggle to recover their losses even in the long term.

Additionally, the official website makes a promise that their strategies will never result in any financial loss. This claim implies that the academy has access to insider information, which is not the case in reality.

The truth is, regardless of your level of trading experience, there are always uncertainties that can potentially wipe out your hard-earned money in an instant.

Ultimately, Luke Lango’s recommendations and ideas can only serve as a reference for making investment decisions. It’s crucial to understand that when it comes to stock trading, you bear your own risk and need to make your own judgments.

Is There A Better Alternative?

If you’re looking for an alternative investment service, Capitalist Exploits can be a strong contender. Led by Chris McIntosh and a team of experienced professionals, they offer investment guidance and strive to provide life-changing opportunities through their valuable ideas and recommendations.

Capitalist Exploits operates on a subscription-based model, where you gain access to a team of financial analysts, fund managers, and seasoned investors. Their extensive experience allows them to identify and analyze asymmetric trading possibilities in international markets. These opportunities have the potential to deliver significant returns on investment, with some reaching up to 600%.

With a track record of many years in the industry, Chris and his team at Capitalist Exploits have worked tirelessly to provide professional trading ideas and alerts that can greatly impact your investment journey. Their aim is to empower subscribers with the knowledge and insights needed to make informed investment decisions.

For more information, you can check out our full review of Capitalist Exploits

Capitalist Exploits track record

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