Review – A Job Board Scam?

Is a scam? Many people are using to find a job online, but does it really work?

Before 2004, it’s not very convenient to search for a job online. At that time, you had to go to specific job boards which only have few jobs available. Now, allows you to find all kinds of  jobs online. 

In this review of, I will cover the following to help you understand what is about and whether you can find a remote job on Review is a job search engine for employers and employees worldwide. It pulls data and aggregates job listings from many different websites, which include job boards, staffing firms, company career pages etc. It was co-founded by Rony Kahan and Paul Forster in 2004 to help people find jobs online. Review – Scam or Legit?

Currently, Indeed is available in over 60 countries and 28 languages. With over 250 million monthly visitors, it is the #1 job site in the world that allows job seekers to search for jobs and post resumes for free. Job seekers can apply for millions of jobs directly on Indeed.

As a worldwide employment-related search engine, Indeed is also a pay-for-performance recruitment advertising network. They sell premium job posting and resume features to employers, which allow companies to source candidates, manage jobs, communicate with applicants and schedule interviews. With Indeed, it’s much easier for companies to explore and hire talents in any field of work worldwide.

How Does Work? has a lot of useful features for both employers and employees. Below are the core features you can find on

  • Google-Like Search Engine has Google-like search algorithms that allow job seekers to search millions of jobs worldwide and apply for the suitable jobs that match their skills.

  • Free Job Postings has a powerful application tracking system (ATS) that allows companies to manage candidates and track the results.

Organisations can post job listings directly on that are searched by millions of job seekers online. Screener questions can be added to filter unqualified candidates, which saves a lot of time in finding the most suitable candidate for a job post.

  • Manage Communications between Employer and Job Seekers allows employers and job seekers to communicate in one place, including store resumes, schedule interviews and send messages.

Employers can set the application statuses as reviewed, interviewed, rejected or hired to notify the candidate.

  • Email Job Alerts

Job seekers can create a job email alert. will email you with any new matches to your search.

To create a job alert, simply perform a search. And at the top right-hand side of the results page, there is a button “Get new jobs for the search by email”. Simply enter your email address and you will be notified on a daily basis when there’s new job matches.

  • Sponsored Jobs allows companies to promote their job listing as a “sponsored” job. Sponsored jobs are paid job postings that would appear higher than free job postings in search results of That would help increase the number of applicants and hence have a higher chance to hire the most talented people.

The price for “sponsored” jobs is about $5 a day. It will be charged on the “pay-per-click” basis. So if no one clicks the job post ad, there is no charge.

  • Resume Builder

On, you can effortlessly create a resume because there are customisable resume templates. Those templates are proven to work. And the best part is that the resume builder is totally free. Having a good resume will increase your chance of being found by suitable employers on

How to Find A Remote Job on Indeed?

As promised, I will talk about finding a remote job using

To find a remote job that allows you to work from home and has flexibility to fit your schedule, there are many online platforms you can go. For example, FlexJobs, Virtual Vocations, Dynamite Jobs. And is one of the most robust remote jobs platforms.

Since pulls data from virtually everywhere on the internet, you can find a huge database of remote jobs to apply for. is better than many other big job boards to find remote jobs. You can simply type “remote”, “work from home”, “home based” or “work at home” in the “Where Field” of the search box on 

If you want to see all remote job opportunities, you can just leave the “What Field” blank. And of course you can narrow it down with certain keywords, job titles or company names to filter out some irrelevant job opportunities. 

And then you will get a list of search results listing all the remote job opportunities for you. Review – Scam or Legit?









Another way to find remote jobs on is that you can use the remote filter option. You can use the remote filter with only the “What Field” filed out. That would give you a nationwide search of remote jobs. Review – Scam or Legit?

Or you can have the “Where Field” filled out and use the remote filter option. That would give you more targeted remote jobs to
a specific location. Review – Scam or Legit?

Another cool thing to find remote jobs is that you can see “fully remote” or “temporarily remote” tags on the job description page.

Jobs with a “fully remote” tag means the job is remote 100% of the time. Review – Scam or Legit?

Jobs with “temporarily remote” tag means the jobs are just temporarily remote for some reasons such as COVID-19. So there’s a chance that you would have to go back to the office after a certain period of time. Review – Scam or Legit?

Summary of Pros and Cons For Finding Remote Jobs

Pros of

  • 4000+ full-time remote jobs added each week, 
  • 1600+ part-time remote jobs added each week
  • Powerful google-like keyword search
  • It’s free for job seekers

Cons of

  • Limited filters that it’s a bit time-consuming to find the most suitable job
  • No search filters for job categories
  • Jobs tagged with “remote” are not 100% remote sometimes
  • Some jobs listed are unpaid
  • Jobs are not verified like FlexJobs did

Is a Scam?

Definitely, is not a scam. It is undeniably a great search engine for finding any jobs online, including remote jobs. 

When we want to do research, we always go to Google. But if you want to search for job opportunities, should be your first choice. basically eliminates the troubles of browsing different company websites for job opportunities. 

You can see and compare all in one place. It also saves you a lot of time submitting job applications and resumes to employers.

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