Imagery Associated with Your Manifestation

You may notice that steps four, five, and six are quite similar. The goal with these steps is to connect you with your sensory experience of living as if you had accomplished your outcome. The answers to the questions in these steps can be literal or figurative. In other words, when asked what your manifestation looks like if you see rainbows and butterflies, then rainbows and butterflies it is.

Before you start writing answers to this step, go back to your outcome and review it. Tell yourself the story of your manifestation using the answers you have written so far. Feel free to embellish, allowing the energy to flow. Remember to keep your answers free from difficulties and use language to create the imagery of what you want to manifest. It is normal and perfectly acceptable to repeat information from any of the other steps. Here are some examples to clarify step four and what images might come to mind if you were to manifest financial abundance, a healthy relationship, or your dream career.

Example 1 — Because I have manifested financial abundance in my life, I can see:

  • I see myself standing on the bow of a yacht with the wind in my hair, and I am free!
  • I see myself living in a beautiful house, tastefully decorated, and feeling completely at home.
  • I see myself having all the time in the world to work on my art projects, dig in the garden, and volunteer at the local pet shelter down the street.
  • I see myself as happy, content, complete. And the people around me are happy as well. I look healthy and fit because I take good care of my body, I eat right, and I have a personal trainer come to the house on a regular basis.
  • I see lots of family parties at my house, and everyone is having a good time! My face is relaxed, at ease. I am present.

Example 2 — Because I have manifested a healthy relationship in my life, I can see:

  • I see myself waking up every morning happy to see the person next to me!
  • I see a permanent grin on my face because I have arrived where I want to be in a relationship.
  • I see that my partner and I have so much in common, and yet we both maintain our individuality.
  • The sex is great!
  • We do everything together. I see us sharing the daily tasks of cooking, sitting down for dinner, walking our dogs, and enjoying the ending of a perfect day, every day.
  • I see that my partner is the perfect match for what I want in life, and I see harmony in my home. My heart is full!

Example 3 — Because I have manifested my dream career, I can see

  • I see myself waking up in the morning fully rested and excited to get up and get the day going.
  • I see myself doing meaningful work every day, and I can see myself at work staying on task all day, every day.
  • I see myself participating in group projects and running some of them.
  • I see that people at work like me and want to hear what I have to say. I see myself expressing my views with confidence because I am good at what I do.
  • I see my bank account growing and growing because I am well- compensated for doing work that I love.
  • I see myself driving to work every day with a huge smile on my face!

If you are not an especially visual person, you may not have a lot to write for this step. No worries – just jot down whatever comes to mind. This information is all about you and is very personal. You do not have to share this with anyone unless you choose to. You may also find that you are a very visual person and can fill page after page with images that come to mind when you think of what this accomplishment looks like. Make it yours. The sky is the limit!

The Story of Lisa

Lisa grew up in the city but was a country girl at heart. She longed for a home in the country. In her mind’s eye, she could see this little farmhouse out in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by a white picket fence. She loved the idea of living where there were no neighbors, just space. In her imagination, she would always see this house as if she were hovering above it like an angel.

Lisa did not know about the Law of Attraction. She simply lived day to day below the veil of consciousness like almost everyone else on the planet. She would get up in the morning, feed her kids, drop them off at school, and head to work. Day after day, Lisa carried on, never realizing that she had the power within herself to improve her daily life experience. She was not miserable, but she was not especially happy either.

Several years later, Lisa began exploring various spiritual teachings and ran across the teachings of Esther Hicks. She learned about the Law of Attraction and liked the idea of manifesting a new house, a fancy car, and a lot of money, but soon realized that just wishing for those things did not make them so. Lisa believed it was possible to manifest a better life, but she had no idea how to make it happen, and so she carried on with the status quo.

Many things changed in Lisa’s life over the years, but one thing remained, and that was the dream of living in that little farmhouse out in the middle of nowhere—the house with the white picket fence. She would daydream about it regularly, especially at night before she drifted off to sleep.

Lisa graduated from college, raised her kids, and made the decision to move to another state. She settled in a very remote town where she was hired to teach elementary school. She was finally out of the city and had access to the peaceful life she had always imagined for herself. The rivers and mountains she loved to spend time in were just a short drive away.

Over time, she moved from one home to another within the same small town—a town so small that you could see the whole of it from a single aerial photograph. It just so happened that the local diner had a collection of aerial photographs of the town and all the surrounding ranchlands, showing the changes from years ago up to the present time.

Lisa enjoyed looking at the pictures, comparing certain places from what they looked like years ago to what they looked like today. One day while looking at the photographs, she recognized the little house she was living in. She could see it all from the aerial perspective, and that is when it hit her. Her dream, her fantasy house, was right there in front of her. She was living in a little farmhouse with a picket fence around it, out in the middle of ranchland. It was just as she had always seen in her mind, and yet she had never put two and two together until now. All those years of dreaming and fantasizing about living in that little house had finally come to fruition.

Lisa’s story is an important lesson for all of us. Be aware of what you dream about and have faith that your dreams can come true. Keep your dreams alive and visit them often. Take a look at your current situation and ask yourself, “How did I dream this into being?” If you are not happy with your current manifestation, dream a new one into being.

In the next module, you will learn how to identify specific sounds associated with the manifestation of your outcome. This detail is overlooked by many people. Sounds are an important part of our daily life experience. What sounds will you notice?

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