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iLoveMemphis Net Worth

iLoveMemphis has an estimated net worth of $3 million. Richard Colbert, better known as iLoveMemphis, is an American rapper and musician. He is part of a new generation of musicians who have risen to prominence through social media. iLoveMemphis was raised in a strict family where he was required to attend church every other Sunday. He earns the majority of his income from album sales, concerts and music streaming.

His interest in music began at a young age, but the idea of making music as a career did not occur to him until he was in his late teens. Finally, one day while listening to some rap songs, the idea struck him, and he had the beat recorded for less than $40 USD. His single debuted on various social media platforms in July 2015 and became an instant success.

The quirky dance, rather than the rapping or the beats, was a huge hit with the audience. The single reached the Billboard top ten, and in December 2015, he released another song called ‘Lean and Dabb,’ and his final song, ‘Lil Dance,’ was written in collaboration with Arthur Moore.

To calculate iLoveMemphis’s net worth, add up all of his assets and subtract his debts, also known as liabilities.

iLoveMemphis’s assets include everything he owns, such as the amount of money in his checking or savings account, real estate equity, savings and investment plans, and items with a clear market value (car, jewelry, clothes, art, etc.).

All outstanding debts, including the remaining balance on his home, car, business or personal loan, credit card debt, back taxes, and anything else he still owes, are included in his liabilities.

Here’s the breakdown of his net worth:

Name: iLoveMemphis
Net Worth: $3 Million
Monthly Salary: $40 Thousand
Annual Income: $1 Million
Source of Wealth: Rapper

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Early Life

Richard Colbert was born on March 29, 1993 in Tennessee, USA to a religious and strict family. His father was in the US army, and his mother was a housewife. He has a twin sister as well.

He was an average student, but what set him apart from the others was his constant desire to have fun and make others happy through his antics. Sports and fitness also inspired him, and he was more visible on the football field and in the gym than in class.

He was known as a funny man, and his desire to have a larger audience for his eccentricities led him to social media. He began uploading funny videos and dance steps, which helped him gain followers.

He gradually rose to the status of local celebrity, amassing 72,000 Instagram followers. In order to gain popularity, he began uploading photos from photoshoots and throwing parties, and as a result, his followers grew on every other social media platform.

Making music for a living didn’t occur to him until he finished high school. He spent a year learning different types of dance, which piqued his interest even more.

His life changed one day when he was listening to Rich Homie Quan’s song “Flex,” which inspired iLoveMemphis to mimic the dance steps. He called a friend who is a sound engineer and got a beat ready in under an hour.

The dance came first, followed by the rap, making the song very distinct. This was the start of an unexpected career as an artist.


On July 4, 2015, the song ‘Hit the Quan’ debuted on social media and received a positive response. It was iLoveMemphis’s first major move, and it hit all the right notes with his fans. Buck Nasty, a Memphis-based producer, produced the song, and iLoveMemphis’ dance moves quickly went viral.

Because the dance steps were so popular, the social media platform Vine was inundated with thousands of viners attempting to replicate them, which helped it reach even more people. When it first became popular in 2015, it was dubbed the “Rich Homie Quan” dance.

His success pushed him into the mainstream spotlight, and he was invited for an interview on the popular talk show ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show,’ and he later appeared on another popular talk show ‘The Real.’

His dance routine to the song ‘Hit the Quan’ has become a national and international sensation, with many famous celebrities jumping on board and performing the song’s signature dance steps. Famous celebrities such as Kendrick Lamar, Chris Brown, and Dwayne Johnson have performed the dance for their fans.

The official video for the song was released in November 2015, and it was an instant success. By then, iLoveMemphis had a sizable fan base. Taking full advantage of his celebrity, he released another song, ‘Lean and Dabb,’ in December. It received a better response than ‘Hit the Quan’ when it was released on iTunes.

In 2017, iLoveMemphis collaborated with talented music producer Dkotic on a song called ‘Lil Dance,’ which was released to positive reviews in the summer of 2017. The song first appeared on Instagram and (now TikTok) and quickly became popular among users.

iLoveMemphis is looking for a music label to help him release his music in a more traditional way. Meanwhile, his social media popularity grows by the day.

iLoveMemphis has also dropped two mixtapes, ‘Thank you Instagram’ and ‘Please Excuse my Turn up.’ In 2016, he also released an EP titled ‘The TurnUp Kid- EP.’

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Since iLoveMemphis is rich, he owns some luxurious cars. Let’s take a look at his car collection.

iLoveMemphis Car Collection Price (USD)
BMW 3-Series Convertible $59,800
Audi A7 $88,900
Range Rover $135,670

1. BMW 3-Series Convertible ($59,800)

The 3 Series has a new, improved design with the brand’s latest technology and more refined luxury. It features a 255-horsepower turbocharged four-cylinder and a 385-horsepower turbocharged six-cylinder, as well as a new plug-in hybrid model with rear-wheel or all-wheel drive and an eight-speed automatic transmission.

2. Audi A7 ($88,900)

The Audi A7 is between the Audi A6, which is a great luxury car with a sporty feel, and the Audi A8, which is the most luxurious Audi you can buy. The Audi A7 looks and drives well, and its hatchback design makes it much more practical.

3. Range Rover ($135,670)

This SVA is a full-fledged Range Rover, and it is also the most expensive Range Rover produced. Range is mostly used by famous personalities, businessmen and other wealthy people. Autobiography is all about being well off and living in a very nice place.

The SVA is powered by a 4999 cc supercharge eight-cylinder engine that makes 557 HP. The Range Rover also features a long wheelbase that makes the rear seats even more comfortable and gives passengers more legroom.

Family & Personal Life

iLoveMemphis was raised in a large family of eight siblings. They have seven sisters, one of whom is a twin sister and a brother. The family is deeply religious, and they attend church every other Sunday. As a result, iLoveMemphis was discovered to be religious.

iLoveMemphis received the shock of a lifetime when he was charged with rape by a woman who claimed he and some of his friends had sex with her while she was intoxicated. He denied the charges, claiming that he respects women because he grew up with many of them.

Finally, the court acquitted him of all charges due to a lack of evidence, and the DNA report also sided with him.

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